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08:41<Cromulent>on the dedicated CPU plans can you have all cores running at 100% 24/7
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08:44<@jackley>Cromulent: yes
08:44<Cromulent>cool thanks
08:44<@jackley>Cromulent: np!
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08:56<Peng>Finally, my dream of mining Bitcoin on Linode can be realized
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09:01<linbot>New news from community: Poor performance after migrating to Linode <>
09:14*Zr40 considers that a nightmare
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10:45<LouWestin>Debian 10 has a kernel update. That’s going to put a dent in my up time... gah
10:45<rsdehart>womp womp
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11:43<chesty>do people still care about up time? it used to be big in the 90s and naughties for me, at work windows would crash every few weeks and linux would have an up time of years. there was a version of linux that would crash after 2 something years of up time as the up time counter wrapped around to 0. these days I update everyday and reboot every time
11:43<chesty>an update requires it without a second thought
11:44<Zr40>I don't. In fact, high uptime shows that whoever operates the system thinks reboots are a thing to avoid
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12:01<gparent>high uptime has never been sign of much taken out of context
12:02<LouWestin>I take it lightheartedly, but that means I have to reboot my ZNC server later today.
12:03<nate>I take a bit of offense to that, my personal computer pretty much only gets restarted on critical/security things lol
12:04<gparent>so on Windows that means rebooting every month, and on Linux, every few months or less.
12:04<nate>and since restarts with most distro updates aren't usually a thing, same goes for most of my online systems as well outside of super odd buggeries (like the mess of IPv6 issues I was having)
12:04<gparent>unless you use a kernel upgrade service
12:05<nate>gparent: I have a fedora 19 still running strong, the only restarts it's needed were for host security patches, it's kernal updates are generally streamlined
12:05<nate>I think the sack panic attack -might- have needed a restart, but I also had that firewall mitigated before a patch was out so
12:05<nate>and nah, actual critical windows updates are usually few and far in between
12:05<gparent>The ones that require a reboot have happened every month for me for the past year or two.
12:06<nate>gparent: Really? Which ones? o.O
12:06<gparent>On Windows I mean. There's just one now. The security one.
12:06<nate>I can't think of any major issues (at least on Win7) that have been critically necessary in months
12:06<gparent>has there been a single month where MS hasn't released critical updates?
12:07<gparent>or are you just deciding you're not immune to all those things
12:07<gparent>I don't mean the out-of-band ones
12:08<gparent>maybe ive not been looking hard enough at the advisories, I admit not to, but there's almost always a RCE or something
12:08<nate>Well their definition of 'critical' and mine tend to be different. A lot of the 'critical' updates are things that indeed, don't largely apply to me, either because of setup (ie; it's literally just me and myself on my entire network) or they're things I don't use/block already as it is (all the RDP things, network sharing, etc)
12:08<nate>Yeah but they're RCE's for -specific- things usually, like the recent RDP stuff, but that actually required using RDP over the open web to begin with :P
12:08<gparent>yes that makes sense.
12:09<nate>I think the last otherwise actual critical thing I had to restart for on Win7 was one of the intel vulns
12:09<gparent>so I don't read the advisories that much, I usually assume there's probably something in Explorer or the IE component that some app will use to render something and hit me with an ad, and I just patch.
12:09<nate>as the browser mitigations were kinda spotty
12:09<nate>Oh yeah now if I were using IE lol, I'd probably be regularly restarting for those updates :P
12:09<chesty>another reason I reboot often is so I know it reboots to a working state
12:09<gparent>I don't use IE, I mean apps that use it.
12:09<Zr40>!point chesty
12:09<linbot>Zr40: Point given to chesty. (2)
12:09<nate>I think the only thing on here still using IE components is -maybe- steam? But I think steam actually switched to an internal webkit ages back
12:09*nate looks
12:10<gparent>yep was holding back on that but a server that properly reboots is a lot more impressive than one sitting there not changing
12:10<Zr40>nate: no, it uses either webkit or blink
12:10<gparent>I think they changed to websit
12:10<gparent>websit lmao. webkit yeah.
12:10<gparent>what does dr wikipedia say
12:10<nate>Hm, actually it looks to be chromium...?
12:10<nate>I'm seeing chromium libs loaded in mine
12:10<Zr40>which is blink
12:11<nate>I thought blink was the successor to IE's trident?
12:11<nate>or am I thinking something else
12:11<Zr40>blink is google's fork of webkit
12:11<gparent>There's at least a reference on Wiki to Steam using webkit
12:11<gparent>I'm following it through
12:11<gparent>and im fairly sure they changed rendering engine a few years ago
12:11<nate>gparent: yeah it -was- webkit at one point, when they made the giant UI change
12:12<nate>I didn't know it was moved over to blink/chromium though
12:12<gparent>and original steam years back most likely used IE
12:12<gparent>I'd have to verify that though
12:12<nate>Nah it did, on windows that is
12:12<nate>Because it gave me many many headaches for years, as my IE settings were usually completely gimp'd specifically in case of odd apps using IE libs
12:12<nate>so it constantly wouldn't do certain things lol
12:13<gparent>yep: "Now using a WebKit based rendering engine for the client and in-game overlay web browsing components (replacing Internet Explorer)"
12:13<gparent>that was april 2010
12:16<Zr40>I have to say, Steam's working so well under Linux nowadays (even the Windows games) that I finally removed Windows entirely
12:19<chesty>linux unplugged have talked a lot about steam on linux. i didn't follow it closely but I think the latest thing there were excited about was some sort of video card pass through to a windows vm.
12:29<mattmcc>Eh, there's still a fair chunk of Steam games that are only available on Windows. :/
12:29<Zr40>there's a checkbox to run those using Valve's distribution of Wine
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12:53<mattmcc>I haven't seen that.
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13:34<stdaro>will Atlanta get block storage at some point? if not, is there a process to move my linode to a datacenter that does have it?
13:43<Peng>1.) I don't know. Probably someday? 2.) Yes. You can file a ticket and ask to be moved to a different data center, or you can create a new Linode in the new location, use the manager to clone your disks, and delete the old one. Either way, your IP addresses will change.
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14:07<cit>I deployed symfony application on server
14:08<cit>but only home page is showing up, other pages are giving 404
14:08<cit>any solution ?
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15:12<linbot>New news from community: Would you email your Driver's License and Credit Card? <>
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17:53<rojardoe>i need help
17:53<rojardoe>is there any one who can help me
17:54<retro|blah>Help you with what.
17:57<rojardoe>i am using linod server and i changed my old domain with new domain and now i want to redirect all posts to new domain like ==>
17:58<rojardoe>i am using this code #Options +FollowSymLinks RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]
17:58<rojardoe>but its not working for me how i can do this?
17:59<Peng>What's wrong? What are your domains?
18:00<millisa>(if you are using apache, you could even do that without rewrite at all. redirectmatch would work - )
18:04<rojardoe>im using wordpress
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18:17<gparent>what a bad time to leave. he's probably having that issue where you gotta change the FQDN in the database
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19:24<gparent>talking about uptime and kernel upgade..
19:24*gparent points shyly to Debian security announce list
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19:34<zifnab>i came across a thing recently with close to a decade of uptime
19:35<zifnab>blah i should go clean/pack, i leave in like less than 24 hours for this dumb work trip
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23:15<numa>What will happen after I have used the allocated bandwidth of my VPS?
23:17<millisa>you'd get billed for the overage.
23:18<numa>What will happen after I have used the allocated bandwidth of my VPS? Someone has a script for this
23:18<numa>Thanks millisa
23:19<millisa>the base allocations are pretty generous though. they have notifications you can setup on the linode to let you know if you are using it
23:19<millisa> talks about it
23:19<numa>Good! Thanks
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