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02:46<wilson>is anyone there
02:47<@rgerke>I'm with the Linode support team. How can I help?
02:47<wilson>I find IP from linode attack my website,
02:47<wilson>how i can get info about it
02:48<@rgerke>We can help you out with that. Can you send all of the information you have to so that our team can get on it?
02:48<@rgerke>As soon as they get that from you, they'll start looking into it.
02:48<wilson>OK thx
02:49<@rgerke>No problem!
02:49<wilson>wo have call the police
02:49<wilson>but police ask me give the info about the ip
02:50<@rgerke>Okay! Send that onover to our abuse team at that e-mail, and we'll handle it from our end.
02:50<wilson>OK thx
02:50<wilson>I will send the email
02:51<@rgerke>Great! Thank you fro letting us know about this. We appreciate it.
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03:16<nate>Why do I get a mild feeling that guy is technically just trying poorly for some social engineering
03:17<dwfreed>Linode's privacy policy prevents it from revealing any customer information except in response to a warrant or subpoena
03:19<nate>I know, but it was the way he said "Police asked me to give info about the IP" that gives me a feeling he's gonna file a ticket going all like "Yeah cops asked me to get all this info"
03:20<rsdehart>that's very different from a warrant or subpoena, though, and fortunately Linode staff know this >.>
03:20<rsdehart>unfortunately for him, I should say
03:20<nate>Of course, was just saying what it seemed like. Didn't wanna say it while they were still around though :P
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03:30<Avishek_Kumar>Hi Team
03:30<Avishek_Kumar>Am I connected to Slaes?
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03:31<grawity>no, you're connected to the Linode community chat channel (with some Linode staff sprinkled in)
03:32<grawity>which I guess can be called "Sales, but more honest" depending on who's around at the moment
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03:32<grawity>afaik the only 100% official channels are phone and email (and support tickets) though
03:33<Avishek_Kumar>I was curious if Linode has some corporate plans for long-term commitments/capacity reserve to get cost benefits?
03:34<Zr40>no, pricing is the same for everyone. However, if you have multiple Linodes, they can share each other's transfer allotment
03:34<grawity>I don't think I've heard of such plans
03:34<grawity>hmm the actual "contact sales" links on the website are broken
03:34<Avishek_Kumar>If Any sales guy around please revert. I've sent an email as well on saturday and was expecting a quick response from Linode (Hoping they work 24X7)
03:36<rsdehart>Avishek_Kumar: are you currently a customer?
03:37<rsdehart>ah I guess not. misconstrued "revert". disregard
03:38<rsdehart>Avishek_Kumar: they do have staff on 24x7 but depending on workload sometimes there's some delay in replying to emails
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03:41<jclubtv>will you help me in creating sub domain in my linod?
03:42<Avishek_Kumar>No Problem
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03:43<Avishek_Kumar>And I am not a corporate customer as yet. Do have a few workloads on Linode but from corporate perspective We have a huge workload on AWS and Azure and wanted to transfer a few on Linode that is where I was looking to cost optmisation.
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05:03<chesty>does aws give you corporate plans for long-term commitments? linode used to, they phased it out either this year or last year
05:06<@rgerke>Avishek_Kumar: I'm with the Linode support team. There are unfortunately no sales people around at this time (we're on Eastern Standard Time) but my recommendation is to open a Support ticket with all of your questions so we can get you the answers you need.
05:09<Avishek_Kumar>Chesty they have things like reserved capacity, SPOT Inst, Credits for Partenrs(that we are), Credits for new customers, etc
05:09<@rgerke>I'm happy to answer questions as well, but with a ticket we can have the freedom to discuss account specifics with you in a more one-on-one fashion.
05:10<Zr40>chesty: you mean the prepayment discount for paying for a year or two years in advance?
05:11<grawity>rgerke: by the way, in, the "Contact sales" and "request a meeting" links seem to literally go nowhere
05:12<Zr40>grawity: looks like it depends on things blocked by anti-tracking adblock rules
05:12<grawity>hmm I even tested after disabling ublock
05:12<Zr40>I use that too, and it started working after disabling, and stopped working after enabling
05:12<@rgerke>grawity: I'll make sure I let the sales team know about that. Thanks for pointing that out.
05:13<Zr40>grawity: perhaps your browser itself also provides some tracking protection?
05:14<grawity>Chromium? well, it certainly provides tracking, but I'm not sure if it does tracking *protection*
05:14<Zr40>right, I don't believe that browser blocks anything by default if no extensions are installed
05:14<@rgerke>grawity: I get the Contact and Meeting Request form to pop up when I click those links. I tried it from my personal laptop, too.
05:14<Zr40>Firefox does provide that option
05:15<grawity>disabling uBlock extension browser-wide does help
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05:24<nate>lol at the big ass anti-xss warning in firefox console when on that page
05:25<Zr40>it suggests people have actually fallen for that self-XSS
05:25<grawity>makes sense if the same JS is part of the server mgmt
05:26<nate>That said I'm only seeing a couple things actually blocked by ublock and privacy badger, however clicking on those sections does throw a "Empty string passed to getElementById()."
05:26<nate>They have an event on them that look like they're designed to do window pop-outs, ie; var url = $(this).attr("href");
05:26<nate>Problem is the 'href' is just # to me
05:27<nate>Ah nevermind it's not for pop-out, it's for tracking + function. They hooked it into google analytics; _gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'Outbound Links',, url, 0]); <-- so this fails w/ ublock which causes the contact element to never fire
05:27<nate>Bad linode :P
05:27<Zr40>grawity: you can have many bad things done to your linodes by having untrusted JS run
05:28<Zr40>deletion, disk copy, booting a recovery image and running a malicious script, ...
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06:15<Cromulent>Hmmm I wish there was a .coin TLD.
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06:16<tafsir>Hi Team
06:16<grawity>Cromulent: for non-DNS stuff?
06:17<grawity>because there is an .alt TLD specifically for that
06:17<Cromulent>Oh I see
06:18<tafsir>I am new customer and want to purchase Nanode 1GB standard plan
06:18<grawity>hmm well looks like it didn't make it past the draft stage
06:18<Cromulent>Seems Namecheap don't support it
06:18<Cromulent>Ah OK
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06:19<Cromulent>.cash is OK but not perfect
06:19<grawity>oh you wanted a normal cryptocoin related website then
06:21<grawity>hmm .ooo kinda looks like coins if you squint
06:21<grawity>someone could turn it into a logo
06:22<Cromulent>I might just stick it on my main domain as sub-domains.
06:24<Cromulent>Ok sorted now
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07:06<Lucretia>should I have AAAA records from www -> IP6 address?
07:07<Lucretia>I mean, I have, but wasn't sure
07:09<Lucretia>also, in the rdns field, should the domain be or
07:09<Peng>It's up to you. I use
07:11<@rgerke>I do it the same way as Peng. But, ultimately, it's up to you.
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07:40<Lucretia>rgerke: you add the www.?
07:40<@rgerke>Most of the time, yes.
07:41<@rgerke>I recommend checking out our rDNS guide. It'll give you some nice tips and pointers.
07:42<Zr40>I don't have any IP belonging to a host I manage that's considered by rdns (or the host itself) to be
07:42<Zr40>most of them don't even serve http for the rdns hostname
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08:03<Lucretia>rgerke: i already have, it doesn't say whether the domain should be or
08:10<linbot>New news from community: Unable to reach to my server ip address landing page <>
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08:24<kshitiz>anyone there
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08:25<kshitiz>there ?
08:26<kshitiz>My linode server is not working
08:27<kshitiz>It it running but when I try to ping this ip on my browser it always say unable to reach why this is happening everytime
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08:27<kshitiz>it happens frequently
08:39<nate>Ping is most definitely not a model of uptime checking, any variety of reasons a ping is likely going to not respond (including default firewall rules)
08:40<nate>Also unless you have a default website configured for the IP, opening the IP itself in the browser isn't going to show anything necessarily
08:40<nate>Have you logged into your linode manager to see what it says? Or tried to SSH in?
08:41<DrJ>kshitiz: also, you need to better define "not working"... what exactly is not working (assuming your ping was just a diagnotic test you did)
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08:44<Peng>Trying to connec to it over HTTP, I get "Permission denied" on IPv6 and "No route to host" on IPv4
08:44<Peng>But it responds to ping, on IPv6 and IPv4.
08:45<Peng>SSH works, though
08:46<kshitiz>Any of my port on this instance is not working I restarted the server but it's not at all pointing 8083 or my port 80
08:47<Peng>SSH on port 22 is working.
08:47<Peng>Maybe a firewall is configured to block the other ports?
08:48<kshitiz>I checked that too
08:48<kshitiz>but it's not the case
08:49<Peng>You've run iptables-save and ip6tables-save and ensured that everything is ACCEPT by default, or that there are rules whitelisting the traffic at issue
08:49<Peng>(and not blocking it)
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09:03<kshitiz>That's too are working
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09:09<Cromulent>Is the best way to separate business from personal on Linode is to have two accounts?
09:10<Cromulent>Not sure if there are any rules against it
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09:19<Zr40>if you need to keep those separate from a billing point of view, you need multiple accounts
09:20<linbot>New news from community: How do I upgrade my existing Ubuntu installation? <>
09:20<Zr40>I don't believe there are any rules against it. There are rules against abuse of course, make sure you're not using the multiple accounts to abuse something
09:20<@pwoods>Cromulent: there isn't a rule against having more than one Linode account. It's fairly common. You can also transfer Linodes from one account to another, if that helps with setting up billing for your clients
09:21<Zr40>the only real disadvantage is that they can't share bandwidth pools or IPv6 subnets
09:26<Cromulent>Sounds good thanks pwoods :)
09:27<DrJ>I have 3 accounts :)
09:27<Cromulent>My personal stuff can all run on a $5 Linode. My business stuff, on the other hand, will need quite a bit more.
09:30<Cromulent>I'm going to register the business first and then use the company credit card
09:30<linbot>New news from community: i want to make a refound <>
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09:55<primitiv>any idea why some imaged show up via php mail and some dont
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10:08<primitiv>i know why its broken but not how to fix it
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10:09<primitiv>im passing the tinymce data via post into $message which is then put inside heredoc mail but it causes the images to not work, everything else style wise looks fine
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10:11<chesty>are you talking about email clients not displaying linked images?
10:12<primitiv>no, I'm sending mail using php
10:12<primitiv>but when i dont declare the html within heredoc instead use another page then pass it via a var into the heredoc
10:12<primitiv>it causes the images to not be loaded
10:18<voker57>ask in some php support channel
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10:34<primitiv>thank you voker57, I already have
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11:21<DrJ>anyone ever used softether on linode?
11:21<DrJ>I've got it functioning and tunneling HTTP(S) through it from my home connection... but boy...painfully slow
11:21<DrJ>as in, dialup slow
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11:37<Neel>hello login panel is not working
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11:37<Neel>504 Gateway Time-out
11:37<millisa>old manager works for me
11:37<Neel>link of that u have\
11:38<millisa>new manager worked too
11:38<Neel>no here not working
11:38<millisa>maybe it was something short lived.
11:38<Neel>old panel link pls give me
11:39<Neel>it is opening
11:40<Neel>now live again
11:41<Neel>thanks for help
11:41<millisa>glad it's working for you now
11:42<Neel>can u tell me is your mumbai server still in beta stage
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11:42<millisa>latest blog entry at claims it is now open
11:43<millisa>it's in the drop down when I create a linode, and I didn't ask to participate in a beta
11:44<Neel>i thought just are u really stored the data in mumbai or routing it from singapore
11:46<millisa>I am pretty sure they have the datacenter there... Not sure if they'd have to collect GST if it wasn't.
11:46<gparent>I doubt they opened a whole redirect datacenter
11:47<gparent>then hired a director for it
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11:47<millisa>and a couple operators
11:49<Neel>by the way thanks for all
11:49<Neel>bye guys
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11:51<linbot>New news from community: 403 Error with PHP JavaBridge and Apache <>
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12:14<Lucretia>it's the first time I'm using this certbot, do i use the same certs generated for nginx as i do for postfix/dovecot?
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12:16<Peng>Sure, if they include the right names, you can do that.
12:16<Peng>You have to ensure that every daemon is reloaded or restarted when the certificates are renewed.
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12:25<Lucretia>names? like
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12:29<Lucretia>Peng: ^
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12:32<gparent>A domain name consists of one or more parts, technically called labels, that are conventionally concatenated, and delimited by dots, such as
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15:54<LouWestin>Hopefully I talked someone out of home hosting. I mentioned Linode as a good vps.
15:55<LouWestin>Person was looking for a battery backup that would last 6 hours running a desktop and router.
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16:19<DrJ>ah, home hosting
16:19<DrJ>I remember those days for myself
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16:21<DrJ>if he is just doing something small though a nice raspberrypi and a router, along with probably a good sized flash drive or ext hdd, would easily go 6 hours on a cheap battery backup
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17:03<primitiv>anybody know why my permalinks only work for wordpress when kept at plain\
17:03<primitiv>when I change it to post name it never works always returns a 404 nginx error
17:10<primitiv>nvm fixed it
17:10<primitiv>just having issues setting up ther mail function
17:11<DrJ>primitiv: this channel isn't really for wordpress support
17:11<DrJ>there is a great wordpress channel at ##wordpress on
17:12<LouWestin>DrJ: Thats one thing we suggested. Till he mentioned adding clients. Then I was like NO!
17:12<DrJ>clients as in providing hosting for others?
17:12<LouWestin>Or hosting something
17:13<primitiv>doesn't hurt to ask
17:13<DrJ>the mere fact that he was considering that tells me he shouldn't be providing hosting of any kind to others
17:13<primitiv>it's moreso my nginx server isn'y configured properly to handle wordpress
17:14<primitiv>i installed the sendmail function on my server via yum
17:14<LouWestin>He wanted to do collocation possibly and I’m like a 1U rack will run at least a $100 a month.
17:14<primitiv>now i keep getting the following errors
17:15<LouWestin>I don’t know nginx for Wordpress. Apache yes.
17:15<primitiv>unsure what the next step is
17:15<LouWestin>Paste triggered spam alert
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17:32<primitiv> its just the mail that dont work
17:47<primitiv>fixed it!
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19:45<pcfog>Hi all. Longtime linode customer. Just got my first ToS violation notice: ToS Violation - Spamvertised Website --- I'm 99% sure that the mailserver was not hacked. I think it's an email configuration issue. Anyone have some troubleshooting ideas?
19:46<dzho>pcfog: you tried anything from yet?
19:48<pcfog>I looked at: but I'm fairly confident the mail server wasn't compromised in a manner where I'd need to nuke and start from scratch.
19:50<dzho>you might want to check that your email server isn't configured as an open relay?
19:53<pcfog>dzho: I've done that in the past, and did again just now. Not an open relay:
19:56<dzho>so is this email you sent?
19:56<dzho>or a customer sent?
19:56<dzho>do you have logs for it?
19:56<dzho>something that got forwarded?
19:58<pcfog>the emails going out are from: contact@[domain name].com -- that's a vanity URL for a friend of mine, and I know he's not sending out spams. guaranteed. and that isn't an email address that I have setup in postfix admin w/ virrtusers/hosts.
20:00<dzho>that's the From: header but can you see logs indicating what host originated the message[s]?
20:00<dzho>and in this case it's good not to get too set on whether something definitely is/isn't spam.
20:01<dzho>it's in the eye of the recipient or ISP sometimes
20:01<dzho>who was the ToS violation notification from? and in what form? from linode?
20:02<pcfog>looking at /var/log/mail.log, I can see that a lot of emails have gone out. (gulp, over a million).
20:02<pcfog>ToS Violation - Spamvertised Website -- so something is sending out mass amounts of emails thru that account. :(
20:02<pcfog>but that is not a "real" account
20:03<dzho>I had an alias i made for $SPOUSE who turns out had given it to several retailers, and the rate at which those retailers sent stuff was enough to get Google to throttle my server :(
20:03<pcfog>(on the mail server, there are no actual logins beside myself) -- i have a few virtual domains for customers that generally send a very small about of email
20:03<dzho>sorry I don't know what that means.
20:03<dzho>is that from linode?
20:03<dzho>or what?
20:04*dzho hits ctrl-F spamvertize in that page and gets no hits
20:06<pcfog>no, that document is how I setup my email
20:08<dzho>but where did the emails originate?
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20:15<pcfog>Hmm, it looks like it was actually a valid email account -- not sure how it had gotten compromised
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20:32<dzho>valid local account, then.
20:39<pcfog>dzho: yeah
20:40<pcfog>but the emails that got sent out were not legitimate. the owner of the domain name didn't send them out. So I assume that the local account had its credentials compromised
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21:05<wraeth>If you think the account was compromised, change its password and make sure postfix has smtpd_tls_auth_only enabled to help prevent password sniffing (and advise users to configure their MUA to not try to authenticate unencrypted).
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