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00:34<@rgerke>CodeMouse92 I have an appreciation for Vogon poetry.
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03:27<alibaba-NIC>hi we want to peer linode in Equinix. which email adress should I contatc
03:46<hawk>alibaba-NIC: I do not know, but maybe try netops@? That's at least an address listed in whois.
03:50<alibaba-NIC>thank you. i will try
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03:51<nikosfig>anyone there?
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03:53<nikosfig>Anyone know if linodes automatically reboot after delayed payment??
04:00<hawk>nikosfig: Unless someone else here knows and speaks up, I'd suggest that you ask Linode's support.
04:00<nate>"Delayed payment"? The most I imagine that would happen is they would be temporarily suspended if you lapsed in your bill for too long, I doubt they do a reboot at any point
04:02<hawk>nate: I imagine that may be the question; if services were suspended, is everything started back up after payment or do you have to do something?
04:04<nate>hawk: It's possible lassie might kick back in and reboot things afterwards but you'd probably want to log in to the manager to double check anyways
04:04<nate>(you/anyone in that situation/etc)
04:05<hawk>nate: I guess nikosfig, in this case
04:05<nate>Yeah I was mostly just talking general situation but realized saying 'you' might have been confusing :P
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04:10<nikosfig>Unfortunatelly I do not have access to the linode manager to double check and make sure everything is up and running. The accounting department of the company I work for has taken care of the payment. Does anyone know how long it takes for the suspended account to be re-
04:11<nikosfig>to be active?
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04:12<nate>If they did it through the linode manager I would think pretty immediately. Have them give you access or have them look?
04:17<nikosfig>I believe it's a different account
04:17<nikosfig>that handles payment
04:48<nikosfig>thank you for your responses hawk and nate!
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04:57<wraeth>Hello. I'm trying to figure out why IPv6/DHCPv6/ip6tables aren't playing with each other nicely, and I'm clearly missing something fundamental. My default in/out policies are DROP, and with that set dhcpv6 gives "ipv6nd_sendrsprobe: Operation not permitted". Unsetting those policies grants an address. The only reference I could find suggested I need to open :546->:547 and :547->:546, but that makes no difference. Any suggestions what I'm missing or wh
04:57<wraeth>look next?
05:07<hawk>wraeth: Not sure about context, but is SLAAC a factor? That's ICMP(v6) based, so in case you block that (probably not the best idea), that might be an issue.
05:08<hawk>(If this is in the context of Linode, I don't believe dhcpv6 is used, only SLAAC for automated config)
05:11<wraeth>hawk: It is indeed for a (or, rather, multiple) linode(s), and that would probably make sense. I don't have much IPv6 experience, what with nobody actually using it internally. :) Thanks for the tip, off to the Goggle I go. :)
05:14<Zr40>blocking ICMPv6 is a sure way to break your clients
05:17<wraeth>Not having any IPv6-usable systems, it's a little hard to tell. Allowing icmpv6 seems to have done the trick, at least for addressing.
05:17<wraeth>!point hawk
05:17<linbot>wraeth: Point given to hawk. (2)
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06:21<wraeth>So that seems to have resolved addressing on the affected linodes, but they still can't talk ipv6 to each other (via either ping6 or telnet), even with an accept policy in and out. Routing table appears to have populated as well, though given my lack of IPv6 I can't really validate it. Anything else I might be missing?
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06:58<wraeth>Huh, for some reason it looks like it's because they're both getting the wrong address... Weird.
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07:02<Zr40>what kind of address do they actually get?
07:03<wraeth>Looks valid, just wrong: 2400:8902::c6ac:31de:d882:705c/64
07:04<wraeth>Dropping that and manually adding what the manager tells me should be assigned (on both hosts) allows ping6 to do it's thing, but the telnet test is still a no-go.
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07:07<Zr40>hm, no ...ff:fe...
07:07<Zr40>are you using network helper?
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07:10<wraeth>It was turned off before, but I've switched it back on, so that might be messing things around a little as well. The failing telnet looks like it was back to the firewall - I'd based the rules on the addresses assigned, not the ones in manager.
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07:22<wraeth>So, between the icmpv6, wrong address, and subsequently wrong firewall, ipv6 is now working. Will give it a few days and reboot one of them to see what it does with the addressing. Thanks all!
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07:26<kshitiz>can anyone help me out with this issue
07:26<kshitiz>Failed to start Login Service. See 'systemctl status systemd-logind.service' for details. [ OK ] Stopped Login Service. [FAILED] Failed to start Login Service. See 'systemctl status systemd-logind.service' for details. [ 4.329426] random: crng init done [ 4.331046] random: 7 urandom warning(s) missed due to ratelimiting [FAILED] Failed to start firewalld - dynamic firewall daemon. See 'systemctl status firewalld.service' for details. [FAILED] F
07:26<kshitiz>I am not able to ssh into my machine due to this
07:27<rsdehart>kshitiz: did you check those statuses?
07:27<linbot>Maybe not a verb. But you can do it here:
07:27<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
07:27<kshitiz>I got this from the weblsih
07:28<kshitiz>from there I can login into my machine
07:28<rsdehart>my question stands. Have you followed the instructions it gave?
07:28<kshitiz>which instructions
07:29<rsdehart>each line starting with "see"
07:29<rsdehart>it's telling you how to get more information about what went wrong
07:30<kshitiz>yes this is what I am getting
07:33<rsdehart>kshitiz: do the ones for firewalld.service and NetworkManager.service too, please
07:34<rsdehart>the (result: start-limit) indicates it's trying too often to start the service and a mechanism is kicking in to stop it
07:34<rsdehart>but this would be caused by something
07:35<kshitiz>can you give me quick fix for this issue
07:36<kshitiz>as all my server have been stopped working and I am getting lots of trouble from my clients
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07:37<rsdehart>you haven't given me the information I asked for
07:38<rsdehart>your first step should have been to submit a ticket
07:38<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
07:38<rsdehart>I"m just a customer
07:38<rsdehart>but I seem to be the only one active in the channel right now and I'm trying to help you
07:39<kshitiz>I have submitted a ticket my ticket number is 12323740
07:39<rsdehart>maybe a staff member will see it and be able to expedite it
07:40<rsdehart>in the meantime if you don't want to do what I asked a while ago, good luck to you
07:40<wraeth>Seeing what the first breakage in the journal is might be useful, as well as any significant changes to the system since it last booted.
07:40<kshitiz>they told me that put this issue on community
07:40<kshitiz>because they also do not know the exact cause of this issue
07:40<rsdehart>that doesn't make sense
07:41<rsdehart>ok, well I let you know what further information is needed to try to figure this out
07:41<kshitiz>yup you can go through the ticket that's what they told me in last message
07:41<rsdehart>I don't have access to the ticket
07:41<wraeth>Maybe something along the lines of "you don't have a managed plan so they can't fix it for you"?
07:42<kshitiz>is there anyway I can provide you the access to that ticket
07:42<rsdehart>er, no
07:42<rsdehart>it wouldn't help
07:42<rsdehart>I"ve already told you what information is needed
07:42<rsdehart>what good would it do me to see your ticket?
07:42<rsdehart>I'll ask you one more time
07:43<rsdehart>do the ones for firewalld.service and NetworkManager.service too, please
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07:46<sarvesh362>u der
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07:47<rsdehart>phew, I thought they'd never leave
07:47<@pwoods>kshitiz: there was an update to your ticket just a few moments ago
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07:49<kshitiz>yup I was going through that only I need to resync that instance data into new Linode instance
07:49<Alex_>is It a real person here?
07:49<wraeth>Define "real".
07:49<Alex_>what strange place to be
07:49<Alex_>real mean not computer
07:50<Alex_>an actual person
07:50<Alex_>to be clear
07:50<@rgerke>kshitiz: I just updated your ticket a few minutes ago.
07:50<wraeth>Alex_: Well.. I mean... Define "person".
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07:51<wraeth>Or don't. *shrug*
07:51<rsdehart>why do people who obviously don't have any question to ask (as evidenced by the fact that they refuse to ask a question) keep coming in here?
07:51<rsdehart>it isn't to socialize or they'd do that
07:51<wraeth>'Cause it's where all us cool kids hang out.
07:52<rsdehart>says a lot about the ones who won't stick around and hang out, too
07:52<@pwoods>wraeth: thanks for considering me a kid.
07:52<wraeth>pwoods: Any time. :)
07:53<@rgerke>I'm just happy that I got referred to as a 'cool kid'!
07:53<captlid>hi, question, i am trying to get php to run under mod_fcgi on apache [logs insisted when I enabled http2]
07:54<captlid>said not to use mod_php
07:54<kshitiz>Hey but my main issue is that I haven't make any backup from where I can rsync that data to my new instance
07:55<captlid>i am trying to run it under unix sockets, [its a public facing server with a website on it] and apache is processing htm and html files but not php files
07:56<wraeth>captlid: How is it "not"? Do you get any response? What shows in the access and, more importantly, error_log when you try to get a php page?
07:56<@rgerke>captlid: I wasn't familiar with what you were trying to do, so I did some digging around. I found a pretty good guide on running PHP with mod_fcgid -
07:57<captlid>i have virtual hosts and subdomains
07:57<captlid>lemme check log
07:58<@rgerke>kshitiz: Have you tried getting your data from your Linode? You can always try booting into Rescue Mode, enabling SSH there, and then copying the data off of your Linode.
07:58<captlid> blank page
07:58<captlid>loglemme look
07:59<hawk>captlid: Not blank, it literally served the php code
07:59<kshitiz>let me try this out
08:00<hawk>captlid: Ie, it's very possible that it's misconfigured in such a way that there is no error message to be found, it just doesn't do what you intended.
08:00<wraeth>hawk, captlid: It's rendering blank for me (ff68 on linux), but source shows a simple <? phpinfo(); ?>
08:01<captlid>yeh i think i missed a line in my virtual hosts file
08:02<@rgerke>kshitiz: Let us know if that works for you. I recommend responding again in the ticket after you've tried Rescue Mode.
08:05<kshitiz>sure I'll do that
08:06<captlid>this is whats in my virtual hosts file
08:07<captlid>that block is inside <Directory> </Directory> block
08:08<captlid>i confirmed the proper location of the sock file
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08:44<grawity>wraeth: you should always be using <?php, not <?
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08:45<grawity>not only the latter has always been opt-in, it has been outright removed from 7.x
08:45<grawity>I of course highlighted the wrong person
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09:40<HS>Is Linode a managed service or self managed?
09:41<captlid>self managed
09:42<captlid>i think you can hire them at an hourly rate to help with sys admin stuff
09:43<DrJ>HS: Linode does offer managed services:
09:43<DrJ>but by default they are self managed
09:44<@bbigger>HS: We're an unmanaged hosting provider, though we have Professional Services to help with specific sysadmin and configuration tasks:
09:45<captlid>@DrJ I just learned something new
09:45<captlid>i thought linode was for server pros :)
09:45<@bbigger>HS: Our Managed Service is primarily incident response, and comes with other nice features as detailed in DrJ's link. You can get more details here:
09:45<captlid>@hawk got theph-fpm working
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09:46<captlid>@hawk @ php-fpm-working needed to restart the fpm service for some reason
09:48<DrJ>captlid: based on some of the people I see come through here considering or actually using linode... claiming linode is for "server pros" would not be accurate ;)
09:49<captlid>i am no server pro
09:49<captlid>just break my hobby server all the time lol
09:51<DrJ>I'm talking about the people who couldn't even tell you what the command "ls" does on a linux... for example
09:51<captlid>just meant you have to do everything yourself, which is hard but is awesome
09:52<HS>Thanks guys!
09:52<HS>I didnt know it was self managed no wonder the cheap prices
09:53<captlid>worth it in the endlinode provides infrastructure and basic machine images
09:53<captlid>its as cheap as basic shared hosting [which does provide you with everything] but you run into limitations
09:54<DrJ>lots of limitations
09:54<captlid>if you want to do stuff that requires changing server settings and permissions or adding new extensions to your server
09:57<captlid>@HS hardware and bandwith has gotten way cheaper over the last two decades
10:00<DrJ> <--linode launch prices... if you really want to see how things have changed
10:00<DrJ>at least they waived those damn set up fees
10:01<captlid>wow, they ran their website on coldfusion!!!
10:01<captlid>thats old
10:02<dzho>old cold and no longer bold
10:03<chesty>I heard about linode when they launched and I'm a bit annoyed it took me a few months before I signed up.
10:03<DrJ>yea, it led to a rather major incident in linode's history
10:03<dzho>you've been with them that long?
10:03<chesty>since 2003
10:03<DrJ>which I believe pretty much led/started the new cloud manager initiative
10:03<dzho>I was using UML then but only on local machines
10:04<DrJ>2010 for me
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10:04<DrJ>was using bodhost before that
10:05<chesty>at the time I had never heard of anyone offering vps's. I believe there were some container types around, was it openvz? not sure. I wasn't aware of any UML ones.
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10:05<captlid>what is UML ? united model language?
10:05<chesty>user mode linux
10:06<chesty>a kernel that runs as an ordinary process
10:06<captlid>as opposed to?
10:06<dzho>I started to get more into the game with Xen, I don't know when linode moved from UML to Xen but my first linode was Xen, and I'd been running Xen on some other providers.
10:07<dzho>captlid: as opposed to running on the metal
10:07<captlid>got it
10:07<dzho>or running through a variety of other virtualization techniques
10:08<dzho>hardware support for virtualization wasn't as widespread just yet
10:08<chesty>captlid, like bash is an ordinary process, firefox is an ordinary process, the uml linux kernel would be an ordinary process you could see with ps
10:08<dzho>or just kill without killing the whole box
10:08<captlid>got it
10:11<chesty>I think the linode 64s would have 64 uml processes on each box (not sure of that number), the linode 128 would have 32, the 256 would have 16. each host was dedicated to one size linode
10:12<DrJ>that's still true today for linode I believe, each host dedicated to one size/plan
10:13<chesty>I haven't heard it been mentioned for years.
10:15<chesty>I saw uml been mentioned recently, apparently it's still useful for testing and debugging kernels or something. I don't think anyone uses it as a virtual machine any more
10:16<chesty>caker then did something unbelievable that had people in shock, he <REDACTED>, do you believe that?
10:16<@bbigger>please refrain from discussing <REDACTED>
10:17<captlid>speaking of virtual machines, if I run docker inside my linode, isn't that yet another virtual container, and how much ram minimum would i need to make it run decent?
10:18<chesty>containers are just a restricted environment for processes. same as without the container
10:18<chesty>if you run nginx in a container, it uses the same resources as running nginx on the host
10:18<Zr40>DrJ: pretty sure it's not, assuming the host name shown in the manager is accurate
10:19<captlid>would it affect network latency
10:19<captlid>with all the port fowarding, proxying to get the uri out to the public ip?
10:20<chesty>i would guess it would be so small as to be hard to measure, let alone notice.
10:21<captlid>let me rephrase that, would http public get requests be slowed down because of all the port fowarding
10:21<captlid>new to containers...
10:23<dwfreed>Zr40: the host name shown in the manager is accurate as of the time of this writing
10:23<chesty>are you talking about iptables port forwarding? for the average user it's not noticable, probable not measurable.
10:23<DrJ>Zr40: I know if you ever switch plans you have to migrate to a new host
10:23<Zr40>DrJ: you do, but I've seen different sized instances end up in the same host (not at the same time though)
10:24<captlid>@chesty yes iptables and the port fowarding that has to be enabled from inside the container > to linode OS images
10:24<captlid>just read docker doesn't require its own OS when running on linux
10:24<captlid>compared to windows where i usually run it
10:24<dwfreed>Zr40: the allocator tries *really* hard to not put Linodes belonging to the same customer on the same host
10:26<chesty>captlid, yeah, docker is a container for linux processes, so on windows you need a linux vm, on linux you don't
10:28<captlid>so i can make multiple containers with their own running instance of whatever daemons/applications servers i need and then just port foward the requests to my linodes base os http server?
10:31<chesty>yes. so you could have 3 nginx containers listening on port 80 on their container network, and another nginx container that listens on port 80 on the host, and it reverse proxies to one of the 3 other nginx containers
10:31<captlid>same port different private ip addresses?
10:35<captlid>hmmm.... time to have some fun
10:35<Zr40>not my idea of fun (-:
10:36<chesty>oh man, some people play warcraft, I play docker
10:36<Zr40>but they play warcraft _for fun_
10:37<captlid>i have a pile of application servers that i do cool stuff with, they sit on my local box at home
10:37<captlid>well i could back to being addicted to MS flight simulator and not get any work done at all...
10:37<chesty>I play docker for fun and not everyone plays warcraft for fun, some people are paid 10 cents an hour to build a character
10:38<captlid>@Zr40 is there something wrong with docker?
10:39<Zr40>captlid: it is a tool that has its uses, but like a hammer, some people tend to treat everything as nails when they really need a screwdriver
10:40<captlid>got it
10:40<captlid>i am still trying to get figure out the difference between tech like docker, vagrant etc...
10:40<captlid>i just thought its cool to play with
10:40<Zr40>for my application servers, I just put a single nginx in front of them. I have zero desire to add private networking spaghetti to the mix, nor a redundant layer of process management, and I don't want to rebuild entire layers of images when a trivial thing is changed
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10:43<captlid>so easier to just put application servers on the base os itself
10:43<chesty>for me with my personal use of docker, it's a time saver. take mailu, it has a docker-compose.yml that runs reddis, postfix, apache, python, antispam, memcached I think from memory. to set all that up from scratch takes time.
10:44<Zr40>I do of course capture pertinent configuration using salt (or ansible or whatever one would prefer)
10:44<chesty>salt is awesome. I use it. it's my documentation and memory
10:44<captlid>how do you easily pull config files besides just copying the whole /etc folder..
10:45<Zr40>so when it's time to add another server, I run salt, wait a bit, and it's all running
10:45<dwfreed>salt is great
10:46<Zr40>captlid: I don't blindly take whatever's in /etc and record that. I make changes in salt and deploy that across all servers. Each of them gets only the bits they need
10:47<chesty>and you put your salt config in a git repo and make meaningful commit messages when you make a change.
10:47<captlid>so thats what it helps with, cause other servers might have variations in their /etc folders
10:48<Zr40>it's like a declarative programming language, but for system configuration and files
10:48<chesty>yup, you can group types of servers and apply a config to that type, or target individual servers or whatever
10:49<chesty>somethings are abstracted, so if you want to install a package, salt does the right thing whether it's running on debian, red hat, suse, etc
10:52<Eugene>!lick zifnab
10:52<linbot>Eugene: Point given to zifnab. (36) (Biggest fan: eugene, total: 32)
10:52<captlid>does salt have free edition, i am on their website and cant seem to find it
10:52<Zr40>Eugene: you've licked them 32 times already!
10:54<Zr40>captlid: it does, open source actually. Can't help find the link atm, sorry, on mobile
10:55-!-HS [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:55<Eugene>How many does it take to get to the center?
10:56<captlid>of a tootsie roll?
10:56<captlid>about 18 licks,
10:56<captlid>@Zr40 I found it
10:58-!-captlid [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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11:45<linbot>New news from community: 'Name contains invalid characters' error when adding A record for Let's Encrypt wildcard SSL cert <>
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12:58<Nazrul>hello i have no get started free balance 10
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16:04<Cromulent>Which DNS services are people recommending these days? I'm currently using the DNS from Google cloud.
16:04-!-pcfog [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
16:04<Cromulent>I could use Linode I guess, but I'm unsure of the pitfalls.
16:05<Cromulent>Linode DNS I mean
16:05-!-|GIG [~MYOB@] has joined #linode
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16:05<dwfreed>the pitfalls depend on whether you use Linode as a master or as a slave
16:06-!-|GIG [~MYOB@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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16:06<Cromulent>Hmm. I was hoping to keep it fast and simple.
16:06<linbot>New news from community: How can i fix a 502 bad gateway? <>
16:06<dwfreed>if you want simple, then you probably don't want to use Linode as a slave
16:07<dwfreed>because setting up a hidden master, while not a whole lot of effort, is still a lot harder than just making a master zone
16:07<Cromulent>I'll just stick with Google then
16:08<dwfreed>for Linode as a master, the biggest things are the 15-30 minute delay in record changes being applied, and the requirement that Linode has to support the record type before you can use it
16:09<DrJ>yea, that 15-30 min drives me nuts when I'm working on something
16:09<Cromulent> The delay was why I moved to Google
16:09<DrJ>delay, that is
16:09<DrJ>other than that, I like linode dns
16:09<DrJ>really wish linode would "fix" that
16:10<dwfreed>the engineering effort required outweighs the benefit
16:13-!-tsglove2 [~tsglove@] has joined #linode
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16:16<Peng>I like that Amazon and Google have APIs to check if a change has 'propagated' to all the authoritative nameservers.
16:25-!-tsglove2 [~tsglove@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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17:51<Ikaros>...well that was quite rude, weber :/
17:52<gparent>I was wondering what happened then I remembered that server name
17:52<gparent>what did the tcp stack do to you Ikaros
17:52<gparent>send you a rude reset? or lack thereof?
18:12<Ikaros>What exactly was my quit message though
18:15<nuevu>Ikaros has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:16<Ikaros>Ha, sure as heck wasn't me.
18:18<nuevu>It may be worth updating the /topic as GPU instances are out and a newer DC is generally available as well.
18:18<Ikaros>Still, I *AM* using an IPv6 tunnel for my IPv6 because my ISP's too lame to use native on their end (not sure how I can check if they even have it - I run a customized Linux box as a router). That and I detest it when I don't have a valid rDNS on my ISP v4
18:18<Ikaros>So maybe I should try v4
18:19<nuevu>I'm stuck tunneling IPv6 as well. Lazy ISPs ...
18:20<Ikaros>Well at least with a tunnel I can get a bit creative with it and make use of that /48
18:21<Peng>I had a brief issue with 2 IRC servers, but my connections recovered before disconnecting, and it didn't involve weber or Linode.
18:31<Ikaros>On that note, general networking question I'd like to ask. My IPv6 tunnel setup consists of a gateway machine that sits within the routed /48. Its present configuration has it using radvd for stateless configuration of other devices connecting to my local network. Would it be better to make use of DHCPv6 instead, or keep it stateless as it is now?
19:25-!-aphysically [] has joined #linode
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19:26<aphysically>I have a workload that is single threaded and therefore dependent on single-core CPU speed, do the dedicated CPU instances have CPUs with favorable single-core speeds relative to the regular instances (assuming the regular instances otherwise are not overloaded)?
19:28<aphysically>also I noticed my 15% discount for paying for a year in advance ended recently
19:28<aphysically>I know that hasn't been available for a long time so I just wanted to say thanks for grandfathering the discount for so long
19:34<Peng>No. As far as I know, the dedicated and not-dedicated Linodes run on the same types of hardware.
19:54<gparent>I like to think that Dedicated linodes are just regular Linodes that really care.
20:11-!-darwin [] has joined #linode
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20:13<millisa>Today I Learned - the columns in the old manager on the linodes tab are clickable
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23:02<aphysically>do the dedicated servers tend to be on some of the newer CPUs at least?
23:13<@rgerke>aphysically: Yes. From what I've seen, the dedicated CPUs tend to fall on the newer hardware when they're created.
23:25<aphysically>I'll try it
23:48<linbot>New news from community: How to install linux headers for Linode supplied kernel <>
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