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00:15<aphysically>looks like I actually got an older CPU (E5-2680), but a higher base clock
00:15<aphysically>not sure if it's actually going to be better under load though
00:16<dwfreed>if you need that much control over what CPU you have, just rent an actual dedicated server
00:17<Peng>E5-2680 v2 or v3?
00:17<@rgerke>If you're not getting the performance you need on the hardware that you're on, we'll be able to migrate you to another host in that same data center. Just open a ticket and we'll take care of that for you.
00:18<dwfreed>Peng: probably v2, v3's base clock is 2.5 GHz, v2 is 2.8 GHz
00:18<dwfreed>rgerke: *squirts water bottle*
00:18<aphysically>v2 @peng
00:19<aphysically>I'm going to try this out and see how it's performing first
00:19<aphysically>might already be good enough, I'm just trying to get enough to get over a single-threaded bottleneck I'm at the edge of
00:19<aphysically>thanks rgerke I'll keep that in mind
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00:36<rainkid>Anyone alive?
00:37<rainkid>I'll ask my question anyway :D
00:37<gparent>that's the idea
00:37<gparent>that way 300 people dont have to report in
00:38<linbot>rainkid: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
00:38<rainkid>Trying to make an image of one of my Linodes. The Linode has 1.9GB of used space, but image creation always fails. I have no idea why it's failing, as the new linode GUI doesn't appear to show the failure reason.
00:39<rainkid>I understand that images have a 2GB limit, but i'm under it.
00:39<dwfreed>try doing some things to make yourself more under it
00:39<dwfreed>eg, delete package lists, any cached package files
00:40<rainkid>Already removed yum cache, etc.
00:40<gparent>check if you have unneeded kernels installed
00:40<rainkid>I don't think there's much more I can delete, maybe some potentially unused packages....
00:40<rainkid>But if the limit is 2GB and I'm at 1.88GB, I would assume that's good enogh.
00:41<dwfreed>it depends on how it's counted
00:41<rainkid>And my understanding is that the image is compressed, so space usage can actually be above 2GB, no?
00:41<rainkid>Is there any way to see the reason why image creation failed?
00:41<dwfreed>that 1.88 GB often doesn't take into consideration filesystem structures, which, if the filesystem is large, can take up significant space
00:41<dwfreed>look in classic manager
00:42<rainkid>Hmmm... was hoping the new manager would show me... Let me check in classic
00:42<dwfreed>the new manager is still very incomplete
00:43<rainkid>Um... so....
00:43<rainkid>how do I revert to classic?
00:43<rainkid>Thank you :D
00:45<rainkid>"Size of disk (2927MB) is larger than the per-image limit of 2048MB" Linux df command is showing me that 1911MB is used...
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00:46<rainkid>That's a huge discrepancy. I'm not sure I can delete another GB of stuff :|
00:48<dwfreed>how big is the filesystem (total)
00:48<rainkid>It's the smallest Linode, 50GB
00:49<dwfreed>try shrinking the disk image to that 2927 number first
00:49<rainkid>My plan was to create a "template" image and deploy other linodes with it.
00:49<dwfreed>also power off the machine before you image it; it's hard to get a consistent image otherwise
00:49<rainkid>So this is basically a clean install with almost nothing added... and yet it's still too large to create an image from.
00:50<rainkid>Yes - I am powering off before attempting to create my image.
00:51<rainkid>Why would shrinking the disk image to 2927 help? It would still be larger than the 2GB limit
00:52<dwfreed>because it would reduce the size of the things df doesn't count
00:52<rainkid>Let me give it a shot
00:54<Zr40>it's not actually about what df counts
00:55<Zr40>the image size must be 2048 MB or smaller, not the contents of the image
00:55<dwfreed>Zr40: you don't have to resize the filesystem to less than 2048 MB before imaging it
00:56<dwfreed>source: I've taken images of Linodes with filesystems that were 48 GB in size, before decommissioning them
00:56<rainkid>I still dont understand why Linode is reporting that 2927MB is used when df reports 1911MB. That's such a huge difference.
00:57<Zr40>dwfreed: that suggests the message isn't quite correct
00:57<dwfreed>Zr40: the wording could be improved, yes
00:58<rainkid>So, I resized the disk to 2927MB, and attempted image creation
00:58<rainkid>Fails again, 2822MB is too large for image.
00:58<dwfreed>boot into rescue mode and run zerofree on the disk
00:58<rainkid>Making images shouldn't be this difficult :|
00:59<dwfreed>(now that you've made it a lot smaller, it shouldn't take nearly as long as it would at 50 GB)
00:59<dwfreed>Images service was added after I left, so I don't know how it's implemented internally, and thus can't make suggestions based on knowledge I don't have
00:59<rainkid>Let me try to zero out free space.
01:02<rainkid>Okay, in rescue mode. I assume the disk is /dev/sda?
01:03<dwfreed>zerofree only works on ext2/3/4, so trying to do it on any of the other disks would fail with it complaining about unrecognized filesystems
01:03<rainkid>My disk is ext4. So, I ran zerofree on /dev/sda and then shutdown. Let me try image creation again
01:06<rainkid>Failed again... Unable to create image. Size of disk (2822MB) is larger than the per-image limit of 2048MB.
01:07<rainkid>I think I give up and will just put in a support request to ask for increase in image size....
01:07<rainkid>I didn't expect to spend so much time on this :|
01:08<rainkid>My install is literally Centos7, apache2 source, and php7 source, yet that's 800MB too many for image creation.
01:08<rainkid>I don't see how images are of any use at all then with the limit in place.
01:08<gparent>they're meant for you to deploy a golden image that you run config management on
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01:12<Zr40>what happens if you resize to 2048 MB?
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01:14<rainkid>Good question.
01:15<@rgerke>gparent is right. The images aren't meant to be used as backups, but instead they're designed more for an image you can deploy over and over again quickly.
01:16<rainkid>Well, that's what I am trying to do. I want this to be my "template" image.
01:16<Zr40>also, if you haven't already, you could perhaps remove caches and log files
01:16<rainkid>Removed all cache and logs already.
01:16<@rgerke>rainkid: Please do open a ticket. I'll look for it and then I can see about increasing your image size limit.
01:16<rainkid>Resize to 2048 failed
01:17<rainkid>I've opened a ticket :D
01:17<@rgerke>As soon as it pops up, I'll take a look.
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01:18<rainkid>My ticket has been taken are of already. Thank you
01:24<@rgerke>I saw that. Everything working for you as it should?
01:28<linbot>New news from community: Help! I've lost files on my Linode and I dont have any backups. <>
01:40<rainkid>Everything worked out fine now. Thank you @rgerke
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01:43<@rgerke>Good to hear. If you run into anything else, let us know. There's always someone around to help out.
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04:09<fred>this website is phishing please block that
04:13<Peng>You should email
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04:16<Guest8230>nick Cr0hm
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04:16<Cr0hm>Hello !
04:16<@rgerke>Yes, please e-mail so we can properly investigate that.
04:16<@rgerke>Cr0hm: Hello!
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05:04<dust_>Is there an administor?
05:05<rsdehart>dust_: welcome to community chat
05:06<rsdehart>if you are a linode customer and need official support, submit a ticket. if you're reporting abuse from some linode-hosted site, email If you have a question in general, you're welcome to ask it
05:07<rsdehart>no, I'm not a flippin' bot
05:07<@rgerke>Hi there. I'm with the Linode Support team. How can I help?
05:08<dust_>I signed up for a linode account and paid $5, but I haven't used any services yet. I'm ready to apply for a refund and close my account under customer service.
05:08<rsdehart>sorry rgerke, never know when one of y'all is watching >.>
05:08<dust_>my username: dustplus
05:09<@rgerke>Not a problem. You can cancel your account right from the Linode Manager - just follow the instructons in this guide, and once our account is canceled we can issue the refund.
05:10<dust_>Because the account was closed, I don't know the status of the issue I opened.
05:10<@rgerke>rdsdehart: I'm usually on the overnight watch, but I'm also answering tickets so I try to check this as much as possible. Thanks for watching for us!
05:11<rsdehart>rgerke: I'm in New Zealand so it's only 9 pm here :D
05:11<@rgerke>dust_: Have you opened a ticket with us?
05:12<dust_>yes. I have opened a issue.
05:12<@rgerke>Do you have a ticket number? I can check for it.
05:13<dust_>But I have not see it, Because I can't login into ""
05:14<dust_>My username is: dustplus, is this information useful?
05:16<@rgerke>If there's a ticket response, you'd need to be able to log in to your manager to view it. Since you can't, my recommendation is to send an e-mail to with your username and the last 6 digits of the credit card you signed up with. That way we can locate your account, authenticate you as its owner, and help you out.
05:17<dust_>ok. thank a lot.
05:18<@rgerke>If you're having trouble logging in, use the 'Forgot Password' link on the Login screen. It'll e-mail you the reset instructions.
05:27<dust_>Hi, @rgerke. I find the ticket number: Support Ticket 12314917
05:29<@rgerke>Are you able to log in yet? Did you try to reset password? If you can get in, you'll be able to access the ticket.
05:30<@rgerke>Otherwise, send that information to To give you any info about a ticket I'd have to first authenticate you as the account owner, and an e-mail with the last 6 of the credit card should do the trick.
05:33<@rgerke>I should also ask, what's happening when you try to log into the Manager? Is it actually a password issue or something else?
05:34<dust_>"— Invalid username or password —"
05:34<dust_>maybe the account has closed?
05:43<@rgerke>It's possible. To get around that, just send that e-mai with the last 6 of the credit card and your username so we can authenticate you and give you specifics on the account.
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05:46<dust_>Yes, I have sent a email.
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05:52<rsdehart>JamesTK: aaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
05:52<@rgerke>Good morning!
05:53<JamesTK>19:53, totes morning
05:53<JamesTK>I'm feeling like crap, winter is not fun
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05:54<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
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06:07<@rgerke>Don't all leave at once!
06:07*rsdehart blames JamesTK
06:07<JamesTK>I blame my cat
06:07<rsdehart>I don't know if that's going to work
06:10<JamesTK>well he can't catch my cold so its his fault, surely
06:20<@rgerke>My cat shut down my system earler when he jumped out of the window and landed on my desk in exactly the wrong spot.
06:20<rsdehart>what the crap
06:21<Unit193>I'm pretty sure you ignored your cat too long, I think it planned that.
06:21<@rgerke>I'm sure he did. He's like that.
06:22<rsdehart>My bird crapped on a traffic ticket earlier. I'm so proud of him
06:40<rsdehart>he's a good boi
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06:49<mahesh>I need to change root user password but i don't know how
06:49<mahesh>is there anyone know ?
06:50<@rgerke>mahesh: Absolutely. I'm going to post thelink to a document we hae on changing your root password that'll show you how.
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06:52<mahesh>in this my panel it not show me option live above url article
06:55<@rgerke>Are you using the Cloud Manager or the Classic Manager?
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09:40<linbot>New news from community: OOM issues - Apache and MySQL <>
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09:53<kharlan11>Has anyone here actually run lighttpd with mutliple fastcgi backends?
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09:55<nate>kharlan11: Do you mean like multiple pools of sorts? I usually set lighttpd+php-fpm setup's w/ individual site/account fpm pools
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09:58<kharlan11>all on the same server? I meant 2 hosts running a fastcgi server and 1 host running lighttpd, and lighttpd balancing requests between them.
09:59<kharlan11>Running multiple pools is more for configuration unique settings per site right?
10:03<kharlan11>Everyone I've spoken to says that php/mysql ends up being the bottlneck rather than lighttpd not being able to handle the throughput. I just don't see that much info about vertically scaling a php fastcgi server.
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10:05<nate>kharlan11: I generally prefer running everything together on the same server yes, exactly what kind of traffic are you dealing with? Lighttpd is -extremely- lightweight, especially if you're doing backend stuff like PHP, so having a dedicated host just for lighttpd is like dramatic overkill
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10:09<kharlan11>It's just research for a future project. I know it may never come to that, but I don't want to be blindsided if it does. hmm I never considered that, I could have 2 hosts - 1 with lighttpd/php fastcgi and if it ever comes to it I could just add another host running php fastcgi.
10:10<kharlan11>I just wasn't sure whether I should do loadbalancer -> multiple servers running php/lighttpd OR lighttpd with balanced multiple fastcgi backends.
10:10<nate>Indeed, I mean there are plenty of ways to do clustering/balancing, linode has nodebalancer stuff, you can do DB clustering, etc. Can also somewhat dynamically increase linode specs by upgrading packages on the fly-ish
10:12<kharlan11>yep. I was just reading that the creator of lighttpd did it to solve the c10k problem and he used 1 lighttpd server with fastcgi backend servers. It just got me interested in how that sort of setup would look.
10:13<kharlan11>Have you come across any good reading material regarding that?
10:17<nate>Not offhand, but it's sorta the concept of how nginx gets used as an internal proxy setup. The main thing is if you're going from an apache setup, especially an apache+mod_php setup, you're going to find notable performance improvements just from going lighttpd+php-fpm alone
10:17<nate>so you might be surprised at what you end up needing hardware wise from such a setup, especially if you weren't previously utilizing things like opcache or memory-based caching (such as Redis or Memcached)
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10:27<kharlan11>yeah, I've looked into opcache too, and it's for sure something I'm going to use. There's also the opcache preload rfc that's currently in testing. That looks pretty cool, but I should wait until they have a stable release.
10:35<nate>well the main opcache stuff has been built into PHP since 5.4 now I believe it was, which usually helps a lot
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11:12<ericoc>oh nice, almost 10 year anniversary of my Linode account... "Your account has been active since August 05, 2009"
11:15<@pwoods>Happy anniversary, ericoc!
11:15<ericoc>ha, thanks.
11:15<ericoc>i think i had a "linode 360" then
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11:19<ericoc>yeah, not terribly long after I signed up, this happened:
11:19<ericoc>i think that's when the 360 became the 512?
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11:40<linbot>New news from community: Checking server's logs files? <>
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12:00<linbot>New news from community: Can I use Block Storage with Nextcloud? <>
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13:04<chesty>that was a nice bump, 42% increase.
13:04<DrJ>yea, they've had a few nice bumps in the last 10 years or so
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14:56<Eugene>!lick zifnab
14:56<linbot>Eugene: Point given to zifnab. (37) (Biggest fan: eugene, total: 33)
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16:05<Viny>Do you support magento?
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16:06<@bbigger>Viny: We're an unmanaged hosting provider, but you could absolutely set up Magento on our platform:
16:07*bbigger clenches fist.
16:07<kharlan11>1 second too late.
16:09<Ikaros>That has got to be the most irritating thing ever, lol
16:10<kharlan11>It's puzzling why it keeps happening.
16:11<@bbigger>p sure ppl jump in from our contact page in their browser, then close the tab if they don't get a < 1 min response, thinking that this is a dead channel
16:15<Ikaros>Said people do not understand the nature of IRC
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16:27<@bbigger>hey there Gowdham
16:29<Gowdham>Yeah. So you guys from Linode team?
16:29<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
16:30<Gowdham>Ok great. Let me share my queries
16:31<Gowdham>I am managing a Web Hosting company. Here I would like to provide Hosting services to my customer by joining with Linode.
16:31<Gowdham>Currently, we renting a dedicated server & providing managed shared hosting under different plans.
16:32<Gowdham>Now I would like to join with Linode to provide Cloud Hosting for my customers under our brand.
16:34<Gowdham>@bbigger Are you there?
16:35<Gowdham>I am just looking for the solution and whether can you help me with that?
16:36<@bbigger>I'm here Gowdham, and feel free to ask any specific questions. You can see our plans here:
16:36<@bbigger>This doc will give you a sense of what using our platform entails:
16:38<Gowdham>I am managing my client using WHMCS, so is it possible to automate the things by integrating it with Linode?
16:41<@bbigger>We don't directly support WHMCS, but I'm seeing plugins are available. We otherwise have an API that allows for automation of anything that can be accomplished in our web-based manager:
16:47<Gowdham>what are the plans that supports hosting provider like us?
16:49<@bbigger>We're an unmanaged provider, so that's really up to you. You get root access to Linodes regardless of the plan type or size. We do offer a Managed service for incident response, and Professional services for sysadmin help for specific projects.
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17:35<gustavo>I have a VPS and I have a domain with a godaddy ssl certificate, before I could create subdomains without problems, but now it makes me an error and I can only access them by placing https, could you help me?
17:37<Peng>What domain, what subdomains, what is it, and what error
17:43<Peng>Trying to connect to port 80 results in a "no route to host" error?
17:44<Peng>Maybe it's blocked by a firewall?
17:46<gustavo> previously operated said subdomain but from a time to the date that my client reported it to me does not work
17:46<gustavo> how can i remove that lock
17:48<gustavo> there was a maintenance message from linode, I would like to know if any of that maintenance affected the configuration
17:50<gustavo> in fact I had the redirect from to and it doesn't work anymore
17:51<Peng>What was the maintenance message?
17:52<Peng>What OS are you using
17:52<Peng>What firewall software are you using
17:52<Peng>What did you do with ports 80 and 443
17:53<gustavo>Maintenance is required for one or more of your Linodes' physical hosts. This maintenance is necessary to patch the MDS (ZombieLoad) CPU vulnerability[1] and will incur downtime for your Linode(s).
17:54<Peng>The maintenance shouldn't break anything.
17:54<Peng>But it involves rebooting. If your stuff isn't configured to work correctly after you reboot, that's a problem.
17:55<Peng>Can you pastebin the output of "sudo iptables-save"
17:56<gustavo># Generated by iptables-save v1.6.1 on Wed Jul 24 21:56:42 2019 *nat :PREROUTING ACCEPT [377994:19702094] :INPUT ACCEPT [148170:8556315] :OUTPUT ACCEPT [937254:66470683] :POSTROUTING ACCEPT [937254:66470683] :OUTPUT_direct - [0:0] :POSTROUTING_ZONES - [0:0] :POSTROUTING_ZONES_SOURCE - [0:0] :POSTROUTING_direct - [0:0] :POST_FedoraServer - [0:0] :POST_FedoraServer_allow - [0:0] :POST_FedoraServer_deny - [0:0] :POST_FedoraServer_log - [0:0] :PREROUTING_ZON
17:57-!-telega [] has joined #linode
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17:57<Peng>Please use a pastebin
17:57<gustavo>:POSTROUTING_ZONES_SOURCE - [0:0] :POSTROUTING_direct - [0:0] :POST_FedoraServer - [0:0] :POST_FedoraServer_allow - [0:0] :POST_FedoraServer_deny - [0:0] :POST_FedoraServer_log - [0:0] :PREROUTING_ZONES - [0:0] :PREROUTING_ZONES_SOURCE - [0:0] :PREROUTING_direct - [0:0] :PRE_FedoraServer - [0:0] :PRE_FedoraServer_allow - [0:0] :PRE_FedoraServer_deny - [0:0] :PRE_FedoraServer_log - [0:0]
17:58<Peng>That is not a pastebin
17:58<Peng>A pastebin is a website like
17:58<Peng>Please paste the stuff there, click the button, then give us a link
18:00<gustavo> Do not restart after maintenance, restart it now?
18:00<Peng>You don't need to reboot, you need to fix the firewall
18:01<Peng>It's complicated and I haven't read the whole thing, but line 141 of the paste blocks everything by default, and the last few lines allow ports 22, 443 and 9090, but not 80
18:01<gustavo>Could you advise me how to do it?
18:01<Peng>I don't know
18:01<Peng>Do you remember doing something to enable 22, 443 and 9090? Do that for 80.
18:02<Peng>Check your shell history, read the documentation for the firewall software you use, or Fedora, or wait for someone who knows more than me, I guess.
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18:08<gustavo>thank you very much you were very helpful, I appreciate it, just run "iptables -I INPUT 5 -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 80 -m state --state NEW, ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT" to enable port 80 I thank you
18:08-!-fstd_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:10<Peng>That's a bit different than the other rules, but okay, I guess.
18:10<Peng>You have to make sure that it's saved and will be restored next time you reboot.
18:13<gustavo> how can I do that to ensure that configuration is saved
18:15-!-anomie [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:17<Peng>I don't know. Check the documentation.
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22:51<BusWorks>Just wanted to advise a linode IP is generating a ton of outgoing SMTP connections and should be checked / blocked / deleted
22:53<linbot>Linode's abuse contact is , as shown in the abuse contact info for the IP address in question. shows how to look this up yourself.
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23:20<@rgerke>Peng: Thanks for showing BusWorks that abuse info.
23:37<dwfreed>Don't forget to !point your helper
23:41<Peng>!point linbot
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23:42<dwfreed>not the one I was talking about :P
23:45<@rgerke>!point Peng
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