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01:22<wraeth>That would read much better as "don't forget to !lick your helper"...
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01:38<rsdehart>wraeth: and don't forget to help your liquor
01:38<wraeth>It's a mutually beneficial relationship. ;)
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08:24<linbot>New news from community: Missing Docker containers after reboot? <>
08:44<linbot>New news from community: Temporary failure resolving ''.? <>
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09:46<captlid>hi, does anyone use Server Side includes on their apache server?
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09:47<captlid>i am getting tired of the w3 and browser vendors not getting their act together
09:47<captlid>to add basic html template files
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09:49<captlid>read stuff that says server side includes slows down the server and loading, is that true?
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10:07<captlid>is running server side includes slower than invoking php processor via fastcgi to do file includes?
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10:14<synfinatic>captlid wow, I haven't thought about SSI in a long long time. Yeah, that's generally not the best way to do things unless you've got a time machine and went back to 1999. But yeah, SSI is generally quite slow
10:14<nate>I don't even do apache anymore to begin with let alone apache and SSI lol
10:14<captlid>slower than loading in php just to include(footer.htm) ?
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10:15<nate>If you're having notable performance issues w/ PHP doing something as simple as an included html file then you probably have worse things to worry about
10:16<captlid>i dont have perfomance issues with it
10:16<captlid>boss wants to use htm files and i dont want to invoke the php processor for that extension
10:17<captlid>and since html imports dont work in browsers which would accomplish the same thing :(
10:17<rnowak>not doing either of those two things is the better option -- use some form of static site generator instead
10:17<nate>You're not really invoking the PHP processor if you're already -in- the PHP processor, require()/include() will just largely pull the file and echo the contents
10:17<captlid>@nate is everyone moving to nginx?
10:17<nate>Or by "use html files" do you mean purely just HTML files?
10:17<nate>In which case yeah not sure why PHP is even being talked about
10:17<captlid>yep pure htm files
10:18<nate>I'd say most I know are on nginx, or (my preference) lighttpd
10:18<captlid>lighthttp is awesome :)
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10:32<chesty>who said that?
10:33<theguyhere>i just popped a ticket in since i need to request the slow approval way for a new IP addres on this account.
10:33<theguyhere>+chesty - nobody:nobode /home
10:42<theguyhere>hmm. pizza ?
10:42<theguyhere>did someone say free pizza for everyone - compliments of linode staff ?
10:45<nate>This is mostly a community support room but I'm sure staff will get to your ticket as soon as they can :P
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11:04<theguyhere>It seems the staff are not reading the message written and just replying with : "Unfortunately, we are not able to grant additional IP addresses for this reason. The intention behind having nameservers with different IP addresses is for the nameservers to be separate physical servers on separate networks in different geographical locations entirely in order to be redundant. If you intend for both of your names
11:04<millisa>Sounds correct so far
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11:04<theguyhere>^ that is in response to "The first IP is for the main suite of cPanel applications, and the second IP is to be shared among all accounts."
11:05<theguyhere>which is my request and reason for ONE additional IP
11:05<millisa>cpanel can run on the same IP as the hosted sites
11:06<theguyhere>not without causing major security issues that I really shouldn't have to delve into. welcome to communicate with the cPanel team regarding this
11:07<theguyhere>to run accounts on the same ip as the services, requires hacks
11:07<millisa>no it doesnt?
11:08<millisa>where are you finding that info? (I have plenty of cpanel systems that use the same IP as the hosted sites; there wasn't anything odd/interesting in their setup)
11:08<theguyhere>also, I am unsure why this is a problem. I have several systems on other accounts and have no issues. I am setting up a box for my employer now, and getting blowback requesting a second IP which is usually not an issue. I do not have a lot of time to deal with this issue, so if I can not get an extra IP, then I will have to configure the box on VULTR or DO ... probably Vultr since we have a windows box there
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11:09<theguyhere>the info is from communication with their team
11:09<theguyhere>same domain, etc etc
11:10<theguyhere>begging for an IP address for legitimate use, is unbecoming tbh.
11:10<millisa>it doesn't sound like a justification for extra address space...
11:10<theguyhere>we don't require a block --
11:10<theguyhere>separate services, separate IP
11:10<theguyhere>ARIN A+
11:11<theguyhere>also, not asking for a BLOCK
11:12<millisa>I'm not sure how any of that is relevant to your reason for the original request
11:12<millisa>You want an extra IP for cpanel because you are claiming some non-public information from cpanel says you need it?
11:12<theguyhere>"Demonstrate 50% utilization of both your last allocation and of all allocations (overall) OR demonstrate all free blocks are smaller than ARIN’s minimum allocation"
11:13<rnowak>cpanel states it requires a single ip address in their own requirements
11:13<theguyhere>under "Multiple Discrete Networks"
11:14<theguyhere>cPanel licenses for 1 IP ... the cPanel/WHM service IP
11:14<theguyhere>for accounts, those go under other IP's
11:14<theguyhere>and im really having to explain this ?
11:14<millisa>Yes. Because it is intended to have it all on one IP.
11:14<rnowak>imagine others not agreeing with your incorrect assumptions
11:15<theguyhere>fuck it.... hitching over to vultr with this since you guys are being so anal about the assignments
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11:15<millisa> has the requirements.
11:15<theguyhere>no idea why ... but god... stingy AF
11:15<millisa>it literally says 'a valid ip address'
11:16<millisa>it's not stingy. it's normal...
11:16<theguyhere>yup... completely normal to have everything on 1 IP ... /facepalm
11:16<rnowak>imagine throwing a tantrum because you didn't get it your way
11:17<millisa>I'm still hoping there's just some requirement that's being misunderstood
11:17<theguyhere>no ttantrum. just taking dollars to someone who wants them
11:17<primitiv>I'm having issues using require_once not sure why its not finding the files, i need a second pair of eyes \
11:17<theguyhere>and isn't a douche for a single IP allocation lol
11:17<theguyhere>not angry
11:17<millisa>just wrong
11:17<primitiv>assets has /cron.../js.../csss
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11:18<theguyhere>but have fun with that. great for shell boxes .... single purpose debian/etc machines, but not for hosting scripts like CP
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11:18<millisa>Then that is where you are misunderstanding
11:25<theguyhere>single click, new public additional ip with vultr. i am very sorry to hear you are having issues with your ip pools which is unfortunate.
11:26<theguyhere>still decent boxes, but i will remember to use linode for only single IP purposes in the future.
11:27<Peng>Sounds like Vultr might have problems
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11:33<primitiv>any ideas? it's driving me nutes
11:33<primitiv>nuts* not nutes lol
11:35<millisa>try using the absolute path. if it's running out of cron, maybe it's not using the directory you think it is for that relative reference
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11:38<primitiv>!point millisa
11:38<linbot>primitiv: Point given to millisa. (83) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 17)
11:38<primitiv>gracias, any ideas why it wouldn't work the way I tried?
11:39<millisa>it worked with the absolute path?
11:39<primitiv>yes /var/www/websites/sandbox.primitiv/public_html/app/config/db.config.php
11:40<millisa>you could use getcwd to show the working directory it's using in different cases.
11:41<millisa>the chdir php documentation used to have an example of getting it and setting it
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11:43<primitiv>i did that
11:43<primitiv>and it returned /etc
11:43<primitiv>i was currentyl in ETC though when running it as root
11:43<primitiv>which makes sense
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13:58<Cromulent>Am I right to guess that new Linode servers are EPYC? I think I remember someone mention it.
13:58<Cromulent>Or just the higher end plans?
13:59<Peng>I've seen EPYC Nanodes.
13:59<Peng>Linode uses a mix of CPUs, though. Including EPYCs, new Xeons, and older Xeons.
14:00<Cromulent>I might ask to be moved to a new host.
14:01<@jackley>Cromulent: you want to be moved to an EPYC host?
14:02<Cromulent>I wouldn't mind:)
14:02<rnowak>put him on an athlon
14:03<Cromulent>My Nanode is ancient.
14:03<Peng>at least use an overclocked Athlon XP 2500+
14:04<@jackley>Cromulent: we can do that! just open a ticket :)
14:04<Cromulent>Cool. Will do tomorrow as I'm mobile only at the moment.
14:11<dwfreed>you can open tickets from your phone
14:11<dwfreed>cloud manager even has a responsive design
14:15<nuevu>Just send me your username/password and I'll do it for you >.>
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