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02:00<jatinverma>i need hsoting for my website
02:01<jatinverma>i was thinking for 64 gb ram dedicated hosting
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02:55<chesty>I'm feeling paranoid. my servers are all being brute force attacked in a way to avoid the default fail2ban time limits, so 600+ ip addresses all making less than 6 login attempts in a 10 minute window.
03:00*Zr40 personally wouldn't worry about failed attempts. They didn't get in, after all
03:07<chesty>but they were able to if they tried the right username/password. I've just turned password auth off. even so, they are chewing my cpu and draining my entropy
03:18<Zr40>oh no, if they have my strong keys they can get in!
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03:19<Zr40>but yeah, turning off password auth stops most of the dictionary attacks and turning off ancient crypto even stops most of them from trying
03:26<wraeth>If you're that concerned, tighten your f2b rules. People authorized to access (particularly using public keys) shouldn't have more than one or two failed logins (if they have half a clue, no failed logins).
03:31<chesty>I have, now they get 6 attempts in 7 days and banned for a month. In the past I've always had one or two ip addresses in the ban list, this is the first time I've seen 620 ip addresses in the ban list.
03:31<chesty>I'll checkout
03:35<gparent>I wouldn't worry about failed attempts once you have password authenticated when you could worry about real threats.
03:36<gparent>password authentication disabled*
03:37<gparent>There's too
03:37<gparent>Say you have to be stuck with credentails
03:45<chesty>it's like say to someone scared of flying "I wouldn't worry about flying, you're more likely to die in a car crash on the way to the airport" I get that they aren't likely to get in, I'm still paranoid.
03:46<rnowak>serenity now: SPA,
03:49<hawk>chesty: But this was about password bruteforcing nonsense, no? In which case it would be more telling someone not to worry about flying because they are not actually going on a plane anyway.
03:52<chesty>I love analogies, so let me continue, they live under the flightpath and they're worried about a plane crashing on their house.
03:53<chesty>yet there's more chance of a car crashing through their front door
03:54<gparent>if you're medically paranoid I cannot help, if you're just worried, then yeah, telling you the risk isn't real could've worked.
03:55<gparent>if someone were to be able to bypass ssh authentication in the matter in which you are scared of, it would be hundreds of thousands of dollars exploit they wouldn't waste on some random bot
03:56<chesty>I'm not worried about them getting in, especially now after disabling passwords. I'm still surprised at the length they went to. they used 600+ ip addresses.
03:56<gparent>you're not the target
03:56<gparent>the internet is
03:57<chesty>yeah, I know. I did wonder if I was targeted, but yeah, no chance of that. just a bot botnet doing the rounds
03:58<chesty>all good. back to my old calm self.
03:58<hawk>Indeed, sounds like someone has just tuned their botnet stuff to work a bit better wrt fail2ban defaults.
03:59<gparent>which isn't too hard since you can do hosts in parallel
03:59<gparent>waiting 20 minutes between attempts doesn't slow you down that much in the end
04:03<hawk>They can always just rent a bigger botnet if they need to go faster, I guess. *shrug*
04:13<chesty>there are a whole bunch from the same subnet, I check one, it's from china.
04:18<linbot>New news from community: Nextcloud Log File <>
04:23<chesty>I checked a few more, there are a bunch from amazon, a bunch from kuwait, a bunch from google cloud, I guess a typical botnet
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05:11<chesty>what do you reckon about /etc/ssh/moduli ? it's the same file on all my hosts and there's a hardening tutorial that says replacing it with a unique one might harden your server. I can't imagine distros would ship something that was insecure, so I'm not worried but if I'm not going to weaken anything by generating a unique file I may as well do it.
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05:20<chesty>hehe, this is out of control Currently banned: 1523
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05:24<Woet>it's not out of control
05:24<Woet>just another day on the internet
05:24<Woet>why not just use a firewall if you're paranoid?
05:24<chesty>I'm not longer paranoid.
05:24<Woet># zgrep 'UFW BLOCK' syslog* | wc -l
05:25<Woet>and that's just 3 days worth
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05:27<chesty>yeah, get those too, I'm mainly blocking ports that have nothing on them anyway, and it's pretty hard to get a shell from those
05:28<linbot>New news from community: Private IP in rescue mode for Finnix <>
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06:19<dkstallion>anyone there ??
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06:20<dkstallion>anyone from the billing department on here ??
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07:43<DrJ>so nice of people to just stop by to say hi
07:49<@jcardillo>is 21 seconds a new record? ^^
07:49<DrJ>I doubt it
07:52<rsdehart>I'm sure the record is probably <1 second
07:52<rsdehart>or something similarly unbeatable
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08:34<rsdehart>whthppnsircstys: that's some dedication to the bit
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09:58<_056595717>i need help
09:58<_056595717>help me
09:58<@jcardillo>ask away
09:59<_056595717>Are you a computer or a real person?
09:59<@jcardillo>i am real the last i checked :)
09:59*bbigger ponders this deeply.
09:59<_056595717>Is this a forum or a customer service?
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10:00<_056595717>Am I getting it wrong?
10:00<@jcardillo>it's the linode community chat. though i'm part of Linode's customer Support team.
10:00<_056595717>can you help me?
10:01<_056595717>I need to register an account!
10:01<_056595717>But I don't have a credit card, but I have a debit card!
10:01<@jcardillo>debit cards work, too
10:02<@jcardillo>did you already sign up at ?
10:02<_056595717>Wait a moment, I confirm
10:03<_056595717>registration success
10:03<_056595717>Credit Card Number
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10:03<_056595717>Expiration Date
10:04<_056595717>How do I need to fill out
10:05<@jcardillo>i'm not quite sure what you mean. are you able to enter your debit card number, exp date and CVV?
10:05<_056595717> My debit card has no due date and cvv
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10:05<_056595717>Or I can't find it
10:05<kharlan11>it's on the back.
10:06<kharlan11>cvv is on the back, expirtation should be on the front. It might be different across countries though.
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10:07<_056595717>Ok, let me study it.
10:07<_056595717>thank you
10:08<@jcardillo>!point kharlan11
10:08<linbot>jcardillo: Point given to kharlan11. (3)
10:13<_056595717>Only CVV can't find
10:13<_056595717>I am desperate
10:14<kharlan11>_056595717: it should be a 3-4 digit number on the back of your card.
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10:16<_056595717>Credit Card number is invalid.
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10:24<dzho>so, can someone in this situation open tickets at least? or does the account need to be confirmed via credit card before a ticket can be opened?
10:25*dzho finds it so hard to navigate this sort of thing since it's usually something done rarely, possibly only once, for a normal customer.
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10:29<@jcardillo>honestly, i'm not 100% sure dzho, since it's been a while for me, too.
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10:30<@jcardillo>_056595717: if you email our support team at we might be able to troubleshoot this better for you that way.
10:30<@jcardillo>you mentioned the registration was successful, so i believe you can open a ticket at this point through your Linode Manager.
10:30<@jcardillo>that would work, too.
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13:52<fleabeard>hello, I'm unable to connect to my tf2 server. I just signed up for Linode and installed the one-click App for a tf2 server and it's running according to the website, but when I try to connect to the server's ipv4 address in the game, it says "Connection failed after 4 retries" any ideas?
13:56<fleabeard>logged into the web console and got a terminal spammed with [ 2941.351225] [UFW BLOCK] IN=eth0 OUT= MAC=f2:3c:91:da:56:ab:84:78:ac:5a:19:41
13:57<kharlan11>can you telnet to the server on that port from your client machine?
13:57<kharlan11>yep, ufw might be blocking it. Why not try to disable ufw temporarily? 'ufw disable'
13:58<fleabeard>command not found
13:58<kharlan11>are you logged in as root?
13:59<fleabeard>that app image came with UFW installed
13:59<kharlan11>try 'sudo ufw disable'
14:00<fleabeard>works, I was using ufw-disable like an egg
14:00<linbot>New news from community: Python webapp deployment system - vpsdeploy <>
14:00<fleabeard>okay, it's disabled but still can't connect
14:01<kharlan11>do 'netstat -autn'
14:01<kharlan11>as root
14:02<kharlan11>and look for the lines which say "LISTEN", those are the processes that are binded to a socket on a specific port.
14:02<kharlan11>do you see your uhh tf2 server process in that list?
14:02<fleabeard>command not found, lol
14:03<kharlan11>you may need to do 'apt-get install net-tools'
14:03<fleabeard>i'll have to put this on pause momentarily. Thanks for your attention so far, I'll bbiab
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14:45<fleabeard>kharlan11, I don't see the default tf2 port listed when doing that netstat, it's usually 27015 or 27016
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14:52<fleabeard>welp, I've tried about alls I can try and can't seem to figure it out. I even tried manually adding those ports to the ufw with no luck.
14:52<fleabeard>think I'll simply move on and consider this a wash
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15:20<linbot>New news from community: Is my Linode HDD or SSD? <>
15:26<Cromulent>just sent a support ticket in to move to an EPYC host - I hope they allow it :)
15:27<Peng>put 'em on the oldest EPYC host :D
15:29<Cromulent>even that should be better than the 2013 CPU I'm on now
15:30<Peng>E5-2680 v2?
15:30<gparent>does that mean im on a 2013 CPU too
15:30<gparent>im glad to be doing my part in freeing up the newer hardware for people who care or need it
15:30<Peng>At least they have a high clock speed
15:31<gparent>I need that postfix delivery to be lightning fast
15:31<gparent>I'm receiving spam and regular bulk mail, and I want it NOW.
15:31<Cromulent>I'm testing for a new project of mine
15:31<Peng>A long time ago, I might have had literally the last Linode on an old host. Great performance. :D
15:31<Cromulent>not sure if I'll do it on this linode or open a second account and do the testing there
15:32<Cromulent>but it'll speed up my current websites a little bit which I won't complain about
15:36<@pwoods>Cromulent: we've got eyes on your ticket. Someone is working on it as we type.
15:36<Cromulent>cool - thanks :)
15:39<gparent>plot twist: pwoods is typing on two keyboards
16:16<@jcardillo>jcardillo can personally vouch for pwoods having two keyboards and typing on both simultaneously
16:19<dzho>lucky guess
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16:37<linbot>New news from status: Service Issue - Mumbai <>
16:38<Peng>. . .
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16:52<millisa>That's like my 11th favorite datacenter!
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19:31<linbot>New news from community: How can I deploy 1-Click Apps from the CLI? <>
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21:22<Cromulent>just want to say Linode are awesme and that is why I have stuck with them for 10 years
21:22<Cromulent>awesome even
21:23<Cromulent>I've tried Digital Ocean and Vultr and neither has been as good as Linode
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22:59<pogo>hi i am confused about the plan
23:00<pogo>I got around 1000 visitors per day suggest me the best plan
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