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00:02<akk>Linode server are unmanaged servers?
00:02<akk>In 5$ month pack how many website we can host
00:02<akk>wordpress website
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00:03<nate>Virtual servers if you want to be more technical
00:03<nate>And that's not really a question that can be answered
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00:03<LouWestin>That all depends on how much traffic you get on each site, which like nate said
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00:03<LouWestin>and he gone
00:03<nate>"a website" is not a measure of anything. A $5 linode could run anywhere from a single wordpress install to thousands, what kind of activity/traffic they're getting is the dominant factor
00:04<LouWestin>I don't get much traffic, but if I got enough I'd need to upgrade
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02:33<Park>Do I have to pay a fee if I change CenOS to Deploy WooCommerce with One-Click Apps? And how to change? Thanks !
02:55<@rgerke>Park: Hi! There's no additional charge to use the One-Click App to deplou WooCommerce. We have a guide on how to do it here:
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03:00<Park>Hi, I buyed package CentOS 7, Dedicated 4GB: 2 CPU, 80GB Storage, 4GB RAM. Do I have to pay a fee if I change CenOS to Deploy WooCommerce with One-Click Apps? And how to change?
03:02<@rgerke>There's no extra charge to deploy with OneClick. In order to do so, you'd need to create a new Linode using the One-Click App as described in the guide:
03:03<@rgerke>One-Click Apps are meant for deploying a Linode, so you wouldn't be able to use it on a current Linode.
03:19<Eugene>!lick zifnab
03:19<linbot>Eugene: Point given to zifnab. (39)
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03:21<zifnab>!caress Eugene
03:21<linbot>zifnab: Point given to eugene. (93)
03:22<hys2019>hello, can anyone help ,how to activated my account?
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03:24<Ryan_>Does anybody having idea if linode will support the site to site VPN
03:26<Zr40>depends on what you mean with 'support'. Do you mean whether it's allowed, or whether they will provide technical support, or whether this is a standard feature?
03:27<Ryan_>i was just wondering they allow and support to get site to site VPN between multiple location i am having
03:28<Ryan_>for all my servers which i am planning to add few more
03:31<Zr40>I'm pretty sure it's allowed. As Linode provides unmanaged services you're on your own as for setting it up, but if you need something specific from their end I'm sure they're willing to help with that part
03:32<nate>Ryan_: Are you talking about so you can privately communicate between your linodes? Linodes do have private IP ranges.
03:33<nate>For communicating within the same DC that is, you just want to make sure to firewall things properly
03:33<Ryan_>Acutally i am looking my servers to work privately not in public for everyone
03:33<Ryan_>i am have multiple location for my sub offices
03:34<Ryan_>where our Dev team will be working on
03:34<Ryan_>and just want to create a tunnel line site to site VPN between our offices and Linode servers
03:35<nate>You can always firewall the public addresses entirely
03:35<nate>but it sounds like you'd still need some whitelisting if you have anything external to linode accessing, or have some sorta tunneling. Not sure that's something linode should ever need to provide a native support for so much as something better suited for the customer to setup locally
03:36<Ryan_>Thanks a lot for all your help
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04:31<@rgerke>nate: Thanks for helping out Ryan while I was off getting lunch.
04:31<@rgerke>!point nate
04:32<linbot>rgerke: Point given to nate. (8)
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05:16<kathhawkins>hey there - having a shit of a time here and very little geek powers can anyone help?
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05:17<kathhawkins>All I'm trying to do is update PHP on our wordpress website.
05:18<kathhawkins>Jesus it's geek world in here can any big strong man help me...
05:24<nate>Are you running into errors or?
05:24<nate>How much of a PHP version jump are you trying to make?
05:24<nate>Gotta give details
05:25<@rgerke>I'm happy to help out, too. Like nate mentioned, what version of PHP are you running and what version are you trying to upgrade to?
05:26<nate>If you're trying to jump to 7.3, be warned I don't believe that version is 'officially' supported by WP yet
05:27<nate>(at least I don't think it was last I looked)
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06:07<nate>guess they figured it out?
06:08<trippeh>wp recomends 7.3+ fwiw
06:09<nate>Ah do they now? Might be thinking of something else then
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08:07<Nifras>Hi I want to buy this server
08:08<Nifras>for my client l
08:08<Nifras>for uber like business
08:08<Nifras>can anyone guide me
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12:10<Kylebrown>Is there any staff online
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12:14<Kylebrown_>Any staff members online
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14:18<LouWestin>He stayed for at least 5 minutes
14:18<dzho>a fair try
14:20<LouWestin>Usually is about 5 seconds. lol
14:24<linbot>New news from community: Getting an error when attempting to apt-get install <>
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15:40<Peng>suspect the EPYCs have less consistent clocks than Xeons
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19:03<chesty>as in real-time clock?
19:05<linbot>New news from community: Linode mobile App for Android <>
19:09<chesty>real-time clocks have their own dedicated circuit right? their own oscillator and battery. I guess I could see it losing or gaining the same amount of time every day, but I don't know how it gains or loses a different amount of time every day.
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19:27<Peng>Temperature changes.
19:28<Peng>But a Linode's clock is probably tracking one of the other oscillators, which might be affected by temperature changes, or the CPU speeding up or slowing down. Maybe other stuff like getting moved to a different CPU.
19:28<Peng>Plus, CPU contention and steal can confused ntpd / the kernel, I think.
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19:46<AlexX>can we set our own rDNS
19:47<Peng>It has to forward-confirm
19:48<nate>AlexX: You can, under the "remote" section, but you have to have a DNS record matching already
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21:39<primitiv>I'm trying to ru na php file via terminal but it tells me could not open input file
21:39<primitiv>im running php /location/of/file
21:42<primitiv>not sure why I'mgetting this issue
21:44<primitiv>its not a permission isue
21:45<@rgerke>primitiv: Do you have a ticket opened on this with us?
21:45<primitiv>no I do not
21:45<primitiv>error just occurred
21:46<@rgerke>Please give me a minute or so, and I'll look into this with you.
21:47<primitiv>lol i fixed my issues
21:47<primitiv>no problem at all
21:47<@rgerke>You made that far too easy onme. Haha
21:48<primitiv>they should change the syntax to read "this file does not exist"
21:48<@rgerke>I couldn't agree more.
21:48<primitiv>had the wrong path
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21:49<primitiv>do you know if it's ever been brought up to start accepting payments in other currencies such as CAD instead of USD and allow other taxes besides just VAT?
21:51<@rgerke>I'm not familair with the financial stuff, to be honest, but if that's something you think we should be doing, send this to so it gets in front of the right people.
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22:14<primitiv>sorry had to take care of something
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22:14<primitiv>I've been having a lot of issues trying to understand how to not use a .htaccess for wordpress websites on my nginx server. I'm used to apache.
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22:15<primitiv>i have certain wordpress websites and some non wordpress
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22:41<@rgerke>primitiv: Sorry it took a bit for me to get back to you here, and I see you logged off. I wanted to drop a link to your Nginx configuration guide for you to take a look at as I think it mightbe helpful:
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23:26<linbot>New news from community: I want to install tomcat 7 but I'm getting an error <>
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