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00:06<@rgerke>Hi @shirlyLow bbigger isn't online right now - can I help out with something?
00:07<ShirlyLow>I did not use the VPN and the information is correct. Why cancel my account?
00:08<@rgerke>I'd have to take a deeper look into that. Would you be able to send your information to so we can look into it for you? We'd need the last 6 digits of the credit card you used to sign up as well as the e-mail address you used to locate the account and authenticate you to it
00:10<ShirlyLow> I have sent an email to, but I didn't get any reply.
00:16<@rgerke>I'll take a look and see if I can find it. Please give me a few minutes to look.
00:17<ShirlyLow>Okay rgerke
00:17<ShirlyLow>Thank You and my email address
00:18<ShirlyLow>you can search it
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00:28<robweb>Hello. I am learning webdev and Rust. Does Linode host Rust applications?
00:29<@rgerke>ShirlyLow: I'm taking a look right now.
00:30<@rgerke>robweb: I'll be right with you, I promise!
00:30<Peng>robweb: You can install any type of application (that runs on Linux)
00:31<robweb>Excellent! Thank you!
00:31<Peng>...and doesn't require a video card...
00:31<@rgerke>robweb: Peng is absolutely correct.
00:31<Peng>... and isn't solely compiled for MIPS CPUs ... :>
00:31<Peng>... and ...
00:32<robweb>OK. So I'll just install Rust like I would locally?
00:32<Peng>Yup :)
00:32<robweb>Great. Thank you so much!
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00:37<@rgerke>ShirlyLow: If you log in again, I was unable to find an e-mail from that address. Would you be able to send it again?
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00:53<Peng>rgerke previously said, "I was unable to find an e-mail from that address. Would you be able to send it again?"
00:53<ShirlyLow>Registration has been rejected again
00:55<ShirlyLow>Please check email
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01:01<@rgerke>ShirleyLow: I believe I have located the e-mail. You should have a response shortly.
01:02<ShirlyLow>Okay !
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01:57<chesty>Peng, tensorflow requires a video card and it works fine on linode (it probably doesn't, it probably works with a CPU too, I was trying to be clever to score internet points)
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04:31<Basit>What is network in transfer speed
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05:07<linbot>New news from community: Deploy Persistent Volume Claims with the Linode Block Storage CSI Driver <>
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06:20<velbon81>please i need the contact for sales team
06:21<@rgerke>velbon81: Hi! All of our contact information, including sales, canbe found through this link:
06:24<velbon81>i need email address for Linode sale team
06:25<@rgerke>You can send an e-mail to and we'll make sure that it gets to the right people.
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07:17<linbot>New news from community: Site does not support CNAME ending in period <>
07:23<hawk>Why did Linode "ask" that?
07:24*hawk is confused
07:25<rsdehart>you mean why did someone on the forum ask that?
07:25<rsdehart>I don't know. I'd suggest reading the thread to find out if you want to know
07:26<hawk>rsdehart: Maybe I don't understand how to read it. It says that the question was posted by the account Linode. But maybe "Linode" is some regular user?
07:27<hawk>(Seems like it might have been good to reserve that name)
07:27<rsdehart>I guess it's not a question
07:27<rsdehart>just a bit of information
07:27<rsdehart>with that said, I couldn't guess why it was posted
07:28<rsdehart>Nah, the user Linode would be Linode. I hadn't read the thread
07:28<rsdehart>sorry, I made an incorrect assumption about your question
07:28<chesty>hawk, when a customer who doesn't have a managed linode sends linode a question they forward ti the community question board
07:29<chesty>"sends linode a question that falls in the domain of needing to have a managed linode..."
07:29<rsdehart>thanks, chesty
07:29<hawk>Ok, so the Linode account is used to kind of proxy some questions that were sent elsewhere.
07:29<rsdehart>I didn't know this
07:30<@rgerke>Yes. I actually did that one. Sometimes if smeone opens a tiket and asks a question and I think the answer would benefit other users, I'll post it in our Community Site.
07:31<@rgerke>I swear I can spell 'ticket' and 'someone'
07:31<hawk>Regarding the question itself I was mostly confused about its claims about "search", but if it's a question from some customer I guess I shouldn't be.
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07:33<@rgerke>So, someone else 'asked' the question, we just made the question and answer public on our Community site (obviously sanitizing it first to edit out any customer-specific information)
07:33<@rgerke>So it looks like it came from 'Linode' because it was posted by us and not directly by the customer.
07:34<rsdehart>so it looks like this practice has only been in place for not quite a year and a half
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09:08<linbot>New news from community: Server storage shows full <>
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09:50<vinay>anyone from linode support
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09:56<Woet>rgerke: you might want to look into
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09:57<Woet>it's been offline for a bit
10:00<@bbigger>Thanks for pointing that out Woet -- we've decommissioned our Tokyo 1 data center, so only is relevant for testingnow
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10:16<Woet>cheers bbigger
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10:17<Woet>bbigger: where is the 100 MB file?
10:17<Woet>ah, the file is renamed to tokyo2.bin too
10:17<Woet> workss
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10:27<@jcardillo>i've been holding on to my domain for awhile. fate?
10:28<linbot>New news from community: Debian 7 - Longview Installation - Apache/mysql <>
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10:47<gparent>I guess that didn't catch on like www did, eh?
10:48<gparent>and make it a final fantasy website like the TLD intended
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11:06<gavin>Hello, I am wondering where can I see the pricing for the manger service and cPanel?
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11:06<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
11:07<millisa>the linode manager doesn't have a cost, but it's mostly for managing with vps's you have up, your dns, and other services you get from linode (not a manager like cpanel)
11:08<gavin>What's the price for being Linode Managed customers?
11:08<millisa>It's down near the bottom on that page about it. $100/linode/month on the account
11:09<millisa>Unless you are going for a really big linode, you can usually beat that price by bringing your own cpanel license if cpanel is the only thing you care about
11:09<gavin>Thank you Millisa!
11:09<millisa>I've had pretty good luck using (there's usually coupon codes you can find to get the price even lower)
11:10<millisa>Though I guess those prices could change with how cpanel's talking about changing their licensing.
11:12<gavin>I saw that their pricing seems much lower than the pricing I found on cPanel website
11:12<millisa>They are. They are legitimate; have used them for years.
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11:13<millisa>This was the pricing change I was talking about - I'm still not sure how that's going to impact the stuff partners like buycpanel will be able to sell things for or if it will change things at all
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12:24<stryttu>is available vps on tokyo, JP ?
12:24<millisa>There is a datacenter there, yes.
12:24<grawity>Linode has a Tokyo datacenter, yes
12:25<stryttu>is available vps tokyo in Standard Plans Nanode 1GB 5$/mo??
12:26<millisa>Assuming you aren't on the old style billing, yes
12:27<@mcintosh>there is only one style of billing
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12:27<millisa>(Everyone's switched at this point?)
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12:28<@mcintosh>indeed, i personally ended the life of prepaid billing :D
12:28<@mcintosh>well, i had some help
12:29<@mcintosh>but... i ain't no snitch ;p
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14:19<Zr40>so we have you to {thank,blame}!
14:22<MailUser>Is there someone of support team here ?
14:24<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
14:29<MailUser>Ok, I want help because, i has been reciving phishing mail from you server IP Bank account phishing
14:30<DrJ>MailUser: you should probably submit a complaint email to
14:30<Zr40>that doesn't look like a Linode IP
14:31<DrJ>yea, that's not linode
14:31<MailUser>Sorry I have a mistake this is the correct one :
14:32<Zr40>yeah, that is a Linode IP
14:32<DrJ>yea, that one is linode... is your best bet
14:32<linbot>Linode's abuse contact is , as shown in the abuse contact info for the IP address in question. shows how to look this up yourself.
14:33<MailUser>yes i did using iana link
14:33<dzho>!to MailUser ops
14:33<linbot>MailUser: Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
14:33<Zr40>hm, was hoping for a different linbot response
14:33<Zr40>meant to say, be sure to include all pertinent information
14:34<MailUser>but I very concernt about because that phishing is too sofisticated
14:34<dzho>welcome to the Internet, alas
14:34<dzho>I've been seeing some very sophisticated stuff for a while now hitting various organizations.
14:35<Zr40>yeah, email spam/scam/phishing/etc is almost as old as the internet itself
14:35<dzho>the services provided by a company like linode are sophisticated, but not in a way that is going to help with that, I don't think.
14:35<dzho>Zr40: it's not just that it's spam. The targetting can be very specific. I guess they call that "spearphishing"
14:35*dzho has errands to run and lunch to fetch
14:36<dzho>good luck MailUser
14:36<MailUser>and I think this is a focus attack for a specific bank, and this is not the firts time that I recive this kind of phishing
14:37<@pwoods>MailUser: as others have suggested, could you please send along all information you have about this to
14:38<@pwoods>MailUser: that inbox is maintained by a person 24/7. Sending in email headers would allow us to pass along to our customer
14:39<@pwoods>MailUser: I'd also suggest not clicking any links or submitting any information into forms.
14:39<MailUser>I did now, and I attached the phishing mail into the mail
14:41<MailUser>Ok, guys I leave you here, becuase I need to send another report with more phishing to another server provider. Thank you for your help.
14:41<@pwoods>MailUser: thanks, I see the email came in. The person checking that inbox will be in touch shortly.
14:41<MailUser>have a nice day !
14:41<@pwoods>MailUser: o/
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16:43<arno>Hi. My server stopped being accessible ( in Fremont). Did something happen, or is it just my server?
16:44<millisa>mine seems up. you are the first in here to mention something up in fremont
16:44<millisa>can't ping your IP from one of my systems in fremont
16:45<nate>Mine seems fine
16:46<arno>It seems totally down. I can't access it via the console anymore
16:46<nate>log in to your actual linode account and see what the status from there is
16:46<nate>Usually the first stop you should make
16:50<arno>My status was "running". But I couldn't access it via the console. I pressed reboot the server. Now, it is stuck at "rebooting 1%"
16:50<linbot>Sounds like ticket time! Your problem will probably be solved much faster by submitting a support ticket, rather than hoping to catch an employee's attention here.
16:51<millisa>I usually go with ticket then call
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19:50<linbot>New news from community: Angular/Nodejs/Database <> || Angular/Nodejs/Database <> || Angular/Nodejs/Database <>
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20:39<verx>Trying to do apt-update on a Debian Linode that hasn’t been updated in forever and everything is not found...
20:40<verx>Can someone help me on how to update things so that I can upgrade?
20:41<gparent>what version is it
20:41<verx>How do I check?
20:41<gparent>lsb_release -a
20:43<gparent>it might be the repos have changed names. 8.x (the next one) is still supported
20:44<chesty>yeah, wheezy is now in
20:44<verx> urls
20:45<verx>So how do I change it around?
20:45<gparent>you'd change the entries to the hostname chesty gave you
20:46<chesty>At this stage it would be quicker to reinstall with the current debian, but you could change your /etc/apt/sources.list to point to the, the do an update and upgrade, then follow the instructions to do a dist-upgrade
20:47<verx>Ok, thanks
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21:08<Cromulent>this is slightly off-topic but I need a sensible IRC channel to ask in - I'm thinking of changing the Linux distro I use for development - I normally use Ubuntu but was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions?
21:08<Cromulent>preferably one which is easy to mirror on a server
21:08-!-verx [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:08<Cromulent>I was looking at Arch Linux
21:14<kenyon>any linux distro can be used for development
21:15<Cromulent>sure but which one is stable enough to be used on the client development machine as well as the server?
21:15<Cromulent>I thought about Fedora
21:16<Cromulent>CentOS is off the table for having old packages
21:18<kenyon>Debian and RHEL
21:20<Cromulent>both suffer from the same problem
21:20<Cromulent>what about OpenSUSE Tumbleweed?
21:20<kenyon>what are these supposed "old packages"
21:21<Cromulent>python and postgresql mainly
21:21<chesty>fedora has an interesting project, not sure how stable it is, I think it has the word silver in it. completely different concept to traditional packages
21:22<kenyon>if you need the very latest of those packages, that's not "stable"
21:22<chesty>for me in these days of snap, flatpack and docker, my desktop os isn't that important.
21:22<Cromulent>see I
21:23<Cromulent>I'd love to move to a docker workload but I don't know how
21:23<kenyon>but there are good ways to get newer packages, like postgres has their own repos. with python you should use pipenv or similar anyway, and e.g. with RHEL/CentOS there is
21:23<Cromulent>I use flask for backend development and react for front end development and I want to use Gitlab for CI/CD
21:24<kenyon>but both RHEL and Debian just released new versions, so they should be pretty new
21:24<chesty>open a tutorial. I use docker for python, I usually use ubuntu 18.04 as a base and install the required python libraries with pip
21:24<Cromulent>I'll check it out then
21:24-!-V-Pariah [] has joined #linode
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21:32<chesty>some people are anti docker for a number of reasons, one being it currently requires a daemon running as root. but the concept of containers have been around since the beginning of unix and a daemon running as root isn't required for them, it's just how docker chose to implement theirs. there is a new project that runs docker containers without
21:32<chesty>needing the root run daemon.
21:33<Cromulent>I think I might try Fedora
21:35-!-verx [] has joined #linode
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21:35-!-copart [] has joined #linode
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21:36<chesty>read the first paragraph of
21:39<Cromulent>fedora seems like the winner then although I'm still curious about SUSE
21:39<kenyon>Fedora is pretty much on the opposite end of the stability spectrum from RHEL/CentOS/Debian stable
21:39<Cromulent>especially as they offer commercial support
21:42<kharlan11>debian 9/10 is my goto Cromulent
21:43<kharlan11>well currently *just* debian 9 but I have a debian 10 system running some low-priority stuff in production
21:43<Cromulent>I've always been a bit turned off by Debian
21:43-!-verx [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:43<gparent>you hear that? that's the sound of many servers and distros crying
21:44<gparent>I mean I don't hear it either but that's not my point here
21:44<kharlan11>you should just try them all and see what you're comfortable with.
21:44<Cromulent>I'll just try a few out - Fedora, OpenSUSE Leap and probably Debian
21:45<Cromulent>I run them all in VMWare Workstation Pro 15 so I can play around
21:45<gparent>seems like for python you could just pick whatever you want
21:45<gparent>use a virtualenv to dev
21:46<kharlan11>yep doesn't matter - the next release will break your script anyways ;
21:46<gparent>wow rude
21:46<kharlan11>heh oh wait. I'm thinking of node.
21:46<gparent>that's why you specify requirements you forget to update in requirements.txt
21:48<Cromulent>well at least fedora is easy to run at 200% display scalinb
21:49-!-verx [] has joined #linode
21:49-!-verx is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
21:49<kharlan11>note: will only run with python v2.7.3.4 alpha 3
21:49<verx>I've got a problem that after a disc-upgrade, apache won't start
21:49<verx>looks like it is an issue with apache config
21:49<kharlan11>verx: what does your error log say?
21:49<verx>is anyone here an expert that can help me look at it?
21:50<verx>log just says sigterm
21:50<verx>but I did the configtest and it is reporting errors in the config file, which was perfectly fine before the upgrade
21:51<verx>apache2: Syntax error on line 208 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Could not open configuration file /etc/apache2/httpd.conf: No such file or directory
21:51<gparent>So did you investigate that
21:51<verx>I did, and there is no https.conf
21:51<verx>but like I said, apache ran fine before the upgrade
21:51<gparent>yes but you upgraded it.
21:51<gparent>so you can either restore from backup prior to your upgrade, and not upgrade it. It will be fine again.
21:52<verx>so I'm not certain at this moment if the new config is referencing the file and the file got deleted by the upgrade
21:52<verx>or something else
21:52<gparent>Do you see any backup files next to it
21:52<verx>no, that is what I was expecting
21:52<verx>but I don't know where the upgrade would put such files
21:52<gparent>it might not put anything at all. assuming you meant dist-upgrade?
21:53<verx>yes, dist-upgrade
21:53<kharlan11>why not just try creating an empty httpd.conf?
21:53<kharlan11>touch /etc/apache2/httpd.conf
21:54<verx>I had commented the line out earlier
21:54<gparent>I haven't touched apache in a very long time but it's likely they broke down the file into multiples
21:54<verx>then it complains of this:
21:54<verx>Invalid command 'LockFile', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration
21:54<kharlan11>gparent: httpd.conf is usually empty anyways
21:55<gparent>seems to be defined in prefork/worker. do you have that installed
21:55<verx>how do I check that, sorry
21:56<gparent>dpkg -l | grep apache # put that output into a pastebin
21:56-!-Cruiser` [Cruiser@] has joined #linode
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21:58<gparent>hm, so you do
21:58<kharlan11>didn't apache2 replace LockFile with Mutex?
21:58<gparent>not sure, my apachefu is failing here. I guess its deprecated
21:58<gparent>yeah id check there next
21:58<gparent>great timing to convert to nginx!
21:58<kharlan11>or lighttpd x-x
21:59<gparent>while im not kidding about that last one, of course any webserver is fine as long as the sysadmin knows how to configure it.
21:59<gparent>even IIS *cries*
22:00<kharlan11>yes if you have loot chests full of memory, apache is perfect. :)
22:01<verx>that change let me start the web server, but instead of serving pages, I'm getting 500 internal server error now
22:01<kharlan11>what does your log say?
22:01<verx>so to be clear, THANK YOU for the help so far
22:01<verx>I don't want to sound ungrateful here
22:01<verx>it just isn't completely working yet is all. :)
22:02<verx>[Tue Jul 30 18:59:38.305294 2019] [mpm_prefork:notice] [pid 2018] AH00163: Apache/2.4.10 (Debian) PHP/5.6.40-0+deb8u4 configured -- resuming normal operations [Tue Jul 30 18:59:38.305326 2019] [core:notice] [pid 2018] AH00094: Command line: '/usr/sbin/apache2'
22:02<kharlan11>pastebin please, and that's all it says?
22:02<verx>that is it
22:02<verx>for the new restart
22:03<kharlan11>are you looking in httpd/error.log or apache2/error.log?
22:04<Cromulent>welp OpenSUSE Leap has won the contest
22:05<kharlan11>verx: are you using php?
22:06<kharlan11>oh. you're using php5.6? Check your php error logs. Does it say anything important in there?
22:07<verx>I suspect the issue is with the mapping of virtual domains
22:09<verx>that's the only php error I see and sadly, it was present before my dist-upgrade
22:09<verx>so again, I'm pretty sure the issue is with virtual domains
22:10<gparent>what makes you think that
22:10<kharlan11>I've seen php errors throw 500 internal errors.
22:10<gparent>It feels like fatal errors are things you should fix.
22:11<kharlan11>try creating a html file and accessing
22:11<verx>I just made a raw html
22:11<verx>it gives same error
22:11<gparent>is it trying to read that file? does your error log say anything?
22:11<LouWestin>Isn’t PHP 5.6 deprecated?
22:12<gparent>well, presumably they'll upgrade to stretch, then buster.
22:12<gparent>This is the jessie part of the Pilgrimage.
22:12<kharlan11>yes and it's slow as bells but \o/
22:12<verx>yeah, I'm on Jessie right now
22:12<chesty>like I said before, it will be a lot quicker to do a fresh install of the latest debian and then install your php website from scratch
22:12<verx>I've got a ton more than websites on here
22:13<kharlan11>verx: does your access.log show anything significant?
22:13<chesty>ok, but you'll have similar problems with the configs of everything
22:13<verx>don't really want to go that route to be honest
22:13-!-kaare__ [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
22:13<verx>let me check kharlan11
22:13-!-kaare__ [] has joined #linode
22:13-!-kaare__ is "Kaare Rasmussen" on #linode
22:14<verx>nothing gets written to access.log when I try to pull up a virtual domain
22:15<kharlan11>have you tried restarting the apache service?
22:15<kharlan11>make sure there isn't some zombie running in the background as well with ps -A | grep apache
22:16<LouWestin>Debian Jessie went out of life a year ago
22:16<gparent>lies and slanderous statements
22:16<gparent>it did, but it has long term support. and anyway, the idea is probably to upgrade further, or at least I'd hope.
22:17<LouWestin>Well you have LTS yes.
22:17<kharlan11>verx: You can try reading the solutions from this topic:
22:18<verx>I'll read that kharlan11, but just to address the earlier request, I restarted apache2 to no avail, same error
22:18<LouWestin>But depending on what’s running it could that it’s not supported anymore
22:21<kharlan11>^ ^ That's if you're upgrading from apache 2.2 to 2.4 on jesse.
22:23<kharlan11>haha linode has a guide on it too.
22:23<kharlan11>!point linode
22:23<linbot>kharlan11: Point given to linode. (8)
22:25<verx>"Virtual host configuration files in the sites-available directory must now use the .conf extension"
22:26<verx>not sure what they mean here, the FILENAME extension?
22:26<verx>or something else?
22:26-!-kaare__ [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
22:26<kharlan11>verx: you should read the linode webpage I linked.
22:26<kharlan11>did you upgrade from 2.2 to 2.4?
22:26-!-kaare__ [] has joined #linode
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22:26<verx>kharlan11: That's where I pasted it from. :)
22:27<kharlan11>oh. yeah just rename the files to have the .conf extension
22:27<kharlan11>so your config file for would be
22:37<@rgerke>I was gonna chime in here, but I didn't want to disrupt the flow that you all had going. Thanks for helping verx out.
22:38<verx>I have one of my sites responding now
22:38<verx>Could someone tell me if these were needed for security in an .htaccess file?
22:38<verx>php_flag allow_url_fopen on php_flag register_globals off
22:39<verx>I confess I'm not entirely clear on what they provide, but I was getting an error saying it isn't allowed in the htaccess file
22:40<kharlan11>depends if you need it or not.
22:40<gparent>rgerke: I see how it is
22:40<nate>verx: register_globals is for really old features that otherwise opened dramatic vulns. allow_url_fopen allows certain file commands to do remote url loading
22:40<kharlan11>rgerke: starbucks giftcards for everyone ;;;)?
22:40<nate>ie; file_get_contents('');
22:40<gparent>it used to be we didn't want to interrupt the ops! now they let us work on their behalf
22:41<verx>I think for now I'm just going to disable it
22:41<nate>(by default it's off, it's also a more inefficient way to do URL fetching instead of using cURL properly)
22:41<kharlan11>the php goddess has awoken
22:44<verx>I got all the sites working now
22:45<verx>so... how do I upgrade further
22:45<verx>I'm kind of scared to keep going
22:45<verx>but I'd rather get this diet to be more current
22:45<verx>not diet - dist
22:46<nate>That's a somewhat vague question, what exactly are you upgrading? Framework? PHP itself? Something else?
22:46<nate>kharlan11: Who exactly is that supposed to be?
22:46<verx>I'm on Jessie, which I've just been told hit end of life a year ago
22:49<gparent>well, you took a backup before you started right?
22:49<gparent>otherwise, why the hell are you upgrading?
22:49<gparent>you have more important things to do.
22:50<gparent>if you do have backups, there's no reason to be scared.
22:50<gparent>I'd be mored scared of running outdated debian (Although jessie still mostly gets security updates)
22:50<verx>Linode doesn't have a free backup service
22:50<verx>so no, I don't have a great backup of the entire installation
22:50<verx>what I do have is a backup of all the truly critical content
22:51<verx>I just would VERY MUCH prefer not to have so start from scratch
22:51<verx>hopefully that makes sense
22:56<kharlan11>nate: you didn't even need to look up what those features were :P. It's impressive.
22:57<kharlan11>verx: the monthly cost for the backup service isn't that much. If you want to be safe, just eat the extra cost for this month.
22:57<kharlan11>You could always manually image your linode to an external server.
23:00<@rgerke>We don't have a free backup service, but we charge hourly for it so you can use it for a brief amountof time and be charged minimally.
23:01<@rgerke>You can also back up locally. Use rsync or something like that.
23:02<@rgerke>Or use our images - they're not meant as backups but could work for you in this situation.
23:04<nate>kharlan11: Quite a many of us in here are very familiar with PHP. I think I'm more curious where you've ever encountered the name nate in a female usage lol
23:18<verx>Going to Buster, I got this:
23:18<verx>[ TIME ] Timed out waiting for device /dev/sdc. [DEPEND] Dependency failed for File System Check on /dev/sdc.
23:19-!-Redentor [] has joined #linode
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23:21<verx>oddly, I could mount it manually
23:21<verx>not sure why it wouldn't mount from fstab
23:23<verx>ok, looks like it has a 1 minute 30 second timeout
23:23<verx>it is saying "a start job is running for /dev/sdc", but it doesn't seem to complete within the allotted time
23:24<verx>also it is saying dependency failed for swap
23:29<verx>Could someone help me out on how to update my kernel to what Buster would want?
23:31<verx>Going to try following this:
23:31<@rgerke>verx: My recommendation is to open a support ticket with us. That way we culd discuss this with more account-specific and server-specific information.
23:32<@rgerke>And I was also gonna drop that guide's link in here, but you beat me to it.
23:37<verx>rgerke, I was hoping not to have to bother you guys
23:38<@rgerke>verx: It's not a bother. There are several of us on tonight, and we love doing this stuff.
23:42<@mcintosh>!point rgerke
23:42<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to rgerke. (2)
23:44<verx>I just switched to the new dashboard and I'm not seeing where to go right now to even MAKE a ticket. Could you tell me where to go to do that?
23:45<verx>found it
23:45-!-Shentino [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:45<@rgerke>verx: Okay, great!
23:46<verx>Just opened ticket 12362630
23:46<@rgerke>verx: I'll go look for it now.
23:47<verx>thank you very very much
23:48<@rgerke>Give me a bit to look into it, and I'll respond in the ticket.
23:49-!-Shentino [] has joined #linode
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23:49<verx>sure thing
23:51-!-Shentino [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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