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00:09<@rgerke>verx: I sent an initial response with a few things you can try, along with some additional questions.
00:10<verx>checking now, thanks
00:11<verx>I'd thought of doing the same on the swap
00:12<verx>the backup is just my tar file backups of the important stuff in my root
00:12<verx>so I don't want to format it obviously
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00:12<verx>I'll do the fsck momentarily
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00:15<@rgerke>Once you do that, just send over your results in the ticket response and we can go from there.
00:21<verx>Just did that
00:21<verx>hopefully my post can be "unmarkdownified"....
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00:28<dwfreed>use backticks (`) like quotes if it doesn't contain newlines, eg `some command`
00:29<dwfreed>if it does contain newlines, then put it between lines that only contain 3 backticks
00:29<dwfreed>some stuff
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00:31<verx>I'm getting "read swap header failed"
00:33<dwfreed>is /dev/sdc supposed to be your swap disk?
00:34<verx>I just got the swap fixed
00:34<verx>trying a reboot now to see if it chokes on sdc still or what
00:36<@rgerke>I'm looking.
00:37<verx>ok, I just posted another note in the ticket
00:38<verx>I can literally boot the system, it fails, I login and just run: swapon -a;mount /dev/sdc
00:38<verx>and they mount fine
00:38<verx>so I don't really get what the issue is
00:41<@rgerke>Trying a few things on my own Linode to see if I can recreate this.
00:42<verx>don't break it! :)
00:42<verx>(your Linode I mean)
00:42<@rgerke>I have them set up for the sole purpose of breaking them. :)
00:46<dwfreed>most Linode staff have Linodes just for breaking shit
00:46<dwfreed>at least we did back in the day
00:47<dwfreed>I left almost 6 years ago, and new people still know who I am
00:47<@rgerke>I have one for every distro.
00:48<@rgerke>verx: I'm stilllookinginto this. Thanks for being patient. I'll send a ticket response as soon as I have one. I want to be thorough.
00:48<@rgerke>I swear I have a space bar. Ha
00:48<dwfreed>Could be worse; your P key could be failing, and P is in your password...
00:49<verx>so I think this is the primary issue
00:49<dwfreed>"I've typed my password correctly 3 times, why won't it let me in?"
00:49<verx>I can actually bring up my websites if I manually mount this stuff after it fails to boot normally
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01:03<verx> of 3) A start job is running for /dev/ttyS0
01:04<verx>There are three jobs running
01:04<verx>one says /dev/ttyS0 (isn't that just hardware console?)
01:04<verx>one is swap, one is sdc (my backup partition)
01:05<@rgerke>I'm responding to your ticket. I think I've narrowed down the cause.
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01:19<verx>@rgerke: Were you able to post it?
01:19<@rgerke>Almost done.
01:19<verx>ok, cool
01:20<@rgerke>verx: Sent.
01:21<verx>reading now
01:22<@rgerke>It wa sa team effort. I had some others looking at it with me. We all came to the same conclusions.
01:28<verx>looks like there might be a superblock issue
01:33<@rgerke>Take a look at these:
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01:47<verx>I cannot seem to find a backup superblock
01:48<verx>it is using (according to fdisk), 512byte block sizes
01:48<verx>so I tried like 4096, 4095, 4097, and repeated that at 8192, etc.
01:49<dwfreed>superblock position is based on the ext4 block size, which defaults to 4k
01:50<dwfreed>also you can use mke2fs in dry mode to get where the backup superblocks likely are
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01:53<verx>mke2fs: Device size reported to be zero.
01:53<verx>I can't, actually.
01:53<dwfreed>oh fun
01:54<verx>not particularly, no
01:54<verx>this is getting progressively more dire. :(
01:54<dwfreed>was sarcasm :)
01:54<verx>oh, I know.
01:55<verx>basically all the recovery links seem to hedge on finding a backup superblock
01:55<verx>...and I don't seem to be able to FIND one
01:55<verx>dumpe2fs /dev/sda3|grep -i superblock
01:55<verx>that is a command someone posted on a page for another way to find them
01:56<verx>....but I don't have dumpe2fs installed
01:56<verx>(and filesystem is read only)
01:57<verx>I'm really stressed now
01:57<dwfreed>you *should* have dumpe2fs already, if you have mke2fs
01:58<verx>I do have mke2fs
01:58<verx>oh, sorry, I lied
01:58<verx>it just doesn't WORK
01:59<verx>dumpe2fs: Invalid argument while trying to open /dev/sda
01:59<dwfreed>you're in finnix, right?
01:59<verx>I'm in rescue
01:59<dwfreed>yeah, that's finnix
01:59<verx>linode rescue shell
01:59<grawity>"Device size reported to be zero"? doesn't sound very good
01:59<grawity>is that also what `lsblk` shows, for sdc itself?
02:00<verx>no it doesn't, but the filesystem, when mounted read only, WORKS
02:00<verx>I have working websites, etc.
02:02<grawity>so the kernel is able to find a superblock, just the userspace tools aren't?
02:02<verx>so... given that I have a seemingly "decent" read only partition... Is there a good recommendation for taking it and using it to make a new one somehow?
02:02<grawity>if that's the case, I'd honestly recommend rsyncing everything into a new linode with a fresh filesystem
02:03<dwfreed>^ that
02:03<verx>I get that, in principle
02:03<verx>in PRACTICE though, I'm not sure how to do it
02:03<grawity>(or at least into a new disk/volume, if you have enough quota)
02:04<dwfreed>rsync -avz /mountpoint/ user@host:/mountpoint
02:04<verx>I'm considering the potential to use a partition inside this existing linode
02:04<dwfreed>the existence or lack thereof of trailing slashes in the path is important
02:04<grawity>dwfreed: hmm I'd have added it to both
02:05<dwfreed>grawity: technically on the second paramter it isn't important
02:05<dwfreed>but on the first parameter it is
02:05<grawity>I would set up a new linode, boot it, kill most processes except sshd, then from the source rescue console use `rsync -avzHAX ...`
02:06<dwfreed>also add P, so you can see progress information
02:06<grawity>true, but -v is often good enoughâ„¢
02:06<grawity>meanwhile, the -AX are not implied by -a, but they're still needed to keep things like ACLs or file capabilities (that many distros now use for bin/sbin)
02:07<dwfreed>the HAX flags copy some things that usually are unlikely to exist that rsync doesn't normally copy (Hardlinks, ACLs, and Xatters)
02:09<Peng>there's also -XX to copy special rsync xattrs or something
02:10<Peng>and -S for preserving sparseness
02:11<verx>can I just add disk to my existing linode?
02:11<verx>(and then remove it later)
02:11<Peng>It depends on if you have room
02:12<Peng>Trying to resize one of your current disks right now sounds like a terrible idea...
02:12<Peng>Under the circumstances, you might be able to ask Linode to temporarily give you enough extra disk space
02:13<grawity>make a new linode, move data, move the IP addresses, make sure it boots and works, dump old linode
02:13<grawity>costs an extra linode for a few hours or a day, but it's not going to be much
02:19<verx>dear lord
02:19<verx>would you believe, I don't seem to have rsync installed?!?!?
02:21<grawity>`cp -av` should do the job
02:21<grawity>it's just non-resumable unlike rsync
02:21<verx>cp -afv /* /tmp/mountpoint
02:21<verx>how do I manage that from the standpoint of it not going PAST root?
02:22<grawity>ah wait, are you copying over network or into a new volume?
02:22<verx>to a new volume
02:22<grawity>1) don't let the /* match /mountpoint; 2) use --one-file-system
02:22<grawity>if you explicitly list other filesystems as the source, it will copy those
02:22<grawity>so try using just /, not /*
02:23<verx>so: cp -afv --one-file-system / /tmp/recovery
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02:29<verx>So I'm copying now to another partition. I guess what I'll try then would be to add that new partition to fstab as root partition, try booting up, hopefully it can mount r/w
02:29<verx>if so, then I'd reformat the CURRENT root partition and copy the data back
02:36<verx>didn't seem to make any difference
02:37<verx>how can I see which device is mounted? df is showing this line:
02:37<verx> /dev/root 34131704 16702056 16388364 51% /
02:37<dwfreed>cat /proc/cmdline
02:37<verx>ok, it is still trying to mount sea instead of my replacement partition. :/
02:38<dwfreed>are you running linode kernel or distro kernel?
02:38<dwfreed>(uname -a, check for 'linode' versus your distro name)
02:38<verx>is this that funky thing where grub has to be told where to mount root partition?
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02:38<verx>yeah, I'm using latest linode 64 bit kernel
02:39<dwfreed>then you need to edit the config profile to specify the boot device
02:39<verx>that is a part I am far less familiar with doing
02:39<verx>do you have a guide on that?
02:40<grawity>grub needs to know your root partition, because ... it can't read /etc/fstab from the root partition when it doesn't know where the root partition is.
02:40<verx>(I kind of feel like what is the point of fstab having the root partition in it if we no longer USE it to mount the root partition?!?!?)
02:40<grawity>there isn't much really
02:40<grawity>well, the old way is 1) kernel mounts the root partition read-only, 2) boot process runs fsck on it, 3) boot process remounts it read-write according to fstab
02:40<verx>is this config profile change something I can do from the linode panel?
02:40<grawity>that's why rootfs is in the fstab
02:41<grawity>if you're using actual grub, no, you'll need to edit /boot/grub/grub.cfg
02:41<verx>yeah, that old way is back when I was using linux a hell of a lot more
02:41<verx>I'm SUPER rusty right now
02:41<grawity>(the new way is: 1) kernel loads initramfs, 2) initramfs runs fsck on root partition, 3) initramfs mounts root partition read-write, 4) fstab doesn't need any rootfs entry at all)
02:42<verx>looks like I must not be using grub
02:42<grawity>which one is used depends on your distro
02:42<verx>nothing in my /boot directory
02:42<verx>I'm using debian
02:42<grawity>ah, if you're using direct boot (as Linode used until recently), then yes, change it in the Linode profile
02:43<grawity>"root / boot device: /dev/sda"
02:44<verx>how do I get to that panel?
02:44<grawity>click "Edit" at
02:45<verx>that looks like the old dashboard
02:46<grawity>it's the one at, yes
02:47<verx>I found a way to open the old dashboard
02:47<grawity>the new one has it hidden at -> "Edit" ->
02:47<verx>I know my way around that one MUCH better
02:47<verx>I found the spot now
02:49<dwfreed>you can always access the old linode manager by going to (at least for the near future; eventually it will go away, but that will only happen long after cloud manager is at feature parity, or as much as can be done)
02:49<verx>Ok, thanks everyone, I was able to make that change, I'm trying to boot it up now from the replacement volume
02:50<grawity>I'd say "fits 3x the information in the same screen" is a feature
02:52<verx>I did something wrong unfortunately
02:52<verx>not sure what though
02:52<verx>I'm having a VAGUE memory of needing to run .... fdisk, and "a" command?
02:52<verx>something to mark a partition as bootable
02:52<verx>but MAN that is from ages ago
02:52<dwfreed>grawity: I'd say hiding all the meaningful knobs behind a cluttered 'advanced' tab is not, though
02:55<chesty>verx, you get a different message if the bois can't find a boot partition. that is an oops from the kernel, so it's getting past the bios finding a boot partition
02:57<chesty>what kernel do you have selected and does that message happen as you try to start the linode, or does the linode start ok and you get itafter it have been running for a while?
02:57<verx>I get the message as it is trying to stsrt
02:57<verx>seemingly before anything actually happens
02:58<chesty>ok, so what kernel do you have selected?
02:58<verx>bear in mind, this is a volume I added to my linode and did a cp from root into it
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02:58<verx>latest 64bit linode
02:59<chesty>ah, I hadn't been following along with the cp. what command did you run exactly to cp / ?
03:00<chesty>also is it possible to paste all the boot messages? I'm not sure how easy that is.
03:00<verx>cp -av --one-file-system / /tmp/recovery
03:00<dwfreed>use the lastlog command in lish to get the start of the panic, and the 5 lines before it; also see if it goes far enough back to show the kernel command line
03:01<chesty>the cp looks right. I was wonder if you had the --one-file-system flag mainly
03:02<chesty>the other question is are you sure it's a 64bit install of debian? A 64bit kernel can work with a 32bit userspace, but I don't know the specifics, I don't know if you need to do anything special or if it just works
03:03<Peng>J, K, L...
03:03<Peng>I've done it with Ubuntu, and it just worked (mostly)
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03:04<verx>I don't see how to scroll back
03:04<verx>it is saying it cannot mount root filesystem
03:05<verx>lastlog is what dwfreed said
03:06<verx>but typing in Lish does nothing
03:06<verx>so I don't think I can actually do that.
03:06<dwfreed>oh, got the command wrong
03:06<dwfreed>it's logview
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03:08<chesty>verx in linode manager, what have you got your root device set to?
03:08<verx>gfs2: gfs2 mount does not exist
03:08<dwfreed>that's irrelevant
03:09<verx>I'm wondering if I should have formatted sdd and used that instead of sdd1, which is what I copied into
03:09<verx>mount point is set to /dev/sdd
03:09<dwfreed>that's why
03:09<verx>ok, I'm SO rusty on that stuff
03:09<dwfreed>iirc, there's a 'custom' option so you don't have to juggle things around
03:09<verx>Ok, let me try this again then, *SIGH*
03:10<verx>well there's no way to take sdd1 and "rename it" sdd though, right?
03:11<dwfreed>there's a way to do it, but it's safer to just copy from the source disk again
03:11<verx>ok, I'll do that then
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03:17<verx>so I need to format /dev/sdd
03:17<verx>I'm used to making a partition
03:17<verx>then toggling it to 83
03:17<verx>I can't do that if there is no parition
03:17<verx>currently sdd is marked as dos
03:17<verx>how do I mark it as linux?
03:18<Zr40>'marked as dos'?
03:18<Zr40>on Linode, think of /dev/sdd as a partition
03:20<Zr40>sdd1 implies you've put a partition table onto sdd
03:20<verx>I think it is the g command in fdisk that I want, yes?
03:20<Zr40>you shouldn't need fdisk
03:20<verx>Disklabel type: gpt
03:24<verx>left it as gpt
03:24<verx>copying data now
03:26<chesty>it will probably work fine, but I would have ran dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdd bs=1M count=1 just to get rid of any remanence of the old partition data so something in the future doesn't see it and try to helpfully repair it for you
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03:28<verx>chesty: I just did that now and have restarted the copy
03:28<verx>this partition I'm copying into is just a temporary parition anyway, but still a good practice
03:29<verx>I remember doing that dd command long ago, but had forgotten about it
03:29<verx>I'm realizing now that 99.99999% of my partition work was simply "fdisk /dev/sdX n p 1" or "d n p 1" with possible "t 82" for swap, etc.
03:30<verx>ROOT partitions, I just didn't make them very often
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03:38<verx>so I have the exact same problem with the new partition as I do with the previous one
03:39<verx>I'm temporarily removing the /dev/sdc from fstab
03:39<verx>to see if that is the cause of the issue
03:41<verx>[ TIME ] Timed out waiting for device /dev/ttyS0.
03:41<verx>[DEPEND] Dependency failed for Serial Getty on ttyS0.
03:49<verx>my /dev/sda was fine ALL ALONG
03:49<verx>the actual issue was that udev wasn't installed
03:50<verx>apt-get install udev
03:50<verx>that fixed EVERYTHING
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03:55<@rgerke>Wow. That would explain it. How did you discover that? It's not something that you'd normally need to look for because it always should just be there.
03:58<verx>I just kept digging and digging
03:59<verx>WAAAAAY long ago I remember you had to do some kind of bizarre mkdev command to make devices
03:59<verx>I vaguely remember like maybe you'd get sda through sdd by default but back in the day you'd need to make sde and further if you had more disks (I did)
03:59<verx>that memory had me looking closely at this
03:59<verx>just really glad I figured it out
04:00<verx>also, it was mounting the partition (sda) read only just initially
04:00<verx>it ends up remounting as r/w later on in the boot process, IF everything goes normally
04:00<@rgerke>That would explain why it looked like there might be an issue with your sda, too. That's the tough part about us only having limited visibility into your Linode (just the boot console and your dashboard).
04:00<verx>but without dev, it wasn't getting that far
04:01<@rgerke>That's just odd that it wasn't there. I don't think I've seen that before.
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04:01<verx>well my first guess is that the command I was recommended to run to remove "unused" packages might have gotten confused
04:01<verx>and removed it when I actually needed it
04:01<verx>but other than that, no clue
04:02<verx>thanks for your help though by the way
04:02<@rgerke>That's a possibility. Well, I'm glad you found it.
04:02<@rgerke>I'm sorry I didn't figure that out. But I'm glad things are working.
04:02<verx>I learned (and remembered) a lot tonight. I used to use linux as my primary OS back on Redhat 4.2 and earlier
04:02<verx>I started on 0.99pl15
04:02<verx>but after redhead 5, I pretty much left for OSX
04:03<@rgerke>I learned quite a bit tonight, too. SO, thank you for bringing this issue up in here.
04:03<verx>so I don't remember hardly ANYTHING Now, lol
04:03<verx>good deal all around then it sounds like
04:03<@rgerke>Well, I think you earned your phD in disk mounting tonight.
04:04<@rgerke>I'm gonna pass this along to the team, s that we have this in our arsenal should something like this come up again.
04:04<verx>well, you know, I think tomorrow (today really) I'll probably try to figure out why it kept saying the superblock was bad
04:04<verx>I still don't get that part
04:04<verx>because it is mounting it as r/w now just fine
04:06<verx>anyway, good night, and thank you EVERYONE for the help
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04:32<linbot>New news from community: sudo apt-get update command is not working <>
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06:26<linbot>New news from community: Linode's VAT number in EU (specifically, Czechia) <>
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07:00<afsal>hi can anyone help i mistakenly put a clone server but i want to stop that coz its showing my server busy
07:01<Cromulent>I think my choice to standardise on OpenSUSE Leap is the right choice - I can upgrade to the paid version if I want and the free version has all of the features of the paid version for free so I can get off the ground
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07:10<Zr40>what kind of paid features are you considering?
07:11<@rgerke>afsal: I see that you logged off before I could get a chance to respnd, but if you do log back in please open a support ticket so that we can look at this directly for you.
07:11<Zr40>rgerke: you know they cannot read that?
07:12<@rgerke>They should be able to if they log back in, right?
07:12<Zr40>not on IRC
07:12<@rgerke>Maybe I have special powers because I can read the scrollback when I log in.
07:12<Zr40>are you using a bouncer?
07:12<grawity>depends on whether you use a bouncer, or a web IRC client that performs the same function
07:13<@rgerke>Honestly, I'm so new to this that I don't know for sure.
07:13<grawity>some networks *are* experimenting with scrollback replay after login, but I doubt OFTC would be one of those
07:14<@rgerke>It's probably because I never actually log out. I just disconnect the session.
07:14<Zr40>there you go (-:
07:14<@rgerke>I learned something!
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07:15<grawity>what IRC app are you using, anyway?
07:15<Zr40>a bouncer basically works the same way, except you use a local IRC client instead of tmux/screen
07:15*Zr40 uses ZNC
07:16<@rgerke>hi pawan
07:16<Zr40>and either irssi or Textual as the local client, depending on what system I'm using
07:16<pawan>I wanted to know the Linode 4Gb plan chanrges for 12 months only
07:17<grawity>I guess either you're using Weechat over SSH (via tmux/screen) or it is configured to connect to a bouncer instead of OFTC directly
07:17<pawan>You there?
07:17<grawity>like, does linode have a corporate ZNC instance or something
07:18<grawity>pawan: IIRC, all plans charge monthly by default
07:18<@rgerke>We bill hourly, but if you use it for an entire month the 4GB plan caps out at $20, so for 12 months you can estimate that i'll cost you $240
07:18<pawan>Means 20$ for linode 4gb is monthly if i go for 12mths subscription?
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07:19<@rgerke>pawan: There's not really a subscription. You can use the Linode for any amount of time you like. No commitments.
07:19<pawan>ok . got it. Thanks
07:20<@rgerke>You're welcome!
07:20-!-pawan [~oftc-webi@2001:16a2:b97:3300:a98e:1916:2e25:6713] has quit []
07:20<Zr40>the billing unit is one hour, there are no partial hours, right?
07:22<@rgerke>Yes, per hour.
07:36<@jcardillo>correct: no partial hours.
07:38<chesty>do you support billing in cubits?
07:39<chesty>how many dollars a cubit?
07:40<rsdehart>how about furlongs?
07:52<@rgerke>None of those are on our radar as of yet, but we might be considering billing by fortnight.
07:54<waltman>Once the UK undecimalizes their currency post-brexit you can bill them in shillings per fortnight.
07:54<rsdehart>that'd be a lot of shillings
07:54<waltman>Depends on the exchange rate!
07:55<chesty>Can you bill by gta?
07:56<chesty>I think fortnight to too hyped
07:56*Peng groans
07:58<@rgerke>I just got chesty's gta reference. I'm getting old. Many fortnights old.
07:58<@jcardillo>we're considering billing in astronomical units, too, to help bring billing uniformity when we expand to other galaxies.
08:00<chesty>don't bother, drumpf has put a trade embargo on them and the space force is ordered to shoot on sight
08:04-!-nguyen_thanh [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
08:06<@jcardillo>well this really puts a proverbial space wrench in our business plans.
08:10<Zr40>what about time travel?
08:17<@jcardillo>i'll bring it up to the stakeholders.
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10:21<botor>any know if or think there is any chance linode will offer a bucket storage service? (compatible with s3, and libraries like boto)
10:21<linbot>New news from community: Why is my rsync backup size different than my Linode's? <>
10:24<@jcardillo>botor: yes
10:31<linbot>New news from community: Apt update/upgrade for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS <>
10:40<botor>awesome! thanks jcardillo
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11:03<@jcardillo>!point objbeta
11:03<linbot>jcardillo: Point given to objbeta. (1)
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11:27<verx>hay low everyone!
11:27<verx>If anyone is still here from last night, THANK YOU AGAIN for the help! :)
11:28<verx>I was trying to set up a Minecraft server this morning for my son, following this guide:
11:29<verx>the guide was out of date, but it wasn't a big deal to adjust to current stuff and I had the server "running" within about five minutes
11:29<verx>...thing is, I cannot connect to it at all.
11:29<millisa>Did you open the port in your firewall?
11:29<verx>that's why I'm here
11:29<verx>no, I didn't do ANYTHING to open ports up
11:30<verx>so I need to figure that bit out
11:30<millisa>It mentions port 25565/tcp being opened there in the blue box at the end of the pre-reqs
11:30<millisa>which firewall are you using?
11:30*verx hangs head dunno, I inherited this linode
11:31<millisa>what flavor of linux is it and what version?
11:31<verx>just upgraded it to latest Debian last night (buster)
11:32<verx> was on wheezer before last night, to give you an idea.
11:33<millisa>if you do an 'iptables-save' does it show you a bunch of rules? (I dont remember if buster switched to nftables or not)
11:35<verx>there are many lines in iptables-legacy-save
11:42<millisa>I don't use it, but best guess is you'd open the port like you would with old iptables just subbing in the iptables-legacy name where appropriate.
11:42<millisa>it's likely not much different than
11:43<millisa>option 2 - convert all your rules to nft and learn it
11:44<verx>anyone here use iptables?
11:45<verx>It doesn't look to me like it is DOING anything, looking at the configuration
11:46<millisa>pastebin the iptables-save output
11:48<verx>ahh, the save command is NOT how to see the rules
11:48<verx>This: /sbin/iptables -L -nv
11:48<verx>is how to see the rules
11:48<verx>it actually does have rules written, so I do believe it is actually using iptables
11:49<millisa>it should be the same data; one is easier to read...
11:53<verx>appears to be entirely different information
11:54<verx>the command I showed you has actual IP addresses, the former doesn't.
12:01-!-botor [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
12:04<dubidub>or use ufw?
12:11<verx>I'm opening the port and still cannot connect
12:11<millisa>pastebin your rules
12:16<verx> /sbin/iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 25565 -j ACCEPT
12:19<Eugene>!lick zifnab
12:19<linbot>Eugene: Point given to zifnab. (40) (Biggest fan: eugene, total: 35)
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12:20<verx>port is open
12:20<verx>I can telnet to it
12:20<verx>so it is something else preventing Minecraft clients from connecting....
12:21<gparent>always use iptables-save
12:22<gparent>forget the other command while troubleshooting
12:22<gparent>hm I guess I don't know about buster and nft
12:24<zifnab>!caress Eugene
12:24<linbot>zifnab: Point given to eugene. (94) (Biggest fan: zifnab, total: 32)
12:25<verx>I've saved my iptables
12:25<verx>but like I said, I cannot connect to my server
12:25<verx>I mean, I can TELNET to it
12:26<verx>but I cannot connect with a client
12:26<millisa>you can telnet to it from a remote system? what does the server show while you do that?
12:26<verx>it doesn't give a banner if that is what you mean
12:26<verx>ie, it doesn't advertise itself as being Minecraft per se
12:27<verx>just shows being connected
12:27<verx>...and just to be sure, I just killed the Minecraft server and tried to telnet
12:27<verx>the telnet failed
12:27<millisa>I mean on the server - the console you are running the minecraft server on that says things like [22:00:22] [Server thread/INFO]: Preparing spawn area: 23%
12:27<verx>so it is definitely connecting to the actual Minecraft server with the telnet
12:28<verx>oh, yeah, it has no new line shown when I telnet to it
12:28<verx>also doesn't show anything new when I try to connect with a client
12:28<@pwoods>verx: what's the IP address of your server? Have you tried running an nmap scan of the port yo're trying to connect to?
12:28<millisa>do you see the line there that says something like 'Starting Minecraft server on *something'?
12:29<verx>so when I first launch the server I get that kind of stuff
12:29<verx>Starting Minecraft server on *:25565
12:29<millisa>what's the IP?
12:29<verx>are you a linode employee?
12:30<@pwoods>I'd run `nmap -Pn $IpAddress -p $PORT# --reason`
12:30<@pwoods>verx: I am
12:31<@pwoods>If you're uncomfortable sharing the IP publically, you can try runnuing that nmap I just posted above to check the results yoru self
12:32-!-V-Pariah [] has quit []
12:32<verx>Host is up, received user-set (0.071s latency).
12:33<verx>it even shows the service as minecraft
12:33<verx>PORT STATE SERVICE REASON 25565/tcp open minecraft syn-ack
12:33<verx>so maybe it is a bad client?
12:33<verx>like version mismatch or something?
12:35<@pwoods>I'm not familiar with minecraft itself. Are you seeing any specific error messages?
12:36<verx>"Connecting to external server..." "Unable to connect to world"
12:38<verx>I'm going to try a different client now
12:38<millisa>Are you using the 1.14.4 server?
12:40<verx>ok, apparently the Nintendo Switch version that was available at launch is now deprecated. Downloading the newer version for my son
12:40<verx>(the other client I tested was his iPhone)
12:46<LouWestin>The Java edition will not work on Nintendo, iPhones, etc. since they use the bedrock edition.
12:46<verx>oh, ok
12:46<verx>is there a "bedrock" edition available for linux servers?
12:46<LouWestin>They are working on a bedrock (Pocket edition) server, but it's still in beta
12:47<verx>I had read that they'd gotten all the Minecraft clients to the point they could use the same servers everywhere
12:48<LouWestin>Thats the pocket edition (bedrock) that works across various platforms xbox, android, etc.
12:49<LouWestin>Here's the alpha (not beta, my mistake) for pocket edition
12:49<verx>ok, so I guess I need to find THAT server to install it on my linode instead of the java one I have right now
12:50<verx>so they have a link for ubuntu
12:50<verx>I run debian
12:50<verx>I know they are very close - any idea if they are close ENOUGH?
12:50<LouWestin>Yep Java only works with the Java windows/mac/linux Minecraft edition
12:51<LouWestin>I haven't tried them, so no clue
12:51<LouWestin>only one way to find out!
12:53<verx>IT WORKS!!!!
12:53<verx>thanks a ton!
12:55<@pwoods>!point LouWestin
12:55<linbot>pwoods: Point given to louwestin. (9)
12:56<@pwoods>Hope your son appreciates all the work you put into this, verx!
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13:01<verx> too
13:03<kharlan11>*two days later* - Hey guys, how do I uninstall this mincecraft server?
13:07<LouWestin>Yay more points! lol
13:08<LouWestin>I'm surprised bedrock hasn't issued out a server like Java did early on
13:08-!-descender [~heh@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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14:43<primitiv>I'm having issues pulling the correct data via sql queries
14:43<primitiv>it seems my inner join is messing things up
14:43<primitiv>this is my query - if I remove the inner join np_packages portion and the np_packages.title it works as expected
14:44<primitiv>however i need to grab their respective packge_title therefore the reason for the inner join
14:44<primitiv>so I'm unsure what to look for or how to fix my query
14:44<primitiv>if anybody can guide me in the proper direction on what to look for
14:49<millisa>you are saying this gives data ?
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15:02<primitiv>precisely millisa
15:03<primitiv>its the np_packages that causes issues
15:03<millisa>and if you add the package_id, does all the data have something in the package_id column?
15:03<primitiv>i cant do where = package id
15:04<primitiv>i do not know their package id
15:04<primitiv>package id is in np_users\
15:04<primitiv>matches id in np_packages
15:04<millisa>that query I just sent doesn't work?
15:04<primitiv>no it does
15:04<millisa>and does every row have something in the package_id column?
15:04<primitiv>its not null or blank
15:04<primitiv>either 0 1 2 or 3
15:05<millisa>and if you do this: does the np_packages.title column populate?
15:06<primitiv>#1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '.expire_date,, np_users.lastLogin, np_users.package_id, np_packa' at line 3
15:06<primitiv>when i try to run via phpmyadmin sql
15:06<millisa>i missed a column on line 2
15:07<primitiv>that runs
15:07<primitiv>but 0 results
15:08<millisa>then I would guess that np_users.package_id doesn't have anything matching in
15:11<millisa>comparing: select distinct id from np_package to select distinct package_id from np_users might give you a hint why they don't match
15:11<millisa>er, np_packages
15:22<primitiv>sorry multitasking
15:22<primitiv>ahhh lol
15:23<primitiv>yuppp you were right
15:23<primitiv>heres a thought
15:23<primitiv>some users have trial packages set to 0
15:23<primitiv>0 isnt an ID in packages which is why that user didnt show up
15:24<millisa>there's ways you can get zero to work in an auto increment id column. but i wouldn't. don't use zero for your trial package.
15:25<millisa>(dont' just insert a row with an id of 0...)
15:25<primitiv>wait i think i m mistaken
15:27<primitiv>ok it does work so 0 was the issue
15:27<primitiv>so yea 0 isnt in packages\
15:27<primitiv>so anybody on a trial wont be affected
15:27<primitiv>how do i circumvent this?\
15:27<millisa>if you are deadset on using a zero in the id column - this article is as good as any at talking about how to get the value inserted -
15:28<primitiv>im not using 0 in id
15:28<primitiv>it has 1 2 3 4
15:28<primitiv>but some people have packe set to 0
15:30<millisa>or don't use an inner join if that works for you. use the appropriate left/right join
15:32<linbot>New news from community: How do I install Odoo Enterprise 12? <>
15:33<primitiv>ive never used left or right before
15:34<millisa>this article describes them in an ok way.
15:35<millisa>(that first query you sent, I suspect you want a left )
15:38<primitiv>AHA! that worked!!!!\
15:38<primitiv>i have some reading to do xD\
15:38<primitiv>!point millisa
15:38<linbot>primitiv: Point given to millisa. (84)
15:43<primitiv>thank you
15:43-!-alexmen [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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15:44<alexmen>What is the difference between linode 4Gb and Dedicated 4GB?
15:44<millisa>whether you share the physical cpu with someone else.
15:50<primitiv>would you recommend me looking into workbenches for mysql?
15:50<millisa>i dont have a strong opinion on ui's. mysql cli is good enough for me
15:51<millisa>devs i do work with seem like navicat
15:52<primitiv>i figured it might be easier as i learn best visually
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16:17<primitiv>milissa you see mt obe on a roll
16:18<primitiv>to be * I have another issue now I'm completely stumped
16:18<primitiv>i have SELECT * FROM np_users WHERE newRe = 0
16:18<primitiv>easy enough query right?
16:18<primitiv>it returns 769 records - one of them being me
16:18<primitiv>pear mail is supposed to email and set newRe to 0 after the email is sent44
16:19<primitiv>after i run said command
16:19<primitiv>i receive an email
16:19<primitiv>when i run the query
16:19<primitiv>its at 768
16:19<primitiv>instead of 0
16:19<primitiv>only i received the email and got put to 1 for newRe
16:19<primitiv>i completely do not understand why this is happening5
16:20<millisa>I don't think I follow. The number went down by 1. was it the 1 you were expecting?
16:20<primitiv>so everybody has newRe 0
16:20<primitiv>until they receive the welcome email
16:20<primitiv>oi have a cron that loops through each email found with newRe 0
16:20<primitiv>and send them the welcome email\
16:20<primitiv>it ONLY affected me out of 769 records
16:21<millisa>did it only generate one mail?
16:21<primitiv>it only sent me the email and only changed my newRe to 0
16:21<primitiv>changed me newRe to 1 sorry**
16:22<primitiv>evegybody else is still at 0 and hasnt gotten the email either I'm assuming
16:24<millisa>not sure if the include/requires belong inside that while loop at 14-16, but I doubt that's it. I'd guess your while loops is exiting after the first record. maybe even related to the 67-73 update?
16:24<primitiv>okay for some odd reason
16:24<primitiv>if their package is set to 0
16:24<primitiv>it doesnt affect them\
16:25<primitiv>but ... SELECT * FROM np_users WHERE newRe = 0 doesnt look for package
16:29<millisa>(i don't have any suggestions other than don't actually do your mail command or update command during testing, and instead echo out useful debug info)
16:30<primitiv>theres no errors anywhere its very strange
16:30<millisa>(echo things like the row count before you start your while loop so you can tell if it's exiting early. look at your php/web server logs)
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17:27<pogo>i want to know how many websites can i host in the $10 plan
17:27<pogo>i am learning to make websites so i need to host a ton of websites with low traffic
17:28<millisa>there is no inherent limit with the plans. it'd depend how much memory/resources they use while it experiences it's highest simultaneous sessions I suppose.
17:29<pogo>so i can host as many sites as i want
17:29<millisa>You get root access to the system
17:29<pogo>and how much traffic can the $10 plan handle
17:29<millisa>If you find you end up needing more resources, linodes are easy to resize
17:29<pogo>per month
17:30<Peng>What is "traffic"?
17:30<pogo>monthly visits
17:30<millisa> might have the info you want
17:30<Peng>It depends on what a "visit" does
17:31<pogo>i want to make few landing pages
17:31<pogo>like a lot of landing pages
17:33-!-pogo [~oftc-webi@] has left #linode []
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18:27<Cromulent>I notice on the distribution page that OpenSUSE Leap is supported - does that also mean SUSE Enterprise Linux is supported?
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