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00:37<ari_>want to know that how much capacity server is needed to run betfair API
00:38<millisa>that sounds more like a question for them.
00:38<millisa>you could start with a small node and resize it upwards if you need further resources
00:39<@rgerke>ari_: I recommend the same as what millisa just said. Start small, and if you find you need more you can always upgrade.
00:40<ari_>will 16gb standard plan is ok to start with
00:40<@rgerke>Sure. If you find that it's too much, you can downgrade, too.
00:41<ari_>okay thank you so much
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01:30<dwfreed>Happy Linode Billing Day
01:39<Cromulent>happy pay VAT to an American company day!
01:42<Cromulent>at least my bitcoin holdings seem to be doing OK
01:42<dwfreed>pay VAT to your country by way of an American company
01:42<dwfreed>blame your country
01:42<Cromulent>poor American company is all I can say
01:43<Cromulent>extra accounting expense for no gain
01:44<dwfreed>it's like 20 lines of code, and most of them are defining what the VAT is per country
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03:26<chesty>australia did the same thing too with their goods and services tax. linode now collect that from their aussie customers for the australian government. I don't mind paying tax, but I don't know how the australian government can compel companies in other countries to collect tax for them
03:28<chesty>initially amazon wouldn't do it and blocked australian's from ordering anywhere but the australian amazon site where they had been collecting GST since the beginning. but they reversed the decision after a few weeks.
03:39<chesty>and collecting the tax is easy, 20 lines, it's just and extra line on the invoice that's 10% of the total. but they would need an account on the australian tax site, and it doesn't use passwords, there's some program you need to run that only runs on windows and maybe os x to get access.
03:40<chesty>then you would need to fill out a form every 3 months and transfer the money
03:40<dwfreed>It's possible that that part is contracted out
03:41<chesty>which is an expense
03:42<chesty>and then say linode (I know linode wouldn't, but pretend this is in a parallel universe) collects $500,000 dollars in GST and tells the Australian government they only collect $400,000
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03:43<chesty>Any australian company can do the same, but the australian government has access to their books and the penalties are big
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03:45<chesty>I'm almost writing in english tonight, some of it makes sense
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04:06<pawan>Linode 4GB is $20 /mo. Is it includes all the additional features like Backup, Security etc?
04:09<dwfreed>it is an unmanaged VPS; you are responsible for management, backups, security, everything
04:09<dwfreed>Linode does have the Linode Backup Service available for an extra fee
04:09<dwfreed>(for the 4GB plan, it's $5/mo)
04:11<pawan>Ok thanks for the reply.
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06:21<@rgerke>Hello, Ahmend0!
06:21<@rgerke>Ahmed0, I mean
06:22<Ahmed0>I would like to know if I can host unlimited domains under the $20$ / month plan
06:23<@rgerke>We don't limt the amount of domains that you can host ona Linode. It's your server - host as much or as little as you want to.
06:23<@rgerke>You're very welcome!
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06:31<Cromulent>is Linode ever likely to offer a managed database server offering or is my head in the clouds?
06:31<Cromulent>I mean I can always run my own PostgreSQL server but having someone else do it for you is so much easier
06:42<chesty>Obviously I'm not linode so I don't know, but I'd be surprised if they didn't offer one eventually, and maybe a hosted kubernetes offering too.
06:44<chesty>And linode just gave me the best compliment ever, they said I had an outstanding balance. aw, thanks linode, my balance is pretty awesome, thank you for noticing.
06:45<@rgerke>I've gotten that same compliment before from many companies!
07:14*Zr40 personally would prefer running postgres themselves
07:14<Zr40>it's not hard at all
07:15<Cromulent>I dunno - it depends how popular your website is - if you have a 20GB single server config it is easy - if you have to handle failing over to hot spares it gets a bit harder
07:15<hawk>If it truly is not not hard at all, it seems like it would be great to let someone else deal with it and focus on better things (that are hard to get right).
07:16<@jcardillo>Cromulent: managed DBs are actually on our radar. no ETA at the moment, though.
07:16<Cromulent>cool thanks :)
07:17<@jcardillo>yeah, np! hopefully sooner rather than later. we've gotten a fair number of requests for it.
07:18<Zr40>hawk: I presume that double negative wasn't meant as such
07:20<hawk>oh, right s/not not/not/
07:23<Zr40>hawk: it's more that managed databases typically imply you don't get to have a true superuser role, which you do need to use sometimes, in which case it's a pain if you can't
07:24<Cromulent>I'll see how things work out
07:24<Zr40>and with it being not hard, you don't save quite as much time outsourcing
07:24<Cromulent>I'm only just building the site now
07:25<Zr40>now, object storage, that's something I'd definitely use to replace $thing
07:26*Zr40 really doesn't want to set up Ceph
07:27<Zr40>($thing currently uses a 3 TB volume exposed via NFS. It's terrible.)
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09:03<Zr40>hm, manager seems a bit slow right now
09:04<@pwoods>Zr40: yeah, we were seeing that, too. It looks like it should be recoverying, though.
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10:46<verx>hello everyone! :)
10:47<verx>it has been ages since I needed to do this, but I need to add something to startup process on my linode (dnsmasq)
10:47<verx>I seem to very very vaguely recall that a quick and dirty way to do that was to add something to /etc/init.d/rc.local
10:47<verx>I honestly don't care about adding a bunch of start/stop/restart capabilities
10:48<verx>I just want it to start at boot
10:48<verx>but I figured I'd ask here if there was a better way
10:48<verx>the mountall script looks really simple so I suppose I could modify that if it is just horrifically evil to add something to rc.local....
10:49<verx>not modify - I meant copy/modify
10:49<kharlan11>oh. Here's a better link:
10:49<verx>I'm headless, so no gui
10:49<kharlan11>yeah, mah bad.
10:49<verx>I'll check the second link but the first one seemed to want me to run a gui
10:49<verx>no worries, was just saying. :)
10:50<kharlan11>you need to cultivate your duckduckgo-fu
10:50<verx>ok, so this looks like it is essentially what I was already considering doing with the mountall script
10:51<verx>kharlan11: I'd already done some searches (and yes, I actually use duckduckgo by default as opposed to google) but I've found that finding A WAY to do something, even if it will do ostensibly what I need, doesn't mean it is the RIGHT WAY
10:51<verx>that's why I wanted to ask here. So thank you for your help;
10:51<kharlan11>I'm not sure if it's the right way, but it is the common way of doing it.
10:51<kharlan11>Most applications do it that way.
10:53<kharlan11>the wrong/weird way would be to use crontab or something.
10:53<verx>yeah, a long long time ago I did this kind of thing on redhat 4.2
10:53<verx>back then if I recall correctly, you'd link your init.d to a specific run level directory
10:53<verx>so like... rl0 directory or some such would have a symlink to init.d/dnsmasq
10:53<verx>that kind of thing
10:54<verx>(assuming it was to start at run level 0)
10:54<verx>but it has been so long since I did this I was pretty sure I was out of date on process. :)
10:54<kharlan11>shouldn't dnsmasq have a startup script already?
10:55<kharlan11>and err why are you running it on a linode? seems a bit strange.
10:56<verx>it is really stupid
10:56<kharlan11>it's basically a router bundle.
10:56<verx>I've set up a Minecraft server for my son
10:56<verx>and the server works with most Minecraft clients
10:57<verx>...but Nintendo blocks him from pointing the Minecraft client at arbitrary servers. Instead, they'd set up and hardcoded the Minecraft client to point to just four pre-determined Minecraft servers
10:57<verx>so I'm using dnsmasq to hijack one of their preset server names to point to my custom server
10:57<verx>...and by putting it on a linode, he can have his dns point to that whether he's at home or at a friend's house
10:57<verx>like I said, stupid.
10:58<kharlan11>lol shouldn't you set that up on your home network's dns server?
10:58<kharlan11>and you could just use bind9 for that.
10:59<kharlan11>you basically need one of the preset server hostnames to resolve to your personal minecraft server right?
10:59<verx>again, when he's at a FRIEND'S house, he needs this
11:00<verx>yes, that is what I need, but this way he can point to dns at the linode and it will work even if my home network is down but he's at a friend's house
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11:01<kharlan11>oh yeah. That's true. You only really need bind9 for that though.
11:02<verx>perhaps. It took just a couple lines of config to do it with dnsmasq and there was a guide on it
11:02<verx>so I used that. :)
11:02<kharlan11>Unless dnsmasq is easier to configure?
11:02<verx>no-resolv no-poll server= server=
11:02<verx>that is it
11:02<verx>plus ONE LINE with the name and ip mapping
11:03<verx>so it was just an apt-get install dnsmasq plus that and done
11:04<millisa>and there isn't already startup scripts? systemctl status dnsmasq <-- doesn't do anything?
11:04<verx>bind might be better now but back in the day it was pretty evil to configure
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11:05<verx>millisa: nope
11:06<millisa>no /etc/init.d/dnsmasq either?
11:07<verx>hence my need to make one
11:07<verx>(which I've now done)
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11:09<nate>ughhhhhhhh I hate going between fedora and centos lately, I keep trying to use dnf on cent and yum on fedora
11:11<millisa>verx: that is odd. i just installed a brand new deb10 linode, did an apt-get install dnsmasq, and after that both /etc/init.d/dnsmasq and systemctl status dnsmasq seem to do things.
11:11<millisa> console
11:11<verx>dunno what to say
11:12<verx>I did a wheezer -> buster inline upgrade
11:12<verx>maybe that affected things?
11:13<kharlan11>nate: try bsd vs linux :p
11:13<verx>For a time I was switching between solaris, iris, linux, bsd, sunos, and hp-sux
11:13<verx>life was not good
11:14<verx>so my new init.d script works if I issue "dnsmasq start"
11:14<verx>...but it is NOT being started at startup...
11:14<verx>I did execute this: update-rc.d foobar defaults
11:15<kharlan11>try purging/reinstalling? It would've said something when you first installed it about a startup script not being created.
11:15<verx>(with foobar replaced with dnsmasq)
11:19<verx>well I don't know what the heck is going on
11:19<verx>I tried to purge the package and it said it wasn't installed
11:19<verx>so I did another install and it created the /etc/init.d/dnsmasq
11:20<verx>and also created the conf in /etc/
11:20<verx>(which hadn't existed previously)
11:20<millisa>should have also created /lib/systemd/system/dnsmasq.service
11:21<verx>it did
11:21<verx>doesn't seem to generate any log files though...
11:22<verx>...and dnsmasq no longer works
11:22*verx digs in to figure out why
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11:34<millisa>(my gut feeling is you installed only dnsmasq-base earlier)
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11:39<verx>I think you are right
11:40<amigasoc>Is it possible to get larger (or even external) storage added to one of the smaller (eg. 4Gb RAM) servers ? We don't need more CPU or memory than that but do need more storage..
11:40<millisa>amigasoc: did you see the block storage offering?
11:41<verx>speaking of that, what was the most recent "auto upgrade" to our Linode’s?
11:41<verx>like I remember we got auto converted to ssd, we got more ram, etc.
11:41<verx>I just don't remember the most recent one
11:41<amigasoc>Ah, thank you! I didn't see that!
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11:42<amir>i am thinking about buying linode standard plan of 32gb ram
11:43<amir>i am currently using siteground dedicated server 6gb ram and 8 cores cpu. but my site still get down
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11:43<millisa>verx: the last upgrade I remember they bumped a little bit of the space on the ssd's. like the nanodes went from 20gb to 25gb storage
11:44<millisa>this one:
11:45<verx>interesting, so this was very recent
11:46<verx>I'm not even sure whether I'm on a shared or dedicated
11:46<verx>I'm guessing shared
11:46<verx>so I don't think I got anything at all this time around
11:46<millisa>the dedicated's don't start until 4gb. they show as dedicated in the manager
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11:48<verx>I don't see dedicated in the manager so I think I'm on shared
11:48<millisa>the old manager didn't initially show the difference, but I *think* they fixed it?
11:48<verx>I'm using the newer dashboard if that is what you mean
11:48<verx>I just switched to it from the older one
11:48<millisa>that is what I mean.
11:49<primitiv>i confirmed my data results display ALL emails
11:50<primitiv>im still confused why its not sending emails to anybody but myself when newRe is at 0
11:50<primitiv>theres 773 people it hasnt done anything to
11:51<millisa>debug your loop - comment out the line that actually does the sending and the bits that do the update and try to echo out some debug lines so you can tell it is actually looping through the result set.
11:51<primitiv>this is my code
11:51<primitiv>the ONLY thing i can pinpoint is that everybody out of the 773 all have packages set to 0 so they are on the trial
11:51<primitiv>my user who got the email has package 1
11:52<primitiv>BUT I'm not looking for their package at all in this scenario so I'm puzzled
11:52<millisa>echoing your query out before you run it to be sure it looks right and compare it to the results if you run the query manually. compare it to the debug output you put inside the loop
11:55<primitiv>OK the pakcage id is the culprit
11:55<primitiv>i changed myself from 1 to 0
11:55<primitiv>and it didnt work
11:56<primitiv>newRe is 0 still and no email received...
11:56<primitiv>this doesnt make sense?
11:57<millisa>my last suggestion still applies
12:01<primitiv>im an idiot.
12:02<primitiv>i fixed it
12:02<primitiv>!point millisa
12:02<linbot>primitiv: Point given to millisa. (85)
12:04<primitiv>thanks lol
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14:22<warewolf>millisa: hahaha I just read your last and immedaitely thought of this
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14:47<primitiv>funny image lol
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17:07<Peng>Two of my Linodes have been live migrated recently. :O
17:09<Peng>Coincidence or mysterious development!?
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21:23<rsdehart>huh, they ask how many sites but then qualify it to make it an actual useful question. Kudos
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21:23<rsdehart>!point eaglejohn
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21:49<Cromulent>are there any OpenSUSE Leap users here?
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