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00:39<huige365>Who is the linode manager?
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00:54<gparent>a wild sighting of an internet Karen
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01:23<christiaan>Hi guys, one of our critical servers have been offline for more than 10 hours in the London data centre, the last update I received was 7 hours ago about an "evacuation", can anyone please tell met what is going on? It is regarding ticket no: 12378324
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01:45<Darius_Baumann>hello, what has happened with our report as there was no progress
01:45<@mtjones>Hello! What report are you referring to?
01:45<Darius_Baumann>sent with blackflowerstream[at]aol[dot].com - Please inform your customer " -" again to take a new botnet node down, they do not reply
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01:47<Darius_Baumann>@mtjones as this customer of yours is a service provider and they give support to black-hat/botnet resources and do not reply we issued the report to you for helping
01:48<@mtjones>We've received your report at and we're currently investigating. If you have any new info, such as more recent logs of activity, please do let us know at
01:48<@mtjones>Any info you can give us is helpful when looking into things like this, especially logs of the activity in question.
01:48<Darius_Baumann>Ok, thanks
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03:17<Agus>I have error message where create linode. There was an issue loading Linode creation options.
03:17<Agus>can some body help me
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05:26<voker57>open a ticket
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07:18<Carlos_>Bom dia ! alguem fala portugues aqui ?
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07:54<linbot>New news from community: Is GST applicable even if my Linode is in the US? <>
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08:44<linbot>New news from community: how to change hostname? <>
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09:09<@bbigger>Hey ALEXANDRE, entering your username in the password recovery page will generate an email to the address you have on file with us. That page is located here:
09:10<ALEXANDRE> I already did this procedure but not enough email to renew the password
09:11<@bbigger>You might want to check your spam filters to make sure that email isn't getting blocked. Otherwise, if you're unable to retrieve the recovery email, you could send us an email at with the last six (6) digits of the payment card you have on file with us, or give us a call:
09:12<ALEXANDRE> ok, i'll send the email
09:12<@bbigger>to be clear, you should also describe the problem in your email :)
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10:54<linbot>New news from community: change linode username <>
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11:42<SamHauser>hello, seems the discussion over mail with our volunteer Darius Grady got out of control
11:43<SamHauser>I have sent an explanation mail to your abuse one
11:43<millisa>Volunteers Gone Wild
11:43<SamHauser>Pls. check your abuse mail for a message from strawberryreport[AT]yandex[DOT]com
11:44<SamHauser>We do not expect you to take action against the customer, its not possible anyway
11:44<SamHauser>just forward our abuse report which your customer refuses to answer
11:44<SamHauser>That is all what is asked for.
11:45<@bbigger>Thanks for the heads up SamHauser. Our Trust & Safety team will review your email and will update you on their findings and action.
11:45<SamHauser>you misundestand again
11:46<nate>This sounds largely like material best left in the internal tickets/communication
11:46<SamHauser>Just forward the report Darius Grady sent you to your customer " -"
11:47<SamHauser>well, this freak is a botnet support providing "service provider"
11:47<SamHauser>which hosts their main base on Linode
11:47<nate>Which isn't really relevant to us in here as most of us are just linode users, that's why linode has an abuse contact :P
11:48<nate>I'm just saying don't want to necessarily disclose anything overly sensitive, not everyone in here is staff lol
11:48<SamHauser>Well, Linode is not particularly helpful in this matter
11:48<millisa>That suggests you may not have provided adequate logs for them to do something...
11:48<SamHauser>Guess it is time to open a cease and desist case against this moronic botnet support provider
11:48<millisa>The abuse folks are usually pretty responsive I've found
11:49<nate>Well if this is the only location you've "reported" it to then no, they really can't be. You need to email the address your other employee was told to with all relevant details (ie; far more than simply claiming they're doing something)
11:49<SamHauser>we did.
11:49<SamHauser>and as said, not particulary helpful even with that
11:50<SamHauser>Guess in this case only informing law enforcement agencies and opening a court case is the only way. Well, luckily we have done that countless of times before
11:50<nate>Then my guess would be as millisa said perhaps you didn't provide as much information as they would need to actually handle it? (They can't simply yell/suspend/etc hosts based on the word of someone, they need logs, evidence, etc)
11:50<nate>so just wait for a reply to your last email like bbigger said?
11:51<SamHauser>The report contained all important and relevant information
11:51<nate>(assuming you have sent a followup by email recently)
11:51<SamHauser>Nothing to miss
11:51<millisa>If you say so
11:51<SamHauser>detailed as it can be detailed
11:51<SamHauser>We are professionals, we know how to write reports
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11:51<millisa>Yes. Very professional.
11:51<nate>Yeah somehow I'm doubting that now
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13:05<Bright>Hey, I was wondering if it is possible to get a /28 on a VPS? (and how much would it cost)
13:06<millisa>You have to justify every additional IP; they dole them out in singles
13:06<Bright>Ok, and what would be the price?
13:07<redentor>How cant i block ipv6 netflix forward traffic ?
13:07<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
13:08<Bright>Oh, ok, I'm looking for a block of like 14 IPs to GRE tunnel to my server at my house. So that's going to be pricey
13:08<redentor>Bright, ipv6 do the job.
13:10<Bright>I can't do IPv6, home network doesn't support it + some of the services I would like to run don't support it either
13:10<Zr40>pretty sure your home network doesn't care
13:11<redentor>Bright, us a tunnel with ipv6 support.
13:11<Bright>still doesn't solve problem of services not supporting it
13:12<Zr40>what kind of services? They could maybe just support it without you knowing
13:15<Bright>1 of them is a Minecraft server for a few people, another IP would be for a reverse proxy (I can't do ipv6 only for it), another 2 would be for cpanel
13:15<Bright>thats just a few
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13:26<redentor>anyway, how cant i block ipv6 netflix forward traffic with iptables ? any ideas ?
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13:39<Cromulent>how much can Linode block storage scale? I mean what is the max storage I can expect?
13:39<Cromulent>thinking of using it to store images and video
13:39<Zr40>Cromulent: up to 10 TiB
13:40<Zr40>and if that's not enough, you can add more 10 TiB volumes as long as you have slots in your profile
13:40<Cromulent>should be fine
13:40<Cromulent>I'll just have to make sure 1080p is the max rather than 4k 60fps
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13:43<chweya>I am new here
13:43<chweya>I would like to know how long the trial credit lasts?
13:43<grawity>...there's trial credit?
13:43<millisa>I'm not sure those have any expirations. They last until you use them up
13:44<chweya>just saw that on some site
13:44<chweya>Thank you
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13:44<millisa>Linodes are billed per hour, so you'd be using it as soon as you spinup a system
13:45<chweya>Nice. Was doing a research for hosting platforms for a startup in Kenya Africa and I liked Linode
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13:46<Cromulent>gah he left half way through me typing something
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14:53<linbot>New news from blog: July Technical Docs: Kubernetes, Pulumi, and More <>
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15:25<linbot>New news from community: Can I have 1 Volume attached to two Linodes? <>
15:27<Cromulent>this is mucho off-topic but does anyone know of a good book explaining how to build a blockchain from scratch?
15:27<Cromulent>so not using ethereum or similar
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16:15<chesty>I ended up with a few books on blockchain from one of those bundle things but I haven't looked at them. In the absence of anyone here knowing, I would browse amazon to begin with, using the search, comments and ratings
16:16<chesty>another place to look is reddit, and maybe one of the stackexchange thingys
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16:22<pawan>How can i pay for my subscription for an year?
16:23<millisa>you can put however much you want onto the account and it'll bill against any credits before billing further
16:26<pawan>I have just signed up for Linode 4MB . I just checked the guide section where Hourly and monthly payment is mentoned but no any reference about yearly payment.
16:26<kharlan11>pawan: autopay is setup but you could always just preload your account for 1 year using your paypal/your cc
16:26<millisa>All linodes are billed hourly regardless of whether you submit money ahead of time or wait to let it bill on the first of the month
16:27<pawan>Ok got it. Thanks for the reply. Bye
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17:58<fbbruno>blaboon:Boa noite
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17:58<fbbruno>Alguem me ajuda a conseguir criar um linode sem da erro
17:59<millisa>Are you getting a specific error? Have you read through ?
18:00<fbbruno>eu crio mais ai quando chega no painel ele ta bloqueado
18:00<millisa>Blocked in what way?
18:02<fbbruno>nao tenho acesso ao recursos
18:02<fbbruno>como criar vm
18:03<millisa>These steps do not work?
18:04<fbbruno>You are not authorized to view this feature.
18:04<fbbruno>nao funcona
18:04<millisa>Are you the primary account owner?
18:04<fbbruno>nao sei o motivo que no qual eu crio o linode passo meu cartao
18:05<fbbruno>a dois dias tentando criar uma conta que funcione
18:06<millisa>Did you receive the emails telling you your account was active? There can be multiple mails - one of them may ask for additional information
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22:46<MJCS>I am trying to figure out some persistant latency issues I have been having with my linode for the last week or two and wanted to eliminate either linode or myself. Could someone look at these MTRs and let me know if there is something that pops out? Obviously lsanca07 is having issues
22:53<@mtjones>I'd be happy to, taking a look now.
22:54<MJCS>I had issues with my ISP linking between LA and San Jose in the past and it looks like it is the same thing
22:54<@mtjones>The reports are looking quite good, with average latencies under 30ms and no end-to-end packet loss. There's some small packet loss on certain points that are likely due to ICMP rate limiting, but since it doesn't continue on to the endpoint it's not showing any packetloss over the full route.
22:57<MJCS>I'm just trying to figure out why I am getting packet loss in TeamSpeak and figured I could eliminate at least the connection. I wonder if my firewall is just going derp
23:01<@mtjones>It could be. If you'd like, open up a ticket and I'd be happy to take a look at your Linode from my end as well.
23:05<MJCS>mtjones: done. thank you
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23:11<@mtjones>MJCS: You're quite welcome! I'll reply in just a moment.
23:13<MJCS>No rush. I've been scratching my head on this for a few weeks noww
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23:25<gparent_>shiny intro logo
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