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05:02<onnix>hello there.
05:03<onnix>I've created a react express app ad I now need to deploy to my linode server. Any good tutorial on this?
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06:20<linbot>New news from community: want to Know which configuration is best for my product hosting <>
06:30<linbot>New news from community: roundCube Storage Issue <>
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11:31<primitiv>ps aux | egrep '(apache|httpd)' is this the cimmand i would use to find out what user apache is running under?
11:35<primitiv> this is the output
11:35<primitiv>is it saying t's running under php-fpm?
11:38<primitiv>nvm it was apache lol
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11:55<Cromulent>well I've completely changed my plan - originally I was going to write my own blockchain but after some thought I think I'll make my own coin on ethereum
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12:19<africasiaglobal>how was your day
12:20<millisa>It is still beginning.
12:21<Cromulent>17:20 here :)
12:21<africasiaglobal>am sorry am new hear
12:22<africasiaglobal>@cromulent 18:22 here
12:25<africasiaglobal>i really want to know how to edit my Linode account to change the email adddress and congtact to my website email @ millisa
12:26<africasiaglobal>thank you very much
12:27<africasiaglobal>but i have another issue
12:27<Zr40>Cromulent: myself, I'm staying far away from things that relate to links of cubes
12:28<africasiaglobal>the person that opened the account is no longer with the company
12:31<millisa>If you do not have access to the account to make the change, you'd have to contact support; they'll have you do something to verify you are the owner (you'll probably need the credit card associated to the account)
12:32<africasiaglobal>ok millisa
12:32<primitiv>what would be a reason for my server to take VERY long to accept my password when sshing via putty
12:32<primitiv>normally it's instant
12:32<primitiv>takes about 10-15 seconds now
12:33<primitiv>ftp keeps disconnecting, cant even download/upload files properly takes MULTIPLE attempts
12:33<millisa>if it can't do dns resolution, it might delay
12:33<primitiv>the server is bugged, where would i start looking
12:34<dwfreed>start there
12:35<chesty>`free -m` and `top`
12:35<africasiaglobal>please @millisa i need the email for the surport service
12:37<africasiaglobal>am really grateful
12:39<primitiv> --outputs of free -m
12:40<dwfreed>seems like a network issue, then
12:40<dwfreed>see the link linbot gave in response to me
12:42<primitiv>that was my next read
12:42<primitiv>cpu just spiked to 100%
12:42<primitiv>from php-fpm
12:43<primitiv>for the most part everthing is under 5%
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12:43<primitiv>apache sometimes fluxuates to 20% or higher
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12:46<primitiv>even putty isn't responding properly
12:47<dwfreed>should look at your logs to determine why php-fpm is using so much CPU
12:47<primitiv>putty stopped outputting what i type
12:47<primitiv>it still works vbut i cant see what i type
12:47<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
12:47<primitiv>like if its always a password im intering
12:48<dwfreed>'reset' will probably fix that
12:48<primitiv>unfortunately this isn't my linode, it's one of my clients and they aren't with linode so unsure what i should try to do if putty doesn't even work ....
12:48<primitiv>ill do the mtr
12:49<dwfreed>why are you asking here if this isn't a Linode
12:49<primitiv>i ask a lot of stuff here that isn't spoecific to linod to be fair...
12:49<primitiv>is there anything else besides "mtr" I should be looking to use to check what the issue could be?
12:50<dwfreed>the logs to figure out why it's using so much CPU
12:53<primitiv>1.-- 0.0% 10 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.0 this is what mtr returned
12:53<primitiv>seems fine?
12:55<dwfreed>you ran mtr back to the host itself
12:55<dwfreed>you should read the guide linbot linked
12:56<primitiv>it said to run it from an external machine
12:56<primitiv>doesnt work on my windows
12:56<primitiv>mtr isnt configured
12:56<dwfreed>there is winmtr
12:56<dwfreed>which I believe is linked from the guide
12:58<dwfreed>(it is)
12:58<primitiv>downloading it right now
13:01<primitiv>so i ran the program
13:01<primitiv>now i must return to the setination server
13:01<primitiv>and run mtr?
13:01<primitiv>nothing happens in the program
13:02<dwfreed>you have to tell it what machine to test against, and hit start
13:02<dwfreed>please take 5 seconds and actually look at all the buttons in the program
13:03<primitiv>Open WinMTR, type the destination host in the box as prompted, and select the start option to begin generating report data.
13:03<primitiv>this is the literal instructions given from the guide
13:03<primitiv>was I supposed to do another click or something?
13:05<primitiv>so i had to run mtr -rw myhomeip
13:05<primitiv>now it returned stuff
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13:06<primitiv>90% loss for #3
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13:24<primitiv>what do i check next?
13:26<dwfreed>read the whole guide, it'll tell you what to do about hop 3
13:27<dwfreed>(it's also worth noting that most home routers block ping, which is what mtr uses)
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14:06<primitiv>okay i will do that thanks for all the help
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16:23<matthematics>How does Linode handle changing plans? Eg. can I upgrade or downgrade between the plans, and if so, does that require a server migration?
16:24<dwfreed>yes and yes (host migration, not you have to set everything up again)
16:25<matthematics>cool. is the host migration process transparent to me?
16:26<dwfreed>no, there will be some downtime, but it's usually pretty quick
16:26<matthematics>okay. aside from downtime, is there any sort of configuration changes that i would need to make, to facilitate the process? or, would it be a hands-off process for me?
16:38<matthematics>nevermind. just realized 'host migration' referred to the VPS being moved, so nothing internal to the VM would be changed. i'm assuming this also means the public IP would remain the same too.
16:39<chesty>if it's within the same data centre, you click a button and wait. nothing more for you to do
16:39<matthematics>awesome, thanks for you're help!
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17:48<primitiv>I'm having issues finding my ssh logs
18:01<waltman>If you're on ubuntu they're likely in systemd instead of separate log files. Try "journalctl -u ssh.service"
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19:05<primitiv>how do i rint only the recent lines
19:25<primitiv>whe n i run journalctl -u ssh.service
19:25<primitiv>it has so many lines but tail doesnt work
19:46<kharlan11>ssh error logs or access logs?
19:47<kharlan11>try auth/system logs.
19:47<kharlan11>and use grep.
20:07<waltman>mrun "
20:07<waltman>run "man journalctl". There are a bunch of options.
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21:44<primitiv>pam_systemd(sshd:session): Failed to create session: Connection timed out
21:44<primitiv>this is the issue i get when i try to sftp and it takes long
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22:33<linbot>New news from community: Does linode offer some service to protect my origin IP? <>
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23:12<gparent>You could proxy through another Linode
23:30<Peng>seems legit
23:44<linbot>New news from community: Can I choose a specific CPU for my Linode? <>
23:48<Peng>I wonder why they really need an Intel
23:49<gparent>Let's say you want to be up to date on the latest CPU vulnerabilities
23:49<gparent>harder to do that on an AMD
23:50<Peng>"Hello, I am hacking the cloud, please give me your most vulnerable CPUs. Can you downgrade the firmware?"
23:51<Peng>[Clarification: That is a joke. I am not accusing that person.]
23:52*gparent discards his draft citing Peng as a credible source
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