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01:44<linbot>New news from community: Private Networking and Security <>
01:48<Peng>Ah, that CPU question got a nice response from staff. :)
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03:24<dcraig>no way I'd ever have an amd linode
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03:46<Cromulent>dcraig: I asked to be moved to an EPYC server - it is much better than the 2013 era Intel host I was on before
03:51<Peng>A 2017 era Intel host would be better too
03:51<Peng>One of my 2013-era Xeon Linodes was recently migrated to an even older 2013-era Xeon host. :D
03:52<rsdehart>*more stable
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11:10<primitiv>okay so my ssh keeps timing out and taking long to connect
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11:33<chesty>didn't you find a network issue? it could be dropped packets, it could also be 2 separate issues, the long time to connect could be a reverse dns lookup issue and the timing out could be a firewall's contrack rule killing the connection after a period of being idle, which can be worked around with keepalives.
11:33<Cromulent>he left
11:36<linbot>New news from community: Linode advert question <>
11:41<chesty>oh well. i mainly wanted to think about what the problem could be, helping is just a side effect.
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15:21<millisa>I've been fiddling with some fail2ban rules and a few apache/nginx configs on a couple linodes this weekend. There's maybe 2-3 big sites behind an nginx proxy or sitting on a cpanel system and I've been seeing an increase in requests for wp-login
15:22<millisa>The bit that was interesting, is most of it is all the same useragent; which I'm not sure ever existed...
15:22<millisa>" Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:62.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/62.0 "
15:23<millisa>it only ever asks for wp-login; sometimes a GET, sometimes a POST and usually only 6-12 requests before it goes away for a bit.
15:23<millisa>It made blocking it pretty easy. but I decided to dump the last 20-ish hours IP's and figure out who owns them
15:24<millisa>figured someone else might find it interesting:
15:24<millisa>(Hooray for Linode not being on the list)
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16:17<Cromulent>wow digital ocean features a lot
16:18<millisa>not quite 20%
16:19<millisa>100 out of 540 though
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16:52<jubaramm>any support channel here for linode customers ??
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17:14<@TaraNT> We're here to help jubaramm
17:14<@TaraNT>What kind of support do you need?
17:33<gparent>they left.
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17:44<kharlan11>millisa: I've noticed the same pattern on a few of our wp sites.
17:57<linbot>New news from community: How can I increase my open file limit in Ubuntu? <>
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18:16<gparent>I don't think these two limits are actually related
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22:12<techjoey>Hi everybody!
22:12<millisa>Hi Dr. Nick!
22:13<techjoey>I am looking to transfer my web hosting to a provider that will make it easy for me to deploy django based web applications, and install python libraries, and run python servers.
22:14<techjoey>Basically, I need as much console access as possible, and the ability to install libraries.
22:14<techjoey>I am hoping to do it as inexpensively as possible.
22:15<millisa>You get root access on a linode
22:15<millisa>You pick the distribution and do whatever (legal) thing you want
22:15<millisa>Check out the getting started guide -
22:15<techjoey>I have heard good things from my friends in the industry.
22:15<millisa>it walks you through setting up a linode, installing your OS, and ssh'ing in for the first time
22:15<@rgerke>What millisa said. Linode also bills hourly, so you only pay for what you use.
22:16<techjoey>Cool. Thanks for the help! It looks like you have a good community going too.
22:16<@rgerke>Here's our guide on pricing:
22:17<techjoey>Any idea if the $5 / month Standard Plan will give me the ability to use a terminal to run a django server, create my environment, install libraries, etc?
22:17<@rgerke>We have an excellent community. I am frequently overwhelmed by the knowledge and the helpfulness of our users. It's incredible.
22:17<millisa>If you can do it all in a gig of memory, sure
22:17<@rgerke>I always recommend starting with the smallest plan and then ugraded if and when you need to.
22:17<millisa>Nice thing about it - if you are wrong, you can resize up easily.
22:18<@rgerke>!point millisa
22:18<techjoey>Cool @melissa! Is the memory elastically scalable, or only tiered?
22:18<linbot>rgerke: Point given to millisa. (86) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 17)
22:18<millisa>If by elastically scalable - you mean online, on the fly. no. It's a short downtime to migrate to a different sized node.
22:19<millisa>That guide says '1 minute for 3-5 GB of data', but I've found it is a bit faster than that.
22:21<techjoey>What I mean is, do I have to go from the $5 option to the $10 option to scale up my RAM from 1GB to 2GB? Or can I independently scale RAM, so if I need 8 GB RAM but 25GB storage is still plenty, can I adjust RAM only?
22:22<Peng>You can only use the available plans listed on
22:22<millisa>You don't have to use the new storage if you don't want to (for that matter, I *wouldn't* use all your storage to make it easier to scale back down alter)
22:23<Peng>If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, "high memory" plans exist, but they're only relevant at a way higher price point
22:23<techjoey>Gotcha. Thank you all for the information! You have been very helpful advocates of a clearly loved host. Have a great week!
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23:08<linbot>New news from community: web <>
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