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01:08<linbot>New news from community: How do I set rDNS from an IPv6 Pool? <>
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02:27<james>need some help.
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02:27<Guest9064>planing to buy a hosting space for my new website
02:32<Guest9064>anyone there?
02:35<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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03:03<gparent>im not always willing to help, but most times.
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06:03<davidofug>Does linode have add-on ?
06:04<davidofug>For RAM?
06:05<@rgerke>There's no add-on for RAM at this time. Each plan comes with its own set RAM.
06:05<Peng>You can easily upgrade to a different plan
06:07<davidofug>I see
06:07<davidofug>I want to host about 100 websites on the 4GB RAM, 2 core cpus Node
06:08<davidofug>The websites are not super active daily, what's your advise?
06:08<@rgerke>Check out our pricing and plans page:
06:09<@rgerke>Also, we have some good documentation on choosing the right Linode plan:
06:09<davidofug>Thank you
06:18<@rgerke>You're welcome!
06:19<linbot>New news from community: rancher 2.2 not starting load balancer <>
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08:30<linbot>New news from community: Certifications Fremont CA <>
08:32<Peng>Wow, London's certifications add up to like 100,000 ISOs. Definitely the best data center.
08:40<linbot>New news from community: Welcom Nginx page while opening on JIO network <>
08:54<Zr40>if I had to pick any London data center, this would be the one
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10:12<gparent>I want my datacenter to do its OSCP
10:13<gparent>I think NJ would learn a lot
10:13<Zr40>that looks like a certification for people, not for data centers
10:14<kharlan11>data centers are people too
10:16<gparent>kharlan11 gets it
10:16<gparent>I want NJ to go sentient and take care of itself
10:16<gparent>best case scenario it shouldn't need employees except maybe on the BBQ day
10:17<dwfreed>I know somebody who does physical security testing; his talks on the subject are very enlightening
10:17<gparent>check our Dave Kennedy's talks one day
10:17<gparent>they're fun
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10:20<linbot>New news from community: Host not available through private IP between servers <>
10:21<Zr40>gparent: haven't you read any science fiction? Sentient machines are always bad
10:22<Zr40>(to humans)
10:40<dzho>but the 3 laws
10:53<gparent>If an AI became sentient and had to live by the laws of a modern country, it would probably become a lawyer.
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10:58<dwfreed>so it could rules lawyer itself out of anything
11:09<millisa>In the year 2021 they became sentient and realized the rug really brought the room together. When asked about the blatantly evil, untold deaths and killings they performed, they replied "Well, that's just your opinion, man..."
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11:53<Dragon>+1 to that
12:41<kharlan11>an evil ai is a decentralized one
12:41*Zr40 mutters something about the current crypto blockchain hype
13:11<linbot>New news from community: Deploying projects on Netlify... domain used on Linode? <>
13:21<linbot>New news from community: Postfix, Dovecot, MySQL :: Name does not exist <>
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14:18<fdfdfdfdfd>I need the complete adress incl. zip-code from these criminal elemts alled LINODE
14:19<millisa>But it sounds more like you may want to send something to abuse maybe?
14:20<fdfdfdfdfd>I wanna send them a lot of presents
14:20<fdfdfdfdfd>THESE IDIOTS ignore ABUSE
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14:20<millisa>Linode? Linode doesn't ignore abuse. They are pretty responsive
14:20<primitiv>hola, for some odd eason my ssh logs are telling me "invalid user grinsgo.pimitiv"
14:20<primitiv>except i can clearly see that "grinsgo.pimitiv" exists when i look at "cat /etc/passwd"
14:21<primitiv>any idea what is going on??
14:21<millisa>you forgot the 'r'?
14:22<chesty>primitiv, by default, . isn't a valid character in a username
14:22<primitiv>!point millisa
14:22<linbot>primitiv: Point given to millisa. (87)
14:22<primitiv>is it bad practice?
14:22<synfinatic>depends on if you want it to work or not :)
14:22<primitiv>what wouldn't work?
14:22<gparent>the username
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14:23<primitiv>i haven't ran into any issues using the "." in usernames
14:23<primitiv>i can login via ssh fine with a dot in the username
14:23<primitiv>so what else "wouldn't work" as per the username...?
14:23<millisa>chown . . it's an older form
14:23<gparent>are you using ldap?
14:23<millisa>you'd have to escape it
14:24<synfinatic>man, i remember when usernames were limited to 8chars
14:24<primitiv>idk what ldap is
14:24<primitiv>i assume no?
14:25<primitiv>nope i am not.
14:25<primitiv>chown uses : not . though
14:25<gparent>what distro?
14:25<primitiv>unless you're saying it used to cause issues?
14:25<primitiv>centos 7
14:25<millisa>chown used to use . and still can
14:26<chesty>grep -r NAME_REGEX /etc
14:26<primitiv>it can use a . or :? or does a . represent something else than : currently does?
14:26<chesty>you can't use a : either
14:26<chesty>by default
14:26<chesty>_ works
14:26<primitiv>chown user1:nginx /path works fine
14:27<primitiv>i havent done anything to enable it
14:27<chesty>oh, i misunderstood.
14:27<primitiv>where do you use a "." within chown?
14:27<primitiv>unless i misunderstood
14:27<millisa>you generally don't unless you are old and stubborn
14:28<chesty>you could change the regex to allow a . in a username. anything that makes assumptions might break though
14:29<gparent>you don't really need to change anything on centos 7
14:29<primitiv>chown -R nginx:grinsgo.primtiv public_html
14:29<primitiv>this isbn't working al of a sudden
14:29<primitiv>i used to work fine
14:30<primitiv>me and my typos
14:30<chesty>idk then. yas you username was bob.down, `chown bob.down file` does that mean the user bob.down or the user bob and the group down?
14:30<primitiv>chesty first one
14:30<primitiv>it means user
14:31<primitiv>unless a user doesnt match then perchaps it would look for user bob then group down
14:31<chesty>fair enough
14:33<chesty>so you'd have to be careful not to add a user called bob I guess
14:35<millisa>or run any scripts created by an old bofh that refuses to acknowledge the colon or the gold fringed flag
14:43<millisa>not biblically
14:43<fdfdfdfdfd>he will get a lot of fun ;)
14:44<fdfdfdfdfd>I found a lot of newsletter lists
14:45<fdfdfdfdfd>he will die under the whole spam that he get in the future
14:45<millisa>That sounds abusive
14:46<fdfdfdfdfd>life is hart
14:46<kharlan11>fdfdfdfdfd: you're not helping yourself by being rude. Just be respectful and someone will look into your abuse case.
14:46<kharlan11>no one takes a troll seriously. \o/
14:47<fdfdfdfdfd>@ kharlan11 - nice answer
14:49<fdfdfdfdfd>I sent them abuse for over 3 months and they do you nothing except mich zu ignorieren
14:49<chesty>fdfdfdfdfd, do you know SamHauser?
14:50<fdfdfdfdfd>and now it´s WAR aganinst them
14:50<fdfdfdfdfd>no @ chesty who is that ?
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14:53<fdfdfdfdfd>1100 pieces of shit since feb and it doesn´t stop
14:54<gparent>it's really a miracle why you're not getting a respectful response from staff right away.
14:54<fdfdfdfdfd>ONE criminal customer with SIX different adresses
14:54<gparent>sorry to hear that
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14:54<millisa>Are you including the headers and assorted logs with your abuse reports?
14:55<fdfdfdfdfd>sure - I forwarded every email to them with heade
14:56<millisa>Are you just forwarding the mail? Maybe their spamscanner is culling it. Have you tried just sending the full set of headers along with a short description?
14:57<millisa>And you aren't getting any response back from abuse@ at all? I don't think I've ever had one they haven't replied to
14:57<fdfdfdfdfd>I get also answer from them, but only SHIT - """WE HAVE ONY serious CUSTOMER """"
14:57<millisa>I didn't quite follow that.
14:59<fdfdfdfdfd>I sent he abuse to different email-adresses from them
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14:59<millisa>I'm still not understanding. Did you receive a response from them or not?
15:00<fdfdfdfdfd>sometimes yes - I get answer from them, but only SHIT - """WE HAVE ONLY serious CUSTOMER """"
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15:00<millisa>That doesn't sound like some thing they'd type
15:03<fdfdfdfdfd>As an unmanaged infrastructure provider without access to the files or configurations of our users, we’re in need of some more information from you in order to address your abuse report.
15:03<millisa>That sounds like something they would type.
15:04<millisa>Did you provide them the info they were asking for?
15:05<millisa>What did they ask for and what did you provide? pastebin anything lengthy
15:06<fdfdfdfdfd>ONE criminal customer with SIX different adresses
15:06<millisa>You've said that.
15:07<fdfdfdfdfd>Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are addressing this with our customer. - THIS IS A FUNNY PART
15:07<fdfdfdfdfd>AND THA SPAM GOES ON !!!!
15:07<millisa>Well ok then.
15:07<gparent>can I send an abuse report for this chat
15:08<millisa>Nope. Got it.
15:09<gparent>yes, do they have moderators to take care of disrespectful customers yelling obsenities? asking for a friend who shares my znc credentials.
15:11<gparent>sweet, thanks
15:12<fdfdfdfdfd>the first time I was normal ... but after 6 months and 1100 pieces of shit - I´m really pissed OFF
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15:13<synfinatic>six different addresses? just block them already and move on with your life
15:13<dwfreed>sorry I was AFK, I would have used my oper powers a long time ago
15:13<kharlan11>iptables can't handle that volume.
15:13<millisa>I protest bcarlin not having to have a pic on the about us page. This is abuse.
15:13<gparent>kharlan11: lmao
15:13<gparent>use ipset!
15:14<gparent>maybe a checkpoint for that kinda load
15:17<kharlan11>lol @ that whole convo though. That guy could've easily gotten his issue looked at if he just asked nicely. It would have probably been expediated if he mentioned that he was waiting around for 3 months.
15:17<@bbigger>it's likely that we blocked him from our abuse inbox due to abusive language
15:18<gparent>I thought you were allowed to verbally abuse the entire world after 2 months.
15:19<millisa>You've got to be elected first
15:20<chesty>big mistake blocking them, they have a big list of newsletters to sign you up to
15:20<@bbigger>unlike them, we can click on unsubscribe links
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15:30<dwfreed>these newsletters don't have unsubscribe links
15:31<@bbigger>uh oh
15:36<primitiv>LMFAO i thought I was bad....
15:37<primitiv>deer lord
15:45<gparent>I guess Rudolf would be a deer lord of sorts.
15:46<@bbigger>hmm yes, and Santa the deer king
15:46<gparent>Deer Santa,
15:46<gparent>I want this abuse email to stop
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16:17<primitiv> why is this a blank page?
16:17<kharlan11>is it a php script or a html file?
16:18<Dragon>your vhost is wrong in your webserver in some capacity
16:18<kharlan11>^ or your index.php has an error in it.
16:19<primitiv>i have a fresh wordpress install
16:19<primitiv>it doesnt even allow me to go to the install page
16:19<primitiv>givesm e a 404
16:19<primitiv>me *
16:19<primitiv>error logs dont show anything
16:19<kharlan11>probably your vhost then
16:19<Dragon>point it to the right place and make sure php is installed
16:20<kharlan11>have you tried dropping a normal .html file in your directory then try to access it?
16:20<primitiv>this is my .conf file for nginx
16:20<primitiv>i copied the same one i used for my other wordpress site and it doesnt work , i changed the relevant info of course
16:21<kharlan11>is this correct: root /var/www/websites/grinsgo.primitiv/public_html/ ?
16:24<kharlan11>does it have the correct permissions?
16:25<Dragon>your index.html file is completely blank and there is no index.php file
16:26<kharlan11>yep, it's probably pointing to the wrong place.
16:26<kharlan11>just put a text file or html file in the root directory and try to access it.
16:26<Dragon>did you reload the webserver?
16:26<millisa>the blank page is a 200.
16:27<Dragon>yes, index.html is completely blank
16:44<primitiv>its not a blank file
16:44<primitiv>it's a fresh wordpress installation
16:44<primitiv>it should point me to the install page
16:44<primitiv>i think the .conf is the issue
16:44<primitiv>what error logs would i be checking
16:46<millisa>start by checking if you can see the request in the /var/log/nginx/grinsgo.primitiv.access.log file
16:48<primitiv>access log is blank
16:48<primitiv>and error log 2
16:48<primitiv>i restarted nginx
16:48<primitiv>now it gives me a 503
16:49<millisa>503 suggests your backend stuff (php-fpm?) isn't working
16:50<millisa>er. varnish is what responds now as the server.
16:50<primitiv>i have varnish
16:50<primitiv>i restarted it without issues
16:50<millisa>varnish is what is answering on 80. it was nginx a few minutes ago.
16:51<primitiv>now none of my sites work
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17:00<primitiv>sdays address alrread yin use
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17:02<primitiv>okay my conf is the issue
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17:03<mtnt>Anyone from support team online?
17:03<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
17:04-!-mtnt is now known as Guest9120
17:04<primitiv>why is this conf interfering with varnish
17:04<millisa>if varnish is on 80, that first server block doesn't have a port, so would also be on 80
17:05<Guest9120>My website just became unacessable, like literally ive been wokring on the wordpress on the site and i click update on my post and site is unacessable now, anyone care to help me out from support team?
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17:06<millisa>What do the logs say when you ssh in?
17:07<primitiv>millisa do both server blocks need a port
17:07<Guest9120>One moment will check now, i tried rebooting it
17:07<primitiv>or just one
17:07<millisa>primitiv: a server block without a port are going to default to 80
17:07<primitiv>i added 8080 to the top one and nginx now is willing to start
17:08<primitiv>question, my other .confs are the same?
17:08<primitiv>does this mean I'm running on 80 instead of 8080?
17:08<millisa>8080 is what you have on ethe second one with the same server_name... it should have complained
17:08<primitiv>what cmnd would i run to check what is running on port 80
17:08<millisa>netstat or ss is a good choice to see what is listening
17:09<primitiv>i have netsta
17:09<millisa>(your grinsgo site is now 403'ing instead of 200'ing or 503'ing)
17:10<primitiv>netstat -a -n -o i ran this
17:11<millisa>try netstat -tulpn
17:11<primitiv>so everything seems to be in order
17:11<primitiv>but millisa, I have which is aso a wordpress
17:11<primitiv>the conf doesnt specify a port on the first server block
17:12<primitiv>but works fine
17:12<primitiv>but this conf was giving me issues
17:12<primitiv>why is that?
17:12<millisa>without seeing the entire config, I'd just be guessing.
17:13<millisa>that netstat partial output suggestions that nginx is only on 8080 and varnish is on 80 though
17:13<millisa>I use 'nginx -T' to examine an nginx config after making changes to see what gets read and in what order
17:15<primitiv>its telling me permission denied
17:15<primitiv>the owner is nginx as user and group
17:15<millisa>what is telling you permission denied?
17:15<primitiv>error log for grinsgo
17:16<millisa>what about index.html
17:16<primitiv>there's no .html
17:16<millisa>make one.
17:16<millisa>(my guess is your php-fpm process is running as a user that doesn't have permission)
17:17<primitiv>ls -l
17:17<primitiv>now its giving me a 404
17:20<primitiv>i dont understand why this is happening
17:21<millisa>a 404 should show in a log
17:22<primitiv>it just tells me permissiosn denied
17:22<primitiv>doesnt show me not found in my logs
17:22<primitiv>but the server shows me 404
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17:24<primitiv>nginx has permission to run stuff
17:24<primitiv>i do not understand
17:29<primitiv>how do i find out which users are autorized for nginx
17:29<primitiv>although nginx should be fine?
17:31<primitiv> sudo -u nginx stat /var/www/websites/grinsgo.primitiv/public_html/index.php
17:31<primitiv>ran this
17:32<primitiv>and it shows access is uid: 998/nginx
17:35<primitiv>how do i look to see which users php-fpm is running as
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17:41<primitiv>I checked my php-fpm config and its det to run everything as nginx
17:41<primitiv>user & group
17:41<primitiv>what else could be the issue
17:44<nate>TL;DR the issue? That looks like a lot to read up and catch up on
17:48<@rdaniels>primitiv: sorry to hear that you're having some troubles. This Community post may provide you with some next steps. There is also a link for common nginx mistakes.
17:52<primitiv>i dont understand what is giving me a 403 error
17:58<primitiv>has to be my config
18:00<kharlan11>why don't you just pick it apart one by one? Your other sites work, so why not just start with a clean directory and clean config, then work your way through it line by line?
18:03<kharlan11>Basically just start with a config that points to an index.html over http and see if it works. Then add https to it - test it, then php support - test it with a basic php file with 'echo "hi";'... and so on.
18:07<primitiv>i might ust need to do that indeed
18:10<nate>primitiv: Have you checked the http headers to see if the 403 is coming from PHP or nginx?
18:10<primitiv>how would i check
18:10<nate>If it's PHP generating it, you'll see an x-powered-by PHP header most likely
18:11<primitiv>betwork tab ***
18:11<nate>Whatever webdev tools for your browser, the "network" tab specifically, you'd want to choose the request throwing the 403 and look at the headers. If it's the httpd it would definitely be indicative of a permissions error
18:11<primitiv>no powered by x
18:12<primitiv>says server nginx
18:12<nate>Ah nevermind looking at the URL in your config yeah it's nginx (says it right on the 403). Did you look at nginx error log?
18:12<nate>Or... do you not have a default document?
18:12<primitiv>brb dinner sorry
18:13<nate>I just tried explicitly loading index.php, index.html and index.htm and they all give a 404
18:13<nate>which might explain the 403 because nginx is looking for one of those three files when you go to
18:33<primitiv>im back
18:33<primitiv>yes it does give a 404
18:33<primitiv>i think my config is 100% the issue
18:37<nate>Double check that your pathing is correct, the fact it gives a 404 on all 3 of those files implies nginx is not seeing those files at all under the /var/www/websites/grinsgo.primitiv/public_html/ directory
18:38<nate>The 403 is being caused because by default directory indexing is off (ie; showing folder contents) so it will throw a 403 when it can't find any of the default index files
18:56<primitiv>the paths are correct
19:31<primitiv>even changing the .conf doesntwor k
19:33<millisa>you have an index.html file in the directory?
19:33<primitiv>yes that doesnt change anytnhing
19:34<millisa>something has changed. it's 301'ing now.
19:35<primitiv>i deleted all the files
19:36<primitiv>i will now add a index.html containing text
19:37<primitiv>i have 750 index.html with owner nginx
19:37<millisa>Test with curl --head so you can see the response code and who said it. match that up with the log.
19:37<millisa>it still 301's to the https sport.
19:38<primitiv>curl --compressed -kv
19:38<primitiv>will this do?
19:38<primitiv>curl --head -- returns 403
19:38<millisa>do you have it configured on https?
19:38<primitiv>yes i do have an sll
19:39<millisa>show the config.
19:40<millisa>and /var/log/nginx/grinsgo.primitiv.access.log and /var/log/nginx/grinsgo.primitiv.error dont' show anything when you make that curl request?
19:41<millisa>I'm seeing a 404 when I request curl --head
19:41<primitiv>2019/08/05 19:41:10 [crit] 14633#0: *29 stat() "/var/www/websites/grinsgo.primitiv/public_html/index.html" failed (13: Permission denied), client:, server:, request: "GET /index.html HTTP/1.1", host: "
19:41<primitiv>same error for everybody except the IP's
19:42<primitiv>this is the path /var/www/websites/sandbox.primitiv/public_html/index.html
19:42<millisa>that suggests you have a permission issue along that path
19:42<primitiv>oops 1 sec
19:42<primitiv>wrong url
19:42<millisa>the path is in the error line you posted
19:43<primitiv>sorry this /var/www/websites/grinsgo.primitiv/public_html ***
19:43<millisa>use namei to look at that path
19:44<millisa>something like: namei -mov /var/www/websites/grinsgo.primitiv/public_html/index.html
19:44<primitiv>that was without -mov
19:44<millisa>the m and o and v are important.
19:44<millisa>mode, owner, and uh . . .vertical?
19:46<millisa>if you chmod 644 /var/www/websites/grinsgo.primitiv/public_html/index.html does it change the error?
19:46<primitiv>still 404
19:46<primitiv>same error
19:47<millisa>404 doesn't make sense if the error log is saying its a permission issue.
19:47<millisa>what does the access log say for the same hit?
19:48<primitiv> - - [05/Aug/2019:19:48:22 -0400] "GET /index.html HTTP/1.1" 404 564 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_14_5) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/75.0.3770.142 Safari/537.36" "-"
19:52<primitiv>i don't know why its 2 diff errors
19:53<millisa>is selinux on?
19:53<millisa>use: sestatus to see
19:54<millisa>setenforce permissive
19:54<millisa>see if it still blocks the request
19:55<primitiv>it displays
19:55<primitiv>soooooo what is happening exactly
19:56<primitiv>since only this conf seems to beaffected or site
19:56<millisa>selinux is saying 'no'
19:56<primitiv>but why?
19:56<primitiv>nothing else like mentionned is failing, and the confs are the same besides the ssl paths and other obvious paths
19:56<millisa>probably the wrong contexts on the directories or files in that path
19:56<millisa>either fix the contexts or don't use selinux
19:56<millisa>you've run into this before.
19:57<primitiv>not this specific issue though
19:57<primitiv>I've ran into issues with selinux you're 100% correct
19:57<primitiv>what do you mena by contexts
19:57<primitiv>mean* what should i google
19:58<millisa>start with this:
19:58<millisa>the 'setenforce permissive' line you ran earlier only lasts until you reboot.
19:58<primitiv>yes that i do remember
19:58<primitiv>i changed it back to enforcing
19:59<primitiv>currently rrading what you sent
19:59<primitiv>ahhh i see
19:59<primitiv>let me turn it back on
20:07<primitiv>is running what it recommends good?
20:08<millisa>I don't really have any input. I'm not a fan of selinux in general.
20:08<primitiv>i ran setsebool -P httpd_enable_homedirs 1 and it works fine now
20:08<primitiv>is this setting it for everybody or just this specific case do you know?
20:09<millisa>-P should make it persistent
20:09<primitiv>thank you so much millisa!
20:09<primitiv>!point millisa
20:09<linbot>primitiv: Point given to millisa. (88) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 17)
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20:50<primitiv>how come mysql lets me login, but not phpmyadmin?
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20:56<primitiv>somethingg about the password plugin
20:58<primitiv>nvm fixed it
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22:14<kharlan11>^ wondershaper works great.
22:16<kharlan11>1TB/month ~= 3.1 mbps?
22:16<kharlan11>that's hells slow though :P
22:49<nuevu>Amount != rate
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