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00:57<zifnab>wow, last time i did this they wanted a passport, dna sample, clone of my firstborn child, and a box of donuts.
00:57<zifnab>speaking of which i still need to send donuts to the office
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01:15<zifnab>anyone know what datacenter 45.56.70.x is in?
01:16<zifnab>dallas (
01:19<@rgerke>Do you have the full IP? It looks like a Dallas IP, but try running it trhough here just to be sure:
01:19<nate>It's hard to tell by ranges alone, I have two 45.33.*'s, one in dallas and one in fremont
01:19<nate>That said I -did- have a 45.56.* on a long-deleted linode that I -believe- was dallas so
01:20<Peng>!mtr-dallas -n
01:20<linbot>Peng: [mtr-dallas] HOST: clover Loss% Snt Last Avg Best Wrst StDev -- 1.|-- 0.0% 3 1.0 1.8 0.7 3.7 1.4 -- see for full mtr
01:20<Peng>0.7 ms, probably Dallas :D
01:23<@rgerke>I have a Dallas Linode with a 45.56.71.x IP
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05:35<new2host>Does Linode offer cpanel license?
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10:23<jk>Hello. I'm looking for a VPS provider to complete some internet-wide scans using zmap. Does Linode allow zmap usage?
10:23<Zr40>if you expect that to cause abuse complaints, the answer is 'probably not'
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10:29<@jackley>jk: possibly – if you open a Support ticket about this, we'll just need to ask you some questions
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11:27<@TaraNT>tmux detach
11:27<@bbigger>ctrl+b, d
11:27*millisa floats around anyways
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12:01<kharlan11>Does anyone know anything about the hippa requirements regarding client -> server encryption in a LAN?
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12:42<millisa>I'm not sure there are requirements for that. If client/server are both within entity's control and don't traverse any non-controlled spaces, I'm not sure the rules on dataatrest/dataintransit apply
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12:45<kharlan11>millisa: what if the client application is essentially just a database client with a custom U.I, and uses the same auth user/pass across all the clients within the LAN. The end-user only provides their custom credentials in order to act as a unique identifier for that session.
12:46<millisa>That's probably different than the encryption rule
12:46<kharlan11>oh yeah. I was just wondering about the encryption part, since those credentials could be discovered if all data is sent plaintext.
12:47<millisa>Generally, (and as long as your controls define it) if you can track which human or process made a change, you'll be good with auditors when it's all internal only
12:49<kharlan11>It just seems like you could throw true authentication and accessibility restrictions out the window if you're connecting with the same set of credentials across all the clients. I could just insert a dummy user and use that as a identifier until the session is over.
12:49<kharlan11>and what if the application database uses the same credentials across multiple clients?
12:49<millisa>You could as an admin or any one could?
12:50<kharlan11>well the user that it authenticates as has insert/select/delete capabilities.
12:50<kharlan11>I don't think it could alter the table in any way.
12:50<kharlan11>and in this particular case, the client controls the logging not the server.
12:51<millisa>Most of the EMR systems I've dealt with don't have per-user database-user setups. They have the single DSN (or a read only and a couple levels of read-write) and they handle the data access controls with their own internal users/security
12:53<kharlan11>yeah, that's the normal way to do things. This client application is actually connecting directly to the database server and sending insert/select queries itself.
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12:55<kharlan11>The permissions are controlled by the client itself.. which is useless if I decided to make my own client.
12:56<millisa>Hopefully controls on the workstations would be setup so that isn't possible (no installing anything but approved apps, no local admin, that sorta thing)
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13:00<kharlan11>yeah, I think I need to bring that up to this client.
13:01<millisa>to go along with that, controls should be in place for the network ports themselves (mac address filtering) and things like usb ports probably shouldn't be enabled (some of the virus/malware enterprise products make this easy)
13:14<kharlan11>yup. That's probably best.
13:14<kharlan11>I was just wondering why they would ship out an application like this.
13:14<kharlan11>I thought their application needed to be reviewed by some compliance board.
13:29<GeorgeJetson>How can I get the https version of my website to serve? works fine but does not... SHould I use certbot? If so, then why does `sudo certbot --apache` only list some of the domains I am hosting with Linode instead of all ofthem?
13:30<Peng>`sudo certbot --apache` examines the ServerName and ServerAlias directives in your Apache configuration. Either they're missing or Certbot is having trouble finding or parsing the configuration files.
13:30<millisa> is a quick doc no how to use it
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14:21<GeorgeJetson>THanks Peng . I filed an issue against certbot... do you think `uname -a` is the best way to tell them about my linux distro? Perhaps `cat /etc/version` would've been better -
14:21<GeorgeJetson>millisa: yes, that's what I was using
14:23<GeorgeJetson>I mainly have wordpress sites - is there any reason I need https? Should I just force everything to http? If so, how would I do so on apache?
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14:57<scrane2>I generally recommend HTTPS, but if you aren't selling anything on there or asking people in any way to log into the wordpress site, you could probably get away without it. I think following this guide but in reverse would help you change https to http
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15:49<@bbigger>hi serversl
15:53<serversl>manage high availability dedicated servers
15:59<@bbigger>serversl I'm not quite sure what you're asking. Linode is an unmanaged cloud hosting provider. You can definitely use our platform to provide high availability servers. We also do have Dedicated CPU plans, if that's what you mean by dedicated. Here's a list of general features:
16:02<serversl>How can I have a dedicated server that fails if an image or copy of it is restored immediately?
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16:05<darkmage>hey, why is linode hosting 8chan nameservers? that seems to be a pretty clear AUP violation
16:05<darkmage>epik too seems like a rather undesirable customer, a "bulletproof" hosting/domain registration provider pandering to neo-nazis
16:11<@scrane>Hey darkmage Thank you for reaching out. So we can make sure we're fully investigating, can you send that information to
16:11<@bbigger>^^^ that's
16:12<darkmage>got it, thanks
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16:20<nate>Somehow I imagine if linode is hosting ONLY the nameservers that would be more a grey area than clear violation :P
16:27<nuevu>No fan of 8chan here, but what's the alleged violation of the policy? As nate said, it's a DNS server, and not even one operated by 8chan.
16:28<darkmage>not operated by 8chan, that's correct. But operated by a company that *specializes* in hosting extremely controversial content
16:28<darkmage>at the very least that seems to automatically fall within the "Any conduct that is likely to result in retaliation against the Linode network" category
16:30<nate>nuevu: 8chan itself has currently 'housed' active content from several of the recent mass-shooter people in the US before they went and actually did it. The site is a bit of a swamp of shitlords in sections talking about/doing a lot of illegal stuff so yeah if the website itself was running off some linodes, I'd imagine many service violations
16:30<darkmage>definitely toeing the line with "is excessively violent, incites violence, threatens violence or contains harassing content or hate speech;"
16:30<nate>might have mis-highlighted on that
16:30*nate is still waking up
16:31<darkmage>you can read about epik here
16:32<darkmage>I don't think it'd be inaccurate to describe epik as operated by neo-nazis given the comments by their CEO
16:33<nuevu>I know I'm being pedantic, but my point was that this has nothing to do directly with 8chan. If it's epik that's the problem (they're apparently the Linode customer), bring them up. Not their "customers"
16:33*nuevu creeps slowly out of the room
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17:25<artem>Hi do you charge per hour or per minute or per second. If I run server for 1 hour and 1 second every day then would I be paid for 2 hours or 1 hour and 1 second?
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17:29<millisa>1h1s would be 2 hours
17:30<millisa>The bill at the end of the month will lists the number of hours you have a linode provisioned
17:30<artem>Millisa. Thanks
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21:42<linbot>New news from community: Why doesn't "Postfix sendmail" send email logged in with non-root user? <>
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23:34<millisa>their log showed it delivery to gmail via ipv6. they only have a reverse for their ipv4
23:51<@rgerke>millisa: Feel free to respond to that post. I think that's worth pointing out.
23:54<millisa>i'm more surprised gmail accepted it. just migrated someone over yesterday and forgot to either turn off ipv6 or setup the reverse for it on postfix and google just bounced it. google loves them more.
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