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00:06<@rgerke>!point millisa
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02:23<linbot>New news from community: Domain not reachable with multiple wordpress sites <>
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03:33<anu>i want to know how many websites can I host on the $10 plan
03:34<anu>can it handle 3k visitors per day
03:34<grawity>depends entirely on how much traffic they're receiving
03:34<nate>There's practically no way to answer that, there are too many variables
03:34<grawity>3k per day total?
03:34<grawity>that's like 2 per minute, a potato could handle that
03:34<grawity>well, on average
03:35<nate>Traffic, code performance, database performance, other things using resources on the linode, etc. But yeah 3k a day sounds doable so long as your codebase isn't an absolute nightmare lol
03:35<anu>i use wordpress only
03:36<anu>and how many websites can i host on the $10 plan?
03:37<grawity>as many as the server can fit
03:37<nate>Again literally no way to answer that, it could be 1 or it could be thousands, it depends entirely on the traffic, code, etc etc (see earlier response)
03:38<nate>anu: You're getting a virtual root server, it's up to you to do what you want with it, it's not a general/shared hosting account with limits
03:38<anu>ok thanks
03:38<anu>i make landing pages and light weight bogs posts
03:38<grawity>it doesn't make much difference whether you have one website with 3k visitors, or 10 websites x 300 visitors each, that's still approximately the same amount of resources needed
03:39<grawity>(hmm I guess there are some differences now that I think of it... but not much.)
03:40<anu>ok thanks
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07:09<suan>Is linode vps a cloud vps
07:10<Zr40>maybe, what do you think is the difference?
07:11<suan>I don't know. I have sign up linode via cloudways for my web hosting. just wonder is it a cloud vps like amazon
07:12<Zr40>I mean, "cloud" doesn't really mean anything. What specific properties are you looking for?
07:12<suan>Fast :D
07:13<suan>I have a little knowledge in vps
07:14<@rgerke>Linode is a cloud hosting company, which means you can spin up a virtual server in any of our data centers. If you're looking for the fastest, you can run a speed test to each of our data centers through this link:
07:15<@rgerke>Everything on the "cloud" is hosted on hardware somewhere. SO, your Linode server will be hosted on a physical piece of hardware in whichever data center you choose.
07:16<suan>I choose Singapore datacenter for Indian traffic
07:16<@rgerke>Have you looked at our newest data center in Mumbai?
07:16<@rgerke>Very bottom of the list in the link I sent you
07:18<suan>Cloudways don't have an option for Mumbai. I don't know how to test :( Is Singapore datacenter good enough. Mumbai I afraid because there could be a power cut anytime
07:19<@rgerke>You're welcome to use Singapore if you'd like. Ihave a few of my ownLinodes in Singapore and the speeds are excellent - I'min the US.
07:20<@rgerke>(And apparently I need to take extra classes for spacebar usage)
07:21<suan>Okey Thank you
07:22<wraeth>rgerke: It's the big button, right in the middle. ;)
07:23<@rgerke>wraeth: It's been a very elusive button today.
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07:23<@rgerke>suan: No problem. Feel free to drop in if you have any other questions, or even open a Support ticket through your account.
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07:24<linbot>New news from community: Hi, I would like to know about Linode. <>
07:26<wraeth>rgerke: Usually its bksp for me - "no, I don't want =. No, I still don't want =. Really, I just don't want =. Okay, now I've opened browser devtools..."
07:26<Guest9290>Hi, Am trying to log in via the login button on but just get to a screen that says 400 Doh Invalid redirect URI when I click it.
07:28<@rgerke>Guest9290: Checking that out.
07:28<@jcardillo>Guest9290: Hmm... I wasn't able to replicate that from directly. Can you try going directly to to login?
07:29<Guest9290>Yep. Can get in that way.
07:29<@rgerke>I got the same results as @ja=cardillo
07:29<wraeth>Yeah, the login button successfully sends me to cloud. as well.
07:29<@rgerke>wrateh: look what I just did, speaking of backspace
07:29<wraeth>Heh :D
07:30<@jcardillo>Guest9290: does the same thing happen regardless of your browser?
07:30<Guest9290>It did. It is now working.
07:31<@jcardillo>It's working when you click 'login' from, you mean?
07:31<Guest9290>Yep. I tried it with I tried it with Chrome and IE (Yuck) and both did the same. Must have been a very temporary glitch.
07:31<@jcardillo>Well... I'm glad it's working now.
07:37<suan>which one score the best
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07:51<notKevin>Hello everyone. We are looking to start using Linode as our cloud provider. Does anyone mind if I ask a couple of questions that need answering before we can make a decision?
07:52<wraeth>Ask away and anyone who can answer, will (though be patient - not everyone's in front of their keyboard ;) ).
07:54<notKevin>Great, we've got time as we are migrating currently from Kamatera. 1. Can we run any x86 OS or application with Linode? 2. Is hosting customer IP ranges available? 3. Are there Advanced CPU options available? Is the billing only in USD or multi-currency?
07:54<notKevin>Thank's whoever takes the time to answer!
07:57<DrJ>notKevin: generally Linodes run linux operating systems... it's possible to run others but I wouldn't recommend personally
07:57<DrJ>each linode comes with one public IPv4 address and way too many IPv6 addresses if you need them
07:58<wraeth>And you can run any x86 application provided the OS can support it (ie. isn't an x86_64-only OS).
07:58<DrJ> <--not sure what cpu optiosn you are talking about, but here are the plans
07:59<@jcardillo>notKevin: we've received several requests for the ability to host your own IP ranges. i've added your inquiry regarding that to our internal tracker.
07:59<@jcardillo>no ETA at the moment :)
07:59<DrJ>that would be nice
08:00<@jcardillo>billing is only in USD
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08:11<notKevin>Ok I understand. I will look into the pricing page you sent me. Thanks for the help everyone. Enjoy your day!
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10:39<linbot>New news from community: My WordPress site only works when I disable all of my plugins. What should I do? <>
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11:52<DrJ>disable all of the plugins of course
12:15<linbot>New news from community: Getting Started with Pulumi + Linode <>
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14:29<yancy>greetings. I'm wondering if someone can assist with opening a port.
14:31<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
14:33<yancy>I have a debian machine running, and I issued an iptables command to open a port. The port shows it's listed as open, but when I try to access the port externally with curl it doesn't connect
14:34<yancy>should I curl to the ip address listed in the linodes interface?
14:34<nuevu>Is there a service listening on that port that's actually running?
14:34<nuevu>If you're using curl, I'm assuming that should be a web server of some sort.
14:34<yancy>it works fine from the machine against localhost
14:35<yancy>yes it's listening for post requests
14:35<nuevu>What iptables rule did you add?
14:35<yancy>iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 8333 -j ACCEPT
14:37<linbot>New news from community: Linode CCM wont schedule <>
14:39<nuevu>Okay, so you said it's working from localhost? What are you trying to connect to that's not working? You do need to make sure you're connecting to the external IP.
14:39<yancy>how do I find the external ip?
14:39<yancy>I tried the same IP I use for ssh
14:40<nuevu>That's most likely the correct IP then
14:41<yancy>after I issue the iptables command, is there anything else I need to run on the debian machine
14:41<nuevu>It's possible there are other iptables rules that are dropping external traffic before your new rule is applied. Can you paste the output of `iptables -L -nv` (not directly in the channel)?
14:43<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
14:43<@scrane>That's the one. If you can share the output via a bpaste link that would be best, and hopefully we can help point you in the right direction with that.
14:44<yancy>sure one moment
14:47<nuevu>So, your firewall is already set to ACCEPT everything (not a great idea).
14:48<nuevu>It looks like you're also trying to connect to a Docker container running on that port, is that right?
14:48<yancy>hmm is that the default when spinning up a vm?
14:48<yancy>yes it's a docker container
14:49<nuevu>I honestly don't know what the default DEbian firewall looks like, so I couldn't tell you if that's a normal default or not.
14:51<nuevu>Sorry, but I don't have a strong enough handle on Docker networking to tell you if the problem is on that end. It's interesting that you said it works from localhost, though. It's possible that Docker's doing some filtering to limit external connections by default.
14:51<yancy>strange I can connect using localhost in the vm but using the ip that I assume is the public ip gives me a connection refused
14:52<yancy>verified I'm using the public ip listed under ipv4
14:53<yancy>ok thanks. I guess this is not a port problem after all
14:55<nuevu>It doesn't look like it's directly one, but still might be related. Sorry, hopefully someone else has a brilliant idea.
15:17<linbot>New news from community: Can I install software in a VM encrypted using a key hosted in a CloudHSM? <>
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15:48<linbot>New news from blog: Update on 2015 Security Incident <>
16:05<chesty>with docker you usually publish a port to have it accessible from the internet. you could do it manually with iptables I guess since that's what publish does
16:06<chesty>you would need to use the nat table and the PREROUTING chain
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17:03<r00t>Hello everyone
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17:04<millisa>Another job, well done.
17:06<cruxeternus>Never IRC as r00t.
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17:29<gparent>cruxeternus: changed his root username for scurityiry
18:12<linbot>New news from community: How do I setup a web page to show "Under Maintenance" while my Linode is being resized? <>
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20:50<dwfreed>it's always fun to discover things that expect UID 0 to be named 'root' or UID 0 to have all capabilities
20:50<millisa>toor is best uid 0
20:51<dwfreed>(if you want to discover the UID 0 username, there's getpwuid)
20:52<dwfreed>or getent if you're using shell
21:04<FluffyFoxeh>does UID 0 not have all capabilities?
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21:28<eswenson_>Anyone there who can help me with a linode/tap question?
21:28<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
21:28<millisa>Let's find out
21:29<eswenson_>I want to run an emulator on my linode that doesn't support the tun device, but only the tap device. I wonder if linodes allow me to use a tap device.
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21:31<eswenson_>I tried to set up a bridge to my tap0 device and failed and lost ssh access to my linode. I ended up logging in from the console and rebooting my linode.
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21:57<kiteguy> Hi... Anyone here able to help on some advanced networking questions about Linode?
21:58<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
22:02<kiteguy>A friend who uses linode is trying to set up a tap interface... is that possible on linode?
22:03<millisa>If it was the eswenson person in a few moments ago, they may have to wait for someone that knows the answer. Or put in a ticket or one of those community questions (I don't know the answer)
22:03<kiteguy>Yes it is for him
22:04<kiteguy>Is it possible to run a VM on a linode server?
22:06<kharlan11>virtualbox from the command line is a thing. I do it at home.
22:06<kharlan11>it's actually pretty neat.
22:07<kiteguy>Can you set a network connection to that VM from the outside world?
22:07<kiteguy>Note this is not a virtual machine in the normal sense of one :-)
22:10<kharlan11>I'm not sure. I'd assume setting the adapter to NAT would get it working.
22:12<kiteguy>The machine currently really only connects to a TAP interface.
22:13<kharlan11>are tap interfaces like fifo pipes
22:14<kiteguy>They are basically a ethernet network interface.
22:14<kiteguy>They send and recieve raw packets
22:16<kharlan11>Have you already asked support about this? They may be able to give you a better answer much quicker.
22:17<kiteguy>No I have not... also I don't have a linode machine
22:18<kiteguy>I am asking for a friend who does not know networking that well
22:18<wraeth>I'm not sure if the CPU presented to linodes has virtualization extensions, but running nested virtualization is probably not the most fun thing to do (read: it isn't, I've tried, though not on a linode).
22:18<kiteguy>I is not virtuallizing... it is an emulator for another computer
22:20<wraeth><kiteguy> Is it possible to run a VM on a linode server?
22:21<kiteguy>Yes... easier for people to understand then an emulator
22:21<millisa>what *are* they trying to run specifically? for all we know there's a how-to sitting in the docs for it
22:22<kiteguy>SimH KA10 simulator... and I can run it fine at home with a tap interface.
22:22<kiteguy>emulator actually runs fine on linode... just can't connect to internet
22:28<wraeth>Well the standard kernel appears to have CONFIG_TUN set, which I believe is all you need to be able to instantiate a tap interface device.
22:28<kiteguy>Yes.... problem is how to set it up with a br interface on linode server
22:29<wraeth>Probably largely the same way you would set it up with a br interface on any other system.
22:29<kiteguy>Unless they block it
22:30<wraeth>So the question is "does Linode restrict the creation of tap devices" rather than "how to"?
22:30<kiteguy>might be a better question
22:31<kiteguy>Or is there anything specific that you have to do to create such a beast
22:31<wraeth>I don't believe they do, but I am but a lowly keyboard monkey.
22:32<kiteguy>Not sure... if he can create a tap and connect it up to his ethernet port then the rest is easy
22:37<wraeth>Seems to be a few results when searching for "linode tap bridge". They mostly relate to OpenVPN, but could prove useful.
22:37<kiteguy>yeah... I am not sure how hard it would be to convert app to use tun
23:03<millisa>I got as far as getting br0 with my public IP and getting the linode responding on ssh again along with a tap0 interface listed. when I did the brctl addif br0 tap0 I'd lose ssh and don't really know how to test further.
23:04<kiteguy>You probably need to do it via a script.... cause you have to touch some routing after you doit.
23:04<millisa>i was doing it from the console
23:04<kiteguy>I had similar problem when testing... my home directory is off NFS... so droping network messing things up
23:05<millisa>linode has this thing called 'lish' (there's a graphic version called 'glish') that lets you do things like you are on kvm or a serial
23:05<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
23:05<kiteguy>Ok... will ask him to try using that.
23:07<kiteguy>Does linode run DHCP?
23:09<millisa>i've only ever used a static setup
23:09<kiteguy>Ok... it support static configuration also
23:10<millisa>this talks about it
23:11<millisa>this was my quick attempt on a centos7 system:
23:11<kiteguy>Oh.... he can ask for an additional ethernet interface with an address
23:12<millisa>Additional IP's, but they'd be on eth0 still.
23:12<kiteguy>You can attach to eth1 with the program.
23:13<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
23:13<kiteguy>Unfortunatly it only support IPv4
23:14<millisa>(not sure how hard it'd be to use what you're doing for a justification; I'd give it to you just because it's interesting)
23:14<kiteguy>I can attach the simulator to a eth# or a tap# connection.
23:18<kiteguy>This might work.
23:19<millisa>curious - why are they trying to do this on a linode and not on a local virtualbox?
23:20<kiteguy>Because that is where he wants to run it... so he can access it from various places
23:20<millisa>poor question; what are they actually gonna do in the sim instance? anything neat/sharable?
23:21<kiteguy>It is to run ITS on the net.
23:21<wraeth>FWIW, they could probably achieve the same thing hosting at home using NAT and DynDNS, provided their connection is stable/big enough.
23:21<kiteguy>Not sure their connection is.
23:22<kiteguy>I can run it if I poke some holes in my firewall
23:22<wraeth>Sure, was just offering an alternative.
23:22<millisa>looks like I've got a nice video before bed -
23:23<kiteguy>Yes... I an the author of KA10... Lars is the one who is restoring ITS.
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