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00:01<LouWestin>I'm having some delays when inputing commands on putty. DC is Dallas, Processes at 0, iftop isn't showing anything unusal, rebooted the server, rebooted the desktop i'm on too
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01:52<linbot>New news from community: i can send but can't receive mail (2) <>
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04:25<dede>anyone here?
04:33<chesty>no, there's a fire drill but they will be back in 3 minutes.
04:37<dede>ohh, ok,
04:37<dede>be safe
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04:55<nate>lol good job chesty
04:56<chesty>well, I didn't think they would leave. they responded 5 minutes after I said they would be back in 3
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07:59<linbot>New news from community: HOW-TO ] connect to a Linode VNC server <>
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09:08<cruxeternus>Now that's going on
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09:53<dzho>cruxeternus: link once you see it there
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10:14<cruxeternus>Well, I submitted it, but looks like new posts haven't been approved in some time, so not holding my breath
10:16<Peng>There are some older #linode quotes on, but I see that the last approved quote is from June.............
10:16<cruxeternus>Well, the last approved quotes on are probably from before 2015 heh
10:22<cruxeternus>Actually there's one quote that mentions Trump, so ~2017
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10:51<ElroyJetson>"""There was an error retrieving your Linodes. Please try again later."""
10:51<ElroyJetson>"""Your DNS zones are not being served. Your domains will not be served by Linode's nameservers unless you have at least one active Linode on your account. You can create one here.""" -> I *have* a Linode....
10:52<@bbigger>ElroyJetson mind opening up a ticket and dropping your ticket number here?
11:01<@bbigger>ElroyJetson: Thanks, I'm looking into issues on our end now. In the meantime, could you try accessing your account using Classic Manager?
11:03<ElroyJetson>bbigger: it seems to work now. Thanks
11:03<ElroyJetson>### Now on to other problems/questions
11:03<@bbigger>haha, great to hear — I'll have an update to your ticket soon as well
11:03<ElroyJetson> wants me to create a TXT record with a TTL of 1 second but 5 minutes is the least in the DNS manager, correct
11:04<ElroyJetson>Here is the sslforfree dialogue -
11:05<Peng>ElroyJetson: The TTL doesn't matter that much.
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11:11<GeorgeJetson>does Linode still only update DNS every quarter of an hour?
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12:28<linbot>New news from blog: 2019 Fall Events <>
12:40<linbot>New news from community: Unclear what the best strategy is for memory_limit (Ubuntu/PHP/Drupal/CiviCRM) <>
13:15<Cromulent>does anyone have any hints for running an Ethereum node on Linode (NOT minining)? I need to have a couple of nodes running on the internet so I can execute my smart contracts on them
13:18<Cromulent>I'm currently trying to sync up a full node on my home computer for development - it seems that a fully synced node is less than 200GB
13:18<Cromulent>and won't require much CPU so was thinking I could run it using block storage
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14:34<dwfreed>Cromulent: wouldn't smart contracts require CPU though?
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14:44<FluffyFoxeh>Something is weird here:
14:44<FluffyFoxeh>Is it just me or is the former redirecting somewhere else?
14:49<Peng> ?
14:49<FluffyFoxeh>yeah, that's it
14:49<FluffyFoxeh>did it get hacked? wtf
14:51<FluffyFoxeh>okay so apparently it's intentional, the main developer says "I think there are more important problems these days than XML processing"
14:51<FluffyFoxeh>so weird
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14:57<nuevu>That's ... that's just ... wow.
15:13<nate>Nothing like mixing political dramatics in with your open source library
15:47<Cromulent>dwfreed: ah yeah I guess you are right - I'm completely new to Ethereum
15:49<Cromulent>from my understanding it costs Ether to execute smart contracts and that each contract is limited to what it can do by how gas it costs
15:49<Cromulent>how much*
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16:16<Cromulent>I'm just going to leave this node syncing on my home computer overnight and see what I can find out in the morning when it is hopefully complete
16:17<Cromulent>I mean I do have a static IP address on my home computer so I could theoretically host my own Ethereum node on one of my home computers
16:17<Cromulent>static IP address on my home ISP*
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16:19<Kevin>created an account but can't add linodes.. whats up with that?
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16:20<Cromulent>do they want to authenticate you as a user?
16:20<Cromulent>they might want some ID before they open up the account to you
16:20<Cromulent>check your email
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16:55<shak>I just tried to register an account for a VPS but it declined my card? There are funds in the account if you do a verification. Thankls
16:56<dwfreed>shak: does your card require something Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode?
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16:57<shak>Sometimes, it just says declined now tho. It doesn';t support recurring payments, it may be that
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18:20<dwfreed>Anybody made a linode recently? I'm curious what LinodeIDs are up to
18:20<millisa>2 yesterday
18:20<millisa>both ended up on epyc 7601's
18:22<nuevu>Wow, that's 300k in the about 2 weeks since I created my most recent.
18:25<millisa>12437x might be my lowest
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20:32<chesty>I hope id's aren't a signed int
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20:36<chesty>hmmm, assuming a signed int and rate stays the same, it would take 200+ years to overflow. but I'm not confident of my maths
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20:57*warewolf has actually got some database tables at work that overflowed INT and some that are going to overflow in a couple months
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22:04<sam_>i want to know that
22:04<sam_>how much monthly visits does the $5 plan handle
22:05<Toba>at least 4
22:05<Toba>That totally depends on what kind of software you are using and what your site is like, how big the files are etc.
22:05<sam_>i am using wordpress with basic lightweight landing pages
22:06<sam_>no big files no downlaods
22:06<Toba>It is too variable a thing for someone to answer with just that information, but it's probably a lot?
22:06<sam_>just somelanding pages
22:06<Toba>"not big", well, then "lots" is your answer
22:07<Toba>30 kbytes?
22:07<Toba>that's it?
22:07<sam_>30000 visitors
22:11<millisa>It's not really something we could give you a direct answer on. It depends on how much resources each one of those visits uses up.
22:12<Toba>even if I had built the site myself I could not answer that without testing and benchmarking and that's not the kind of work you do for free on irc.
22:12<millisa>Linode is an unmanaged vps provider; you'd get root access to a server you spinup with allocated resources according to which plan you pick. If you need more resources, you can resize the linode.
22:12<sam_>but their is a average limit
22:14<sam_>ok thanks
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