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00:47<Cromulent>does anyone know how long it takes to get an EV SSL certificate issued?
00:50<linbot>New news from community: What are the objectives of principles of programming language? <>
00:57<nate>Cromulent: however long it takes the vendor to verify you within requirements of EV certificates
01:03<Cromulent>nate: I see - thanks
01:09<Cromulent>has anyone here used coin payments for taking payments on their website?
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02:39<@rgerke>Cromulent: You could always ask in the Linode Community.
02:45<Cromulent>good call - thanks
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02:50<linbot>New news from community: Has anyone used Coin Payments on their website to accept payment? <>
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02:55*Zr40 now imagines coin-operated websites
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02:56<Cromulent>I'm still on the fence about accepting cryptocurrencies
02:57<Cromulent>it would make my life much easier just to accept GBP
02:57<Cromulent>mainly because of accounting problems
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02:57<@rgerke>That's why suggested the COmmunity Site. Get some opinions from others who have done it before to see if it's worth it to you.
02:58<Zr40>stripe seems to be widely used
02:58<Cromulent>yeah I've looked at them in the past but I thought I'd just go PayPal
03:03<nate>Honestly what major sites even took cryptocoin (particularly BTC) at a point almost immediately stopped within months when they discovered how hard it was to genuinely cash out large amounts
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03:09<Cromulent>I just want the simplest payment option available to start off with - I can always add others later but this is a MVP so I'm keeping it simple
03:10<Cromulent>stripe elements looks promising
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03:12<Cromulent>but then so does paypal
03:12<Cromulent>and the coin payments API looks really simple to use
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04:11<linbot>New news from community: Why is DNS Resolution for my Domain Failing? <>
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04:16<vince>it this free for trial?
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06:05<Prav>Hi Linode, You are PCIDSS comliant servers - however I like to know if you provide AOC for that?
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10:15<HampusP>Hi ,just dropping by for a quick question, does resizing a VPS (from1core/2gb to 2core/4gb) take long or is a 5-minute thing? (once i click the "submit" button)
10:22<hawk>Resizing implies migrating to a different host. Which I guess may at least serve as input regarding what decides how long it takes and maybe some rough idea of how long it might take.
10:24<HampusP>I guess that answers my question but is it possible to get an guesstimate on how long it takes?
10:25<erik>HampusP: Assuming you have allocated all disk I would calculate with 10-15 minutes but it will most likely be in the region of 5-10
10:25<erik>HampusP: In general migrations go with approximately 100MB/s
10:25<erik>Sometimes they can be slower. But it is rare
10:25<HampusP>Thats perfect, just wanted to make sure it wasn't something that took an hour or more. Thanks
10:26<erik>HampusP: On top of that time there are a couple of minutes before and after the migration for some preparation work for the migration
10:27<erik>HampusP: meaning that 100MB/s figure
10:28<HampusP>With such a small VPS and those speeds it seems like it would only take a long time if something went wrong. In wich case i have a backup anyway
10:28<@TaraNT>HampusP Migrations (which includes resizing) can take approximately 3-5 GB of data per minute
10:28<@TaraNT>If you are concerned about the length of time a resize takes, we're happy to check into it for you if you open a ticket
10:30<HampusP>Thats ok, i just needed an aproximate time so i knew when i start it
10:32<linbot>New news from community: Install and configure php-zip <>
10:42<linbot>New news from community: Can I set up a MX record to point to a CNAME record? <>
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12:20<__22>Hi Sir
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13:32<linbot>New news from community: Ho do I transfer a linode from my account to another account? <>
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14:14<dubidub>Issuing a shutdown for Linode using the Python API library, I sometimes get a "400: Linode busy" error. What does this mean? The word 'busy' is not in the API documentation.
14:21<millisa>does the linode have any pending actions on it when you run the shutdown?
14:21<millisa>The one note I see in the api doc: "If any actions are currently running or queued, those actions must be completed first before you can initiate a shutdown."
14:44<dubidub>I can force it if I run a script that issues a shutdwon twice in quick succession.
14:46<dubidub>I get no error the first time, even if the linode already is in the offline state.
14:47<millisa>I'll put money that if you watch /v4/account/events while the 400's are happening it'll have an event for that linode id that has a status that isn't "finished" or a 'percent complete' that isn't 100
14:47<dubidub>The API doc has an 400 Bad Request error and states that 4xx codes indicate a request error
14:48<millisa>it's probably because 400 fits better than the others they have defined
14:49<millisa>you're talking about these, right?
14:51<dubidub>I'm making a script to shut down all my linodes when an account network transfer threshold is reached.
14:52<dubidub>It would be nice if all linodes are actually shut down.
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15:11<Rajasthan_police>we have receive a complaint against an ip
15:11<linbot>Linode's abuse contact is , as shown in the abuse contact info for the IP address in question. shows how to look this up yourself.
15:12<Rajasthan_police>what is that
15:12<millisa>What is what?
15:12<Rajasthan_police>that ip was belong to your company
15:14<Rajasthan_police>can we aspect help in our case from your side
15:14<@bbigger>Rajasthan_police: Please report the complaint, including the IP address and any plaintext log portions and/or email header information to From there, we will investigate the complaint and update you on our findings and actions.
15:14<Rajasthan_police>Thankyou very much
15:15<chesty>dubidub, have you looked at the python api code to see if the busy error even comes from linode?
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15:16<millisa> /nick Wallyworld_Police
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15:19<hornet>Hi millisa my website is not working
15:19<millisa>Why not?
15:20<hornet>it shows only server index page
15:20<hornet>not the files which i uploaded over the server
15:20<millisa>Did you log into the server and look at the logs and config?
15:20<hornet>i am unable to login
15:20<millisa>why not?
15:20<hornet>can you check for me please
15:21<millisa>I can't. The linode support folks probably wouldn't log into your server either.
15:21<millisa>You would need to log in and troubleshoot it
15:22<hornet>okey :)
15:23<millisa>using the name that appears to be associated to that IP, i see a soccer stadium
15:28<@bbigger>dubidub, chesty: that error is coming from the API as millisa deduced
15:34<@TaraNT>dubidub The Linode is busy if it's status is anything other than "running" or "offline" per the host
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15:51<starkedge>i signed up in linode few days back
15:52<starkedge>using email if
15:52<starkedge>But for some reason I am not able to login
15:52<starkedge>or even reset the password
15:52<millisa>Note - this is a public channel, so careful with your info
15:52<millisa>There's usually a couple emails that go along with signing up. Did you get those?
15:53<millisa>Sometimes they ask for further authentication info
15:53<starkedge>Yes I got it
15:54<starkedge>and My account was verified
15:54<starkedge>so not not sure why I am not able to login now
15:54<starkedge>I already have credit card attached to it
15:54<millisa>Those welcome emails were addressed to that info@ address you gave?
15:55<millisa>Did you try the forgot username link?
15:56<starkedge>yes already tried that
15:56<starkedge>None of the emails are coming
15:56<linbot>Sounds like ticket time! Your problem will probably be solved much faster by submitting a support ticket, rather than hoping to catch an employee's attention here.
15:57<starkedge>its asking me to login for support
15:57<millisa>( - they'll probably ask you for some extra auth info like the last 6 digits on the CC)
15:57<starkedge>It asking me to login to the account
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16:11<chesty>you might need an account to create a ticket, but you can email support without an account
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17:18<dubidub>TaraNT, what statuses can a Linode have?
17:19<millisa>string Enum:"running" "offline" "booting" "rebooting" "shutting_down" "provisioning" "deleting" "migrating" "rebuilding" "cloning" "restoring"
17:20<millisa> (expand 'data' in the Responses section)
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17:26<millisa>it's in getLinodeInstance, too if you are polling just 1 specific linode
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17:48<dubidub>It could be useful to enable API keys to shut down and boot Linodes, without also enabling creation of new ones. The latter costs money.
17:49<dubidub>Permissions are not that fine grained at the moment.
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17:53<@TaraNT>dubidub We've logged that feedback to our internal tracker, thanks for sharing your thoughts.
17:53<linbot>New news from community: s3fs with Linode object storage <>
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20:04<linbot>New news from community: I have errors when running apt-get update in Deb 7 <> || I have errors when running apt-get update in Deb 7 <>
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20:25<JAC>Feeling like a little bit of an idiot... but I have 2FA enabled on the Linode account, upgraded to a new iPhone, and now I no longer have the second factor. Not sure why it didn't carry over, but... help?
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20:31<Peng>Is there a linbot alias for
20:40<dwfreed>linbot: apropos 2fa
20:40<linbot>dwfreed: No appropriate commands were found.
20:40<dwfreed>linbot: alias add 2fa echo
20:40<linbot>dwfreed: I have performed your operation, meatsack. I require your aid. Where would one acquire approximately one hundred and ten pounds of human meat?
20:40<dwfreed>Peng: there is now
20:43<Peng>linbot: apropos tfa
20:43<linbot>Peng: captfail, catfacts, and pitfalls
20:43<linbot>Many cats love having their forehead gently stroked.
20:43<Peng>Close enough
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20:58<dwfreed>linbot: help catfacts
20:58<linbot>dwfreed: (catfacts <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "echo [web title]".
20:59<dwfreed>linbot: help pitfalls
20:59<linbot>dwfreed: (pitfalls <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "echo Read the hints at to see how you can improve your nginx configuration.".
20:59<dwfreed>linbot: help captfail
20:59<linbot>dwfreed: (captfail <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "do #linode sets CaptObviousman on fire".
21:01<dwfreed>probably a really old alias
21:01<dwfreed>pitfalls is great for anybody who puts an if in their nginx config
21:28<@rgerke>Are you guys teasing our linbot?
21:39<dwfreed>linbot: success
21:39<linbot>dwfreed: I have performed your operation, meatsack. Perhaps purchasing a drink for two dollars and ninety eight cents would keep you from dying of dehydration.
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23:03<chesty>I saw a funny article today, a security researcher thought it would be clever to buy the vanity license plate NULL, thinking it might trip up plate recognition software. It probably didn't, but he started receiving all these fines in the mail he wasn't responsible for, $1000s of dollars worth of fines. It turns out when one of the contractors can't
23:03<chesty>read a plate, they put NULL down as the plate, which never used to be a valid plate, now it is so the city sends the fine to the security researcher who owns the plate.
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