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05:48<Thameem>I have an doubt?
05:49<@rgerke>How can I help?
05:49<Thameem>what is the main different between Linode and Digital Ocean?
05:50<Thameem>That means what's the reason i choose linode
05:51<erik>Thameem: Being a customer of both Digital Ocean and Linode my experience is that Linode is more consistent in performance and the support is more responsive
05:52<@rgerke>I'm not that familiar with Digital Ocean, so I don't want to make comparisons, but I recommend checking out our website - - and going over our offerings.
05:53<Thameem>I have an confusion, go through the google search , I feel both are same only slight difference between price so that's why im asking
05:55<erik>Thameem: On paper, if you are looking at just a basic VPS. The offerings are more or less the same
05:56<erik>Thameem: In my experience though Linode offers better quality for money spent. I feel Linodes performance is more consistent over a larger fleet of linodes and as previously mentioned the support is better
06:08<Thameem>we have an wordpress website, which server is suitable?
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06:12<@rgerke>I recommend starting with the smallest plan, the Nanode. If it turns out you need a larger Linode, you can easily resize it. I host a Wordpress site on a Nanode currently.
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09:05<Amos>Hi there, a question about resources, I saw a pricing for 1/2gb and 1cpu, what is the pricing for 2gb and 2 cpu? Also, the pricing includes SSL and cPanel? thanks
09:08<kharlan>? pricing
09:08<kharlan>bbigger: :(
09:09<@bbigger>Linodes don't include cPanel licenses, though a cPanel license is included with the Managed services
09:10<@bbigger>otherwise, you're free to configure SSL on your Linodes
09:11<Amos>There is no pricing for 2gb and 2 cpu. Regarding cpanel and managed, I guess the pricing for managed is higher... Regarding SSL, thanks!
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09:15<@bbigger>You're welcome Amos! And that's correct, we have a 4GB RAM 2 CPU plan, and a 2GB RAM 1 CPU plan in that range.
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10:56<todomed>Hi everyone,
10:57<todomed>Does anyone speak Spanish?
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16:01<Eugene>!lick zifnab
16:01<linbot>Eugene: Point given to zifnab. (41) (Biggest fan: eugene, total: 36)
16:02<@mcintosh>!point mcintosh
16:02<linbot>mcintosh: 1,000,000 points for mcintosh!!!
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16:03<ElroyJetson>Hello, I would like some insight into why visiting my domain, hosted by Linode, it redirects to .... the domain is
16:04<ElroyJetson>At , the nameservers were and instead of all 5... but I have updated it to use all 5
16:04<ElroyJetson>And I have apache configured to serve a wordpress site
16:05<cruxeternus>When I visit that site I get a "certificate expired" notice
16:05<ElroyJetson>cruxeternus: visiting it via a web browser? If so, which one?
16:05<nuevu>What IP address *should* your domain be pointing to? Is also one of your domains?
16:05<ElroyJetson>nuevu: no is not my domain
16:06<nuevu>Then the first quest really does apply. What IP have you configured your domain to point to?
16:06<ElroyJetson> is where it should point and says that it where it is pointing
16:06<nuevu>That server is the one hosting, apparently.
16:07<ElroyJetson>But I think cruxeternus has a point... if a cert is expired,, then maybe the issuing authority redirected it to dingpage or something
16:07<nuevu>The SSL error that cruxeternus was seeing is actually expired, but the domain it's issued to is as well.
16:07<nuevu>Let's Encrypt doesn't have any control over redirecting your domain
16:08<linbot>Peng: [AD=0]
16:08<ElroyJetson>nuevu: I do not own and have never configured anything to point to it. But nslookup shows it pointing to my server... this is crazy
16:08<linbot>Peng: [AD=0]
16:08<cruxeternus>Well, the webserver at returns a 301 Moved Permanently to
16:08<ElroyJetson>maybe there is a redirect in my apache config I'm missing...
16:08<Peng>Is that really your IP address? It's's IP address.
16:09<cruxeternus>Well, he has no control over what points their domain to
16:09<cruxeternus>It could also be that your wordpress install is compromised
16:09<Peng>ElroyJetson: The redirect is being generated by WordPress
16:10<cruxeternus>(wouldn't be the first time that's happened to someone...)
16:10<Peng>In a curious coincidence, is using
16:10<ElroyJetson>Peng: who is it registered to?
16:10<Peng>I didn't look.
16:11<cruxeternus>it's using the registrar's anonymous service
16:11<Peng>ElroyJetson: Is that your IP address
16:12<ElroyJetson>Peng: is my IP address
16:12<Peng>Congratulations, you run
16:12<ElroyJetson>Peng: wait a minute ... how do I find out why IP address(es) I have at my linode?
16:13<cruxeternus>Peng: Anyone can point their domain at any IP address :P
16:13<Peng>ElroyJetson: Remote access tab of the old manager. Not sure which tab in the new manager. In either case, the manager homepage should just each node's main IPv4 IP.
16:13<Peng>cruxeternus: I'm curious who pointed their domain at whose IP though
16:14<@bbigger>could also use Linode cli `linode-cli linodes list`
16:14<cruxeternus>what's the reverse DNS on that IP
16:14<ElroyJetson>bbigger: do you install linode-cli via `apt`
16:15<cruxeternus>Is there a linbot cmd for that?
16:15<ElroyJetson>cruxeternus: how do you find the reverse DNS on an IP?
16:15<cruxeternus>ElroyJetson: Well, if it's your Linode IP, there's a setting for it under Network
16:15<@bbigger>easiest way to install cli is w/pip: `pip install linode-cli --upgrade`
16:15<cruxeternus>but there should be a way to find out remotely
16:16<cruxeternus>Ok, the reverse dns shows the default name, so that can't be part of the problem
16:16<cruxeternus>Host Name for
16:16<cruxeternus>Host Name:
16:17<cruxeternus>I was thinking maybe the reverse DNS was pointing to, and WP was doing something bizarre
16:17<cruxeternus>but that's not the case
16:18<linbot>Peng: [AD=0]
16:18<cruxeternus>now you tell me :P
16:20<ElroyJetson>That is not my linode
16:20<cruxeternus>ElroyJetson: If you control that IP address, then it has to be a server configuration issue on your end. No one redirect requests without controlling your server somehow.
16:21<ElroyJetson>maybe it's an old one. But it is not my current one.
16:21<cruxeternus>Then DNS is wrong :|
16:21<ElroyJetson>oh I get it
16:21<linbot>cruxeternus: [AD=0]
16:21<ElroyJetson>yes, DNS is old
16:21<cruxeternus>You need to change the IP to the correct one :D
16:21<ElroyJetson>and points to an old IP address I probably had.
16:21<cruxeternus>in the Linode DNS manager
16:22<@bbigger>another mystery solved
16:22<cruxeternus>!point occam
16:22<linbot>cruxeternus: Point given to occam. (1)
16:22<cruxeternus>and his razor
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18:29<FluffyFoxeh>occam > gilette
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23:38<primitiv>it tells me template is not defined
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