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05:02<arun_>I need help
05:03<arun_>What to know price for hosting
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05:10<@rgerke>arun_: Hi! Our pricing depends on the plan you choose. Here's a link to our page which lists all of our plans and their associated costs:
05:10<Guest124>lt m check
05:11<Guest124>I am a web developer I have total 6 website nowI need seperate cpanel for each domain
05:12<@rgerke>You can install CPanel on your Linode regardless of the plan you choose.
05:12<Guest124>and what is about support?
05:13<Guest124>Is this 24 hour or can I call for support?
05:13<@rgerke>Our Support team is available around the clock by ticket or phone. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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05:29<chesty>you have a day off on leap years? pretty slack.
05:30<@rgerke>chesty: It took me a moment, and a look at my calendar, before I got that. Ha.
05:34<chesty>it's like when the misses asks you to go to store and get a loaf of bread, and if they have eggs, get half a dozen. so you return with half a dozen loaves of bread. the misses asks why on earth did you get half a dozen loaves of bread? and you say because they had eggs.
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06:46<Zr40>chesty: well, he really should have gotten 7 loaves
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09:46<primitiv>anybody here used ajax with select2?
09:46<primitiv>having a hard time understanding how to format the data for it to be displayed
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09:50<echris>looking at signing up for an account. Can i pay yearly instead of monthly
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10:55<primitiv> this doesnt seem to be up to date
10:56<primitiv>says Warning: preg_replace(): Compilation failed: unmatched closing parenthesis at offset 2 on line 6
10:56<primitiv> $s = preg_replace('/]*)"?[^>]*>(.*?)/i','$2 ($1)',$s); soecifically this
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11:23<nate>primitiv: What exactly are you trying to do?
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11:31<primitiv>i think this code is wrong
11:32<primitiv> if you look at this link
11:32<primitiv> if you look at this link
11:32<primitiv>sorry didnt mean to double paste
11:32<primitiv>you can type text then get the underlined / bolded version without having to do anything else\
11:32<primitiv>in unicode, ascii, rich text whatevr you call it
11:32<primitiv>you can then copy and paste that into facebook and instagram, other social media apps and use the text as is
11:33<primitiv>I'm trying to get a function to simply turn any text given either in bold or underline or both
11:33<primitiv>thats all
11:33<primitiv>then they will copy and paste it as needed into the app we have
11:33<primitiv>or we will use the function to do it for them
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12:02<Mauricio>Hi Guys, this chat can be used to solved general questions about the linoned service?
12:03<nate>It's a community/customer chat room mostly so if we can we'll certainly try to answer questions :P
12:05<Mauricio>Thank you :)
12:06<Mauricio>I am willing to migrate to new server and I considering linode. It is site in Umbraco, so I need a windows machine.
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12:11<nate>Ah, well as the company name would imply, linode is largely based on linux VPS's. You -can- technically install windows on one, but it's a manual process and will require some tech knowledge
12:15<Mauricio>Thank you Nate :)
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12:47<KossanNyx>Hello, i have uploaded on my textupload account a detailed botnet abuse report as i was unable to deliver to you a proper mail!
12:47<KossanNyx>Would be nice if someone could take a look to it :) - remove spaces - https:// textuploader .com/11fs7/raw
12:49<dwfreed>what happens when you email ?
12:49<KossanNyx>Simply not work
12:49<KossanNyx>No way to be able to deliver to you guys a mail
12:51<dwfreed>email doesn't "simply not work"; it's either accepted or rejected
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12:51<Peng>welcome back
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12:53<dwfreed>the "abuse" report is pretty bland anyway
12:53<dwfreed>doesn't even give a specific example for the Linode
12:54<nuevu>That intentional space in the URL was a red flag for me. Didn't have a convenient sandbox to open a potentially dangerous link in.
12:54<dwfreed>I wget'ed it and then opened it in vm
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12:54<dwfreed>RickCrown: welcome back
12:55<RickCrown>My colleague who visited before and me are freetime security enthusiasts
12:55<nuevu>!point dwfreed
12:55<linbot>nuevu: Point given to dwfreed. (85) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 17)
12:55<RickCrown>We look with the help of online scan tools (abuseipdb or Urlscan) for known malicious actors and report what we found to the hosting companies
12:55<dwfreed>fwiw, in order for Linode to even accept the complaint, you're going to have to give a specific example of something hosted on that Linode
12:56<RickCrown>my colleague KN failed to contact the Linode abuse mail, but contacted the support mail afterwards, where guys did not understand. As he is too frustrated to talk to you guys here - allow me to lead this talk from now on :D
12:57<dwfreed>what was the error when he tried to email ?
12:57<RickCrown>Nothing as said. If you ask me, most likely because of the mail solution he used... Tutanota
12:58<RickCrown>Which is crap, which made me personally switch to Ctemplar
12:58<Peng>What's "nothing"? Did the email client freeze?
12:58<RickCrown>Nothing is nothing. More i can not say towards this topic, sorry :D
13:00<Peng>Nothing's not going to happen until the heat death of the universe
13:00<dwfreed>SMTP always gives a response code; if he didn't get an error back, then the mail was most likely accepted
13:01<RickCrown>I am no email technician, sorry to disappoint with my highly limited knowledge - All what can be said, is Tutanota is crap and i too had in the time simply vanishing mails - for example when sending to friends who owned a Google mail
13:01<dwfreed>Linode answers abuse emails at a difrerent rate than support emails, so it may be longer before they give a response, but they do respond
13:01<RickCrown>no error message, no nothing. Sent mails simply do not arrive
13:01<dwfreed>so send with a different email service
13:02<dwfreed>but as I mentioned, your complaint is going to need to be more specific for what's hosted on that particular Linode
13:02<RickCrown>Will do something better, i repor the domain to the registry, that is good enough that it gets suspended
13:04<RickCrown>Well, in the end, as we tried to explain - a botnet node which looks and works the same like it exists on countless of other networks
13:05<RickCrown> - -
13:05<RickCrown>and our uploaded report has around 22 other clone IP nodes
13:06<RickCrown>on different networks which look the same like on the urlscan screenshot.
13:06<RickCrown>the only difference is the IP name of course
13:06<RickCrown>every IP uses r.php scripting with a redirection function
13:06<dwfreed>there's nothing on that urlscan report that shows anything meaningful for abuse
13:07<RickCrown>It does - if you know the definition of a botnet
13:07<RickCrown>where the nodes all use same design and function
13:08<RickCrown>For this Urlscan is a great tool, as you can trace and create screenshots from all the other nodes which gives you a great comparison result
13:08<dwfreed>or they just implement the same wordpress plugin
13:08<dwfreed>that does not necessarily make them a botnet
13:09<RickCrown>Why should someone create tons of same working /looking IP. There is zero good reason for it
13:10<RickCrown>Also, we have spot also 2 more botnets similar to this one. Point is, that ARE botnets and should at least be investigated
13:10<RickCrown>We contacted countless of other hosting companies out there who had the same node issues, and in most cases the content was suspended
13:11<dwfreed>You'd have to give a specific URL hosted on that Linode that demonstrates abuse
13:12<RickCrown>i see it makes no use to talk to you guys.
13:12<dwfreed>Linode is going to tell you the same thing
13:13<RickCrown>the issue is the links are only valid for one click, so we can only give away links which show how the forward works, but no direct working example of forwards. But we have tracing links in Urlscan with scanned botnet nodes of the same kind which HAD working redirects
13:13<RickCrown>and even flagged spam/phishing
13:13<RickCrown>one moment
13:18<RickCrown>Live screenshot of this node - same design and function Urlscan trace with link to malicious campaign= Node is on a Malaysian hosting company
13:19<RickCrown>if you try to open the same looking node on Linode ( with the r.php + parameters in the example - /r.php?t=c&d=65555&l=111&c=62409 - you get invalid link - but it shold be a good showcase that this is the same issue
13:23<RickCrown>Is it at least understandable what the point is? :D
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13:24<millisa>I don't even understand the logic.
13:25<millisa>"There is a problem that exists on these other sites" "If I try to do the same thing on this third site - it doesn't work - but it is just as bad." ?
13:26<millisa>It's not that I don't believe them either...
13:26<millisa>single letter .php files on a wordpress site is usually a bad sign
13:47<nate>Reading up if I'm understanding correctly, he was attempting to report what he -thought- was a compromised host?
13:48<millisa>I think so. But it appeared to be based on only the existence of a named php file that didnt actually demonstrate the compromised issue?
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17:44<chesty>Zr40, re the loaves of bread, this is how I see it. loaves = 1; if eggs: loaves = 6
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19:42<primitiv>my select2 isn't passing data when i submit my form, any ideas why?
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19:58<millisa>If I had to guess, you did something incorrectly
19:58<primitiv>have you ever used it before it's my first time
19:58<primitiv>I do not doubt your wise words
19:58<millisa>I'm not even sure what you are talking about
19:59<primitiv>didn't know this existed until yesterday
19:59<millisa>they appear to have a freenode channel
20:01<primitiv>it doesntwork
20:02<millisa>looks like there's 6 people in there
20:03<millisa>generically though, if the option list looks right, put some debug on your form target that echoes whatever it gets back out so you can see if it's making it that far
20:04<millisa>pretty sure chrome dev tools can show post data, too
20:07<primitiv>what is it called??
20:07<primitiv>i couldnt find it
20:08<millisa>#select2 ?
20:08<millisa>there's an irc chat button there on their home page that brings up a web client
20:08<primitiv>was not there earlier..weeird
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21:23<redentor>cant someone " ping burdette "
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21:28<Peng>Do you want someone to ping it? If so, what's the fully-qualified name?
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21:37<redentor>Peng, yes
21:44<FluffyFoxeh>ping: unknown host yes
21:44<kharlan>mysqldump seems single threaded
21:44<kharlan>this is going to take forever
21:45<kharlan>--use-threads only seems to apply for multiple files. Does anyone know a quicker way to dump a large db?
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22:24<redentor>Telegram group
22:33<redentor>im the admin
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