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00:38<Zr40>chesty: get one. If eggs, get six. Result: seven if eggs, one otherwise
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03:57<chesty>Zr40, is that php?
03:57<chesty>I'm only familiar with python ;)
04:11<Zr40>chesty: what is?
04:12<Zr40>chesty: I meant: loaves += 1; if eggs: loaves += 6
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07:16<Zr40>ooh, just had an emergency maintenance that didn't result in a host migration
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07:27<nokib>hello sir, i want to know about tax of any plan. is there any extra cost? i want to use $5@monthly package.
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08:44<linbot>New news from community: How can I resolve NO GLUE record found for my domain? <>
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10:34<primitiv> my commented out php code returns email addresses as expected via ajax
10:34<primitiv>but when i try to use the try catch it doesnt work as expected and doesnt return any results
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10:36<powneddd>hey guys,how long does it usually take for an account to be approved ?
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10:44<ug>difference between standard and Dedicated CPU Instances
10:44<millisa>standard could be shared with other tenants. Dedicated cpu - the core is all yours.
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10:49<Franco>Hi there...
10:49<millisa>General Kenobi...
10:49<Franco>may ask something ??
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10:49<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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10:50<Franco>OK, I've a client that wants to host a online store on Linode
10:51<Franco>so I'll need an account and prices for a managed account with cPanel and SLL certificate
10:51<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
10:51<millisa>As for prices, they are all on
10:52<millisa>The managed add-on is in that last bit
10:52<Franco>ok and the price for the managed has a different price. is it?
10:52<millisa>Generally though, Linode is an unmanaged vps provider; they provide the hardware resources and you are expected to do the setup, management, ssl deployments, etc
10:53<millisa>Managed adds on $100 per linode in the account per month
10:53<millisa>and it's more of a break-fix type service
10:54<millisa>Definitely read up on the page of what they offer with it before committing to it
10:54<Franco>ok, I understand now. Is it possible to install Node.js on Linode?
10:56<millisa>You can install most anything (legal) on a linode that runs on linux
10:56<millisa>You get full root access to the system
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10:57<Franco>perfect, I get it now.
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11:06<hkpiash>I am linode user
11:06<hkpiash>and i have some problem with email configure
11:06<millisa>What kind of problem?
11:06<hkpiash>my client gets email in spam
11:07<millisa>the headers might indicate why it ended up in spam. generally, you'll want to have a matching forward, reverse, and helo/ehlo. You'll want a good spf record that includes it
11:08<hkpiash>and also all email which send from my server
11:08<hkpiash>all configure showing valid so far as i understand
11:09<millisa>what's the IP and name of your mail server?
11:09<hkpiash>DKIM, SPF, REVERSE DNS (PTR)
11:13<millisa>ptr/forward/ehlo looks good to me, too. spf for that domain does include the IP you mentioned
11:14<millisa>are you using that same domain name in the from address and in the envelope from?
11:15<hkpiash>sorry, I don't understand
11:15<hkpiash>can you elaborate
11:16<millisa>the mail you generate has a from address. are you using a from address ?
11:17<millisa>what domain are you using in the from address?
11:17<hkpiash> or
11:17<hkpiash>like this
11:18<hkpiash>my all client faces same problem
11:18<millisa>that should be fine. appears to list your IP in the spf record
11:18<hkpiash>not only me
11:20<millisa>it sounds like you've done most things right on your side (your name server setup using the same ip isn't great, but that shouldn't matter for mail delivery)
11:20<millisa>you'll want to look at one of the messages that ended up in spam to see what the spamscanner on that side complained about
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11:25<hkpiash>can you please check what is the solution?
11:25<millisa>Did you look at the headers of one of the mails that were marked as spam?
11:27<hkpiash>from: <> reply-to: "" <> to: hk piash <> date: Aug 14, 2019, 12:21 PM subject: WHMCS Domain Synchronisation Cron Report mailed-by: signed-by: security: Standard encryption (TLS) Learn more
11:29<hkpiash>another one
11:29<hkpiash>from: <> to: "hk piash (" <> date: Aug 16, 2019, 4:49 PM subject: Your HHL 1GB Package Activated Notice from HostHolder mailed-by: signed-by: security: Standard encryption (TLS) Learn more
11:29<linbot>Maybe not a verb. But you can do it here:
11:32<millisa>you'd want the full headers.
11:32<millisa>it shows things like received-from:this server, receiver-from:another server
11:34<hkpiash>I am using whmcs and system send email automatically
11:37<millisa>Does gmail no longer tell you why a mail ended up in the spam folder like they talk about here?
11:39<hkpiash>Is my mail IP reputation is good?
11:39<millisa>i dont see it on a blacklist
11:41<hkpiash>not showing is good
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11:43<hkpiash>If i use dedicated IP is that solve the problem?
11:44<millisa>What do you mean? your linode has a dedicated IP already
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11:46<hkpiash>Is my Linode IP "" dedicated IP?
11:46<millisa>it's only for your linode
11:49<hkpiash>So how I solve the problem
11:49<millisa>You'd need to investigate it on the side that is blocking it. The headers there might give a hint. Look at them
11:50<millisa>as far as I know, it is blocking it due to content.
11:52<hkpiash>How it possible
11:52<hkpiash>WHMCS know about content
11:52<hkpiash>they already set all content for client
11:52<millisa>I have no idea what google's internal policies are when it comes to spam. If they are the ones that are marking it as spam, you should look at why they are doing it
11:54<hkpiash>see this is another email content and send it from cpanel
11:54<millisa>ok, and if it was marked as spam by gmail, look for the headers in gmail to see why
12:07<hkpiash>Is there need any changes in WHM Tweak Settings or somewhere else?
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12:08<hkpiash>One of my client wrote me
12:08<hkpiash>We didn’t set any header in the mail. We have used phpmailer. Phpmailer set default header for all the mail
12:09<millisa>mails have headers regardless of what they set.
12:09<millisa>every mail server in the path will usually add to it.
12:10<millisa>This mentions how to see them in gmail ('Show Original') -
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13:43<packetcat>did Linode Dallas just go down? seeing multiple alerts]
13:44<millisa>i'm still connected to my dallas node. but i'm getting some odd unreachable alerts
13:44<millisa>i'm getting alerts from non-linode stuff too it seems
13:44<packetcat>indeed, I'm still connected but my Icinga host in DO NYC is alerting
13:45<millisa>your monitoring system that's alerting behind a RR/TW/Spectrum line by any chance?
13:46<packetcat>no, its's in DigitalOcean's NYC location
13:46<millisa>hm. im' having issues reaching some DO systems and some Rackspace systems too
13:48<@jcardillo>hey millisa:
13:49<millisa>what fun
13:49<packetcat>my alerts just recovered FYI
13:49<@jackley>seems to have just come back
13:49<millisa>for me too
13:49<millisa>for the non-linode stuff too
13:51<linbot>New news from status: Connectivity Issues -, Linode Manager and Linode API <>
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14:20<Peng>Briefly went bad again
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14:33<kharlan>Has anyone ever dealt with vonage business before?
14:34<kharlan>A client is experiencing delays when placing calls, and the MTR shows 100ms+ ping to a router 6 hops before the destination.
14:35<kharlan>their bandwidth never exceeds 50mbps, and they have a outbound of about 400mbps.
14:39<kharlan>ofcourse the internal network is being blamed by the vendor for the delay. any opinions?
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15:48<Valfor>Hello, do you have some datacenter in EU or it's just EEUU ?
15:49<millisa>those are the locations
15:50<@jackley>Valfor: our Frankfurt data center is in Germany
15:52<Zr40>never heard of 'EEUU'
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16:00<dwfreed>also the London datacenter is technically still in the EU
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17:02<linbot>New news from community: Multiple Sites on One IP <>
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17:22<linbot>New news from community: How do I install VyOS on my Linode <>
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18:02<linbot>New news from community: I would like to resize my Linode, how can I tell the time it will take? <>
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19:12<linbot>New news from community: Anyone having issues with not being able to log into SSH suddenly?? <>
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19:14<LinodeNewbie>Do you know the price for the managed add on option?
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