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11:09<rsdehart>welcome to community chat
11:09<gustavo>I need support because I can't access mysql
11:10<rsdehart>ok, feel free to elaborate and maybe I can help
11:12<gustavo>ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (111)
11:15<gustavo>Please I need your help
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11:21<rsdehart>gustavo: have you tried restarting mysql?
11:22<rsdehart>have you been able to connect before?
11:22<rsdehart>to which?
11:23<gustavo>if I restart it and connect it about 8 hours ago but I can save
11:23<rsdehart>have you tried restarting it since you've had trouble connecting?
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12:20<Woet>gustavo: unless you have $100 managed support, handling these kind of issues is up to you, not Linode support.
12:47<linbot>New news from community: Is it possible / advisable to run OpenVPN and a LAMP stack on the same machine? <>
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13:10<gustavo> They can't support me, and are you telling me that I should have a specific plan for support?
13:14<@jcardillo>gustavo: we provide support regardless of the plan you're on. it's just that internal configuration questions are outside the scope of what we can assist with, since we don't have access to your server.
13:15<@jcardillo>the scope of our support is outlined in section 6 of our terms of service:
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13:17<gustavo> thank you
13:18<@jcardillo>here's a post on stackexchange that gets into that error a bit:
13:19<@jcardillo>i'd also recommend checking your available memory with `free -m` and disk space with `df -h`
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13:39<gustavo> It's a problem with the symbolic link, can I help you with this?
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14:29<heckler>I have a webserver instance and a database instance, each has a public and a private ip bound to eth0 on centos 7. I want to connect these via the private IPs, with firewall rules to only allow the webserver access to the db. Is this going to work with firewalld zones or do I need to set up a virtual interface like eth0:1 and assign that to a different zone?
14:29<heckler>or, what is the easiest way to do this?
14:39<retro|blah>I don't think you can assign "virtual interfaces" to different zones. Consider matching by source and/or destination IP addresses instead.
14:49<heckler>ok, but that means both IPs are on the same interface in the same zone, with different rules, that seems kind of strange to me.
14:53<retro|blah>You might consider that your Linode's private IPs are accessible from all other Linode private IPs in the same datacenter, whether those other Linodes are yours or not.
14:55<retro|blah>Having said that... Perhaps it's possible to add source IPs to zones, as opposed to interfaces?
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14:58<heckler>retro|blah: yes, I have considered that. The plan is to only accept connections on the private IP from the source of my webserver
15:00<heckler>retro|blah: but if both IP are on the same interface, and only one zone per interface, that seems like a problem because the rules for the private IP would apply to the public IP as well. So i guess I would have to be able to add a rule to allow me to ssh into the box directly from outside.
15:01<retro|blah>Did you see my comment about "possible to add source IPs to zones, as opposed to interfaces?"
15:01<millisa>you could use another zone - the work zone is predefined - put your private ip's there with whatever openings are appropriate. the more specific zone takes precedence
15:02<heckler>millisa: but i thought only one zone per interface
15:02<millisa>why do you think that?
15:02<heckler>can i have more than one zone per interface?
15:03<heckler>i guess i have a lot of reading to do on this subject again.
15:04<heckler>i meant active zones, of course.
15:05<millisa>this is a copy of one of my firewall-cmd --list-all-zones outputs: (a few bits redacted)
15:06<millisa>(I'm connected from that range in the mycustomzonename)
15:10<heckler>mycustomzonename doesn't have an interface associated?
15:14<heckler>ok i guess i will spend a few days reading
15:14<heckler>thanks people
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15:18<millisa>dang it. was trying to find a good article on the precedence stuff. that one does a good job of describe interface/source/directrule precedence
15:50<linbot>New news from community: Should I point my domain to my IP or by using reverse DNS? <>
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16:20<king_john_eel>question - is it possible to stream to twitch from linode? That is, have an instance that runs something like x11, then run an openGL app, and then OBS, and then make it stream to twitch
16:21<king_john_eel>been googling for a bit but it seems like it's all windows solutions and not linux
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16:32<nate>king_john_eel: Any sort of GPU rendering on a linode that isn't like GPU-dedicated isn't likely gonna go far
16:32<nate>You're also probably gonna eat through bandwidth pretty quickly
16:33<king_john_eel>yeah not expecting it to be cheap, but I guess at the minimum you need a GPU dedicated server?
16:34<nate>Yeah but the GPU dedicated plans here aren't really intended for game streaming or anything of the sort so much as hard-processing (which is why they start out hardware-heavy at $1k/month)
16:34<king_john_eel>oh yeah, looking at that plan now
16:34<king_john_eel>RTX6000 :o
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18:06<dwfreed>a 1080p stream uses about 5 Mbps
18:08<dwfreed>streaming continuously for 30 days would use about 1.55 TB
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20:07<Cromulent>what GPUs do Linode use in their GPU instances?
20:08<Peng>"Discover the performance of industry-leading NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 GPU cards."
20:25<nate>dwfreed: Closer to 8Mbit generally last I did any streaming at 30FPS w/ audio included, can double that if you're doing 60FPS
20:28<Peng>what does a 1080p .gif stream at
20:28<nate>depends what frames it's at too :P
20:33<Cromulent>hmm twitch streams max out at 6Mbit and people do 1080p on that just fine
20:38<nate>Cromulent: Not since they implemented 60FPS support as far as I'm aware
20:38<nate>Cromulent: And are you talking -downstream- or? Cause my last OBS run at 30FPS 1080 was doing like 7.7Mbit up, and that was only doing a 96Kbit audio layer like they recommend
20:39<Cromulent>nate: check out the bitrate range
20:40<nate>Hm, maybe had a different mode setup going at the time. Guess I'll have to find time to do another stream and see
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22:13<linbot>New news from community: Why my Currect Balance Negative? <>
22:43<linbot>New news from community: How does the Trusted Device option for Cloud Manager work? <>
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23:33<linbot>New news from community: Why can't I login with Glish? <>
23:36<nyancat>what measurement does linode use for the traffic graphs
23:36<nyancat>it says 332.04mb/s but does that mean 332.04MB/s ?
23:36<nyancat>Or is this Mbps
23:37<nyancat>This should be a stupid question but I feel like it's not
23:38<millisa>the rrdtool graphs?
23:39<millisa>If you're talking about the ones on the linode details pages in the old/new manager; they say bits/sec on the left side
23:53<nyancat>yeah, the ones in the new cloud manager
23:56<@mcintosh>"mb" wouldn't be megabytes
23:56<@mcintosh>i think the graphs would be in bits, either way though
23:57<@mcintosh>so, mb would be millibits
23:58<@mcintosh>and i would consider 332.04mb/s negligible traffic in the vast majority of cases
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