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02:38<linbot>New news from community: Copy of VPS | Mysql Issues <>
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06:47<Absar>hello is there any Linode dedicated support staff i m looking for dedicated server
06:48<@jcardillo>hi Absar. do you mean a dedicated CPU server?
06:48<@jcardillo>a full list of our server plans is here:
06:52<Absar>can i have a custom server
06:54<@rdaniels>Hi Absar! The link jcardillo provided list all of our available plans, including our Dedicated CPU plans. Did you have a specific question about this plan that we could help with?
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06:57<Absar>i m looking for cpu E# 1230 v3 or v7 or in that range with 16 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD
06:58<Absar>includes cpanel license
06:59<nate>Absar: As they said linode's are pre-built virtual instances mostly w/ some dedicated -CPU- instances. They don't really do custom dedicated systems. You might want to look at their dedicated CPU plans
06:59<Absar>yeah sure
07:00<@rdaniels>Thanks, nate! Absar, we also have a service called Managed that comes with a cPanel license.
07:03<Absar>Sure signing up. Though i think there should be more time saving option than that
07:03<Absar>its asking for preload amount
07:04<@rdaniels>Absar: We are always trying to improve the experience for our customers. I'd love to pass along your feedback. What could make the signup process easier for you?
07:04<Absar>i m not sure about the package why should i preload
07:05<Cromulent>you can preload say $10 then add your credit card for monthly payments
07:05<Cromulent>or you can top up your account from paypal
07:05<Absar>why should i preload even 1 $ dear
07:05<@rdaniels>Yes. We do require that a credit card is on file for customer accouts.
07:05<Cromulent>no idea - I don't think I had to
07:06<Absar>atleast make me your customer first than ask for credit card info
07:06<Absar>i m not your customer uptill now
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07:06<rsdehart>what difference does it make?
07:07<rsdehart>the credit card info is used to verify you
07:07<rsdehart>that's like saying "treat me as verified before attempting to verify me"
07:07<Absar>i have verified by email that i m not fake
07:07<rsdehart>anyone can send an email.
07:08<Cromulent>there are a lot of scammers trying to get VPS instances - I'm not surprised Linode have these restrictions
07:08<Absar>no you send an email to verify my email i did that though it means i own that email and i m not a robot
07:08<rsdehart>they'll still likely verify you by credit card
07:09<nate>That doesn't mean anything, there are throwaway email accounts all over the place, yes it proves you're not a robot but it doesn't necessarily prove you're financially capable should you go past the trial period
07:09<Absar>secondly i m looking for server. If i opt for server than surely you provide me that after adding my credit card info
07:09<rsdehart>well, you came in here saying you want a dedicated server
07:09<Absar>i dont want any trial period
07:09<rsdehart>linode is a vps provider
07:09<Absar>got your point thanks mate
07:09<rsdehart>so I"m not sure who told you they were anythying other
07:10<Absar>no one told me
07:10<Absar>anyways have a good day
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07:15<rsdehart>what a catch
07:38<chesty>weird, they were talking in australian yet used "dear" which i most often see used by someone learning english.
07:39<chesty>come to think of it, I should be using dear
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08:48<Cromulent>saying dear to someone you don't know is a little weird
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09:49<@bbigger>hey there
09:49<Lizwi>how are you
09:50<Lizwi>i need some help
09:50<@bbigger>feel free to ask any questions
09:50<Lizwi>can i deply stackscript on a existing image?
09:53<@bbigger>StackScripts are run on initial deployment or rebuild, so on their own they aren't suitable for running on existing images
09:53<@bbigger>however, there are several tools for configuration management that you can use for your Linodes
09:53<@bbigger>here's our collection of docs on those:
09:53<Cromulent>I've been playing around with PowerShell Core Lizwi - it might help you
09:54<Lizwi>Thanks guys, actually i want to install LAMP
09:54<Lizwi>in an existing image
09:54<Cromulent>a python script would be that pretty easily
09:55<Lizwi>please share the script
09:55<Lizwi>url or something
09:55<Cromulent>oh you'd need to write it yourself - I don't have one on hand
09:55<@bbigger>if you're using Debian or Ubuntu, you could quickly set up a LAMP stack with tasksel
09:56<@bbigger>example in our Ubuntu 18.04 guide:
09:56<Lizwi>@bbigger thank you let me look at it, @Cromulent thank u aswell :)
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09:57<Lizwi>@bbigger do you have url for CentOS7
09:58<@bbigger>I'm not aware of a one-liner that will get you LAMP set up on CentOS7, but you could run through our guide to get that done here:
10:03<Lizwi>@bbigger, does it cost to rebuild?
10:03<@bbigger>nope! no extra cost to rebuild
10:05<Lizwi>does stackscripts have a separate costs?
10:05<@bbigger>nope, StackScripts are free to create and use, regardless of whether they're personal or from the community
10:07<@bbigger>for future reference, we also have similar One-Click apps, including a LAMP app, for use when creating new Linodes
10:07<Lizwi>oh okay thanks bbigger
10:07<@bbigger>sure thing
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11:08<primitiv>"/var/www/unsocialise/public_html/app/sessions/238179/primitivmedia" folder is not writable. i keep getting this error
11:08<primitiv>even when i set 777 to the folder
11:09<primitiv>i even deleted the folder made sure it has the proper 777 and apache is the user who runs it
11:09<primitiv>but it keeps giving me the same issue
11:09<millisa>more selinux fun?
11:09<primitiv>i dont think thats the culprit
11:09<primitiv>what was the command you had me enter taht gave me hierachy ls -l basicall44y
11:09<primitiv>so i can check from top to bottom
11:09<millisa>The audit.log probably has a hint
11:10<linbot>New news from community: Ram Upgrade <>
11:10<millisa>ausearch could search it
11:11<millisa>ausearch -m avc -c httpd <--- might be a place to start, assuming you are doing apache things.
11:11<millisa>it might be some form of php too if it's php that's having thew rite prob
11:12<millisa>if it's nginx, this url is pretty good:
11:16<primitiv>this one isnt nginx
11:16<primitiv>httpd / apache
11:16<millisa>does it have selinux? sestatus should say
11:31<primitiv>sorry busy day at work calls ocming in nonstop
11:39<primitiv>its disabled
11:39<primitiv>ausearch -m avc -c httpd ->> no matches
11:44<millisa>if it's not selinux, then it's probably really is a permission issue
11:46<millisa>use 'namei -mov /path/you/care/about' to make sure it looks appropriate for the user doing a write
11:49<primitiv>seems correct?
11:50<primitiv>ii believei t is permission but idk what changed
11:50<linbot>New news from community: Upgrade PHP 5.6 to 7.2 <>
11:51<millisa>you listed another level of folder below that. does the folder exist?
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11:52<primitiv>pno i deleted primitivmedia
11:52<primitiv>when i create it
11:52<primitiv>i gave it unsocliase apache
11:52<primitiv>775 even 777
11:52<primitiv>still says cannot write, then my app deletes the folder i created
11:53<primitiv>swhich would indicate it has delete permissions
11:53<millisa>what is the app running as?
11:54<primitiv>all httpd is running as apache
11:54<primitiv>so apache, the a pp doesnt change the usse
11:55<millisa>is the app php?
11:56<millisa>is it php-fpm or mod_php?
11:57<primitiv>[Sun Aug 18 03:17:02.986865 2019] [log_config:warn] [pid 26413:tid 139807418214144] (28)No space left on device: [client] AH00646: Error writing to logs
11:58<primitiv>i seem to be getting a lot of this
11:58<millisa>df -h
11:58<primitiv>80GB used up
11:58<primitiv>cleanup on all aisles please....cleanup on ALL aisles
11:58<primitiv>thank you millisa
12:05<primitiv>whats a ood command to see where most ofi t got used u[?
12:05<primitiv>most of it*
12:05<millisa>i like ncdu
12:06<primitiv>anything native to centos7?
12:06<millisa>find something easy to clean up and yum install ncdu
12:08<primitiv>crap yea i cant even install it
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12:20<primitiv>ncdu-1.14-1.el7.x86_64: Insufficient space in download directory /var/cache/yum/x86_64/7/epel/packages
12:20<primitiv>how do i fix this?
12:21<primitiv>i freed 2gb but i still cant install
12:21<Peng>Do "df" and "df -i" show that there is free space and free inodes?
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12:22<millisa>yes. -i should show inode usage
12:26<primitiv>thi is df -i
12:36<primitiv>not sure what its outputting it seems there is free space no?
12:36<millisa>that would be showing free inodes.
12:36<millisa>df -h would probably be what you want
12:41<primitiv>im usure on what to delete
12:41<primitiv>how do i find the size of the folders
12:41<primitiv>its still 100% used even if i deleted 2GB\
12:42<millisa>something like: du -sh /*
12:44<primitiv>that cant be right
12:44<primitiv>... /etc has 63Gb used holy cr**p
12:44<nuevu>That is an unusual place to have a lot of data.
12:44<primitiv>thats what im thinking
12:44<primitiv>i assumed it would all be from the /var/www
12:45<millisa>do keep hunting; du -sh /etc/*
12:45<primitiv>if i dont respond sorry super busy at work\
12:45<primitiv>is there a way to stop this chat from timing out BTW?
12:45<primitiv>i hate having to re-login after X amount of time
12:46<primitiv>var is only 10Gb
12:46<primitiv>is 63GB
12:46<primitiv>.. /etc/backups
12:46<Cromulent>use IRCCloud :)
12:47<primitiv>can i use kiwichat?
12:47<millisa>that's a weird place to put backups
12:47<Cromulent>the free version lets you connect to two or three servers
12:47<Cromulent>and then you use your browser
12:47<primitiv>whats weird is i have no idea whst in there but ill have a OMFG moment in 2 mins i knowi will
12:48<primitiv>also it says free trial expirres in 7 days, is there an actual free version?
12:49<Cromulent>yes there is a free version
12:50<Cromulent>oh ignore me you can only stay connected for 2 hours after 7 days
12:50<Cromulent>that sucks
12:50<Cromulent>but it is well worth the £35 a year
12:53<primitiv>crap :(
12:54<primitiv>is there a way to delete my account i just created ?
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13:08<@jcardillo>primitiv: if your account was already activated you can delete your account through your Account page in the Linode Manager.
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14:04<primitiv>thank yuo sir
14:11<LouWestin>Cromulent I run a VNC server which isn't quite as nice as IRC Cloud, but I can add addtional accounts if need be.
14:13<LouWestin>I mean znc
14:13<Zr40>I also use znc
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14:46<mmustac>sorry saint terry D and saint RMS...2 months in a redhat shop and my hatred of systemd is eroding. i can feel the acceptance phase on the horizon...sigh, something something the struggle was finished, he won victory over himself ..etc...
14:50<Zr40>I for one welcome our new overlords
14:51<primitiv>so whats a good free client for me to use
14:52<Zr40>znc is more like a proxy
14:52<Zr40>it keeps you connected when your client is offline
14:53<Zr40>what OS are you on?
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15:05<primitiv>but i got a mac besides me 2 if needed
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15:06<kharlan>if you want 'free'/'offline'
15:06<kharlan>their irc bridge has a big delay though
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15:12<Zr40>it's been ages since I've used windows, but if you just want an irc client without anything fancy, try hexchat
15:13<jonh>I have been trying to get support from Linode. I have a Postgres database that runs in Linode, on Saturday it had to have emergency maintence performed. It appears they applied a backup from March to the database. I have automatic backup turned on, but thanks to how the daily backups work the latest I can restore to before that happened is the 11th. Does Linode have access to older backups that they could restore to?
15:13<millisa>on osx limechat is similarly unfancy
15:14<Zr40>I don't believe Linode actually keeps backups that old, let alone uses them to restore from disk failure without consulting with you
15:15<jonh>So I had a manual backup from march that I forgot about, for some reason the much older backup was used instead of the more recent automatic one.
15:15<millisa>You've got 4 slots - your daily, the last weekly, the weekly before that, and your manual slot
15:15<millisa>It should show all four on the backups tab in the old manager
15:16<jonh>I was hoping maybe they didn't delete them immediately and support had access to older daily backups. It does show me all 4
15:17<jonh>So far I have not actually been able to get support to understand what happened. Incredibly frustrating that when the emergency maintence happened they restored the wrong backup and now I am forced to restore to a backup from a week ago
15:17<millisa>it'd unlikely; sounds like a compliance nightmare on their side to keep stuff beyond what they tell you. if you've got a ticket open already, it's probably worth calling them since it sounds important.
15:18<millisa>linode restored a backup for you?
15:18<Zr40>jonh: it's also unlike any emergency maintenance that has occurred to my instances. Typically they only need to move the current disk images to another host. It's not a restore-from-backup
15:20<jonh>That is what it seems happened, Saturday a ticket was opened for "Emergency Maintenance" on the host the VM runs on. The data lines up with that manual backup that I have sitting there (I should have deleted it a long time ago, but that's a different story). So I don't really know what happened honestly, just trying to get answers
15:20<Zr40>when you look in syslog, do you see anything from before the emergency maintenance but after the supposed date of the backup?
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15:21<millisa>What zr40 said. An emergency maintenance on the host hardware that requires migration to a new host doesn't cause them to restore a backup. They move the state of the system when it was written to disk. it's more like a system that'd had a power loss than anything
15:22<Zr40>or postgres logs, in case you only have journalctl that's not configured to persist logs to disk
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15:24<Zr40>postgres logs might be most helpful actually. On startup, it logs something like: LOG: database system was shut down at 2019-08-14 08:36:00 CEST
15:25<Zr40>so look for that to see what the database thinks was its previous shutdown time
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17:20<cps>is anyone else seeing lots of chinese bots on their site(s)?
17:20<millisa>since 1998
17:21<cps>heh, i mean more than normal :)
17:21<cps>like 10x
17:24<millisa>not china specifically; I saw a rampup of the botnet hits that use the user agent Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:62.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/62.0 last week
17:24<millisa>there were more digital ocean IP's than china though...
17:30<nuevu>OVH IPs have to be the worst, though. Script kiddies that don't even bother to follow 301 redirects. Hey, I'm trying to make your attempts at "vulnerability scanning" secure.
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19:40<chesty>cps, I went from having a few ip's in the fail2ban list the last time a paid attention to it years ago to over a 1000 recently
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19:55<morton-tabako20>test 1
19:57<morton-tabako20>what this does mean : [H:1(3)]
19:57<millisa>in what context?
19:59<morton-tabako20>in this weechat on the blue line where it says 2:#linode (+nstc) {296} [H:1(3)]
20:06<morton-tabako20>that was helpful, thank you millisa.
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20:24<rsdehart>!point millisa
20:24<linbot>rsdehart: Point given to millisa. (90) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 17)
20:25<millisa>I was saving the points up for the walkman. . but I was cleaning my garage a couple weeks ago and found mine. With a journey cassette and a miami vice soundtrack.
20:25<rsdehart>I lost mine with Van Halen 1984 in it
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21:08<@pwoods>One of my oldest Christmas memories is my mom freaking out thinking my brother broke the new Teddy Ruxpin they just got me by putting in Van Halen's 1984 in it.
21:09<millisa>That bear went on to a have a very successful gaming franchise.
21:09<millisa>sigh. went on to have...
21:18<linbot>New news from community: Very high First Byte Time <>
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