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01:43<linbot>New news from community: How do I check memory usage? <>
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03:15<kasun>do you offer managed hosting with emails and stuff. I am not a tech geek. I want to build wordpress based blog sites.
03:16<grawity>I don't think Linode offers that – at least not in the same way / for the same price as actual "web hosting" companies
03:17<kasun>I saw they offer managed addon
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05:55<@pwoods>InfySim: Hi!
05:56<InfySim>Hi pwoods
05:56<InfySim>Can you help me on some questions that I have regarding Linode plans?
05:59<InfySim>What all resources are shared in the Standard plan and in Dedicated CPU plan?
05:59<InfySim>May be you can explain one by one!
06:00<InfySim>What all resources are shared in Standard plan like the CPU, RAM, SSD etc?
06:04<@pwoods>InfySim: the cpu cores are what is shared
06:05<@pwoods>InfySim: This guide may help you understand what type of plan would be best for you
06:05<@pwoods>The cores are shared on the standard plan, but are not shared on the Dedicated CPU plans
06:07<InfySim>Basically, there is nothing that is shared on a dedicated CPU plan, right?
06:08<@pwoods>InfySim: correct
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06:14<InfySim>Thank you for these valuable information
06:14<InfySim>I will go through the link that you have shared.
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06:15<@pwoods>InfySim: You're welcome. If you have any further questions, you can reach us through email or phone as well:
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06:16<InfySim>Sure @pwoods
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11:28<mmustac>I had a terrible quesadilla last night, something I thought until then was utterly impossible. I am now irrevocably blackpilled on life.
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11:44<tharkun> Good $DAY I recently added a new hdd to my linode but according to my notes the UI should have asked me for a /dev/sd? something but it did not. How do I assign the hdd to a /dev so it can be mounted?
11:47<millisa>in the new manager if you goto the advanced tab of the linode, and click the '...' next to the configuration and edit it, it should show you the block device assignments about halfway down
11:49<tharkun>millisa: Thanks for you time. The only options available are Rename Imagize Clone and Resize and Delete are unavailable
11:50<millisa>that shows it in the image. there on the right, bottom.
11:50<millisa>you are clicking the '...' next to the disk. The config proviles is the section above that. Click that ...
11:54<tharkun>millisa: Thanks I got it. I will schedule some reboot and some editing for later tonight. I love you :*
11:54<tharkun>I have to run now. Thanks again.
11:56<millisa>sure thing
11:59<mmustac>> "I love you."
12:00<millisa>Welcome to CostCo
12:01<mmustac>>replying "sure thing" to "i love you" -- know that feel ;__;
12:02<mmustac>even ghosting is better
12:11<mmustac>i notice cakeboss ain't around no more. end of an era mang.
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12:28<Peng>ang_: Hello?
12:29<ang_>Peng: hi
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15:06<linbot>New news from kernels: Latest 32 bit (5.1.17-x86-linode148) <> || Latest 64 bit (5.1.17-x86_64-linode128) <> || 5.2.9-x86_64-linode129 <> || 5.2.9-x86-linode149 <>
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15:19<ang_>Peng: not sure if you saw my /msg. apparantly that glb is "not in rotation" but I'm not sure why they have left a lame delegation like that
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15:20<Peng>ang_: Sorry, I didn't get your PM.
15:20<Peng>ang_: They seem to be mistaken about what "in rotation" means, then...
15:22<ang_>Peng: agreed!!
15:23<Cromulent>can anyone recommend a static site generator at all? I'm looking for one to host a small blog I want to start
15:24<Cromulent>I was looking at next.js
15:25<Cromulent>seems to be a reasonable option with a lot of power - especially when it comes to server side rendering
15:26<ang_>Peng: also not sure why they would leave themselves with only one active NS
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16:06<@mcintosh>Cromulent: jekyll and hugo are solid in my experience
16:06<@mcintosh>linode docs use Hugo
16:25<@mcintosh>!boo pelican
16:25<linbot>mcintosh: Point taken from pelican! (-1)
16:25<@mcintosh>just kidding i'm sure it's fine
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16:36<linbot>New news from community: I'm running Minecraft v1.14 on my Linode. My graphs are constantly showing CPU 100% usage, but internal measurements don't agree. <>
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18:47<Cromulent>oops sorry
18:47<Cromulent>thank you for the advice
18:47<Cromulent>I didn't know that about the Linode docs
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19:08<Cromulent>hmm call me crazy but there is just something I don't like about Hugo templates but I can't quite put my finger on it - I guess I'm so used to Django and Jinja2 that anything else feels weird
19:09<Cromulent>but then I felt the same about raw Go templates as well
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19:09<Cromulent>I probably just need to use it on an actual site to get used to it
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20:38<randallman>@pwoods perhaps I'll do that :)
20:39<randallman>And I saw another one of yall out at Kubecon in 2018
20:39<randallman>or a couple of you anyway :0
20:39<randallman>I can't remember names :(
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21:37<linbot>New news from community: Website down, Internal Server Error 500 <>
21:38<randallman>Things have certainly changed... but then again it's been really 4 years since I sat idle here :P
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21:39<@rgerke>themebeer: Hello!
21:40<@rgerke>randallman: Hey - did you send that e-mail to see if we could get you a tour?
21:41<@rgerke>dwfreed: I'm getting old. My reflexes aren't what they used to be.
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22:47<linbot>New news from community: Error Establishing A Database Connection <>
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