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00:17<randallman>@rgerke, I failed :)
00:17<randallman>@rgerke, busy day... sigh
00:18<randallman>writing manifests to containerize all of the things
00:18<randallman>setup a libreswan vpn to the linode for no reason :p
00:18<randallman>installing ipa-client
00:18<randallman>@ heya guys, there used to be a spot to change the reverse DNS of a linode?
00:18<randallman>Nevermind found
00:19<randallman>wow, my domain is "invalid" if I include the trailing dot for the PTR record in the UI ? :P
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00:30<synapt>randallman: because the interface for the reverse DNS is no... nevermind
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01:05<john>could pay the linode via WECHAT or AliPay?
01:06<john>I don't have a credit card
01:06<kharlan>john: I don't think that's possible.
01:08<john>it's a tough way to buy vps from linode
01:13<dwfreed>get a prepaid card
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01:58<chesty>do you need ID to get a prepaid card?
01:59<@rgerke>chesty: I don't think so. I've seen them on the racks at places like 7-11
02:00<@rgerke>I think it's like buying yuourself a gift card.
02:01<chesty>nice. I should get some. Not that I do anything illegal but I hate my data being collected and sold
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09:40<linbot>New news from community: Can I transfer files between two Linode's using a Block Storage Volume? <>
09:40<grawity>tbh I always thought that kind of defeats the point of linode's credit card requirement
09:44<nate>I'm not sure how pre-paids work with linode if at all, depends I guess if they actually enforce verification of the personal-information bit (which I believe will usually fail on pre-paids if things haven't changed)
09:47<chesty>people using pre-paid might get asked to send a photo of their ID through a secure channel
09:47<cruxeternus>I've seen people come in here and have problems with pre-paid cards
09:48<cruxeternus>So Linode does require extra in those cases
09:50<cruxeternus>problems = wouldn't automatically approve them
09:52<cruxeternus>On an unrelated note, I've just discovered the rabbit hole of awesome-* lists, and I may never get out...
09:57<ang>sometimes I'll have a gift card with $5-$20 left on it that is a few days from expiring and I'll just throw it at my linode balance. never had a problem.
10:00<dzho>cruxeternus: this is related to my saying "so much good free software, so little time"
10:01<cruxeternus>I had no idea how much though
10:10<cruxeternus>ang: Right. But you were previously authenticated in some other way.
10:20<linbot>New news from community: Linode graphs show 100% CPU usage for my Minecraft v1.14 server, but top shows low CPU usage. Which one is right? <>
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11:03<LouWestin>Oh dear, 1.13 is way out of date. Supposedly 1.14.4 fixed that CPU issue.
11:04<LouWestin>But haven’t tested it to comfirm
11:07<nobaudy>LouWestin: it does not
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11:13<nobaudy>at least it still is true to the community question in that top shows 10-20% cpu but linode graph shows 100%
11:14<@bbigger>yea I'm testing right now with the latest version and the issue is still present
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12:08<primitiv>Failed authorization procedure. (http-01): urn:ietf:params:acme:error:connection :: The server could not connect to the client to verify the domain :: dns :: DNS problem: NXDOMAIN looking up A for
12:08<primitiv>this is the only domain having issues renewing
12:08<primitiv>i am running certbot --http-01-port 8080
12:09<millisa>it doesnt have a dns entry
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12:13<millisa>dns to the servers listed in the whois record comes back with something. looks like the domain is in 'clienthold' at the registrar
12:13<millisa>probably expired or they didn't reply to one of the info requests. looks like it changed on the first.
12:20<primitiv>meaning the dns changed?
12:21<primitiv>ahh the site doesnt work
12:22<primitiv>domain expired july 31st it never got renewed lol\
12:22<primitiv>thank you!
12:22<millisa>sure thing
12:27<cruxeternus>!point millisa
12:27<linbot>cruxeternus: Point given to millisa. (91) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 17)
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13:00<linbot>New news from community: How do I enable addresses from a IPv6 /116 permanently using Netplan? <>
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14:11<linbot>New news from community: How do I reset my network interfaces to default settings? <>
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14:21<linbot>New news from community: I tried signing up and now I’m being asked to verify my identity. What gives? <>
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15:42<LouWestin>Nobaudy: crap... ok
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16:01<GJZwart>Im a mac os developer, and have a back end running on a nanode plan.. it suddenly started to max out the cpu today.. I cant think of a reason for it to do so, but maybe anyone here could help me out
16:01<millisa>Are you looking at it with top? htop?
16:01<GJZwart>I dont know where to start researching this, so a little help would be appreciated..
16:01<GJZwart>ok, is that a command I have to run in the terminal?
16:02<millisa>They are commands you'd use in a shell, sure.
16:02<millisa>top is kind of like the Activity Monitor in osx
16:02<GJZwart>I have a dashboard app called goPanel2, and that one says Im using 16.1 % CPU usage
16:02<GJZwart>ok, Ill try to run that right now..
16:02<millisa>they have a doc on this:
16:03<GJZwart>great, Ill give it a go right away...
16:03<millisa>It should give you a hint of how much cpu/memory you are using and what is using it
16:05<GJZwart>htop shows 100%
16:05<GJZwart>its mysql thats running high
16:06<millisa>so that's where you'd start looking. find out what mysql is doing. at a mysql prompt, something like 'show processlist' is probably a good start
16:07<GJZwart>thanks :)
16:10<GJZwart>the process list does not show much stuff.. three instances are logged in, thats my mac here at work, my mac at home, and localhost
16:12<millisa>are there lots of small queries happening that you just aren't catching when you look at the process list? Something like: show global status where variable_name='Queries'; that has a number going up quickly would tell you
16:13<GJZwart>there are between 50 and 100 queries a second...
16:13<millisa>sounds like it's busy doing stuff. where are those queries coming from?
16:13<GJZwart>I dont know if that is much for the nanode plan...
16:14<millisa>depends on what the queries are really
16:14<GJZwart>I have an app thats tracking a fleet of taxi cabs, there are 18 devices polling every 30 second,
16:16<GJZwart>so there is a discrepancy between the devices polling and the number of queries
16:16<millisa>I dont know your app; does 50 to 100 queries a second sound like what 18 devices polling every 30 seconds should be doing?
16:17<millisa>The thing doing the polling could be malfunctioning?
16:17<millisa>if you want to be disruptive, you could try stopping mysql to be sure the cpu load goes to zero.
16:18<GJZwart>that would be evil,lol, but I guess I have to give the back end some dummy data to present to the devices while they are polling..
16:18<millisa>you could also turn on the query log and see what shows up, but that'd likely drive the load up higher.
16:19<GJZwart>maybe I should upgrade the plan as well.. is there a difference in computing power between the nanode plan and the 2GB plan?
16:20<GJZwart>or do I need to choose the 4GB plan before I will see any change in computing capacity?
16:21<millisa>each has more cores.
16:22<millisa>er, sorry, the 4gb has another core3.
16:22<Peng>If the host is highly loaded, the 2 GB plan has a larger minimum "fair share" than the 1 GB plan.
16:22<Peng>But if your host is lightly loaded and you're using more CPU than that anyway...
16:25<GJZwart>I did a 5 minute check now to see how many queries there are, and I got 9.2 queries a second.. thats a lot better than 50-100
16:26<GJZwart>Ill check a couple of times again, if thats the number of queries, I guess there is something else wrong..
16:27<GJZwart>the plan should be able to fetch about 500 queries a minute...
16:27<millisa>if you use 'top' instead of 'htop' on the third line, way off to the right is a number next to 'st' - what's that show?
16:28<GJZwart>%Cpu(s): 99.3 us, 0.3 sy, 0.0 ni, 0.0 id, 0.0 wa, 0.0 hi, 0.0 si, 0.3 st
16:28<millisa>and mysql is still the top of the list?
16:29<GJZwart>26585 mysql 20 0 754740 101932 5936 S 99.0 10.1 523:27.29 mysqld
16:29<GJZwart>is oscillating between 99 and 89%
16:31<GJZwart>everything looks ok when checking with iotop
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16:39<GJZwart>Im trying to reboot the node, maybe that helps
16:40<GJZwart>there are just between 9 and 12 queries every second, and thats not that bad
16:41<millisa>logging those queries and finding out why they are taking so much cpu is probably your next step. using 'explain' might help you spot if there are indexes or something that would help
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17:19<GJZwart>millisa: I think I have to clean up some queries, looks like thats the problem... Anyway, Im really thankful for your help!
17:19<millisa>Good luck
17:23<GJZwart>tnx! :)
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17:49<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Backups Maintenance - EU-West (London) <>
17:53<GJZwart>is there someone here with a bit of mysql knowledge? Im trying to optimize a query, and Im a bit stuck.. thought of putting it up on StackOverflow, but if there is someone that could help with a JOIN and a GROUP BY query, I would really appreciate it :)
17:59<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Backups Maintenance - US-Southeast (Atlanta) <>
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18:09<linbot>New news from status: Linode Backups Maintenance - US-East (Newark) <> || Linode Backups Maintenance - EU-Central (Frankfurt) <> || Linode Backups Maintenance - US-Central (Dallas) <>
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18:13<@rgerke>GJZwart: I'm not an expert in MySQL (and if someone else in here is, please feel free to chime in) but I have some resources that might be helpful if you haven't already found them.
18:19<linbot>New news from status: Linode Backups Maintenance - US-West (Fremont) <>
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