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04:15<frodecc>Hi guys. I have a question aboud Linode Managed. Could somebody chat with me for a few minutes?
04:17<frodecc>My question is basically: I want to have an architecture with disposable "worker nodes". How does this relate to the Linode Managed hosting pricing scheme?
04:17<Cromulent>I've completely changed my plans - I was originally going to use Ethereum but now I'm going to use NEM instead - it looks pretty promising
04:17<frodecc>Will I have to pay $100 per month per node, even if the worker node is only running for 5 minutes or 10
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04:21<frodecc>cheery guy
04:36<chesty>frodecc, i believe you pay by the hour. if you run it for 1.2 hours, you pay for 2 hours. also if you run it for most of the month it's capped at the monthly price
04:38<frodecc>chesty: That sounds good. Need it confirmed before I commit :)
04:43<chesty>np, here's the pricing there's a monthly price and an hourly price
04:44<frodecc>chesty: The price for managed hosting is flat at $100 per linode in your account; I can't find an hourly price for that service.
04:45<Cromulent>frodecc: open a ticket and I'm sure they'll confirm
04:45<chesty>no idea sorry, but hang around and ops will answer you (or do what Cromulent said)
04:46<chesty>btw, stopping the node doesn't stop billing, you have to destroy it to stop billing
04:47<frodecc>chesty: The plan is to have disposable nodes. I boot up a node when I need, and dispose it when I don't need.
04:47<frodecc>chesty: There will be a few persistent nodes, for which I need management services. But "worker" nodes should auto-delete whenever they shut down.
04:48<chesty>that's fine, they round up to the hour for the worker nodes, the persistent nodes will be charged on the monthly rate
04:49<@pwoods>frodecc: I'm looking into this to get confirmation for you right now
04:49<@pwoods>I *think* I know the answer, but looking through our documentation to confirm
04:49<frodecc>chesty: Yes, I'm aware - but I'm mostly worried about the management price for disposable nodes that exists anywhere between 1 and 20 hours.
04:49<frodecc>pwoods: Thank you
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05:06<@pwoods>frodecc: it's metered at $0.15/hr/per Linode, capped at $100/month/per Linode:
05:08<frodecc>pwoods: Thank you. That sounds perfect
05:10<frodecc>pwoods: Can Linode Managed Services also handle backups of block storage?
05:18<@pwoods>frodecc: currently, our Backups Service only covers Linodes, not Block Storage volumes.
05:19<frodecc>pwoods: I'm assuming Professional Services can setup bacula or something - so that backups are performed to some cloud object storage?
05:20<@pwoods>frodecc: You would need to speak to them about that. You can get a quote from them by filling out the form on our website:
05:21<@pwoods>As a Managed Services customer, you'd get a 20% discount on Professional Services
05:27<frodecc>pwoods: I submitted that form. thanks for your answers so far :)
05:34<@pwoods>frodecc: you're very welcome!
05:44<Cromulent>I'm a bit confused - I have a static IP address from my ISP and a virtual machine running in Bridged mode - how do I allow outside connections to connect directly to a service running on the virtual machine?
05:45<Cromulent>I've opened up the firewall on the virtual machine to allow the port
05:45<grawity>what device is the static IP assigned to? your host? your VM? your LAN router?
05:46<Cromulent>router I assume
05:46<grawity>port forwarding, then
05:46<Cromulent>ah OK - thanks
05:46<grawity>since the VM is "bridged" it'll be exactly like forwarding it to your host PC, just using the VM's internal IP address
05:47<Cromulent>for some strange reason I've always struggled to login to my routers admin panel for some reason
05:47<Cromulent>right thanks - that makes it nice and simple
05:48<Cromulent>hmm I'm going to have to factory reset my router
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06:29<rahul>is any one there?
06:32<@jcardillo>yes, there are man
06:34<rahul>i would like to know few things here
06:35<rahul>can i host database of linode server?
06:36<rahul>is there any limit to server call per day or per instance?
06:36<Peng>What's a call?
06:36<rahul>json tocken calls from hosted website
06:37<rahul>to database
06:37<rahul>like user name, user profile, stats
06:37<rahul>my sql php call
06:38<grawity>the database server is managed by you, not by linode
06:38<grawity>so the only limits occur if your server literally runs out of CPU or RAM
06:38<grawity>there are no artificial limits besides that
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06:54<Cromulent>grawity: do I need to open the port in the Windows 10 Pro firewall as well?
06:55<grawity>are you talking about the VM or the host?
06:55<grawity>can't see why that would be needed in bridged mode...
06:56<Cromulent>cool - just checking - thanks
06:56<Cromulent>first time I've used my static IP address to do something useful
06:59<Cromulent>it would be better to run it on a Linode though
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07:10<Cromulent>does anyone know how to install oracle java 8 on ubuntu 18.04? The top Google results don't work anymore
07:10<Cromulent>I can
07:10<Cromulent>I can't use OpenJDK
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07:18<Kruthaup>Hello. We have people using Linode servers to DDOS our systems. Where to report?
07:18<Kruthaup>Thank you!
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07:25<Cromulent>hmm until I can work out how to install oracle java 8 JRE on Ubuntu 18.04 I'm stuck
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07:53<chesty>did you look on
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07:54<Cromulent>yeah figured it out now
07:55<Cromulent>all the PPA solutions are broken
07:56<Cromulent>I thought Java had ultra long support cycles - bit surprised Java 8 is no longer supported
08:07<Cromulent>right should be installed now
08:10<Cromulent>cool - got my Nem node running on Linode - just need to wait for it to sync now
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08:40<Gjzwart>Millisa: thanks for helping me yesterday, I rewrote a couple of queries, and the load dropped to max 15% :D
08:40<Gjzwart>Have a nice day!
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10:15<linbot>New news from community: What do Linode Backups backup and can I rely on it as my only backup solution? <>
10:25<linbot>New news from community: How do I keep a process running after I disconnect from my Linode? <>
10:40<Cromulent>I've got a terminal command running that I started like this ./command & if I close the SSH window will it continue to run on the server in the background? At the moment it is spamming my console window with text
10:43<Zr40>no. Either use screen/tmux or use a proper process manager (supervisord, systemd, whatever)
10:43<Cromulent>hmm still seems to be running after I quit the session
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10:44<Cromulent>I don't care if it doesn't restart on a reboot
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10:44<Cromulent>I mean I could use supervisord
10:44<Zr40>well, it's not guaranteed to keep running, and on some distro's defaults user processes get killed when your session ends
10:44<Cromulent>or systemd
10:45<Zr40>yeah, use screen or tmux
10:46<Zr40>also ideal for long commands that you want to see the output of and want to survive disconnects
10:46<Cromulent>I guess I'll learn how to use tmux then - thanks
10:51<Cromulent>right got it sorted with tmux thanks
10:53<Cromulent>ok tmux seems reasonably straightforward to use - thanks for the tip
10:53<Cromulent>I've heard screen is a little more difficult to use
10:54<Zr40>it's the same, but different (does that help?)
10:54<Cromulent>I guess :)
10:54*Zr40 uses tmux too
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11:35<@bbigger>Zr40: Any interest in adding to that Community post with your suggestions? If not I'd be happy to do so on your behalf :)
11:38<Zr40>go ahead :)
11:39<@bbigger>!point Zr40
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14:08<Cromulent>hmm for some reason I have 374mb/sec outbound on my private network
14:09<Cromulent>and thats the average
14:10<Cromulent>that's private IPv6 usage
14:11<Cromulent>Private IPv4 has no usage at all
14:12<cruxeternus>Wouldn't have anything to do with this, would it? :P
14:12<cruxeternus>12:10 < Cromulent> cool - got my Nem node running on Linode - just need to wait for it to sync now
14:13<Cromulent>probably but I'm just curious why it is on the private network and not the public network
14:14<gparent>two linodes on the same location?
14:15<Cromulent>yes I have two linodes in the same location but one is just running two wordpress blogs and a xenforo forum and the other one is a dedicated NEM node
14:15<cruxeternus>My guess would be some kind of configuration problem with that software... trying to sync via your private interface for some reason, and not getting a response, tries relentlessly again
14:16<Cromulent>I'll look into that
14:17<Cromulent>at any rate this kind of usage should only be happening during the initial sync - it should calm down after that
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17:04<GJZwart>millisa: Hi! Gotta thank you one more time, I just checked out the usage statistics, and it looks sweet. We even trippeled the number of devices that polls the server, and its still around 10-15 % instead of the insane load it had yesterday
17:05<millisa>You figure out what was going on with the device checkins?
17:05<gparent>I like hearing those stories
17:05<gparent>what did you do millisa
17:05<GJZwart>yeah, it was inefficient queries and lack of proper indexing
17:05<millisa>I think I just pointed GJZwart in the right direction. When I called it a day, they were still digging
17:05<millisa>++ for good indexes.
17:06<GJZwart>a query that took 9 seconds now takes 320 ms
17:06<gparent>ah cool
17:06<gparent>what kind of DB?
17:06<gparent>oh, glad to hear
17:07<GJZwart>millisa: yeah, you really pointed me into the right direction
17:08<GJZwart>now the server is varying between 3% and 15%, thats not bad at all
17:08<millisa>You might even be able to improve it further by adjusting your my.cnf settings, too. After you've had it running for a week, look into using something like the mysqltuner script to see what suggestions it might have
17:09<millisa>This doc is worth a read:
17:09<millisa>You don't have to take every recommendation it gives, but it can help you pick out memory adjustments you can make
17:12<gparent>one change at a time!
17:12<gparent>some correct settings for me can trash your performance
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17:13<GJZwart>great!! Ill give it a read!
17:15<millisa>That original jump though is crazy
17:15<GJZwart>yeah, thanks to you :D
17:15<GJZwart>yupp, I still dont know what happened there, but well, now its great
17:16<millisa>still, looks better now than before that massive cliff
17:17<GJZwart>yupp, before it had really high oscillations, between 5 and 75%
17:17<GJZwart>now its really stable, so its a great testament on doing the db work right
17:18<GJZwart>I have aboslutely no knowledge of sql, this is all help from you and stackoverflow.. found some great answers there
17:19<GJZwart>If I could I would buy ou a beer or a coffee for helping me out! :D
17:19<millisa>Now, go add 'sql optimization' to the resume, and increase your hourly rate by 10%
17:19<GJZwart>some have a "donate a cup of coffe" on their blog, you should get one too ;)
17:24<cruxeternus>!coffee millisa
17:24<cruxeternus>!coffee millisa
17:25<linbot>It vends! a pepper mill
17:25<cruxeternus>Ok, linbot doesn't like me :(
17:27<GJZwart>anyone here running swift on a linode server?
17:28<GJZwart>Vapor has a new service where you can set up a linode with swift and vapor with one click.. Im thinking of giving it a try
17:36<GJZwart>another quick question.. where can I find my linode api token?
17:38<gparent>hahah what a great graph
17:39<millisa>for the v4 api:
17:39<millisa>If it's the old api:
17:42<GJZwart>thanks.. It was the new api key... Im just poking into that swift vapor linode thingie...
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18:16<linbot>New news from community: How do I set permissions for my SFTP user? <>
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21:10<Cromulent>hmm am I likely to get into trouble for using 90% CPU on a Linode 2GB?
21:10<Cromulent>not all the time just while this process finishes in a few hours
21:11<millisa>I've had a factorio server eating 100% for days...
21:11<Cromulent>ah cool
21:29<@mtjones>Cromulent: That'll be fine, you can use 100% of each of your Linode's CPUs as needed, as long as it's short term such as a few hours. For long term usage, such as several days, we ask that CPUs be kept to a max of 80% each unless you're using a Dedicated Linode.
21:30<millisa>It was for a good cause. That factory needed to grow.
21:31<@mtjones>Just build a CPU in Factorio, that'll help right?
21:37<Cromulent>mtjones: ok thank you for the clarification - I'm just at the crucial stage of syncing my NEM node
21:38<Cromulent>and it seems to be using quite a bit of CPU
21:38<Cromulent>I'm guessing it'll calm down
21:38<Cromulent>I've never run a NEM node before though so I might have to upgrade my Linode again
21:44<millisa>You could consider playing with or the older cpulimit it's based on (there's an rpm for it in EPEL if you are using centos)
21:44<Cromulent>nah ubuntu
21:47<linbot>New news from community: How do I remove malware that keeps coming back even after I remove it? <>
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22:56<gparent>Ah yes, McAfeeWare.
23:00<Peng>at the moment McAfee definitely isn't coming back to Belize (because of the murder investigation) or the United States (supposedly because of a tax investigation)
23:04<millisa>his campaign manager has a pretty nice eyepatch
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23:06<jag>what are the charges for your load balancer?
23:06-!-jag is now known as Guest663
23:06<millisa>down at the bottom
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