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01:27<linbot>New news from community: PHP 7.0 on Ubuntu 19.04 <>
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04:19<seun>anyone ther
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04:37<linbot>New news from community: GUI based window <>
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05:32<chesty>hi seun
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07:56<Seun>Please my website is not responding
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07:59<primitiv>it's not recommended to install cpanel or plesk on an existing production server as it can break many things yes?
08:01<@jcardillo>Seun: an initial thought - check if you're running out of memory with the `free -m` command.
08:01<Seun>i can't even get into the cpanel
08:02<@jcardillo>You can login to Lish using `root` and your root password:
08:02<Seun>Please help me check the status of this website
08:03<Seun>error message: Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server.
08:04<@jcardillo>After logging into, go to your Linode and click the 'Launch Console' button at the top-right.
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08:05<hatman>Good morning :)
08:06<@jcardillo>If you're running out of memory Seun, you may even see an out of memory message in your Lish console without needing to login.
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08:07<@jcardillo>*without needing to login with `root` and your password in the Lish console, I mean.
08:09<@jcardillo>If so, you can troubleshoot memory issues using the following:
08:09<@jcardillo>Or it simply means you might need to resize your server to a plan with more memory:
08:14<hatman>This looks powerful 24 GB RAM 1 CPU Core :)
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08:25<hatman>My website is 5GB large. I think that's quite a lot :)
08:26<hatman>I need Plan with at least 500GB disk space :)
08:27<hatman>1TB would be awesome :)
08:27<@jcardillo>hatman: the 32GB plan offers 640GB of storage.
08:27<@jcardillo>you could also use block storage:
08:30<hatman>Ok. Didn't know that. That sounds awesome
08:39<hatman>jcardillo I can't see any 32GB plans
08:40<@jcardillo>If you view the pricing#all URL you'll be able to see it -->
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08:40<@jcardillo>under the standard plans
08:40<@jcardillo>Linode 32GB
08:41<hatman>I see only this under Standard plans: Nanode 1GB 1 GB 1 Core 25 GB SSD 1 TB 40 Gbps 1000 Mbps $5 / mo ($.0075 / hr)
08:42<hatman>And the second one is: Linode 2GB 2 GB 1 Core 50 GB SSD 2 TB 40 Gbps 2000 Mbps $10 / mo ($.015 / hr)
08:43<@jcardillo>In the RAM column you should see one that says 32 GB
08:44<hatman>You talking about RAM?
08:44<hatman>Sorry, I got it wrong
08:44<@jcardillo>Yes, sorry. The plan with 32GB of RAM has 640 GB SSD
08:45<hatman>And $160 / mo :)
08:45<@jcardillo>Yeah, true. That's why I'd recommend taking a look at the block storage option.
08:46<@jcardillo>500GB would only be $50 / month and you could attach it to a 1GB RAM Linode (which is $5/mo).
08:50<hatman>1GB RAM is not enough for me. This one with 24 GB sounds good but storage is not enough
08:50<hatman>Linode 24GB
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08:52<@jcardillo>The 24GB high memory plan has 20GB SSD at $60/mo. Adding 480GB of block storage would put your total at $108/mo, which is less than the 32GB standard or dedicated plans.
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08:55<hatman>I can't pay more than $40 per month :)
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09:18<hatman>Dude like some time ago I migrated my website to Google Cloud. Worst experience ever. My website got hacked and I had to delete it and migrated it from old Hosting provider with backup to new provider
09:20<hatman>I realized since I started my website most of the issues comes from Hosting providers
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09:27<erik>hatman: if your website is 5GB why do you need 500GB of storage?
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09:30<hatman>I don't need 500GB but it would be good. I use RSS feeds plus community Plugin and storage gets filled quickly
09:30<warewolf>so you're torrenting
09:30<hatman>Torrenting what?
09:31<warewolf>I have no idea how you'd fill up half a tb with rss feeds otherwise
09:32<hatman>5GB gets filled only in few months of hosting with this provider
09:33<hatman>Anyway I purchased VPS with 100GB and I thought that was still good
09:34<hatman>But it got canceled because it was not enough with 6 core and 6GB RAM :)
09:36<hatman>warewolf I have no idea what kind of torrenting you talk about
09:37<hatman>I never used Torrent :)
09:39<erik>hatman: how much traffic does your site have?
09:39<erik>hatman: It must be a lot if 6 cores and 6GB ram is not good enough
09:42<hatman>I think my website experience lot of DDOS attacks
09:42<hatman>Illuminaty trying to destroy ma website :)
09:43<hatman>I had always same issues with my website even when I started with around 2013
09:45<hatman>So technically speaking is not really Hosting provider's fault
09:47<nate>erik: Or dramatically inefficient/ancient code
09:49<hatman>No it's not because of code
09:50<hatman>It could be only Cron job but it's not even that
09:58<hatman>I think I will never have normal website until my Hosting provider can handle DDOS attacks :)
09:58<nate>I've not even seen any evidence that you're even getting DDoS'd, just that you think you are, and that you're some how consuming a lot of file space in a rapidly short amount of time.
09:59<hatman>nate so what do you think that high CPU usage causing on my website?
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10:01<nate>There are any variety of issues that could be causing it, check your logs, don't assume
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10:01<hatman>Please tell me only one reason
10:06<nate>I already mentioned code would by far be my primary consideration especially for high CPU loads. Even if it is an attack of some sort, poorly implemented code can be the quickest bottleneck even to a single person trying to cause trouble.
10:06<hatman>Just one example. Once we installed VPS for a few minutes my website was so awesome and fast and suddenly I got high capacity error
10:06<nate>You can say its "not the code" all you want but you're seemingly assuming so far so again, check logs :P
10:14<hatman>nate what logs you talking about?
10:19<hatman>Basically most of my logs on my domain are from Cron job
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10:57<hatman>Are there any Linode Hosting partners that you can reccommend?
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21:48<Help>Hi There/
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22:03<CTC>Hello. Is this where I can get Linode support?
22:05<CTC>I am about to move the nameservers of my domain to point to Linode. I have my instance running and working and I have added the domain to my dashboard. But no where have I been able to point the domain to my actual linode.
22:05<CTC>I read lots of documentation on it.
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22:06<@mtjones>You'll need to add an A record that points to your Linode's IP address. If you selected the option when you created the DNS zone it may have been added in automatically.
22:06<@mtjones>As long as there's an A record for the domain that points to your Linode's IP address, and your domain points to Linode's nameservers, it'll work for you.
22:09<CTC>Is there any documentation about the AName direction?
22:14<@mtjones>We have a guide on editing DNS records in the Cloud Manager here:
22:15<@mtjones>To make an A record for the domain that the DNS Zone is for, leave the 'hostname' field blank.
22:20<@mtjones>You're quite welcome! If you need anything else let us know.
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22:35<CTC>Okay. Mind if I lurk for a while?
22:35<millisa>As long as you are ok with all 300 of us staring at your silently.
22:36<@rgerke>Lurk all you'd like.
22:36<millisa>er . . . s/your/you/
22:36<CTC>I would prefer that actually.
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