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00:40<CTC>mtjones: does this make sense for how my Aname records should be?
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01:32<@rgerke>CTC: It looks like it could be correct, but you've redacted a lot. My recommendation is to open a support ticket so that we can look at the specifics of your configuration.
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02:18<CTC>I think my DNS is the issue. Thanks.
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02:29<@rgerke>CTC: We're pretty good at digging into DNS stuff, so if you need help - reach out with a ticket. We can look at the way you've got it configured in our DNS Manager and seeif we can catch any errors. Also, you might want to try looking at this Commuity Site post I made awhile back:
02:29<CTC>I think I just need to wait. I just pointed the domain and i seems to be working for some.
02:30<@rgerke>CTC: Sometimes it does take awhile for your DNS to propagate. It can take up to 48 hours (though I've never seen it take that long, personally)
02:30<CTC>Yup. All good thanks.
02:32<linbot>New news from community: How do verify the final output for lamp cookbook? <>
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02:56<CTC>do you recommend this ?
02:58<@rgerke>CTC: Yes, that's what I recommend for a TLS certficate. It's free and you can set it to auto-renew
02:58<CTC>Thanks will do
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02:59<@rgerke>Tman: Hello!
03:00<Tman>How are you doing?
03:00<@rgerke>I am well. Yourself?
03:01<Tman>i'm good ,please i have quick question about server
03:01<@rgerke>Ask away!
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03:02<Tman>Okay, I am a hosting provider. and will like to have a server with you.. Please how many Ip do you provider for Linode 24GB ?
03:02<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
03:02<@rgerke>We provide one IP per Linode.
03:03<Tman>and can the provider of the Ip show my Company Name , once i server . like the whoishostingthis
03:04<Tman>I guess you didn;t get my question clearly
03:05<@rgerke>The whous would come back to us, because we are ultimately the hosting provider.
03:05<Zr40>however, you can set reverse dns to a hostname you control
03:06<Tman>Once i have the server! and an Ip is assigned to me. can the ip be configured in a way that when someone check whoishostingthis of any hosted site. it will show hosting provider as my Company name
03:08<@rgerke>For the IP, no. For the domain, you can set the rDNS like Zr40 stated.
03:10<Tman>Okay Thanks
03:10<Tman>Thats all for now
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05:08<Zaman>pleast tell me the payment of lenode
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05:18<IAA>Hi, right now i couldn't log in. I'ts only me or it's the same for anyone. Thanks
06:12<@pwoods>Hi IAA: we had a small blip that caused a connectivity issue for Linode Manager. We think it's been resolved.
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07:59<Kanav>Hi Everyone. I'm trying to add a subdomain (to an already added domain). I added A record for the subdomain on Linode. The main domain was purchased from godaddy. Do i also need to make any changes in godaddy?
07:59<Peng>It depends. What's the domain name? Which DNS service is it using?
08:00<phlux>assuming the DNS is hosted on Linode, no
08:00<phlux>I'm not sure what the domain name itself has to do with it
08:01<Peng>I wanted to check the NS records. :D
08:01<phlux>oh lol that makes sense
08:01<Peng>And the TTL
08:01<Kanav>Main domain is that i purchased from godaddy, I updated its nameservers so it points to linode. Now i wish to add a subdomain to this domain
08:02<Peng>!dns6 ns
08:02<linbot>Peng:,,,, [AD=0]
08:03<Peng>It's using Linode's DNS service, so you only have to make changes at Linode. :)
08:03<Kanav>I added an AAAA record:
08:04<Kanav>Do i need to do anything else as well?
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11:20<burtlo>hello, sitting with a prospective client, he has two nano disk images that were recovered with the work of a prior developer.
11:20<burtlo>i'd like to know if it's possible to copy his images to my linode account so I can explore on his behalf
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17:03<daniel>Hello there
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17:04<Guest885>Can a customer assign me to manage their servers?
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17:06<millisa>I mean, assuming that's what both you and the customer want...
17:06<Guest885>ok question 2
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17:06<Guest885>do you have a test server in your mumbi datacenter
17:07<millisa>There's one on that page you can ping/download a file from
17:07<Guest885>I just want to ping it
17:07<Guest885>ok tanks
17:08<rd>Does anyone have a good company for Wordpress security ?
17:09<rd>Or a suggested vendor for Wordpress malware?
17:09<gparent>can't tell if you're looking for an exploit broker or a sysop for your server
17:10<millisa>keeping up on security patches is one of the things wordpress hosters usually advertise about
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17:10<gparent>for the latter yeah, I might go for a specialized hoster if you wanna be hands off
17:10<millisa>I've heard a few folks say nice things about wpengine
17:11<rd>More of a company to help with potentially compromised Wordpress site...
17:12<millisa>with wordpress it's often better/cheaper to restore to the last known non-compromised backup
17:14<rd>Okay. Thank you.
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17:29<dan>Hello Again
17:29<millisa>Greetings again
17:29<dan>Other than the price what is the difference between the Dedicated CPU and Standard plans
17:30<dan>Our application is an IOT application
17:31<dan>we will have 64K devices contacting the server
17:31<millisa>Dedicated has a dedicated core.
17:31<millisa>This whole page is a pretty good summary:
17:32<dan>ok thanks
17:32<millisa>You can resize linodes easily, so if you start with a non-dedicated plan, or a plan that ends up smaller than you need, you can resize up
17:32<millisa>(You can resize down, too, but there might be extra steps to do with the disks)
17:32<millisa> <-- about resizing
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17:34<dan>so I can start with the 8M dedicated
17:38<gparent>you could start with a nanode too, it's up to you.
17:39<millisa>It's a slippery slope. It starts innocently enough, 1 nanode here, 1 there. You know, nanoding socially. Next thing you know, you have 8 nanodes, the originals are resized to dedicated systems, and somehow there's a GPU node in the mix
17:39<Peng>It happened to me. It can happen to anyone.
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17:40<millisa>"I can stop anytime I want to". Narrator: But they didn't stop.
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