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01:54<MaXi32>Can any team here take a look at my linode ? Restoring backup failed multiple times.
01:55<MaXi32>I need the email service to back online ASAP.
01:55<@rgerke>MaXi32: Have you opened a support ticket yet? If not, please do so and we can look into it with you.
01:55<MaXi32>I have opened the ticket but very slow response
01:55<@rgerke>What is the ticket number?
01:55<MaXi32>having few chats like questioning and answering
01:56<MaXi32> #12510541
01:59<@rgerke>I've located your ticket and it is currently being worked on. You should have a response shortly.
02:00<MaXi32>allright thank you.
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03:56<linbot>New news from community: Unable to Login into my server via ssh and Stuck with my data in this instance <>
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09:43<primitiv>hey gang, for some reason one of my clients site http redirects to a weird page
09:43<primitiv>https works fine
09:43<primitiv>what would i use to detect the issue?
09:44<primitiv> this is the link to the site having issues
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09:50<nate>primitiv: Check your code? httpd? If by 'weird page' you mean something suspicious/malicious looking then you probably got jacked in some form
09:51<primitiv>i think the client put some weird redirect in the wrong subdomain..gosh
09:51<dzho>there's a 301 permanent redirect to an https site
09:51<dzho>and then the cert for that isn't good
09:52<dzho>as best I can tell, bbl, hth
09:52<primitiv>when i looked up the ssl it seemed fine?
09:52<primitiv>via ssl checer
09:53<Peng>Also... check the DNS records are correct
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10:00<primitiv>okay i will check thank you
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11:29<medrastic>how much does it costs for 20TB of extra bandwidth usage per month pls
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11:38<linbot>New news from community: I added a new disk to my Linode, but it is unaccessible. <>
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12:38<linbot>New news from community: Cloud Manager: Cross-Data Center Migrations <>
12:53<sm[m]>Morning all. I thought a powered off Linode costs nothing. Am I confused ?
12:54<millisa>A provisioned linode costs, regardless of state.
12:55<millisa>AWS does what you are thinking of
12:56<sm[m]>Dang.. thanks
12:57<millisa>official reference:
12:57<sm[m]>I need to discreate em, not just turn em off. Check.
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13:23<@jcardillo>!point millisa
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13:28<linbot>New news from community: Redirect http:80 to https:443 Using only NodeBalancer <>
13:38<linbot>New news from community: I received a ticket for an outbound DoS. Why was my Linode restricted without warning? <>
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13:48<linbot>New news from community: I can't seem to resize my disk and I don't know why? <>
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14:39<linbot>New news from community: "Failed authorization procedure" when trying to install Certbot <>
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16:29<linbot>New news from community: I received a ticket stating that one of my Linodes is running an Open DNS Resolver. What does this mean, and what should I do about it? <>
16:31<warewolf>any linode staff around who have experience with the low-level networking (e.g. LACP interface bonding) sort of stuff used at Linode?
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16:32<warewolf>I'm trying to figure out if throwing a *bunch* of network throughput docker containers on *one* IP is a bad idea, based on how LACP works
16:32<primitiv>what is wrong with i cannot figure out why its not being accepted properly
16:32<primitiv>i setup a vhost
16:32<dwfreed>warewolf: probably not, but I'm sure some of us have general familiarity with things like LACP, and I probably still know the gist of how things are set up internally
16:32<primitiv>restarted apache2
16:33<primitiv>it points to my ip\
16:33<dwfreed>primitiv: IP address resolves to an OVH IP
16:33<primitiv>yes its my clients IP not mine **
16:33<millisa>curl --head
16:34<warewolf>dwfreed: well LACP has src/dest IP/MAC based hashing, and .. if there's 4x 10GbE interfaces bonded together, and it's all the same IP & MAC then only one of the 10GbE interfaces will get saturated right
16:34<primitiv>says moved permanently
16:35<primitiv>and i actually need to figure out where thats coming from it shouldnt redirect there
16:35<warewolf>dwfreed: that's why I'm wondering if it makes sense to have two separate bonds, and different IP addresses per docker container
16:35<millisa>I'd assume from your apache config
16:35<primitiv>i looked at it, sites-enabled only has 1 and the new one i created...
16:35<primitiv>which is odd
16:35<primitiv>and no mention of trial anywhere except inside mine
16:36<primitiv>ahh !point millisa
16:36<millisa> apachectl -S would show your config
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16:39<linbot>New news from community: I received a ticket from Linode Support stating that my account has invalid information on file. What does this mean, and what should I do? <>
16:41<primitiv>im still having a lot of issues
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16:42<primitiv>i found a wrong conf file and removed it from enabled
16:44<primitiv> redirects to a page
16:44<primitiv>the https is fine
16:45<primitiv> i think this is the issue..
16:46<millisa>apachectl -S should tell you
16:47<primitiv>I'm not sure what im looing for
16:49<millisa>it tells you what names it will match on what ports in what order
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16:49<dwfreed>warewolf: assuming both source and destination mac addresses and IP addresses are always the same (eg, you have 4 docker containers behind NAT that are all pushing data to the same destination IP address, or are receiving traffic from the same source IP address), then yeah, having 2 IP addresses would probably be a good idea (though the hash algorithm may not necessarily hash them to different links)
16:50<primitiv>okay and what do i do from there?
16:50<millisa>do you see your vhost defined in there?
16:51<primitiv>yes i see a few
16:52<millisa>you do? on what line do you see it?
16:52<primitiv>thats the one i created
16:52<primitiv>for trial
16:52<millisa>that's a config file.
16:52<millisa>what line do you see the vhost you care about listed?
16:52<primitiv>oh then no soirry
16:53<primitiv>only the 1
16:54<primitiv>so its not enabled?
16:54<warewolf>dwfreed: cool, thanks for the confirmation
16:55<millisa>primitiv: I see 3 config files listed in there (4 counting the main apache config), none of those listed appear to define the vhost you are talking about
16:56<millisa>primitiv: if a vhost isn't defined, it'll default to whatever the default/first one listed is
16:56<primitiv>so my .conf is wrong?
16:57<millisa>I dont know that the config you listed earlier is in any of those files
16:58<primitiv> port 80 namevhost (/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/trial.conf:2)
16:58<primitiv>is this better?
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16:59<millisa>that appears to be a vhost that would match the name you gave
16:59<primitiv>it still redirects though...
17:00<millisa>not to the same place
17:00<millisa>look at the curl output
17:00<primitiv>so now its a 200 error
17:01<primitiv>but when i go to it it redirects me to
17:01<millisa>doesnt look like it does
17:02<primitiv>oh perfect!
17:05<primitiv>now assuming i want trial.conf to now redirect to
17:05<primitiv>Redirect permanent / would this be acceptable,?
17:05<primitiv>it doesnt seem to be working rn
17:05<millisa>did you look at the curl output
17:06<primitiv>it says its moved permanently to itself....
17:06<primitiv>oh to https
17:06<primitiv>1 sec
17:06<primitiv>theres no redirect on it
17:07<millisa>Did you look at the output of apachectl -S?
17:07<primitiv>i am now
17:07<primitiv>what am i looking for
17:08<millisa>same as last time... is your vhost defined on the port, in the order you expect and is it using the conf file you'd expect for that vhost
17:09<primitiv>i see it there twice
17:09<primitiv>under 80 and 443
17:10<millisa>so it shows the config it is using for those vhosts on those ports, do those config files do what you expect?
17:19<primitiv>one is causing issues but im unsure what to do with it
17:20<primitiv>i think its my config the issue
17:20<primitiv>i addeda redirect and redirectMatch
17:22<primitiv>this is my conf for trial
17:23<primitiv>i dont think my redirect is working as expected
17:23<millisa>You don't think line 15 is working?
17:23<primitiv>no i dont
17:25<millisa>mod_rewrite takes precedence over mod_alias
17:26<primitiv>the rewritecond at the bottom?
17:28<millisa>you have both a redirectmatch and a rewritecond+rule that also appears to do a redirect.
17:29<primitiv>i removed the bottom ones it still isnt redirecting
17:29<millisa>why are you saying it isn't redirecting
17:29<primitiv>it doesnt bring me anywhere...
17:29<millisa>are you testing it with curl?
17:30<millisa>are you testing the right URL?
17:30<primitiv>giving 200 again
17:30<millisa>no you aren't.
17:30<primitiv>curl --head
17:30<millisa>that isn't the url for that vhost
17:31<primitiv>ahh okay so http works
17:31<primitiv>why is my ssl not working?
17:31<millisa>what does your vhost say?
17:32<millisa>what does that config have to do with the https site?
17:33<primitiv>i added a 443 beneath it
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17:34<millisa>in the same config file?
17:35<millisa>so you changed your config, did you look at the output of apachectl?
17:38<primitiv>also the trial redirect adds a slash at the end
17:38<primitiv>how do i prevent this?
17:39<primitiv>this is my -S
17:39<primitiv>shows theirs 2 configs for ssl
17:39<millisa>take a guess which one takes precedence
17:40<primitiv>how do i swap them around
17:41<millisa>generally, you only want one vhost:port to match...
17:41<primitiv>okay, so i would need to remove it
17:43<millisa>to answer the question though - the configs in the include dir go in alphanumeric order (I dont remember how it orders punctuation)
17:43<primitiv> now i get a privacy error
17:44<millisa>curl gives you a privacy error
17:44<millisa>(I dont want to troubleshoot your browser)
17:45<primitiv>nvm reinstalled the cert
17:45<primitiv>everything works well now
17:45<primitiv>!point: millisa
17:45<primitiv>i always forgot omfg
17:46<cruxeternus>!point millisa
17:46<primitiv>how do i award you a point...
17:46<linbot>cruxeternus: Point given to millisa. (94) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 17)
17:46<primitiv>thanks kind sir
17:46<millisa>stop depending on your browser to tell you what is going on with your server config. curl and curl --head are your friends. use apachectl -S (and -t to test). examine the configs that those show, not the ones you believe are being used
17:46<primitiv>!point cruxeternus
17:46<linbot>primitiv: Point given to cruxeternus. (5)
17:47<primitiv>i will try to remember that! thank you so much
17:48<primitiv>actually lastly goes to insecure
17:48<primitiv>if you remove www it works fine
17:50<primitiv>i dont see what would be causing this
17:51<millisa>curl is your friend. apachectl -S is your friend.
17:52<primitiv>curl shows me it should ppint the https
17:52<primitiv>but it doesnt do so...
17:53<millisa>it does redirect to https
17:53<primitiv>not when i visit the page?
17:53<millisa>i am not troubleshooting your browser.
17:53<primitiv>oh its sayingthe ssl is the issue...
17:53<millisa>what does curl show when you visit https
17:54<primitiv>curl --head says nothing found
17:54<primitiv>if i remove www it shows it works fine
17:54<primitiv>wait it gives a 404
17:55<millisa>your curl command responds with a 404
17:55<primitiv>but when i go on it loads fine?
17:56<millisa>You type: curl --head
17:56<millisa>And it gives you a 404?
17:56<primitiv>no that gives me no ssl found
17:57<primitiv> curl: (51) SSL: no alternative certificate subject name matches target host name ''
17:58<millisa>If you want to look at a cert details with curl something like this would do the trick: curl -vvI
17:59<primitiv>ahh wonderful!!
18:02<primitiv>omg now says insecure
18:02<primitiv>im completely confused
18:02<primitiv>one thing works the other breaks
18:03<primitiv>how do i resolve this ssl issue
18:04<millisa>are you using two different certs for the two different names in two different vhosts? if not, get a cert that covers both names.
18:04<primitiv>i ran certbot
18:04<primitiv>and selected both individually
18:04<primitiv>is that the issue?
18:07<primitiv>this is my main ssl-conf
18:08<millisa>does that certificate cover both names?
18:08<primitiv>you mean .conf?
18:09<primitiv>i ran certbot twice
18:09<primitiv>so there would be 2 ssl's
18:10<millisa>an ssl vhost will have one certificate.
18:10<millisa>if there are multiple names in the vhost, the certificate needs to cover multiple names.
18:10<primitiv>i dont have multiple server names
18:10<millisa>you do too
18:10<primitiv>i have one and then a server alias
18:10<millisa> and
18:10<primitiv>yes the later is an alias
18:10<primitiv>is that the problem
18:11<primitiv>should i be declaring it under server name?
18:11<primitiv>hoe do i cover multiple names
18:11<millisa>you have two names in the vhost, and, it doesn't matter whether they are defined by servername or serveralias. your single cert would need to cover all of the names
18:13<primitiv>certbot asks me to enter the number
18:13<primitiv>it doesnt let me specify for both
18:14<millisa>I usually specify all the names I want to use with -d -d -d with certbot
18:15<primitiv>sudo certbot certonly --standalone -d -d
18:15<primitiv>that is what i just ran
18:16<millisa>and it issued a cert?
18:16<primitiv>still doesnt seem to work...
18:16<primitiv>yes no errors given
18:16<millisa>did it tell you where it put the cert files for that run?
18:16<primitiv> /etc/letsencrypt/live/
18:17<millisa>are you using the file it tells you to use in your config?
18:18<primitiv>in my default conf or the ssl one
18:19<millisa>in the conf that matters for this vhost
18:19<primitiv>aha that did it
18:19<primitiv>wow thank you so much!
18:55-!-jill [uid388147@2001:67c:2f08:8::5:ec33] has quit []
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19:09<MingDu>Hi. I just applied But I chose the wrong country I want to change from Singapore to Thailand. This is an email request
19:10<dwfreed>you mean in your signup information? as in, your address?
19:10<dwfreed>or do you mean in your Linode's location?
19:11<MingDu>Signup information.
19:11<@rgerke>MingDu: Send us an e-mail to and we can take a look at it for you. We'll need the last 6 digits of the credit card you signed up with and the e-mail you used to create the account for authentication purposes.
19:11<dwfreed>If the signup went through then you can probably just correct it after it's approved
19:20-!-MingDu [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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20:44<Tex>I would like to see more information about the first plan
20:45<millisa>What kind of information are you looking for?
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20:46<Tex>Such as how many mail you have, and for how long is $ 5, what is the price after that
20:46-!-redentor [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:46<millisa>That doesn't really apply. These are VPS. There's no artificially imposed limit on how much mail it can handle.
20:46<millisa>You setup the mail server and mail handling.
20:47<Tex>And can I use it WordPress?
20:48<Tex>excuse my ignorance about it,
20:48<@rgerke>Tex: Your Linod eis basically a blank slate, and your very own VPS. You're welcome to use WordPress, Drupal, or whatever you'd like.
20:48<millisa>These are hardware resources you install linux on and get root access to. Anything you are capable of putting on it (that is legal) you can do
20:49<millisa>It might be worth checking out the getting started guide at
20:49<millisa>It'll give you some idea what setting up a linode is like
20:50<@rgerke>!point millisa
20:50<linbot>rgerke: Point given to millisa. (95) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 17)
20:51<Tex>Ok, thank you very much for the information, what happens is that I have always used traditional hosting, now I would like to work with Linode
20:51<millisa>Definitely check out their docs at - there's even a few on setting up things like worpdress
20:54<Tex>you have a good day
21:00<@pwoods>Tex: if you're looking to get started with Wordpress, but have limited technical experience, you can use our Wordpress option from our One-Click Apps:
21:00<linbot>New news from community: Understand how to use letsencrypt for two - domains / certs - on a single - ip / linode --> both a wildcard cert? <>
21:01<@pwoods>Tex: We also have a One-Click app for WooCommerce, a Wordpress ecommerce plugin:
21:03<Tex>.Thank you for all this information.
21:04<Tex>I also think that I should hire someone to do that since I could cause serious problems
21:08-!-Tex [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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21:51<wraeth>"stop trying to get a page that doesn't exist"
21:51*wraeth runs
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