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06:12<linbot>New news from community: OpenVPN stucks about 1m <>
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06:15<jeypi>how much money needed on my prepaid card to sign up for a linode account?
06:18<@jcardillo>jeypi: to sign up i don't believe there's a minimum amount you need on the card to signup.
06:20<@jcardillo>it might be just $1. but with that said, i'd recommend keeping at least enough on the card to cover one or two months.
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07:22<linbot>New news from community: 404 error on Apache <>
07:32<linbot>New news from community: Can I add multiple IPs on the same range as my current Linode? <>
07:56<Woet>jcardillo: are you drunk sir
07:56<Woet>Q: "When trying to login to my site I'm getting a 404 error."
07:56<Woet>A: "Check if Apache is running"
07:57<@jcardillo>I'm guessing I missed the mark on that one...
07:57<Woet>it's okay, you're still my 7th favorite Linode employee
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08:02<Zr40>"Apache is not running, but nginx is"
08:13<@jcardillo>i'll take 7th over 8th Woet
08:13<Woet>yea, 8th is a real asshole
08:22<linbot>New news from community: How do I backup my Linode to an offsite location? <>
08:22<@charris>8th checking in here, can confirm
08:31<Woet>"any suggestion for cheapest and fast way."
08:31<Woet>just what I'd like to hear when it concerns backups
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08:36<piash>is this the support chat room?
08:37<@bbigger>we don't provide official support here, but as a community channel, there are both Linode staff and experienced users available to help with any questions
08:37<piash>I need idea about managed service price
08:38<@bbigger>Managed will cost an additional $100 per Linode. You can get this info and answers to frequent questions at the bottom of this page:
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08:45<rsdehart>you guys really need to put some information on the website so every single person in search of information won't have to come here first thing
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08:47<rsdehart>oh, you referenced the site. Ruined that unqualified remark
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09:56<Peng>Has Atlanta's power got more hurricane-resistent recently
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09:56<Peng>sorry, tropical depression resistant*
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10:07<vexille88>part #oftc
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10:20<chesty>climate change resistant
10:21<Peng>"Falls down even in normal weather"
10:22<Peng>"We resist thinking about climate change"
10:22<Zr40>"We don't deny climate change, we deny climate"
10:28<chesty>trump change
10:29<chesty>I shouldn't mention him or climate change (or religion) soz
10:30<Zr40>or vim/emacs, or debian/ubuntu
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10:37<chesty>they're OK. there's a new release of emacs. I was surprised people still develop it. but lisp is interesting, I would sort of wouldn't mind learning it again, but I'd rather learn a trendy functional language.
10:38<chesty>that was almost english
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10:39<magojoomla>Bom dia alguem me ajuda a conseguir aprovar ym linode
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11:23<linbot>New news from community: MySQL connect to domain rather than localhost <>
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11:40<ahole>hey aholes
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11:55<LouWestin>Awww...he left
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13:05<linbot>New news from community: Which is worse - a question about nginx and apache - compare two use cases please? <>
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13:49<Ownsin>is there a speedtest for linode?
13:49<Ownsin>So I can see how fast they are on my internet
14:01<Ownsin>Thank you
14:16<DrJ>Ownsin: spoiler: linode is faster than your connection :)
14:17<Ownsin>Well, I don't doubt that.
14:17<Ownsin>I'm wondering if they are better than Digital Ocean
14:17<Ownsin>Which is what I'm currently using
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14:22<DrJ>Ownsin: obviously you are not going to get a true objective opinion about that here... However, personally I use to have servers with both DO and Linode
14:23<DrJ>I now only have them with Linode
14:24<Ownsin>Can you tell me your reasons?
14:24<DrJ>Linode charges by the hour though... so you could easily and cheaply fire up your own Linode servers and do true testing
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14:24<DrJ>and they will refund you if not happy (or not switching) within 7 days I believe
14:25<@bbigger>^^^ correct
14:25<@bbigger>also, the promo code LINODE10 will give you $10 of credit to try us out
14:26<Ownsin>Ah, I see.
14:26<DrJ>Ownsin: I just found linode to be the better provider all around
14:26<Ownsin>What did they impress you with the most?
14:26<@bbigger>the speedtest page is a good too, here's a guide on how to use it:
14:26<@bbigger>* tool
14:27<DrJ>Ownsin: I haven't used DO in over 5 years or so... lots have changed and anything I say now regarding my comparisons between the two is not really realavent anymore
14:29<Ownsin>I see
14:30<Peng_>Of course, relative network speed could change if DigitalOcean, Linode, your ISP or another involved ISP adjust something.
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14:34<kharlan>I'm impressed with linode because I rarely have any issues.
14:34<DrJ>I'll second that
14:35<DrJ>besides the annoying free upgrades every so often that require me to reboot
14:35<Ownsin>How's the up time and support?
14:35<DrJ>both are excellent imo
14:36<Ownsin>My issue with Digital Ocean is that the support team over there is pretty lacking
14:36<kharlan>support is basically instant. If it's a low priority thing, it's best to use the ticketing system on the manager. If it's something urgent, I just call them directly and they always pick up.
14:36<Ownsin>They're quite unhelpful
14:37<Ownsin>How's their documentation?
14:37<DrJ>Linode has documentation on basically everything
14:37<linbot>New news from community: Attack. 27,000 log in attempts in 32 hours from According to Blackhat, I'm not alone. <> || How can I get started with `mod_rewrite` on my Linode running Apache? <>
14:38<DrJ>Want to figure out how to ask your Linode instance out for a date? They probably have a document for that
14:39<DrJ>lots of the documents there are good even if you don't use Linode
14:51<Ownsin>Thank you for the link DrJ
15:04<Ownsin>Can you customize your package later on?
15:08<@bbigger>Ownsin: yup
15:08<Peng_>You can resize it to one of the defined plans
15:08<Ownsin>Thank you
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16:43<Peng_>so if a category 4 hurricane hits Florida and goes north, Atlanta will get some light wind gusts, and Atlanta's definitely going down :(
16:48<Peng_>I'm still a bit mad
16:49<Peng_>I saw on Wikipedia that that was Atlanta's first tropical storm warning.
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17:23<Peng_>oh my god
17:29<@rgerke>dwfreed: That's fantastic.
18:02<kharlan>it's supposed to affect mostly the Savannah area.
18:10<linbot>New news from community: Are StackScripts Moderated? <>
18:11<dwfreed>way to put the answer in the question
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18:32<linbot>New news from community: Can't resolve domain without www <>
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20:06<@rgerke>dwfreed: Thanks for pointing that out (The StackScripts question). I had that fixed.
20:07<linbot>New news from community: StackScript Moderation <>
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20:10<primitiv>Missing comma before start of a new alter operation. (near "CHARACTER SET" at position 31)
20:10<primitiv>any idea how to resovle this?
20:11<millisa>add the comma or fix the thing that makes it think you should have one
20:11<primitiv>where do i put the comma i do not understand where it goes
20:11<primitiv> following this to change the type of mysql db
20:11<primitiv>first command ran fine
20:13<millisa>what is the command you are actually running
20:13<millisa>copy and paste it
20:14<primitiv>ALTER TABLE 'grinsgo' CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET 'utf8mb4' COLLATE 'utf8mb4_unicode_ci';
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20:15<millisa>did you mean alter table `grinsgo` ... ?
20:16<primitiv>yes thats what i have
20:16<primitiv>unless u mean the `
20:16<millisa>backtick is not single quote
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20:17<primitiv>still doesnt work'
20:18<millisa>are you in the database with the table? did you do a 'use databasename;' before it?
20:18<primitiv>im in phpmyadmin
20:18<primitiv>i have the db selected yes
20:19<primitiv>i tried another table same error
20:20<primitiv>just need to switch it to utf8
20:23<primitiv>any idea how to get it to work i dont understand the eeror
20:26<millisa>when you run: ALTER TABLE grinsgo CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci; you get an error at position 31?
20:26<primitiv>Missing comma before start of a new alter operation. (near "CHARACTER SET" at position 32)
20:27<primitiv>im trying to do wp_users
20:27<primitiv>all the same
20:27<millisa>you copied and pasted exactly what I had?
20:28<millisa>try it from the cli?
20:28<primitiv>ok 1 sec
20:29<millisa>that command works fine for me when I try it on a mysql 5.5 system at the command line
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20:29<primitiv>will that command only be used for new tables or will it convert the existing ones
20:31<millisa>I'm not sure I understand the question.
20:32<millisa>If you don't specify either a character set or collation, it should default to the database's setting for both
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20:35<millisa>Er, it should default to that when you create a table that is. your old tables will be whatever they were set to
20:37<primitiv>agh okay thanks for clarifying!
20:38<millisa>you can examine what the table is set to with something like 'show create table `yourtablename`'
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20:57<linbot>New news from community: How can I find what processes are running on my Linode? <>
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21:33<primitive>millisa whats the apachectl -S for nginx
21:33<primitive>i need to debug my nginx for some reason varnish is acting up again
21:33<millisa>nginx -T
21:33<primitive>: nginx: [emerg] bind() to failed (98: Address already in use)
21:34<millisa>that means you've got something on port 80 when nginx is also trying to get on 80. you probably have a vhost without a port defined
21:34<primitive>i only edited one vhost
21:34<primitive>and change the domain
21:34<primitive>ahh got it
21:34<primitive>i commented out port 443 by mistake
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21:45<primitive>i i did curl --head
21:45<primitive>shows it is with nginx is there another way to confirm it points to me?
21:46<millisa>points to your server? dig/nslookup or ping even?
21:46<primitive>i think the a record isn't done propagating still
21:47<millisa>comes up with a linode IP when I check my servers
21:48<millisa>TTL currently shows 10 mins. if that's what it was before, it could be that long before other people's name servers go look for the new value
21:48<primitive>i pinged it and didnt give my 172
21:48<primitive>does it show you 172?
21:49<millisa>dig -t a thearecordyouwannalookat.tld @whatevernameserveryouwanttocheck
21:49<millisa>or leave off the @server bit at the end and it'll just ask whatever your local name server is set to
21:49<primitive>dig not found :(
21:50<millisa>windows I guess. there's a linode doc on using dig:
21:52<primitive>!point millisa
21:52<linbot>primitive: Point given to millisa. (96)
21:54<primitive>I'm trying to decide the best length for database records
21:54<primitive>int(11) is tandard pretty much right?
21:54<dwfreed>generally the default, unless you know they need to be longer
21:54<primitive>what are the defaults?
21:56<primitive>OK my godaddy ! record switched al ot of zoes back to the godady ip
21:56<primitive>are they playing tricks with me...
21:56<millisa>what is a ! record?
21:56<primitive>london was at 172, my ip not its back to 63?
21:56<primitive>an a record sorry*
21:56<primitive>A record***
21:57<millisa>why do you think it's switched back?
21:58<primitive>well some zones had switched now they reverted is that normal
22:00<millisa>I have no idea what godaddy's normal is
22:00<primitive>you do not want to know...
22:01<primitive>on a side note anybody ever use symless synergy previously here?
22:01<primitive>(completely different topic)
22:01<millisa>the old kvm sharing thing?
22:01<primitive>not sure what kvm stands for
22:01<primitive>but it allows you to use one mouse and keyboard for all your OS
22:02<millisa>i used it back in the 90's...
22:02<primitive>oh yes kvm!
22:02<primitive>they are the weirdest company I've ever encountered
22:02<primitive>I asked for support, they refused to support me, and then refunded me, but I still have access to the software...
22:02<primitive>makes 0 sense
22:03<primitive>and the CEO was emailing me directly
22:03<millisa>does it cost money now?
22:03<primitive>i paid $20 for my license 2 years ago
22:03<primitive>regular is $9 pro is $20 now?
22:03<millisa>it used to be gpl i think?
22:03<primitive>one time payment unless you're a business..they amke their money theere...
22:04<millisa>i mean, I guess you could charge for gpl software
22:04<primitive>per user type deal
22:04<primitive>my mac always lags for some reason
22:04<primitive>especially on the 2.4ghz compared to the 5ghz
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23:25<@pwoods>khanhhuy88: o/
23:26<khanhhuy88>I need support
23:26<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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23:27<millisa>or don't.
23:29<wraeth>Jeez, how could you just offer support like that? So rude... :P
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