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03:04<Lucky>I have accidentaly overwritten a wp database and files
03:04<Lucky>is it possible to do a 1 day roll back?
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03:09<@rgerke>Lucky: Do you have our Backups service enabled?
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03:38<Guest1179>I'm not sure, can you please check if this - - have the backup service enabled?
03:39<@rgerke>In order to look at or discuss any account-specific info, we'll need to be able to look up your account in our system and authenticate that you're its owner. Would you be able to open a support ticket?
03:40<Guest1179>nope, the client will not give me the account login, is it too much or against policy just to check if it has a backup or not? just to know how much I'm in trouble, would appreciate it
03:43<Guest1179>I will not likely have that, I will try to get the login to linode see how far I can get
03:43<Guest1179>how likely it is that a server has an auto backup?
03:44<@rgerke>Backups are a service that you'd add on yourself. If you don't have the Backups with us, I would recommend speaking to your client to see if they've backed the data up elsewhere.
03:44<linbot>New news from community: How to auto-detect and possibly to stop or prevent a DoS attack? <>
03:46<@rgerke>Lucy: I'd recommend reaching out to your client to see what information they might have.
03:47<@rgerke>Lucky, I mean. Sorry.
03:48<wraeth>Or Guest1179 ^ ;)
03:49<Guest1179>The problem is I don't know how to approach them yet, if I know atleast if they have a backup plan then I know how to approach them
03:50<Guest1179>its just one vital info i need to know
03:50<Guest1179>in order to get through this day
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04:06<@rgerke>Lucky/Guest1179: I wish I could give you the answer you're looking for, but because of our privacy policy (for your protection) I can only give out the accout specifics to the authenticated account owner. I understand the situation you're facing - I wish I had a better answer for you.
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04:45<Lucky>Can you look at this ticket please - 12519052
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04:46<Woet>rgerke: excuse me sir, I lost the password of my account, username is "dwfreed" - can you send me the password? please do the needful sir.
04:47<Woet>Guest1192: believe it or not, but tickets get looked at automatically.
04:47<Woet>also, yo uwere asked a question, but you vanished
04:47<Woet>[09:09:28] <@rgerke> Lucky: Do you have our Backups service enabled?
04:47<Guest1192>no, backups is not enabled
04:48<Woet>then there is nothing to restore from.
04:48<Guest1192>when i click on backup it asked me to turn it on for a $$/month
04:48<Guest1192>Ok, sad
04:50<Woet>it's fine, the data can't be worth much if you didn't want to spend $1/month on backups
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05:29<kvardar>hi everyone - i have ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE on and on at, wasn't able to find anything related within online docs. any ideas?
05:39<Woet>kvardar: looks like a firewall that's dropping everything.
05:45<kvardar>i just disabled firewalld, no luck.
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06:31<backseat>Morning (well, it is here) world. On a standard Linode instance, what is the situation if the underlying hardware fails? Is the instance automatically brought up elsewhere? Is there likely to be data loss?
06:36<@pwoods>backseat: Morning! In the case that the host has catastrophic failure, then the data would be lost, unless there was a backup set up by the customer. That said, while it's a possibility, it's not something that happens often.
06:38<backseat>soods: thanks, understood about data. Does the instance get recreated?
06:38<backseat>pwoods: sorry about username typo above
06:38<@jcardillo>backseat: to shed more light on this - if the host becomes unresponsive our admins immediately begin maintenance to see if they can bring it back up.
06:39<@jcardillo>if the host remains unresponsive we'd do a drive transplant.
06:39<backseat>fab, thanks
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07:05<linbot>New news from community: How to add Multiple sites with ipv6 and SSL on Nginx ? <>
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08:15<linbot>New news from community: Netflix Support on Linux <>
08:16<rsdehart>clearly it's linode's job to support netflix
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09:09<cruxeternus>They're probably asking how they can use Linode to proxy a Netflix connection to avoid the region lock
09:10<warewolf>natively though?
09:10<cruxeternus>yea, it's worded oddly... so I can only speculate
09:11<cruxeternus>maybe they want to VNC to a Chrome running on the box itself... idk :P
09:12<warewolf>I suspect you're right that they want a proxy to get around region locking, but now I'm imagining how wasteful it would be, bandwidth wise for h264 -> vnc
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09:13<cruxeternus>oh, it would be terrible
09:13<cruxeternus>By far, a third-party VPN is a better solution
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09:15<cruxeternus>Linode is great in most ways... but not if you mainly want it for download bandwidth :P
09:16*warewolf nods
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09:25<linbot>New news from community: I live in a VAT/GST exempted country. How do I ensure I’m not charged extra on my invoice? <>
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10:36<Ib>Hi Dsapikas
10:37<@bbigger>Hi lb
10:37<@bbigger>err, Ib
10:38<Ib>Which locations do you have your data centres and do I have the option to choose the data centre?
10:39<@bbigger>you can see a map of our locations on this general info page:
10:39<@bbigger>here's a guide on choosing which one is best suited for you:
10:39<@bbigger>and yes, you can freely pick which data center you deploy Linodes to
10:40<@bbigger>you can also migrate or clone Linodes between data centers anytime
10:41<Ib>Wonderful stuff. Thank you for this. Also is it a dedicated server or is it a cloud server?
10:41<@bbigger>in case it's helpful, our Getting Started guide will give you a solid idea of what using our platform looks and feels like:
10:43<@bbigger>we only offer instances on shared hardware at the moment, though we offer a Dedicated CPU plan if your use case requires heavy CPU utilization — more info here:
10:50<Ib>Thank you, I appreciate it!
10:50<@bbigger>sure thing!
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11:23<Afra_Kochovali>Hi have question everybody can help me
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11:24<primitiv> does this load properly for anybody
11:24<primitiv>curl shows its fine but my browsers are being wonky and showing an old version
11:25<Afra_Kochovali>linode provide for iranian user's?
11:26<linbot>New news from community: Wireguard one-click-app doesn't work. <>
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11:43<@jcardillo>Afra_Kochovali: No, unfortunately not.
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11:56<primitiv> is redirect to
11:56<primitiv>how do i find out the culprit
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12:00<primitiv> i do not see anything in here that redirects to, could somebody confirm?
12:00<primitiv>this is my conf for the site having issues
12:06<linbot>New news from community: How do I update Apache2 on Ubuntu 18.04? <>
12:07<primitiv>curl shows its permanently redirected
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12:15<@bbigger>primitiv: this is what I'm seeing from curl
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12:16<@bbigger>hi mebsat2
12:18<mebsat2>I registered normally and added my visa card but I was refused please check my account
12:19<@bbigger>primitiv might be a DNS issue? also not seeing any redirect mechanism in your config
12:19<mebsat2>I haven't used the account yet.
12:20<primitiv> this is my nginx -T
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12:23<@jcardillo>Maybe a DNS thing (like bbigger said)? and both have the same A record.
12:24<primitiv>they should have the same A record
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12:25<@bbigger>primitiv: I'm not seeing IP resolution from `dig +trace` to either domain
12:27<primitiv>what d oyou mean
12:28<@bbigger>dig is a great tool for diagnosing issues w/DNS resolution — check out this guide:
12:28<primitiv>the dns is fine tho
12:28<primitiv>i added an a record to point to my server
12:28<primitiv>thats all there si to ti
12:28<@bbigger>maybe check registrar settings to make sure they're pointing to the correct nameservers?
12:29<primitiv>its with godaddy
12:29<primitiv>is it possible they are messing with it
12:29<@bleckemby>Is the final destination of this redirect intended to be if so, I can't publicly pull the A record for The redirect seems to work okay.
12:29<primitiv>curl still shows a permanent redirect tho
12:29<primitiv>which it shouldnt have
12:30<primitiv>grinsgo,com should load
12:30<primitiv>thats the a record, my li nodes ip
12:31<@bbigger>I'm seeing is resolving to now, so don't think the problem is there
12:33<@bbigger>seeing the same for, but not for
12:33<@bbigger>you might just need a record for the 'grinsgro' subdomain in
12:34<millisa>are you asking why wordpress is redirecting someone to the other name?
12:37<primitiv>correct dns should be OK
12:37<primitiv>i dont want grinsgo.primitiv. media
12:37<primitiv>im migrating it to
12:37<millisa>so tell wordpress to stop doing it
12:38<primitiv>is wordpress the culprit?
12:38<millisa>curl --head is your friend.
12:38<@bbigger>sorry, missed that the issue is the redirect itself — looks like certbot is the culprit, see the 301 line in your config
12:38<millisa>(look atl ine 8 and 9)
12:38<primitiv>it shows it is redirect permanently to grinsgo,primitiv
12:38<primitiv>millisa which pastebin first one?
12:38<primitiv>bigger second pastebin?
12:39<millisa>the one i just posted shows the curl output
12:39<@bbigger>looking here:
12:39<primitiv>when i run curl --head i do not get powerd by wordpress?
12:40<@bbigger>line 38, also seeing your SSL cert is configured for
12:40<millisa>"X-Redirect-By: WordPress"
12:43<primitiv>i do not get that on my linode wehn i run it tho
12:43<millisa>you don't get what?
12:44<primitiv>ahh nvm was doing http
12:44<primitiv>i see it now
12:44<primitiv>so wordpress is the issue?
12:44<millisa>You likely have the name set to '' in wordpress.
12:45<millisa>your curl output on port https show it is getting php processing, and wordpress helpfully inserts a header when it does the redirect (how nice of them)
12:46<primitiv>ahhh omg you are so right
12:47<primitiv>that is the case i didnt chanfe any DB stuff
12:47<primitiv>what was the sssl issue you noticed however?
12:47<primitiv>line 38?
12:47<primitiv>also how do i make my name red when messaging somebody?
12:47<@bbigger>I was way off, missed commented lines
12:48<@bbigger>just type their username out to highlight them
12:48<@bbigger>!point millisa
12:48<linbot>bbigger: Point given to millisa. (97) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 17)
12:49<@bbigger>also misread your question on highlighting -_-
12:49<sm[m]>more precisely: make sure your chat client does that, then write your name when messaging yourself :)
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12:56<primitiv>i changed my urls but same issue...
12:56<millisa>looks like a wordpress site to me
12:56<millisa>clear your cache
13:00<primitiv>im unable to login...
13:00<primitiv>i see the site
13:00<millisa>why not
13:02<primitiv>i just changed my password via the db and i still cannot login
13:05<primitiv> doesnt work either...
13:06<millisa>doesn't work as in doesn't load? or doesn't send you mail?
13:06<linbot>New news from community: How to track down which files account for my outbound traffic? <>
13:06<primitiv>doesnt load
13:06<millisa>it loads for me
13:07<primitiv>gives a 404 sorry **
13:08<millisa>use a different browser.
13:08<primitiv>what does the main page show you
13:08<primitiv>is there a slideshow
13:08<primitiv>or just yellow
13:08<millisa>a wordpress site about dental stuff
13:09<primitiv>is it not broken on your so confused can you send me a screenshot of the homepage
13:09<millisa>it's a slide set of public canadian-ish looking buildings and park locations
13:10<primitiv>why does it not load on my end even on my phone with cellular data...
13:13<primitiv>even my browsers .. i dont get it
13:13<millisa>google says its what I see.
13:14<millisa>if it's not a browser issue, maybe a local name server issue?
13:14<millisa>if the old A record had a long TTL, the new TTL wouldn't matter.
13:14<primitiv>even when using my cell phone data it doesnt work properly
13:14<primitiv>is that irrelvant
13:15<millisa>was the old TTL 10 mins like it is currently? or did you change it from something bigger (like a day/86400) when you updated to point it at the linode?
13:15<primitiv>i did not change it i do not think so
13:15<primitiv>just the value
13:16<primitiv>even opera which i have never used for grinsgo
13:17<primitiv>has the same issue
13:17<millisa>what IP do you get when you ping the name from a system that is not loading the site?
13:17<primitiv>THOSE c***s]
13:17<primitiv>63 IP, GODADDY
13:17<primitiv>why is this like this
13:19<millisa>on windows something like this will give you data about the dns lookup: nslookup -debug -type=a
13:20<millisa>the last 'got answer' section is probably what matters, though the bits above could have useful info too.
13:21<millisa>and i'm out for lunch.
13:22<primitiv>!point millisa
13:22<linbot>primitiv: Point given to millisa. (98)
13:27<primitiv>it loads fine on my mac..
13:44<primitiv>seems like thr dns isnt done [propagating
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13:53<nate>Hm weird, got a server that rolls LE auto renewals, certificate file modified times imply it should have been updated at teh end of July but the certificate contents say they weren't. Hmph
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14:05<primitiv>can somebody who has logso f this chat look for the certbot command millisa told me to use to run multiple domaisn under the same cert
14:05<primitiv>i forgot to write it down unfortunately
14:05<primitiv>certbot -D but i think there was more
14:05<primitiv>-d* not sure
14:07<nate>primitiv: You use multiple -d switches per domain yes
14:07<primitiv>no other clause needed?
14:08<Peng_>It depends.
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14:18<primitiv>my dsn is still messed, does redirect to
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14:45<@jcardillo> is redirecting me to
15:06<linbot>New news from community: systemd-journald can't write or rotate entries <>
15:30<primitiv>is it actually?
15:30<primitiv>what about without the www.?
15:43<primitiv>it seems like my dns with godaddy is having lots of issues, is this normal
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