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02:58<Nick11>hello, If I have 2 servers in linode ,how do I do snapshot in this 2 servers
03:00<millisa>as in how to take a backup? or do you want to do an image?
03:00<Nick11>I mean realtime snapshot
03:01<Nick11>if server 1 broken ,server 2 like
03:01<Nick11>use server 2
03:01*dcraig takes a realtime snapshot of millisa
03:02<Nick11>it 's mean I rent 2 servers
03:03<millisa>I guess you could do it a couple ways. Using the api to dynamically add a linode to a nodebalancer would be one way. You could use something like keepalived to fail an IP over to a secondary system
03:03<millisa>both would assume you are doing something to keep the backend data in sync
03:04<millisa>This doc might get you looking in some of the right directions -
03:05<Nick11>hmm, thanks , I study for that
03:05<millisa>This one is a good intro to HA:
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07:42<NoYoungjun>What happens if we get hit by a DDoS attack?
07:46<@bleckemby>Still here! Just gathering some resources for you.
07:47<@bleckemby>Capturing the traffic and identifying what kind of DDoS attack your Linode is experiencing is the first step. I recommend using a tool like tcpdump for this:
07:49<@bleckemby>When combined with our network-level DDoS protection, a combo firewall/jail solution (like iptables/fail2ban) can go a long way in preventing these attacks. If the attacks are large enough to start affecting neighboring Linodes on your physical host, we will take action to mitigate its effects.
07:50<@bleckemby>At the moment, we don't offer DDoS services, but we do have suggestions:
07:50<@bleckemby>Correction: [...] we don't offer DDoS _protection_ services
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07:57<hawk>bleckemby: I would assume that you in fact do not provide DDoS services either?
08:00<@bleckemby>hawk: That's correct. Though, we have a good relationship with CloudFlare and have documentation on how to configure their services on Linode:
08:01<@bleckemby>CloudFlare's free tier DDoS protection service covers most small needs. It's worked well for me in the past.
08:07<hawk>bleckemby: Yes, that part all makes sense. It was mostly just me not being able to resist commenting on how you corrected that you do not offer DDoS services.
08:12<Shentino>ddos protection is just a war of attrition with competing pools of bandwidth
08:12<Shentino>and the attackers cheat by using botnets full of hijacked computers
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08:28<hawk>Shentino: Well, yes and no. When it comes to CDN based solutions, they can at least terminate the bad traffic close to the sources, before it all aggregates into one enormous flood.
08:30<hawk>(Ie, the distributed nature of the protection takes some of the edge off the distributed nature of the attack)
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22:45<watson>Any Body Here
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23:23<Nick11>Hello manager,How do I add a images to create another server
23:24<Nick11>when I add a image, it response 2048 MB limits
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