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02:45<linbot>New news from community: Is paying with paypal option gone? <>
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04:01<Mithila>Can i use
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04:04<Mithila_>Can i use payoneer mastercard to purchase?
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04:08<Jamil>Is payoneer mastercard acceptable ?
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09:44<mps>I'm new to linode, can someone tell me how can I use network helper to keep persistent IP address
09:44<mps>I read guide but not sure I did understood it correctly
09:49<@bleckemby>mps: You don't have to do anything special! If you've deployed one of our distributions and have Network Helper enabled, your Linode's network configuration will be updated to match the IP address you see in the Linode Manager. Each Linode gets a static IPv4 and IPv6 address by default.
09:50<@bleckemby>To clarify, your network configuration will be updated when you reboot.
09:51<mps>bleckemby: I noticed that the 'build' create /etc/network/interfaces populated with static address and gateway
09:52<@bleckemby>Yep, that's now Network Helper works. Are you trying to use another service to manage your IP address?
09:52<mps>so, if I understand correctly this IP address and gateway will not be changed through the 'life' of this VM
09:53<@bleckemby>mps: That's correct. Unless you either change your Linode's IP address in the Linode Manager or change the network configuration, your IP will not change.
09:54<mps>good, and I should keep 'network helper' enabled for that?
09:55<mps>in that way I will have same IP for life of VM. correct?
09:55<@bleckemby>All correct.
09:55<mps>bleckemby: thank you for explanation
09:55<@bleckemby>We're happy to help! I hope you enjoy your time with Linode.
09:56<mps>ehm, I helped somewhat to linode already, when you added Alpine linux ;)
09:57<mps>is the LBlaboon maybe here
09:58<mps>well, Bradley LaBoon
09:59<@bleckemby>It doesn't look like he's checked into IRC today.\
10:00<mps>np, you helped me, and he is also helpful on some alpine channels
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15:57<@blaboon>mps: hi :)
16:00<mps>blaboon: hi! nice to see you active also here :)
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16:12<hazcom>Hi, getting this error while trying to create new server
16:12<hazcom>There was an issue loading Linode creation options.
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16:35<mps>blaboon: I posted MR for your issue about cpu numbers for x86, have you seen it
17:01<@blaboon>mps: yep, i saw it. thanks!
17:02<@blaboon>can we expect that the next alpine release will have the change?
17:02<mps>hope that the maintainer merge it with next kernel upgrade
17:02<@blaboon>gotcha :)
17:02<mps>yes ;)
17:03<mps>I made it to be tested for now on edge
17:04<mps>maybe it will be backported to 3.10 (stable)
17:05<mps>you can request that on issue request you opened or on IRC
17:08<@blaboon>ok, thanks. i'll do that. i think it would be nice if it could be backported to 3.10
17:10<mps>we backport useful features sometimes to latest stable, especially on merit ;-)
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19:38<linbot>New news from community: i have a seriously old ubuntu image, whats the best way to upgrade? <>
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20:59<linbot>New news from community: Can somebody ask a question I actually know how to answer? Joke joke. <>
21:15<retro|blah>Heh. Know the feeling.
21:39<linbot>New news from community: Advanced tab shows all space allocated - am I out of space? <>
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22:35<Guest1414>Standard plan $20 a month are thereany extra charges if i dont go over bandwith?
22:37<Peng_>There are optional features that you can sign up for that cost more money, like backups.
22:38<Guest1414>Thank you
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22:46<chesty>there's a few people interested in flying here from memory, this is intense goes for an hour but better than netflix. a beginner student on one of his first lessons, never landed a plane, getting a lesson when his instructor passes out and completely unconscious, gets taught how to land by the control
22:46<chesty>tower over radio. the dude in the control tower was an absolute legend.
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