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01:40<Guest1424>Hiya, thankyou
01:41<Guest1424>I am a little rusty with my server skills as i used to be a webdesigner however always used hosting with cpanel or plesk or similar, im also windows based although I have played with linux
01:42<Guest1424>i have several websites that i want to create, I have the domains, and at the moment I have created a Ubuntu Linode Server
01:42<millisa>Sounds good so far
01:42<Guest1424>I have putty, and can access, and can access using filezilla FTP
01:44<Guest1424>Would you suggest adding virtualmin next or just go with a lamp stack and look to install a wordpress site? Also after pointing DNS servers to the IP address, do i configure the various sites in the hosts file please?
01:46<millisa>My personal preference is to do it all from the command line rather than using a UI.
01:46<millisa>The hosts file on the linode doesn't particularly matter when configuring virtual hosts on the system for the websites. You can certainly use it, but it's not a necessary step just to get a website going
01:47<millisa>Did you see the linode guides on getting virtualhosts setup on ubuntu? there's a couple.
01:47<Guest1424>okay, thanks, so forget virtualmin ....
01:47<millisa>This is an ubuntu 18.04 guide that sets up a lamp stack:
01:47<Guest1424>I have found the help files jump around a little, most likely because my brain is fried
01:48<millisa>There's a whole bunch of different guides at - one may be more specific (there's a wordpress specific guide in there)
01:50<Guest1424>hey thankyou, the first link is very helpful, i was having issues with how i set up virtualhosts, greatly appreciated
01:50<millisa>The nice thing is, there's not really much in there that is linode specific either - except for maybe using their DNS. most any up to date guide on setting up a virtual host would likely be usable on a linode
01:52<Guest1424>I think I will feel a lot more comfortable when I see a /var/www/html directory ;)
01:52<millisa>they do use /var/www/html/ as the path to the virtualhost in that walkthrough
01:53<Guest1424>It seems as though I will need to configure a mail server on the linode as well, correct?
01:53<millisa>(they even walk you through creating those dirs in the name based virtual host section)
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04:59<hatman>Hey my website is alive :)
05:00<hatman>Please be free to create account on Linkerss :)
05:10<Woet>I'm not free.
05:12<hatman>This was the worst struggle to keep my website alive so far :)
05:18<hatman>I'm trying to purchase cPanel license but I'm unable to buy it. My cart is empty even when I add product. Anyone experiencing same issue?
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06:44<pro>what is new
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07:11<Sazib>Is there any free plan?
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10:16<Guest1444>I am having issues restarting apache after editing the config file as per the guidelines, the issue seems to be with the three dots syntax '...'
10:16<Guest1444>:/etc/apache2$ apache2ctl configtest AH00526: Syntax error on line 233 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Invalid command '...', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration
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10:18<Guest1444>I think i am well out out of my photoflop zone about now!!!
10:19<Guest1444>I hope you are having a good day, greetings from the UK
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10:21<zulu>test message
10:22<Guest1444>hello zulu
10:23<zulu>O!! Hello!
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10:46<@scrane>Hey Guest1444 and zulu! Guest1444 can you clarify what guidelines you were viewing for that? Usually the `...` is a filler line in our documentation to show that what you are adding should come at the end of a file.
10:47<@scrane>You shouldn't include a `...` in the configuration file
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14:27<hays>i rebooted my instance and the eth0 interface is down
14:28<millisa>even if you ifup eth0?
14:30<hays>i had to get to console and run ip link set eth0 up
14:30<hays>dont have ifup
14:31<hays>hmm and that command just shows a ipv6 address
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14:35<Peng_>IPv4 is obsolete anyway \o/
14:35<Peng_>How is IPv4 configured? DHCP? Static? Is Linode's network helper on?
14:36<hays>should be dhcp shouldn't it?
14:36<CodeMouse92>(Technology isn't obsolete until it's no longer in standard use. It's deprecated, maybe.)
14:36<Peng_>If you run "ip a" or "ip r", are the IPs and routes really gone, or are they there but not working?
14:36<hays>the file /etc/network/interfaces shows it is dhcp
14:37<hays>they are gone
14:37<Peng_>Wonder if your DHCP daemon is broken, or if Linode's DHCP server is broken.
14:38<hays>i ran dhclient and it seems to have come up
14:39<hays>so for some reason booting seems to maybe be the issue
14:42<hays>hm. this reboot work
14:42<hays>ugh. worked
14:49<hays>am i still supposed to be using /etc/network/interfaces with Deb9?
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17:20<hays>do i still configure the kernel a system runs in the linode manager
17:21<hays>one of mine seems to be on 5.1.17 and the other on 4.19
17:22<dwfreed>the 4.19 one is probably using distro kernel
17:22<hays>i cant seem to find it
17:22<dwfreed>it's in advanced on cloud manager
17:23<dwfreed>cloud manager makes things really hard to find if you have more than 5 brain cells
17:24<hays>select a kernel GRUB 2
17:24<dwfreed>that would be distro kernel
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18:21<Alef>Can you get additional private ipv4 addresses? Also does have have a fee associated with it?
18:21<Peng_>1.) Yes. 2.) No.
18:21<Peng_>Wait, additional?
18:21<dwfreed>Why do you need them?
18:21<Peng_>Like more than one? 1.) I don't know, 2.) If you can, probably not.
18:22<Peng_>Consider using IPv6!
18:22<dwfreed>^^^ this
18:23<Alef>I ask cause on my invoice I saw a fee for an additional ipv4. Opened a ticket they come back saying its for the ip
18:24<Alef> is a private ip yes?
18:25<Alef>Also @Peng_ I am dualstack
18:26<warewolf>I am sixaxis dualshock 4, pleased to meet you
18:27<Peng_>Why be dual-stakc when you can be IPv6-only? :D
18:27<Peng_>Alef: It's a private IP, but private IPs have always been free. I think support might have made a mistake?
18:28<dwfreed>Alef: does the Linode that has that private IP have 2 private IPs?
18:28<Peng_>Having one private IP has always been free*
18:28<millisa>it should show the linodeID for the server that has the additional IP
18:28<millisa>it puts in parenthesis below the 'Additional IPv4 Address' and the linode name lines.
18:29<millisa>(on the invoice that is)
18:30<millisa>goto that linode at and look at the ipv4 section there.
18:30<Alef>it has 2 private ips but 1 of the 2 is shared
18:30<millisa>under 'Type' it says 'Shared'?
18:30<Alef>for 1 of my 2 private addresses yes
18:31<Alef>not the one they are billing me for
18:31<Alef>The control panel is also kinda bugged and won't let me remove that shared private address
18:32<@mcintosh>this sounds like an error rather than having to do with the shared IP
18:37<millisa>did you expand the 'IP Sharing' section and remove it there?
18:40<Alef>Yeah, it just re adds it
18:48<millisa>well, if it makes you feel any better, i can see it happen on a shared ip, too. remove link looks like it works, but coming back to the networking tab shows it there still.
18:48<millisa>clicking the '...' next to the shared one in the ipv4 list is also interesting in that it claims the IP is in Dallas (it's in fremont)
18:59<@mcintosh>Alef: i just updated your ticket
19:12<Alef>@mcintosh good thanks
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20:38<hays>i am guessing i can't have kernel modules if i am using the linodekernel
20:39<Peng_>You *can*, but you'd have to compile them yourself, probably.
20:39<Peng_>It's more convenient to let your distro manage everything.
20:39<Peng_>The Linode kernels have most interesting features built in.
20:39<hays>makes sense
20:39<hays>I had the 'loop' module in modprobe.d
20:40<hays>i think i can take that out
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21:58<Peng_>Has the old Linode Mangler got a little slower?
21:58<Peng_>Recently, not today.
22:00<@pwoods>Peng_: It shouldn't have. Is it a certain task that seems slower, or in general that you're seeing slower speeds?
22:03<Peng_>Oh my god, you console.log() a big thing telling me not to paste XSS attacks, ha
22:04<Peng_>pwoods: Dashboard URLs take ~2.5 seconds to respond. Everything else is fast, I think.
22:07<@pwoods>Peng_: Have you run an mtr to our domain? I'm not seeing any slow down, but I'm also operating for our network.
22:10<Peng_>No, but everything else seems fast. Browser tools say the TTFB is what's slow.
22:21<@pwoods>hmm. Would you mind opening a Support ticket with what you're seeing so that we can better investigate?
22:24<linbot>New news from community: FYI.. there is a bug in your support system. <>
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22:28<Peng_>Eeeehhh. Alright. Maybe later tonight. >_> Thanks.
22:28<wraeth>"please open a support ticket" "there is a bug in your support system" heh
22:39<@pwoods>Timing of those comments could have been better. :/
22:43<Peng_>The CSRF protection isn't a bug, though.
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