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03:22<bhost>The short story: Migrating podcast hosts and the new host doesn't support PDF uploads. Is Linode a good solution to host these files for linking from the podcast episodes assuming the monthly bandwidth allotment is sufficient?
03:23<Woet>bhost: you don't need a VPS to host PDF files.
03:24<nate>bhost: Linode's are VPS's, you can host anything on them within ToS/Law obviously. But as Woet says there are plenty of file-hosting providers around without you having to worry about necessarily maintaining a system. Unless you'd like to setup a website for them and stuff too
03:29<bhost>Dropbox looks the cleanest to me so far, but it still tries to get someone to download or add to Dropbox or whatever, but it at least loads the file immediately. OneDrive does not load the file, and same story with iCloud. None of these seem very elegant. I just want the file to load quickly in the window after the link is clicked. Any suggestions?
03:30<nate>Just about no file host is going to do inline PDF loading if that's what you're asking, usually for potential security intents, so yeah that may be something you need to setup yourself
03:33<bhost>My current setup with Presentation link. That's the behavior I'm trying to emulate.
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06:38<Guest1609>Hiya guys, I set up my first linode a few days ago, using Ubuntu 19.04, 1GB, to act as a webserver for a couple of wordpress sites. I didnt realise that I would have to set up the web client separately. Would you suggest a seperate linode, and setting up Mail-In-A-Box for this. It will only have mail for several domains and users but I would like to do some promotional mail shots as the one website is for a historic
06:39<Guest1609> i have never set up a mail server before???
06:40<Cromulent>mail in a box works well
06:40<Cromulent>I've used it in the past
06:40<Guest1609>Cool, cheers, and do you reckon a seperate linode is worthwhile?
06:41<Guest1609>I think MIAB installs on Ubuntu 18.04 as standard?
06:41<Cromulent>I used a separate one - whether you do as well is up to you - personally I'd recommend a dedicated Linode would be good
06:41<Cromulent>yes 18.04
06:41<Cromulent>always use the LTS version of Ubuntu for servers
06:42<Cromulent>unless you are happy to upgrade every 6 months
06:43<Guest1609>Aha, thanks for the tip, could that be an issue with my 19.04 ubuntu as the web server could that mean?
06:43<Cromulent>yeah you'll need to upgrade every 6 months until you get to 20.04 and then stay on that as that is the next LTS release
06:44<Guest1609>okay thanks, that could be the most helpful advice i have recieved, and possibly just in time, much appreciated
06:46<Guest1609>So, would the best setup webserver,for several websites, using wordpress, maybe some static sites, few pages, AND a mail server to be 2 x Ubuntu 18.04 linodes, running at 1GB each???
06:59<Cromulent>should be fine
07:05<Guest1609>Thanks Cromulent, and from what I have read, having a seperate mail server linode is preferred, as opposed to one larger server acting as mail and web server, correct? Thanks again
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07:59<dubidubno>Can anyone help decipher this error from dehydrated/letsenypt on Debian 9.9 with Apache?
08:00<nate>dubidubno: Not sure what there is to decipher, it's showing clearly that LE got a 404 when trying to look for the challenge file
08:01<dubidubno>Do you mean 403?
08:03<dubidubno>"status": 403
08:03<nate>if it is then your apache is doubly misconfigured, since the body content shows a "404 Not Found"
08:04<dubidubno>right, off to the virtualhost config i go.
08:13<dubidubno>Solved, the domain was not in the apache config. Stupid mistake when migrating subdomains to new base domain.
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09:53<IMN>Hello, is this a support of linode?
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09:57<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
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10:04<Anton>I can’t find to find information - what kind of virtualization is on the tariffs?
10:11<Woet>the tariffs virtualisation is KVM
10:13<Anton>Thank you!
10:23<Anton>Is there somewhere information on processors and a RAID system, аnd type of SSD?
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11:06<linbot>New news from community: Linode Alert - disk io rate <>
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11:47<billp>Hi. Might anyone know, or have experience with using a Linode GPU instance? Specifically, I'm interesting in making sure I understand the pricing, and I wanted to know if Linode might help one provision the GPU instance.
11:47<millisa>provisioning and pricing on the gpu instances works about the same as any other instance.
11:48<millisa>What'd you want to know about them?
11:50<billp>to start, I wanted to verify my understanding of the GPU pricing. I currently pay a fixed per month charge for a Linode instance. I do NOT want to pay for a GPU instance in that manner.
11:50<millisa>You don't.
11:50<grawity>AFAIK the charge, even for regular linodes, is per-hour
11:50<millisa>You pay an hourly charge on that linode instance that has a monthly cap
11:50<millisa>You hit the cap about 26 days in
11:53<millisa>27.78 days I guess
11:53<billp>thank you for the info. I didn't find information regarding monthly caps on GPU machine, on the URL that you provided.
11:53<millisa>The gpu systems work the same when it comes to billing.
11:53<billp>I think that cap might be significantly different
11:54<millisa>I don't think they call out the dedicated cpu on that page either, but they are also the same
11:54<billp>maybe even closer to $1000 per month
11:54<millisa>that would be the cap on the small gpu instance, yes
11:55<millisa>$1.50/hour. about 27.7 days in, it hits the cap at about a grand
11:56<millisa>They have all the pricings and caps on this page:
11:57<billp>the second question i had regarded provisioning the machine so that I can run jupyter notebooks with either pytorch, keras or tensorflow models.... Specifically, ...
11:58<billp>does Linode offer support for the process that is documented here:
11:58<billp>which I will probably mess up.
11:59<millisa>Well, generally linodes are unmanaged vps's. They'd support that the process there should work and could verify that the hardware is available to work like they show there.
11:59<billp>Some of the other GPU services that I have used allowed you specified a machine that already had all of the GPU infrastructure/software installed
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12:00<millisa>Generally though they aren't going to get into your system and run commands and do stuff for you though
12:01<rsdehart>you can hire them to do some stuff though
12:01<millisa>They do have professional services that could get things setup for you
12:01<billp>in the past, their customer support has been pretty responsive, but I am aware that they do not get into your system for regular Linodes.
12:01<billp>the professional services might be good
12:01<billp>i guess i find them on the Linode web site?
12:01<billp>thank you
12:01<rsdehart>you can find everything there :)
12:02<billp>appreciate it
12:02<millisa>You should be able to get through that doc in an hour or so though. Definitely cheaper to spend the 3 bucks to give it a whirl yourself before engaging them.
12:02<billp>makes sense
12:03<billp>thank you everyone.
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12:06<linbot>New news from community: Data source url <>
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15:55<AlexMax>Has anybody else been getting incredibly high steal% on freshly spawned servers recently?
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16:01<dwfreed>AlexMax: that's just going to depend on what host you're on; you can open tickets about it, and Linode will poke the high users and/or move you to a quieter host
16:27<linbot>New news from community: I'm getting a 403 Forbidden error when visiting my subdomain <> || 50GB node, but df only sees 25GB... <>
16:32<Peng_>Then you can be the high user!
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16:45<AlexMax>it's not that we use a ton of CPU ourselves, but anytime we get stuck on a high steal% server that node just slows down significantly
16:48<AlexMax>And we've had many months without issues
16:48<millisa>i *have* had more steal issues this year. all were addressed like dwfreed said though (more migrations than them talking to noisy neighbor, but I used it as a chance to get on an amd proc anyways)
16:49<AlexMax>but last week we did an automated deploy and about 50% of the new servers we deployed had steal% issues.
16:49<AlexMax>we deploy servers 3 at a time, tried 3-4 different deploys and always got 1 or 2 out of the 3.
16:50<AlexMax>this morning our first staging had issues, and our deploy hit 1 of 3.
16:51<AlexMax>Yeah I noticed some of our servers had EPYC in them.
16:51<AlexMax>How long have they been on the AMD train?
16:51<AlexMax>since Zen?
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17:07<mps>why I can't set RDNS for VM IP address to value of 'my' domain
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17:08<Peng_>Are you getting an error?
17:08<mps>No match was found for 'my.serv.domain' Reverse DNS must have a matching forward entry.
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17:09<Peng_>Does a matching forward entry exist?
17:09<Peng_>Did one when you first checked? The check can be cached.
17:09<mps>I doubt, it is active for long time
17:10<mps>DNS server is not on Linode
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17:12<mps>current points correctly to FQDN
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17:16<linbot>Please don't redact or change things when you pastebin your configs or logs. It's a lot easier for us to debug if we're seeing the same thing you are.
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17:24<DrJ>dwfreed: any idea what is going on here:
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18:46<wp_admin> I have lost control of my linode server, I don't have access to my account, I need help
18:49<millisa>There is a forgot username / password link on the login page. Those don't work?
18:52<wp_admin>No, ya los utilice y no me me envía nada a mi cuenta de email
18:53<@rgerke>wp_admin: HAve you opened a support ticket with us? If so, drop the ticket number in here and we'll have a look.
18:53<wp_admin>Linode Support Ticket 12534396
18:53<@rgerke>wp-admin: Someone is working on it now and you will have a response shortly.
18:54<wp_admin>les agracezco tengo el servicio offline tema grave
19:02<wp_admin>Que tiempo demora esta revisión?
19:11<dwfreed>they'll reply when they reply
19:11<wp_admin>No me han dado una respuesta concreta de que sucedio con mi cuenta: Ticket de soporte de Linode 12534396
19:12<dwfreed>Also, I'm not sure anybody here speaks spanish fluently
19:12<dwfreed>I've mostly been feeding your text into Google Translate
19:14<wp_admin> I have not generated a concrete answer that happened, and at the moment I have neither access nor account I lost everything
19:22<wp_admin>I was able to restore my account, but it doesn't have the linode I had bought, they ask me to add a linode and it shouldn't be like that, I have to do
19:23<wp_admin> Payment Receipt [9199531]
19:28<dwfreed>Linode cannot help you here, you have to reply to the ticket
19:38<linbot>New news from community: Downgrade Possible? <>
19:39<@rgerke>wp_admin: You should have an initial response to your ticket. I recommend askingthose questions in that ticket as dwfreed suggested, because we can'tshare any of your account-speicifcs her ebecause it's a public forum. However, in the ticket, we'd behappy to get into ll of that with you.
19:39<@rgerke>Man, I need extra training with the spacebar.
19:43<millisa>the spacebar is important for my workflow
19:46<nuevu>!point millisa
19:46<linbot>nuevu: Point given to millisa. (99) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 17)
19:48<linbot>dwfreed: 1. millisa (99) 2. eugene (94) 3. dwfreed (86) 4. peng (42) 5. zifnab (41)
19:51<@rgerke>I don't think I've ever seen eugene on here. Maybe I'm too new to the IRC.
20:00<zifnab>!lick Eugene
20:00<linbot>zifnab: Point given to eugene. (95) (Biggest fan: zifnab, total: 33)
20:00<zifnab>He's dealing with life things.
20:01<zifnab>Also I wish I could Kline people who DM me asking for help
20:01<zifnab>this person should feel deep shame.
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