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01:01<@pwoods>katso: Hi!
01:01<katso>I was trying to reset root password today, but I got reset password failed
01:02<katso>with linode manager
01:02<katso>Does anyone know why is that happening?
01:02<@pwoods>katso: Did you follow the steps outlined in our guide?
01:03<katso>Yes, that's exactly what I did @pwoods
01:04<@pwoods>katso: we haven't had any other reports of the root reset not working for customers. Have you opened a Support for this yet? That would allow us to look at this closer for you.
01:08<katso>Yeah, I just did create a support ticket
01:08<katso>Well, I think I'll just have to wait for their response
01:08<@pwoods>katso: can you share the ticket #?
01:09<katso> #12535756
01:09<millisa>You could boot into rescue mode, chroot to your disk and change it that way
01:11<millisa>the steps here would show you how to do it yourself:
01:17<katso>Hmmm, it seems that would be my last options
01:20<katso>Because i'm not so techy about this stuff. I'm thinking if the support can do something to allow me change the root password through linode manager.
01:20<@rgerke>katso: I'm taking a look at it right now, and I'll respond to your ticket shortly.
01:22<katso>Please, thank you!
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01:30<FluffyFoxeh>Hai dere
01:30<Haider>I would like to know if linode servers has any ddos protection
01:31<FluffyFoxeh>Oh, that's not a command. Huh
01:31<millisa>Not really. But you can use cloudflare or a similar with them
01:31<Haider>Thank you
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01:35<@rgerke>katso: I have responded to your ticket. If you have questions or need assistance with this, please respond in the ticket so that we can address the specifics with you.
01:39<katso>Thank you so much rgerke, I'm looking on it now. Hopefully I can make it work. Bye for now, thanks guys.
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08:50<linbot>New news from community: How do I know if my DNS changes are propagating? <>
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08:57<Simon_>Hi I'd like to talk PCIDSS compliance in relation to a proposed service provision
08:59<Simon_>You may have to be patient with me, I have a sight impediment.
08:59<Woet>no worries
09:00<rsdehart> I don't know if you've been there yet but that'll be a good place to start if not
09:00<rsdehart>if so, my apologies
09:00<Woet>rsdehart: you better apologise.
09:00<Simon_>I have an e-com proposition where my supplier is proposing to use linked London for hosting
09:00<rsdehart>Simon_: I'm sorry for Woet
09:01<Simon_>The planned payment architecture is a simple I frame, pointing to our PSP
09:03<Simon_>But from my analysis I need to treat the whole outsourcing as SAQ-D. I will need assurances from the supplier about their code and from the hosting about physical security, patching etc
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09:05<rsdehart>Simon_: the url I posted explains that Linode is indeed PCI DSS compliant
09:05<Simon_>Hence, do you have an AOC that describes the scope of what you provide/ `or will it depend upon what my supplier has engaged - PAAS or IAAS?
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09:07<Simon_>Ah, thanks. I emailed them but got nothing :-(
09:07<rsdehart>how long has it been?
09:08<newnm>hello guys I need access to my files on this hosting ( linode )
09:08<newnm>how to access my files and database ?
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09:09<rsdehart>newnm: how did you get them on there?
09:09<newnm>anybody know ?
09:09<rsdehart>I'm really confused
09:09<@jcardillo>Simon_: what is your ticket number?
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10:00<linbot>New news from community: Why is Longview telling me my "system clock is fast"? <>
10:07<mps>repeating my question from last night: why I can't set RDNS for VM IP address to value of 'my' domain
10:08<mps>error message is: No match was found for 'my.serv.domain' Reverse DNS must have a matching forward entry.
10:10<rsdehart>mps: does that domain point to your server?
10:11<rsdehart>sounds like a dumb question, but it needs to be asked
10:11<mps>np, it points
10:11<mps>on another cloud provider it works
10:12<mps>same server, FQDN
10:12<rsdehart>wait, is it the same server or another provider?
10:12<mps>no, server name is same
10:13<rsdehart>server name shouldn't matter
10:14<mps>shouldn't, but it doesn't work on linode
10:14<mps>DNS provider is somewhere else
10:15<mps>blaboon: ^
10:15<mps>sorry for asking you for help, personally
10:17<dzho>typically there's little point in changing the details to obscure them when reporting error messages and such, *especially* when it involves DNS and IP addresses.
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10:18<dzho>not only is there little point, it makes it very difficult for anyone to help.
10:18<mps>dzho: I agree, but not sure what is policy about it
10:18<dzho>if you give the exact IP address and the exact domain names involved, we can do DNS queries to try to see what's going on
10:19<dzho>well I'm sure it is bad to spam but if you are really having trouble we'll see that you aren't spamming
10:19<mps>khost -t a
10:19<dzho>if there's something not safe for work on these then a warning is probably warranted
10:20<mps>khost -t any
10:20<mps>no, server is public
10:22<dzho>ok, so A record and PTR record are both defined, and point the domain to the IP and vice versa
10:23<dzho>that seems ok
10:23<dzho>so what's the problem?
10:23<mps>yes, I want to add RR VM on linode to same hostname
10:24<Zr40>that domain points to which is not a linode IP
10:24<dzho>a) why and b) I don't think it works that way
10:24<dzho>oh, round robin
10:24<mps>It should work
10:24<Zr40>the domain you want to set up as rdns for an IP must point to that IP
10:24<dzho>you want the hostname to point to the linode IP
10:24<mps>because it works on another 'cloud' provider
10:25<mps>Zr40: I don't use, but IP on linode VM
10:25<dzho>so you add another A record, I think
10:25<mps>dzho: no A, RR
10:25<dzho>wherever you manage the DNS for that domain
10:25<Zr40>mps: points to You must change it to your Linode IP, then wait for DNS cache to expire, then set rdns.
10:26<mps>Zr40: no
10:26<Zr40>well, good luck then
10:26<mps>to repeat, it works on other provider
10:26<dzho>RR is not a DNS record type, so far as I can tell
10:26<dzho>to get RR behavior, you add a second A record, and then DNS will return one or the other
10:26<mps>dzho: from you messages I think you understand what I mean
10:27<dzho>at least, that's what I think will happen, not that I do this
10:27<Zr40>to repeat, you must change it to your Linode IP (and wait for DNS cache to expire) before Linode allows you to set as the rdns for your Linode IP
10:27<mps>Zr40: no
10:27<dzho>mps: as always, a good search is your friend
10:28<mps>dzho: I don't want round-robin
10:28<dzho>sorry, then what do you mean by "RR"
10:28<mps>yes, sorry for wrong term
10:28<warewolf>Resource Record?
10:28<mps>I want that points to
10:29<dzho>then you need to set the A record first. Linode won't let you set the PTR until that is in place.
10:29<mps>uhm, really
10:29<Zr40>to do that, you must set the A record of to your Linode IP (and wait for DNS cache to expire) before Linode allows you to set as the rdns for your Linode IP
10:29<dzho>point your domain name to the Linode IP address with an A record.
10:30<rsdehart>I thought you'd already done this
10:30<dzho>linode's system will check that that is the case and know that it makes sense to point the IP address reverse-lookup
10:30<rsdehart>as you said you'd already done this
10:32<mps>I can put whatever I want in my * by definition
10:32<dzho>for a query you can
10:32<Zr40>but Linode can't. They can only set that for IPs they control, and will only allow that for domains actually pointing to that IP
10:32<mps>and linode should allow their users to do that
10:32<dzho>what Zr40 said
10:33<mps>hmmm, linode have to relearn DNS
10:33<dzho>good luck with that
10:33<Zr40>sounds like you need to, in fact (-:
10:34*dzho nods
10:34<mps>Zr40: true, I'm not expert but that is basic
10:34<Zr40>yes, it is basic that you cannot set reverse DNS for IP ranges you don't control
10:34<Zr40>_every_ DNS provider is subject to that rule
10:34<dzho>I mean, I'm no DNS expert, but I do understand that linode should only be able to set PTR for IP addresses assigned to them
10:35<mps>do I control IP of my VM on linode?
10:35<dzho>that remains to be seen
10:35<mps>dzho: right, and I want just this
10:35<dzho>for whatever value of control
10:35<dzho>I think we've told you what you need to do.
10:36<dzho>if you don't want to do that because you think you know better that's ok
10:36<dzho>but the answers aren't going to change unless the questions change :-)
10:36<mps>this is first provider who don't allow me that
10:36<rsdehart>how many have?
10:36<rsdehart>I'm betting that's the one that's an anomaly, not linode
10:37<dzho>so in the example you gave, the A record and the PTR record were complementary
10:37<dzho>so that's no different than what linode will do
10:37<Zr40>perhaps some providers let you define reverse DNS, but it would have zero effect because they don't control delegation for that range
10:37<mps>dzho: no
10:37<dzho>no what
10:37<rsdehart>just no
10:37<dzho>ok, have a good day
10:37<mps>dzho: also you :)
10:37<rsdehart>yeah pretty much
10:38<Zr40>you _need_ to set the A record for your domain to your Linode IP and _only_ then can you set reverse dns for that IP to your domain
10:38<rsdehart>you not liking this doesn't make it any less required
10:39<mps>ok, I will open ticket and see what will be official answer. thanks all for time :)
10:39<dzho>!to mps ops
10:39<rsdehart>we've given you what will be the official answer
10:39<Zr40>they'll tell you the same thing. Saves you some time (-:
10:39<linbot>mps: Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
10:40<rsdehart>it's like seeking a second opinion on whether the sun will come up
10:40<rsdehart>(spoiler: yes, it will)
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10:46<kharlan>rsdehart: heretic.
10:46<rsdehart>yeah yeah
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10:55<quickquestion>hey guys! quick question. Would it be better to have 1 x 6 core linode, 2x 4 core linode, or 4x 2 core linode to host a website? (using cloudflare to loadbalance)
10:55<quickquestion>in terms of performance (and using dynamo db as the database via PHP api)
10:56<Zr40>having only one linode comes with the obvious disadvantage of having a single point of failure
10:57<Zr40>but solving that properly is not trivial, especially for databases
10:57<quickquestion>yeah, I was going to use aws dynamo DB for the database
10:58<quickquestion>so they all could connect seperately
10:58<quickquestion>and put them in different geographic locations
10:59<quickquestion>I was just wondering if there would be advantages to having fewer 4 core machines vs more 2 core machines
10:59<quickquestion>as in, faster processing, etc.
11:00<Zr40>there is some variety in hardware between physical hosts in the same data center, but generally you should expect per-core performance to be the same
11:01<Zr40>you should pick the configuration that's most convenient for you or best satisfies your needs
11:01<Zr40>1x6 core obviously comes with 2 fewer cores in total than the other two configurations
11:01<quickquestion>so then the advantage of the X 2 cores would be 4000 Mbps per linode, so if traffic is spread more out it could be faster?
11:02<Zr40>2x4 and 4x2 should be the same (assuming similar hardware) but you get twice as many instances to manage
11:02<quickquestion>yeah maybe I'll stick with the simplicity of 2, one on the west coast and one on the east
11:03<quickquestion>thanks for your advice :D
11:03<Zr40>yeah, outbound network bandwidth is capped differently, but you won't get single clients hitting that. And as for DDoS considerations, you could handle that on the cloudflare end
11:04<Zr40>also, I don't know dynamodb, but do be aware of network latency. If you do multiple database requests, the roundtrips add up
11:04<quickquestion>yeah i'm not doing anything too crazy with the database, just storing transaction data
11:05<quickquestion>all the content is stored locally
11:06<quickquestion>thanks again :)
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11:12<Paul_RIPENCC>anybody here who can talk about billing?
11:12<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
11:13<Paul_RIPENCC>thanks, Zr40
11:14<Paul_RIPENCC>so any @ who could help me out with a billing question?
11:14<@jcardillo>Hi Paul_RIPENCC. Ask away!
11:15<Paul_RIPENCC>so, the credit card currently coupled to our account will be terminated next month
11:15<Paul_RIPENCC>our finance department is asking if we could do invoiced billing
11:15<Paul_RIPENCC>is that possible?
11:19<@jcardillo>we do require that you have an active credit card on file. we don't do invoiced billing, but there is the option to front-load your account via check or paypal to keep your CC from being charged.
11:19<@jcardillo>if needed, we could provide an estimated invoice if your finance department wanted to pay via PayPal or check.
11:20<Paul_RIPENCC>hmm, I don't think our finance department does either PayPal or check - bank transfers are their preferred option
11:21<Paul_RIPENCC>as that's not an option, according to the page you linked, i don't think this will work out :)
11:21<Paul_RIPENCC>i'll talk to finance and see what they want to do then
11:21<Paul_RIPENCC>thanks, jcardillo!
11:27<@jcardillo>Yeah, bank transfers are only accepted under certain circumstances. If you open a support ticket from your account and give me the ticket # I can take a closer look to see if it could be an option.
11:41<dzho>with locations in London and Frankfurt, and probably in other places where cheque use is waning, it's heartening to see this might be an option, even if limited
11:43<Paul_RIPENCC>cheers, jcardillo .. i'll look into this tomorrow (have to leave for the evening)
11:46<Zr40>I don't think I've seen a physical check since, what, 20 years? Maybe 25.
11:47<dwfreed>I've used physical checks comparatively recently
11:47<dwfreed>like in the last year or two
11:47<dwfreed>also do a lot of money orders, to pay for things like rent
11:47<rsdehart>last time I rented I was able to use Paypal
11:48<Zr40>I vaguely recall the obsolescense of Eurocheques
11:48<@jcardillo>The only time in need to send checks anymore is to my township to pay my quarterly water/sewer bill.
11:48<Zr40>bills are typically paid by direct debit over here
11:48<@jcardillo>local govs got to catch up.
11:50<dwfreed>rsdehart: I can do bank withdrawals or pay with my credit card; I should probably do the bank withdrawals because it's not much more expensive and means I don't have to worry about it at all
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12:41<linbot>New news from community: Any tips to remove IP blacklist from Cloudmark? <>
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14:51<linbot>New news from community: What should I consider when setting up cPanel? <>
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15:54<tomaw>who can I talk to about linode sponsored freenode boxes?
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16:10<dwfreed>millisa: I replied to him already elsewhere :)
16:10<millisa>!point dwfreed
16:10<linbot>millisa: Point given to dwfreed. (87) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 17)
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20:38<lalaland>Hello. Does anyone know if other tenants on the physical machine can contribute to high load averages on a Linode?
20:38<millisa>are you seeing high steal?
20:39<lalaland>I don't know what steal means. We're just seeing high load. We moved to a new machine. Load used to average between 1.5 and 3, and now we are seeing 4-7
20:39<millisa>if you are running top it's over on the right usually around the 2nd or 3rd line
20:39<lalaland>Both Linodes are Linode 32GB with 8 vCPUs
20:40<lalaland>top - 20:40:30 up 3 days, 18:29, 2 users, load average: 4.78, 5.38, 5.23 Tasks: 210 total, 2 running, 115 sleeping, 0 stopped, 0 zombie Cpu(s): 26.3%us, 4.6%sy, 0.0%ni, 51.1%id, 3.4%wa, 0.0%hi, 1.4%si, 13.2%st Mem: 32922476k total, 32649212k used, 273264k free, 147036k buffers Swap: 524284k total, 0k used, 524284k free, 23706832k cached
20:41<lalaland>Don't see anything that says steal
20:41<lalaland>there it is
20:41<lalaland>I assume?
20:41<millisa>a load of 4 isn't necessarily bad on an 8 core system
20:42<lalaland>No, it's fine, but when it used to be 1.5 to 3 and now it's 4-7 that's worrisome. That means one errant thing can trigger issues
20:45<millisa>If you don't think it's your processes driving the load and if you keep seeing those steal numbers solidly in the teens+, I bet they'd get a migration setup for you to try another host
20:47<lalaland>Ugh, boss won't like more down time. :( He's already saying get the hell off Linode.
20:47<millisa>if your load is mostly cpu oriented, the 8 core dedicated is cheaper than the 8 core non-dedicated - half the ram/storage though.
20:47<Peng_>Linode supports live migrations in at least some situations
20:48<lalaland>Storage is important for us. Our DB is big
20:48<millisa>put in a ticket - see if they can do a live migrate like Peng said
20:48<lalaland>steal seems to mostly be under 10%
20:49<@pwoods>lalaland: Since Linode doesn't have access to your servers, we'll ask you to run 'iostat 1 10', and we'll check for noisy neighbors if you open a ticket.
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20:54<lalaland>I've added the dump to the ticket. Hopefully that will help, although I didn't see much of an issue in it.
20:54<lalaland>Idle actually seems pretty high considering the load
20:57<@pwoods>lalaland: what's your ticket number? I can take a look
20:58<@pwoods>lalaland: thanks! Looking at it now. /
21:10<@pwoods>lalaland: I just updated your ticket. I happened to be working on that ticket when you started reaching out here, which is not common.
21:12<lalaland>OK, I'll take a look. Thanks!
21:17<lalaland>Load is going down a bit now, but it's also after our prime-time usage which ended about 15 minutes ago. Still higher than normal. We'd be expecting low 2s around now. I'll send the output of the commands, and probably send them again tomorrow during our prime time
21:17<@pwoods>lalaland: You're welcome. Glad to see that load is going down. We'll look forward to your response.
21:21<lalaland>In fact load is going down quite a bit. I'll keep watching, and again, update tomorrow.
21:22<lalaland>Will also look into the dedicated CPU instances. SSD is still shared though, I presume.
21:23<lalaland>Gads, load went back up
21:26<lalaland>OK, will add more to the ticket tomorrow and decide where to go from there. Thanks for your help.
21:27<lalaland>Oh wait, 3 neighbors on a 24 core system? Should I assume they aren't all Linode 32GB?
21:29<@pwoods>lalaland: I can't divulge the plans other customers are using, but your assumption that they're not all 32GB plans would be accurate.
21:29<lalaland>Thanks again.
21:29<@pwoods>lalaland: Also, SSD isn't shared, only the vCPU cords.
21:29<lalaland>oh really?
21:30<@pwoods>lalaland: If you'd like, we can live migrate you now during a slower time for your Linode.
21:30<lalaland>I need approval first.
21:30<lalaland>live migrate sounds scary, like would likely cause database issues.
21:30<@pwoods>lalaland: OK, though just remember it won't include downtime.
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21:33<lalaland>Office is closing now, so I have to go. I'll update the ticket tomorrow. Thanks for the information.
21:33<lalaland>and all the help!
21:33<millisa>!point pwoods
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21:34<lalaland>!point pwoods
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21:36<@pwoods>Whoa! a hat trick for Patrick!
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21:48<Wendel>omg IRC... evening everyone...
21:49<@pwoods>Wendel: o/
21:49<@rgerke>Hi Wendel!
21:50<Wendel>I was wondering if anyone could tell me what my linode download speed should be? I'm only getting 28.03Mbit/s
21:51<millisa>download from the perspective of the linode?
21:52<millisa>the network in/out (from the linode's perspective) is on the pricing page -
21:52<Wendel>yes, from the command line of my linode
21:54<millisa>I tried wgetting on a linode from the facility speed test and I'm seeing close to the caps -
21:55<Peng_>downloaded a Go release at 650 Mbps a while back
21:55<millisa>I'm not seeing much faster than gigabit on bigger nodes to the facilities speedtests; they just aren't big enough to really gauge it
22:15<dwfreed>iperf3 for fun and profit
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22:18<millisa>there might even be a doc on it
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23:12<timothy>Are dedicated CPU linodes on single tenant machines, or is it just a different way to do virtualization?
23:13<Peng_>They're not single tenant.
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