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03:05<thanhnguyen>hi, I have an linode account has been suspend and i request to transfer these linode to other linode account. How can i know the transfer is completed ?
03:15<@rgerke>thanhnguyen: Have you opened a support ticket regarding this as of yet?
03:24<thanhnguyen>yes, ticket no#12505917
03:25<@rgerke>I was able to locate your ticket. You'll have a response shortly.
03:34<thanhnguyen>@aorlowsky said that Trust & Safety team has been working with me on this case 4 hours ago. But nothing happened until now.
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03:48<@rgerke>Your ticket is being worked on right now. You should have a response soon.
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08:25<linbot>New news from community: Why does Linux say my Linode's drives are HDD? <>
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09:17<prema770>Hi All! Just deleted an account that may have files we need. Does anyone know if Linode holds accounts after deletion?
09:20<@rdaniels>prema770: There is no gaurantee, but an image of your Linode may be available for a limited time. I recommend sending us an email to
09:20<@rdaniels>This Community site post has additional information.
09:21<@rdaniels>Make sure to include the last 6 digits of the payment card used, and the email address that was on file so that we can authenticate you, and locate your previous account.
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09:58<manu_>Do have floating IP provision on the server?
10:01<nb>Is there any idea how much the price for object storage will be after the early adopter program is done?
10:03<@bleckemby>nb: We expect pricing after the EAP will be $5/month for 250GB of storage, then $0.02 for each additional gigabyte. However, pricing may change before the official launch.
10:03<nb>ok, thanks
10:05<manu_>@bleckemby, can you please let me know my question? planning to buy servers
10:06<@bleckemby>manu_: If you open a Support ticket, we can add an additional IP address for IP failover. However, it isn't currently supported in Mumbai or Toronto.
10:07<Woet>bleckemby: "If you want to confirm without a doubt that your Linode is powered by SSDs, use dd to test the write speed."
10:07<Woet>SSDs don't necessarily have a good write speed, especially in a shared environment. they should excel at IOPS though, like 4k random read/write.
10:08<@bleckemby>Woet: Absolutely. But at a glance, you can identify via write speeds that it isn't on a HDD.
10:09<manu_>@bleckemby>, Okay. Supported for US based data centers?
10:09<Zr40>Woet: you could say that random access by others doesn't really impact your access
10:09<@mcintosh>manu_: yes, it is
10:09<Woet>bleckemby: RAID 10 with some good disks would be capable of those speeds
10:09<Woet>Zr40: huh
10:10<@mcintosh>if you _really_ want to confirm you're on SSDs, you'd probably need to buy your own hardware - but i recommend just trusting us
10:10<manu_>Ok, do you have any data center in the Africa zone?
10:10<@mcintosh>manu_: not currently
10:10<Zr40>Woet: if you use dd to measure speed, others doing anything at all would cause seeking on a HDD, but not on a SSD
10:10<manu_>OK, Near by location to Africa?
10:11<Woet>manu_: Europe is near.
10:11<manu_>Ok, Thanks
10:34<prema770>Hi @rdaniels Thanks heaps for the response recovery is under way.
10:36<@bleckemby>prema770: That's so great to hear!
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10:37<prema770>Yes thanks @bleckemby
10:38<ahras>Is there an upper limit of vps per user?
10:51<@bleckemby>ahras: Yes, and it grows as customers establish a positive history with us. If you hit this limit and require more instances for your needs, open up a Support Ticket with us.
10:53<ahras> thanks @bleckemby
10:53<ahras>if I deposit money the limit can be increased ? Or only with time ? @blrckemby
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11:45<nomatter>Hi !, anyone have problems login to linode manager ?
11:45<nomatter>Error 500 after login
11:45<millisa>i just had a whole bunch of dallas nodes go stupid
11:49<nomatter>anyone ?
11:49<@bbigger>also seeing issues, we're looking into it now
11:49<nomatter>"Whoops! Something went wrong :(" in the classic login frame
11:49<nomatter>and "500 Uh-oh! There was an issue on our end. Sorry about that!" in the newone
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11:51<millisa>and its suddenly better
11:52<gecco>Is there anything going on in dallas data center? We just everything
11:52<millisa>we were just talking about that.
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11:52<gecco>Just lost all core VOIP trunk connectivity to IP
11:52<Timothy>Did Linode just experience issues in Dllas?
11:52<nomatter>and now " wrong password"
11:52<gecco>What the hell is going on
11:52<Timothy>nothing on status page
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11:52<millisa>We're waiting to see what the status update is. they said they were looking. my stuff is mostly recoveed at this point
11:53<gecco>Linode, is someone from network admin side availble? 11:38amEST is when we started seeing invite drops
11:53<Timothy>ya mine is back too
11:53<@bleckemby>It seems issues with multiple services are having issues. We're investigating now.
11:53<gecco>We're back up now, help
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11:53<@bleckemby>Ouch, my English.
11:53<gecco>does anyone have traces?
11:54<nomatter>"Username or password incorrect."
11:54<gecco>Web worked, SIP port 5060 was blocked
11:56<gecco>All of our trunks dropped, on all of our providers, both primary, secondary, 3rd, my carrier is saying they have had no other complaints
11:57<gecco>We're back up now thank God, but this looks like a dallas data center issue, just keep us up to date with what happened or update status page with post mortum
11:57<Timothy>Dang data centers
11:57<Timothy>Odd, one of my sites was still up, akthough it couldn't resolve any host names
11:57<gecco>downtime happens, Linode has been rock damn solid all year, first blip in months
11:57<Timothy>but another was dead in the water
11:58<Tyler>Downtime happens, but its nice if the status page is updated so we know whats going on
11:59<gecco>@bleckemby can you get back to us on status page with post mortum, thanks for picking up our cries for help so quickly
11:59<nomatter>working now .. slow but working
12:02<gecco>ok, keep us posted
12:22<Timothy>I wish post mortems were more of a thing - anywhere, not just linode
12:22<Timothy>I always feel stupid when trying to explain to supervisors what happened and can't provide details.
12:23<millisa>They've written them up for bigger events in the past. Not sure this one will qualify. Whatever this was didn't impact all dallas nodes.
12:24<Timothy>Nope, it didn't. Affected one of my nodes and the dashboard
12:24<Timothy>Fortunately, my main server wasn't affected
12:24<millisa>status page updated
12:25<millisa>that fits what I saw
12:25<Timothy>Oh resolvers
12:25<Timothy>Not sure why that would have brought down my server though. Hmm
12:26<Timothy>Funy, just yesterday I was wondering if I should use and instead
12:31<Timothy>Was worried about what impact that would have though, since they wouldn't be as close to the server
12:32<linbot>New news from status: Connectivity issues - Dallas, Atlanta, Linode Manager, Linode API <>
12:36<@mcintosh>millisa: think we'll probably try to follow-up on this one
12:44<@mcintosh>> It seems issues with multiple services are having issues.
12:45<@mcintosh>made me giggle a little
12:45<@mcintosh>bleckemby: luv u :p
12:45-!-mode/#linode [+o charris] by ChanServ
12:45<@bleckemby>mcintosh: :p
13:10*Timothy is still trying to figure out howserver went down if it was resolver issues. what crazy thing is my app doing that I don't know about? :)
13:14<Timothy>I hope it's not doing a ping
13:19<millisa>geolocation / shipping rate type lookups? those were the most common things I was seeing
13:20<millisa>another was a current stock price lookup
13:20<linbot>New news from community: How do I troubleshoot Mariadb excessive cpu usage? <>
13:24<Timothy>nope, shouldn't be any lookups on index page. I'll probably spend the day auditing that cuz I don't want to do the other stuff I'm assigned to do
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13:26<primitiv>hello, what other resources can i use besides rkhunter to determine if my server got infected?
13:27<primitiv>somebody is asking me to take a look into it and they are saying wordpress seems the be the culprit, rkhunter returns OK for everything
13:27<primitiv>trying to make sure its only wordpress and nothing else...
13:27<nuevu>"Simple" answer is assume everything's compromised.
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13:28<millisa>if you really want to see everything that's changed, goto a known good restore and diff everything
13:30<@bbigger>primitiv: ClamAV, Maldet, chkrootkit, R-FX malware detect
13:34<primitiv>should i run any of those in a specific order?
13:35<primitiv>well it wasnt broken before wordpress
13:35<primitiv>and he added a bunch of plugins
13:35<primitiv>and one most likely had a backdoor
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13:41<@bbigger>I wouldn't say order matters much, just more options for you to try. Also agree with others—only real way to recover from a compromise is to rebuild.
13:43<DrJ>personally, I have a tripwire script on my server that monitors the entire /home directory
13:43<@mcintosh>millisa: gecco: we'll be updating the status page w/ more info on the incident shortly
13:44<millisa>!point mcintosh
13:44<linbot>millisa: Point given to mcintosh. (20) (Biggest fan: csnxs, total: 8)
13:44<DrJ>it runs every hour and emails me a list of new, modified, or deleted files (if any)
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13:44<@mcintosh>^^ wasn't lying when i said shortly! ;)
13:44<DrJ>however, it only searches for files that can contains scripts like php files, etc
13:46<millisa>'quickly notified by our monitoring systems'. that's code for #linode, right?
13:46<@jackley>it's code for mcintosh, specifically mcintosh
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13:57<@mcintosh>true story
14:00<primitiv>they dont have a backup sadly
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14:07<mojo> Hi
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14:08<mojo>excuse me I have a question. If I buy Linode basic plan how many domains can be used with it?
14:08<millisa>there's no linode imposed limit
14:09<mojo>ok thank you.
14:09<millisa>you get root access to a linux system you spinup. you determine how many domains that means
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16:08<nb>does linode backups backup an attached volume?
16:09<@mcintosh>nb: it does not
16:10<nb>ok, that's what i thought
16:10*nb wishes you offered a backup service for volumes
16:13<@bbigger>nb: I have officially logged your request.
16:14<nb>bbigger, thanks!
16:14*bbigger tips hat
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16:31<cf11>Hi, I have a question regarding public IP address assignment, namely whether I'm able to reserve an external IPv4 address and associate it with a Linode VM?
16:35<nb>cf11, not sure what you are asking..... every Linode VM gets a IPv4 address
16:37<cf11>understood, but will it change on reboot/ power off and on of the Linode or is it dedicated? I'm talking public IP here
16:39<nb>it is dedicated.
16:41<cf11>and this is non-chargeable (and not forecast to be) chargeable? background is that I currently use GCP (sorry!) and they are making dedicated "External IP addresses" chargeable. I've been considering a move to Linode on a price/ performance basis and this has tipped me over!
16:41<millisa>every linode has a public built into the price. not only that, you can even shift the public IP to another linode in the same datacenter
16:42<cf11>thanks nb/ millisa, that's great - just want to avoid having to run a dyndns/ similar client
16:43<millisa>it's the extra IP past the initial one that you end up having to justify and will pay extra for
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16:44<cf11>single IP is fine, and will enable me to migrate my website/ API across without issue
16:44<millisa>and we're just talking ipv4 here. ipv6 you can have a huge public block if you want it
16:44<millisa>go check out then
16:44<cf11>great, I'll need dedicated IPv6 in the near future, just dedicated IPv4 for now
16:44<cf11>thanks for your help
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18:30<greener>is there any policy regarding using my linode for cryptocurrency mining?
18:38<greener>thanks. Is such activity considered as "Intentional misuse of system resources"?
18:40<nuevu>Honestly, I have no idea how mining is interpreted under the TOS. But it doesn't seem like a VPS is the best place to do it.
18:40<nuevu>You might get a straight answer from one of the ops, or by opening a support ticket if you already have an account.
18:41<greener>ok, thanks
18:41<@rgerke>greener: I want to give you a good answer on this, so I'm looking into the specifics.
18:46<@rgerke>greener: Cryptocurrency mining is not explicitly forbidden on our platform, but if you're choosing to engage in it please be mindful that resources on non-dedicated Linodes are shared and consider using of our Dedicated CPU plans.
18:47<nuevu>!point rgerke
18:47<linbot>nuevu: Point given to rgerke. (3)
18:47<cruxeternus>Either way, unless you've got a GPU, I doubt you'd earn more than the cost of the Linode.
18:47<cruxeternus>Just burn CPU, power, cooling at a loss.
18:48<cruxeternus>While annoying your neighbors :P
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20:51<linbot>New news from community: Is it possible to do a volume downgrade? <>
21:22<linbot>New news from community: Access to Install ioncube <>
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21:28<primitiv> im getting a 403 error
21:29<primitiv>any idea how to solve this?
21:29<primitiv>i installed an ssl and it borked everything up
21:29<millisa>step 1, move them from DO to Linode.
21:30<primitiv>apachectl -S
21:30<primitiv>step 2?
21:30<@pwoods>primitiv: does the apache error logs provide anything?
21:30<millisa>look in your logs, check your config, verify your selinux config isn't getting in the way
21:31<primitiv>before the sssl wordpress was fine
21:31<primitiv>i installed it could login
21:31<primitiv>once i ran certbot
21:31<primitiv>it got messed up
21:31<@pwoods>I checked the SSL cert through this checker, and it looks ok from their end:
21:31<primitiv>yes the lockpad appears fine
21:31<primitiv>could it be htacccess??
21:32<primitiv>[Fri Sep 06 01:32:14.872597 2019] [core:error] [pid 11525] [client] AH00124: Request exceeded the limit of 10 internal redirects due to probable configuration error. Use 'LimitInternalRecursion' to increase the limit if necessary. Use 'LogLevel debug' to get a backtrace., referer:
21:32<primitiv>this is the only error i receive
21:32<@pwoods>It could be a couple things, htaccess being one of them.
21:32<millisa>sounds like you have a redir loop
21:32<@pwoods>Yeah, what millisa said
21:33<primitiv>this is my htaccess
21:33<primitiv>i agree, seems like it
21:33<millisa>(that shouldn't be a 403 though; that should be a 5xx)
21:36<primitiv>i removed the htaccess
21:36<primitiv>now it loads somewhat
21:37<millisa>line 7 of those rewrite rules
21:37<millisa>did you really mean that? or no case?
21:37<primitiv>i didnt create this htaccess
21:37<primitiv>no idea tbh
21:38<primitiv>how do i fix my site not loading properly now though?
21:39<primitiv>nvm seems like the theme wasnt activated properly
21:39<primitiv>so now i need to fix the ssl
21:39<millisa>devtools shows a lot of stuff being loaded by IP, not hostname.
21:39<primitiv> i need this to redirect to
21:40<primitiv>opera doesnt load the theme
21:40<primitiv>firefox and chrome do...
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21:40<Peng_>Do you have or want to get a valid certificate for
21:41<primitiv>no that one is fine like it is
21:41<primitiv>i want to fix jamsbot** sorry
21:41<millisa>did you set the word press siteurl to jamsbot?
21:41<millisa>wp_home and wp_siteurl?
21:42<primitiv>yea it should be
21:42<primitiv>let mechekc
21:42<primitiv>ahh no
21:43<millisa>do that.
21:43<millisa>hey look. a wordpress site.
21:44<primitiv>i also need 157 to redirect to jamsbot
21:45<primitiv>yaya wordpress fixed
21:45<primitiv>!point millisa
21:45<linbot>primitiv: Point given to millisa. (100) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 17)
21:47<primitiv>i do not see a vhosts for the server ip
21:47<primitiv>would i create one with the redirect?
21:48<millisa>it would use the default vhost if there's not one it matches.
21:48<primitiv>this is my current default one
21:48<primitiv>so this one is the one used
21:49<primitiv>do i copy the bottom redirect?
21:50<millisa>that appears to say if the server name is jamsbot, send it to https of whatever the server got as the server_name (which would be jamsbot)
21:52<primitiv>but it doesnt redirect it to jamsbot
21:52<primitiv>so the redirect isnt functioning?
21:52<millisa>if the server_name is jamsbot it probably is
21:53<primitiv>so i would swpa jamsbot for =
21:54<millisa>if you want all things that end up in that vhost to goto, regardless of what name or IP it uses, why have the rewritecond at all?
21:55<primitiv>fair point
21:55<primitiv> RedirectMatch permanent ^/(.*)$$1 ?
21:56<primitiv>so that made http only redirect
21:56<primitiv>how do i make the https redirect?
21:56<millisa>it is the http vhost
21:56<millisa>make an https vhost to do it with? it'll throw a cert error
21:57<primitiv>wait what will throw a cert error
21:57<millisa>If you ask for https://someIP, what cert are you using and is it going to match that name? (it's why Peng asked 'why?')
21:57<millisa>(well, I'm assuming)
21:58<primitiv>can i remove the ssl
21:58<primitiv>its not being used
21:58<primitiv>im redirecting
21:58<primitiv>well want too redirect*
21:59<primitiv>curl --head
21:59<primitiv>curl --head says no cert
21:59<millisa>If you want to ignore the cert mismatch, you can add -k to curl
21:59<chonk>you are asking it to connect over HTTPS
22:00<primitiv>right now you can load over https
22:00<primitiv>how doi make that redirect
22:00<Peng_>Why? It's not useful.
22:00*millisa nods
22:00<Peng_>Without a valid certificate, it doesn't work.
22:00<@mcintosh>there is a valid cert it's just not for a bare IP (?)
22:00<primitiv>bcause i do not want people to view 157
22:00<@mcintosh>i'm driving by with that comment so, i might be missing info here...
22:01<primitiv>i want it to redirect to my url jamsbot
22:01<primitiv>do i just create a 443 vhost?
22:02<Peng_>primitiv: THey can hardly view it now, since they'd get a certificate mismatch error
22:03<Peng_>Oh, it loads your actual website?
22:03*mcintosh nods
22:03<@mcintosh>Peng_: i didn't click through the warning at first either! XD
22:03<millisa>if you ok past the cert error, sure
22:03<Peng_>I'd change that to return an error, or a redirect, but it's important to understand that the certificate error would still be there
22:04<primitiv>i created a 443 vhost with the ip
22:04<primitiv>but i cannot see the server ip in the list
22:04<primitiv>to install the ssl
22:05<@mcintosh>it's not worthwhile or common to have an ssl certificate for an IP
22:06<primitiv>so how do i redirect it
22:06<@mcintosh>fwiw i'd suggest simply not worrying about it
22:06<@mcintosh>as Peng_ notes for SSL, you'll get that cert error either way
22:07<@mcintosh>from the link:
22:07<@mcintosh>> You can't disable direct IP access to your server over HTTPS because the hostname for your virtualhost is encrypted inside the SSL certificate.
22:07<primitiv>but i do not want people to view 157...
22:07<chonk>are you trying to hide your IP address?
22:07<millisa>then put an empty vhost there that says something like 'site not configured'. if someone types your IP, blows past the cert error, do you really want to serve them a page?
22:07<primitiv>no i just want people to view the url instead is that a sin
22:07<millisa>it's probably a bot anyways
22:07<chonk>obfuscate, rather
22:07<primitiv>i dont understand why it matters
22:07<primitiv>its my choice
22:08<@mcintosh>you can redirect it
22:08<@mcintosh>but the cert error is not avoidable
22:08<@mcintosh>it's just how websites work
22:08<millisa>a human isn't going to do that anyways
22:08<@mcintosh> <-- this is's IP - you get the same cert error
22:09<@mcintosh>they make it 403, but the cert error is not avoidable
22:09<@mcintosh>you can make it 403 or redirect (my link describes how) but the cert error is impossible to avoid
22:09<primitiv>how do i make a 403
22:10<primitiv>that shows for http
22:10<primitiv>not https
22:10<millisa>require all denied in the directory block uses less rewrite
22:11<primitiv>thank you for all the help
22:17<millisa>cheapest IP based ssl I've found is $350.
22:17<millisa>I'm assuming the lochness monster is involved
22:18<nate>"IP based SSL"?
22:18<millisa>globalsign still allows them with the OV level certs
22:18<millisa>(not an ad):
22:19<Peng_> and use DigitCert.
22:19<Peng_>, shockingly, uses Google Trust Services. ;)
22:20<chonk>does that count as self-signed
22:20-!-primitiv [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
22:25<nate>Oh, oh you mean like an IP as the CN/SAN?
22:25<nate>They're usually restricted to private ranges though I Believe
22:25<millisa>other way around.
22:26<nate>ah are they? Maybe I'm thinking something with EV. Is that the one where you gotta show OV registration of the IP too?
22:26<@mcintosh>!point millisa
22:26<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to millisa. (101) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 17)
22:26<nate>ie; OV details have to match the RIR records?
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22:30<millisa>I definitely don't know what they use today; last time I had to do one I had to mail in articles of incorporation type docs and ace of base was still getting radio time
22:32<waltashom>buen dia alguien sabe como comenzar a usar linode me sale - LĂ­mite de cuenta alcanzado. Por favor abra un ticket de soporte.
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