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00:32<linbot>New news from community: having problem connecting to my sql DB <>
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02:49<Kazi>anybody there?
02:49<@rgerke>Kazi: Hello!
02:49<Kazi>i need a hosting package
02:51<wraeth>Kazi: Be patient - not everyone will be right at their keyboards. :)
02:51<wraeth>You can see available plans and pricing at if that helps.
02:52<Kazi>I have seen that. Which package has root access ?
02:52<wraeth>They all do - they're VPS's.
02:53<Kazi>Standard Plans- Linode 16GB - $80 per month. so it has root access?
02:54<@pwoods>Kazi: all of our plans provide root access, from the Nanode up.
02:55<Kazi>in that plan it is mentioned $.12/hr. What is that ?
02:56<nate>Kazi: Linodes are technically billed hourly but you're invoiced monthly depending on the amount
02:56<@rgerke>Kazi: That's our 16GB Linode. It's $0.12 per hour or $80 per month is you have it active on our system for the entire month.
02:56<Kazi>If i use Standard Plans- Linode 16GB i have to pay $ 80 or beyond that ?
02:57<@pwoods>Kazi: you pay for the time you have the Linode on your account.
02:59<Kazi>that plan's bandwidth limit ?
03:00<@pwoods>Kazi: here's a list of specs for all of our plans:
03:01<Kazi>I just trying to confirm that if there any hidden charge with this $80 or hourly rate
03:02<Kazi>I can see there is $20/mo backup price
03:02<wraeth> may also be informative for you.
03:02<Kazi>should i have to pay this $20 with $80 ?
03:03<Zr40>only if you choose to enable the backup addon
03:03<Kazi>support chat is available 24 hours ?
03:04<@pwoods>Kazi: Support is available 24/7, either through tickets, email, or phone
03:04<Kazi>Standard Plans- Linode 16GB has cpanel ?
03:06<@pwoods>Kazi: The only way we provide cPanel is with Managed Services
03:06<Kazi>managed service price?
03:06<@pwoods>$100 per Linode on the account, per month
03:07<Kazi>backup included ?
03:07<@pwoods>Kazi: yup
03:09<Kazi>is there any trial option to test managed service ?
03:10<@pwoods>Kazi: not for Managed Services specifically, but we do offer a 7 day trial period for all new accounts
03:10<Kazi>so for managed service i can get Standard Plans- Linode 16GB with root access and backup+ cpanel for $100. right ?
03:12<@pwoods>Kazi: It would be $180/month. $80/month for the 16GB plan, then $100/month for Managed Services
03:13<Kazi>ow ok got it
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03:13<mediatalk>Please increase SQL upload limit of my server. I have 50 MB now. i want to increase it to 1 GB.
03:14<kharlan>mediatalk: no such sql restrictions exist.
03:14<Kazi>how mediatalk entered into my chat ?
03:15<Kazi>is it public chat ?
03:15<Kazi>so you guys give support through public chat ?
03:15<@pwoods>Kazi: yes, this is public.
03:15<kharlan>this chat consists of linode employees/members of the community
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03:15<@pwoods>Kazi: we wouldn't discuss anything account specific over a public channel like this
03:16<@pwoods>Kazi: This is why we prefer to work with customers through Support tickets if we can, since the account is authenticated through logging into our system.
03:17<wraeth>This is more of a community channel, where some staff and some community chat and help as able.
03:18<Kazi>For using trial period we will have to buy for 1 month ??
03:20<kharlan>nate | Kazi: Linodes are technically billed hourly but you're invoiced monthly depending on the amount
03:21<@pwoods>Kazi: the way our billing works is we invoice after services are used, not before.
03:21<Kazi>In site you mentioned about the trail period. How to use that ?
03:21<@pwoods>So you won't have to pay up front, though you can make a payment to add credit to your account if you wish to do so
03:22<Kazi>before buying i want to check the service match with my requirement or not
03:22<@pwoods>Kazi: You'll just need to cancel within 7 days.
03:22<@pwoods>Sure, which is why we offer the trial period. We want to you test our platform out to see if it meets your needs.
03:23<@pwoods>Our trial period is explained at the bottom of the pricing page I shared earlier:
03:25<Kazi>your company is doing good. try to introduce a support chat like hostgator or godaddy. Public chat is don't suit with this type of business
03:26<Kazi>just a feedback
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03:28<wraeth>No time wasted with pleasantries there. :D
03:30<wraeth>(Not that that was a complain - knew what he wanted to know)
03:32<Peng_>There would be advantages to having a private chat thing, but IRC is great
03:32<@pwoods>I'm just glad they didn't share anything personal when they thought it was a private chat
03:32*Peng_ shudders
03:33<kharlan>pwoods: you did great by the way. That user was just a weirdo.
03:33<wraeth>I wouldn't go that far. Just no-nonsense.
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03:35<kharlan>I feel like no-nonsense people would have found all the answers to their questions online without engaging in a pointless q/a.
03:35<kharlan>I dunno how simple can get.
03:35<wraeth>Nice to have confirmation sometimes, though. Anyway, 'tis home time for me.
03:36<@pwoods>Thanks, kharlan. It's all in a night's work.
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03:39<wraeth>!lick pwoods
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05:13<linbot>New news from community: Possible Tor node <>
05:53<linbot>New news from community: payment <>
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08:03<jaigupta>Hi.. can someone help me?
08:03<@jackley>hi! possibly! what do you need help with?
08:04<jaigupta>thanks! i am trying to make my monthly payment of my linode as i have always done, but for some reason all of my attempts are being declined!\
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08:05<jaigupta>i am trying to make the payments using debit cards
08:05<@jackley>ok! we can look into that. do you have a ticket number open?
08:05<Dekko>Manged cloud service price ?
08:05<@jackley>jaigupta: great, if you could tell me the number, I can take a look
08:06<@jackley>great, we'll update your ticket shortly!
08:06<@bleckemby>Dekko: What kind of managed services are you looking for?
08:07<Dekko>I need a Cpanel hosting with root access
08:07<jaigupta>@jackley thanks!!! a ton...
08:09<cruxeternus>Dekko: Linode Managed comes with cPanel, and costs $100/mo/Linode
08:09<@bleckemby>cruxeternus beat me to it.
08:09<cruxeternus>If all you need is cPanel, and don't need the managed part, a cPanel license direclty would be cheaper
08:09<Dekko>here price is not showing
08:09<cruxeternus>it's hard to find it on that page heh
08:09<Dekko>How much storage i will get with $100 ?
08:10<cruxeternus>but if you search for 100 you'll see it :)
08:10<cruxeternus>Storage is based on the Linode you get.
08:10<@bleckemby>Besides Linode Managed (which is mainly an incident response service), you can also host cPanel on any Linode, but we don't sell the licenses directly.
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08:11<@bleckemby>!point cruxeternus
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08:11<cruxeternus>eh, I was in the neighborhood
08:11<@bleckemby>We're happy to have you.
08:12<cruxeternus>He is right though.. that's the second time I've loaded that page and had trouble finding the price on it hehe
08:13<@bleckemby>Our Billing and Payments has more detail:
08:13<@bleckemby>**Billing and Payments guide.
08:13<cruxeternus>I think it's a pschological thing... you scan the white part for details, and when you hit the gray part you kinda stop processing
08:13<cruxeternus>ah, that's cool
08:13<cruxeternus>maybe I'll point to that instead
08:14<@bleckemby>Lemme pass that along to the right people, and we'll see how we might improve the transparency of pricing.
08:14<cruxeternus>Normally I'd say it's not that big of a deal... but a large number of people come in here asking specifically about managed pricing, so maybe I'm not alone
08:15<@bleckemby>Any and all feedback is a big deal to us. :)
08:15<cruxeternus>!point bleckemby
08:15<linbot>cruxeternus: Point given to bleckemby. (1)
08:15<cruxeternus>Ah, you must be new :P
08:17<@bleckemby>I've been around for a bit, but I made IRC more accessible (deployed a web IRC client via docker) for myself. Hopefully you'll see more of me.
08:17<cruxeternus>but web IRC client... gross :P
08:18<@bleckemby>I'm all about terminal tools, but it is just too good:
08:19<cruxeternus>that does look better than the usual web client
08:20<@jackley>jaigupta: just updated your ticket
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08:32<LouWestin>Managed pricing on the pricing page would be a great idea.
08:33<LouWestin>And also what managed covers and does not. I know there’s been mention that somethings are not covered
08:35<TJ->I've been having some issues with DNSSEC and as I use the 6 Linode public DNS servers as slaves to my master that hosts the SOA been issuing notifies to prompt AXFR requests from the slaves. However it seems to take a variable (long) time and is somewhat random in the slaves all syncing up. Is there any detailed docs on how the slaves operate and whether there are ways to 'poke' them to sync
08:35<TJ->between themselves (as well as with the SOA) more promptly?
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08:54<trippeh_>TJ-: they do work promptly for me, I think. I notify/axfr over ipv6, though.
08:56<TJ->trippeh_: I'm using both IPv4 and IPv6 but not sure which the AXFR is done over, I'd have to tcpdump to be sure... what is weird is I had these DNSSEC issues with 3 domains (.community, .vision, .cloud) and in working to resolve it sometimes all the slaves would re-sync quickly other times some would remain on an older SOA serial for a long time (as reported by various DNSSEC checkers)
08:59<TJ->trippeh_: and now of course since I took over sorting this out manually the slaves have all synced so I cannot show/reproduce it !
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09:01<TJ->it started due to a combination of virtualmin managing lets-encrypt+DNSSEC and a subtle bug somewhere in Virtualmin's lets-encrypt scripts where it is updating the zone SOA (serial) RR but not resigning it but the changes get notified out so DNSSEC validation breaks and Let's Encrypt reports a SERVFAIL and cannot renew certs.
09:02<TJ->Taken me 2 days to pin-point it... not helped by 2 expired domains and the renewal retrying every 65 monutes, it tampering with the SOA serial each time, and the slaves never getting chance to catch up
09:02<trippeh_>notifies are udp though, so internet, loss yada yada maybe?
09:03<TJ->s/expired domains/expired X509 certs/
09:03<TJ->trippeh_: the notifies go out... and I was seeing some AXFR's come in but the new SOA serial wasn't showing up in all the slaves, only some... over time they'd catch up
09:06<trippeh_>some != all ? :)
09:09<TJ->trippeh_: right... I'd do regular checks (every 10 minutes) using and it'd report BOGUS SOA and over time the list of servers handing out the old (bad) SOA would shorten and they'd move to the new (good) SOA RR :)
09:10<TJ->trippeh_: sometimes over an hour
09:14<linbot>New news from community: How do I alias email ? <> || How do I alias email ? <>
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11:14<linbot>New news from community: How to solve this issue in my account??? <>
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11:22<primitive> when i curl --head this ip
11:22<primitive>why does it give a 404 not found
11:22<primitive>when when accessing the site it loads fine?
11:43<warewolf>primitive: in a browser you're using the hostname, right?
11:44<warewolf>primitive: HTTP has the concept of a "Host:" header that gets sent by browsers when you visit -- and when you go to the dotted decimal IP address, it doesn't send the "Host:" header. So in webservers, they think it's a separate website
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11:45<William>Hey guys, what's your experience with dealing with Cloudflare's "abuse" department?
11:45<William>I'm dealing with a spam with connections to AWS, Linode, and Cloudflare, and for the latter Linode's abuse department is suggesting I contact Cloudflare.
11:47<William>Their CEO and abuse department have blocked me on Twitter for criticizing what they protect.
11:51<warewolf>I'm confused
11:52<warewolf>spam connections *to* cloudflare, which I take it means that you're a cloudflare customer?
11:54<William>I'm not a Cloudflare customer. A spam e-mail sent via Amazon SES (they have been contacted) have a landing an a site hosted by Linode (they have been contacted) and it ends up at a site hosted by Cloudflare.
11:55<warewolf>okay, so spam e-mail.
11:56<warewolf>spam is (sadly) a fact of the internet. There's some due dilligence required on your part to reject spam, unfortunately there's no "set it and forget it" solution, not even the commerical pay-for services are perfect.
11:57<warewolf>if cloudflare has blocked you on social media it sounds like you're barking up the wrong tree?
11:59<primitive> curl --head
11:59<primitive>gives a 404 as well
12:00<primitive>curl --head gives the same output
12:01<William>There's a reason the far right hate site is using Cloudflare, and it might be that they are violating the TOS of their hosting provider and need to hide.
12:03<warewolf>primitive: what have you done to your apache config, HEAD returns a 404, but a GET is 200 OK ? Do you have some weird filtering on request methods?
12:04<warewolf>William: okay, so I'm assuming you've already contacted cloudflare's abuse department, they did what (if anything) they were going to do, and you're unhappy with what they did (or didn't) do?
12:05<Zr40>(not sure how using Cloudflare enables them to hide from their hosting provider)
12:05<William>No, I haven't contacted them because I don't want to get doxed.
12:05<warewolf>ooooh wait I know the fix for that
12:05<warewolf>sadly it costs money.
12:05<warewolf>have a lawyer file on behalf of you.
12:06<William>Do you think I am made of money?
12:06<warewolf>do you think I give support for free?
12:06<warewolf>(wait, I am!)
12:07<primitive>so its not my server its a windows xampp does curl work the same for windows servers?
12:07<primitive>im thinking thats why i get a 404?
12:08<warewolf>primitive: it's not curl's fault, it's a webserver configuration. If you don't do a _head_ request (e.g. curl --head) it works fine.
12:09<primitive>so curl --head works fine for you?
12:09<warewolf>don't do curl --head
12:09<primitive>remove head
12:09<warewolf>do just curl
12:09<primitive>ahh okay now i get it
12:10<primitive>anybody have expeirence installing an assl on windows
12:10<primitive>i believe the .txt records are the issue
12:11<warewolf>primitive: some folks lock down the permitted HTTP request verbs, (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, PATCH, HEAD, OPTIONS, etc) to just GET/POST under the belief that it enhances security. In reality, rejecting the HEAD http request only increases the amount of bandwidth of a webserver, because now clients are unable to do a HEAD request w/ an Etag or if-modified header to leverage a cache.
12:12<Toba>fun fact
12:12<Toba>in chrome at least and probably others, if you have a GET request cached, a HEAD request can still hit the cache
12:12<Toba>chrome will take the GET respones and prune it down to what the HEAD response would have been
12:12<Toba>This is especially fun if you don't use your Vary headers properly!
12:12<Toba>Super fun and easy to debug that kind of thing
12:13<William> I reported a hate incident to the ADL regarding that matter.
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12:16<warewolf>William: so report it to law enforcement?
12:16<William>Isn't hate speech legal under USA law?
12:16<warewolf>... that's why I said report it to law enforcement.
12:17<warewolf>you're trying to go all vigilante, and complaining that it didn't work in here.
12:17<warewolf>the fact of the matter is A) you're not law enforcement, and B) might not even be the target of the hate crime.
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12:18<warewolf>there's a thing that is required to be able to bring suit against another entity, called "standing". You have to have "legal standing" (e.g. be an affected party) of the crime.
12:19<warewolf>William: anyway, good luck; my lunch is here and I gotta go
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12:22<millisa>I hope karen gets to talk to that manager.
12:25<linbot>New news from community: We want to transfer domain from godaady to Linode? <>
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13:05<linbot>New news from community: How do I make a TXT record more than 255 characters long? <>
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14:50<primitiv>Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable
14:50<primitiv>anybody encounter this with php 7.2
14:53<nuevu>It's a pretty straightforward error message. Whatever you're passing to `count()` isn't countable.
14:54<nuevu>Without more context, it's just a generic error message.
14:57<primitiv>i have my sql query the n im counting $result
14:57<nuevu>So, $result isn't an array, or an object that implements Countable. What abstraction library/layer are you using there?
14:58<primitiv>what do you mean?
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14:58<nuevu>Your database access layer, what it is? Direct mysql calls, PDO, etc
14:59<nuevu>The "DB" class.
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15:01<nuevu>What does the "query" method actually return? I'm guessing just the result of `$conenction->query('SQL')`?
15:04<primitiv>i have a pagination mod or php code added and it counts the result but it doesnt work now that i updated my php
15:05<primitiv>previous versions work fine
15:05<primitiv>is there another way to count the result
15:05<primitiv>i dont need to use count()
15:05<primitiv>i just need the total count from results
15:11<primitiv>let me try that good sir
15:13<primitiv>that woulnt work as i do not use $connection
15:14<nuevu>That call doesn't even require the connection, just the result object.
15:20<primitiv>$mysli is not defined
15:20<primitiv> if ($result = $mysqli->query(
15:20<primitiv>i do not have a $mysqli
15:20<primitiv>that variable is non existent
15:21<nuevu>What are you trying? That's the command in the docs I linked.
15:21<nuevu>Literally: `mysqli_num_rows($result)` will probably get you your answer.
15:21<primitiv>i havent tried anything
15:21<primitiv> if ($result = $mysqli->query( 'SELECT '. TABLE_PREFIX .', '. TABLE_PREFIX .'users.earlyBird, '. TABLE_PREFIX .'users.aff_id2, '. TABLE_PREFIX .'users.earlyDate,'. TABLE_PREFIX .'users.firstname, '. TABLE_PREFIX .'users.lastname, '. TABLE_PREFIX .'users.aff_id, '. TABLE_PREFIX .'affiliate.ref_user_id, COUNT(*) AS referrals, '. TABLE_PREFIX .', '. TABLE_PREFIX .' FROM '. TABLE_PREFIX .'us
15:21<primitiv>sorry didnt mean to paste all that
15:21<primitiv>i have that but i do not have mysqli defined
15:22<primitiv>i cannot use the example given
15:22<primitiv>so how do i workaround not having $mysqli
15:22<primitiv>the rest is fine
15:22<nuevu>You have the $result variable that is presumably the return from a DB call. Pass that to the function and it should give you a number back.
15:23<nuevu>That makes some assumptions about what's actually being returned, but I'm guessing you haven't wrapped much around the native mysqli calls.
15:25<primitiv>so i do not neeed the $mysqli in the link given?
15:26<primitiv>like so?
15:27<nuevu>Yes, that's likely to work if you are just directly returning the result of the query method in your DB class
15:28<primitiv>doesnt work gives a blank screen
15:40-!-TJ- [~root@2a02:8011:2007:0:7925:fad5:d334:136a] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 2.5]
15:45<linbot>New news from community: Installing Longview - can't select Yes/No <>
15:53<primitiv>any other ides
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16:00<primitiv> mysqli_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, object given i
16:00<primitiv>is what i get now
16:06<millisa>am starting to get alerts for timeouts to dallas linodes
16:06<primitiv> $rowCount = $result->num_rows();
16:06<primitiv>gives a blank page
16:09<millisa>A couple mtrs from different providers to different dallas linodes. one is complaining more than the other.
16:12<millisa>getting timeouts to the api, now, too
16:12<Peng_>I'm seeing some loss between Dallas and one other thing, but nothing else.
16:13<Peng_>!web title
16:13<linbot>Peng_: [mtr] 11. AS??? ??? 100.0 8 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 -- 12. AS14061 2604:a880:400:d0::8a0:a002 87.5% 8 433.5 433.5 433.5 433.5 0.0 -- see for full mtr
16:13<millisa>so far I've only narrowed it down to 'central texas -> dallas' that goes through those telia hops at the end
16:13<Peng_>!web title
16:13<linbot>Peng_: [mtr] 12. AS??? ??? 100.0 8 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 -- 13. AS14061 ( 87.5% 8 433.2 433.2 433.2 433.2 0.0 -- see for full mtr
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16:56<Jidhey1>I want to know about your hosting details
16:57<Peng_>Ask away. Which details?
16:58<Jidhey1>If am about to move to this hosting is their any free way they can help me to move it here from my previous hosting, because I have no experience in this
16:58<nate>Jidhey1: Well first and foremost you need to understand this is not a classic 'hosting' provider, linodes are VPS's, virtual root servers
17:00-!-Jidhey1 [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:00<nate>Jidhey1: Just making sure you understand without paying for managed services this is basically a maintain-at-your-own-capacity. They do have managed services that would I believe include services like that;
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17:24<millisa>(the odd traffic thing I was seeing earlier recovered in the last couple minutes)
17:25<cruxeternus>Yea, seems better here now too
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19:06<waltashom>buen dia como compro un dominio en linode o tengo que comprarlo en otro servicio
19:07<millisa>Linode isn't a registrar. You can buy the domain elsewhere and use linode for hosting and DNS
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