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00:27<n1ne>Are there Linode VPS available in Macau or Taiwan?
00:29<rsdehart>that shows the available locations
00:30<n1ne>thank you
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04:27<Hakdog>Why can’t I use my debit card?
04:28<Hakdog>When signing up?
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05:11<Murat>Need help?
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05:34<rsdehart>no, thanks
05:36<JOAMANA>my dashboard is prompting "You are not authorized to take this action." after i created a linode account is there a quick fix
05:37<JOAMANA>You are not authorized to view this feature.
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05:40<rsdehart>JOAMANA: not sure. If you don't get a response from staff here, you might submit a support ticket and maybe drop the ticket number in here in case someone looks in and can e
05:40<rsdehart>ok then
05:48<@bleckemby>!point rsdehart
05:48<linbot>bleckemby: Point given to rsdehart. (6)
05:48<@bleckemby>Even though they left, thanks for helping out!
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08:28<linbot>New news from community: There was an issue loading Linode creation options. <>
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11:16<gmemran>are you linode support agent
11:16<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
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11:24<varian>Quick question - is the data transfer listed inbound, outbound, or combined?
11:25<Zr40>outbound, and shared with all your linodes
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12:21<slavikz>:-D noway u using such a chat :-D
12:21<millisa>We are all a figment of your imagination.
12:22<slavikz>ok whatever, my problem is that Im getting Invalid email address. when I want to sign up
12:22<millisa>Are you putting in a valid email address?
12:23<millisa>what's the domain portion of the address?
12:23<slavikz>I want to share here my email address, but not sure if only Linode customer support can see that
12:23<millisa>This is public, don't share it
12:23<slavikz>yahoo mail
12:25<slavikz>just by the way I suggest you thjis opensource chat:
12:25<millisa>I guess they don't like that domain. Maybe they've had too much abuse from it? Do you have another address you can use? It's possible to change your email later
12:25<millisa>This is IRC, not a web chat.
12:26<slavikz>ok whatever thanks
12:27<slavikz>and thats stupid, its yahoo mail....
12:28<slavikz>sane as blocking
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13:33<chesty>don't think about the game
13:34<Toba>i lost the game to memory and you just fixed that for me, thanks
13:43<AlexMax>i actaully won the game a long time ago
13:43<AlexMax>somebody linked me to this page without me knowing what I was looking at
13:47<Toba>wow! thanks!
13:47<Toba>oh man this one is good too
13:48<AlexMax>nah, you have to happen upon that page without having lost
13:48<Toba>says you
13:49<Toba>i say otherwise
13:49<Toba>that's how it works after all
13:49<Toba>not only have i won, i understand why i have, and you can't take it away from me
13:50<AlexMax>fair enough
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14:04<slavikz>hi are you there?
14:05<retro|blah>Please provide details of what you plan to do with the information you obtain in response to this survey question.
14:06<slavikz>I wnat to know if in linode cli is option to create user in one line with flags
14:07<slavikz>in case of multiple users
14:13<retro|blah>When you spin up a Linode, you get root access via SSH. From there, you can use standard Linux commands to add users on that VPS.
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14:15<slavikz>Can u show me example
14:15<slavikz>I seen in docs flag --u
14:17<retro|blah>What are you reading?
14:18<slavikz>is there an option to do something like: linode configure --u WHATEVERUSER --api-key WHATEVERAPIKEY
14:18<slavikz>this is what im reading
14:18<dwfreed>that is for telling linode-cli how to authenticate with the API, which is probably not what you're thinking
14:19<slavikz>yep I need to add add multiple users in single line
14:19<dwfreed>You can't
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14:20<dwfreed>linode-cli can only handle being one user on its own; you can swap out the config file (which is created by the configure call) to switch users
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14:22<slavikz>ok then I will create only one user at time, no prob.. but anyway want to add username and api key in single line
14:22<slavikz>to do this I have to do proc_open? Please tell me that you have soluction.
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14:26<beepbopp>Is Hoppycat still active?
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16:52<linbot>New news from community: My website has been scraped and my content has been stolen! <>
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17:15<Alef>Does the Toronto location have IP failover or /116 ipv6 pools yet?
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17:42<GrumpySquid>Can someone help me out? I can't restore from backup. I delete the disks, then, when I attempt to restore from backup. It starts then in the summary says backup failed. I go to the advanced tab and the disks are back, but, it won't boot. So I got to the configuration and nothing is mounted on /sda/ so when I try to select the disk it just says "disk id for /dev/sda not found.
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