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09:29<linbot>New news from community: PROBLEMS ON CENTOS SERVER <>
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16:59<primitiv>hey im trying to update one of my users password via mysql on terminal
17:00<primitiv>update user set password=PASSWORD('myself') where User='user1234';
17:00<primitiv> You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '('myself') where User='duck'' at line 1
17:00<primitiv>im not sure i understand whats wrong?
17:05<primitiv>nvm seems like some tutorials shouldnt exist lol
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17:40<linbot>New news from community: invalid syntax using passlib sha512_crypt <>
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19:21<linbot>New news from community: how do I move data from one linode to another <>
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19:56<Ricardo>Hi, where can I find the block storage pricing?
19:57<millisa>it's down near the bottom
19:57<Ricardo>thanks man
19:58<Ricardo>is it ssd, right?
19:58<millisa>Not purely.
19:58<millisa>"Linode Block Storage is powered by a combination of large capacity HDDs and ultra-fast NVMe drives, offering a balance between price, performance, and capacity."
20:07<Ricardo>which locations are available at the moment?
20:09<millisa>"Block Storage service is offered in all data centers except for Atlanta."
20:19<Ricardo>do you have a list or links of all available where Linode is located?
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21:11<linbot>New news from community: What is the smallest I can shrink my Linode's disk to? <>
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21:59*DrJ bites his lip
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22:30<pierreneter>hello guys
22:33<pierreneter>Why we need root password? How can I determine the default and unique method to connect to my linode is ssh?
22:33<millisa>I don't think I understand the question. You set the root password when you picked the distribution for your linode
22:34<millisa>You can reset it with these instructions:
22:35<pierreneter>but I don't want to set root password, just want to set public key of SSH key.
22:38<wraeth>So set up and test your ssh key, then either reset the password or disable password auth.
22:38<millisa>that should let you set a key when creating
22:38<pierreneter>@wraeth good anwser.
22:39<pierreneter>@millisa, you don't understand, I known how to do it. Just want to disable password auth as default.
22:40<pierreneter>Don't want set any root password. I don't ask to how to set password or set ssh key, I known how to do that.
22:41<wraeth>Is the issue that you don't want to set it at all, even if for just a few minutes as you set the system up?
22:42<wraeth>If so, I'm not sure that's possible; but it would still only be for a few minutes.
22:47<pierreneter>yes, few minutes.
22:47<pierreneter>but i don't want
22:47<pierreneter>just simple.
22:48<retro|blah>don't want what? just simple what?
22:48<pierreneter>what what what?
22:50<wraeth>Your questions are a little vague, making it hard to determine exactly what you're trying to do. If it is that you just don't want to set a root password at all, like I said I don't think it's possible - there needs to be *some* way to access the system once it's first instantiated. You can change or remove the password whenever you like, though, but I'd suggest testing your public key auth before doing so.
22:52<pierreneter>:) i know. I just don't want to set a root password at all.
22:55<pierreneter>Don't need to set root password as default, it should make a selectable option, I know about my key, I know how to do it, don't show me how to do it, I just want not to set the root password right from the initial step.
22:55<pierreneter>that all.
22:59<millisa>creating from an image or a previous backup I don't think requires a root password entry.
23:01<millisa>not 100% on the image based spinup. creating via a clone I don't remember it requiring it
23:01<wraeth>Clone probably just uses whatever's there - ie. includes passwd and shadow.
23:02<millisa>it's the only way I'm coming up with. the api says stackscripts require it; never tried that though
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