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03:41<gjzwart>Hi! Im having a question regarding the Linode API. I generated a Personal Access Token, and according to the documentation, I have to log in with a client_id, client_secret and a code in the body. But when the PAT was created, I just got the key or token, I guess thats the client_secret, but the two other fields, where do I find the information I have to put in there?
03:42<grawity>are you reading docs for the same API version?
03:43<grawity>ah, right
03:43<grawity>the APIv4 accepts either tokens obtained through OAuth2 (using client_id/client_secret) *or* tokens generated through the website
03:45<grawity>at least if I remember correctly
03:45<grawity>let me double-check
03:45<gjzwart>Ill give it a try, so Ill find out shortly ;)
03:45<grawity>it *might* also be what I was thinking earlier (that the "personal access token" is for APIv3 only)...
03:45<grawity>but try just using the token in "Authentication: Bearer ..." and report if that works
03:47<gjzwart>nop, doesn't work.. Im getting nothing back from the api..
03:48<grawity>works for me
03:48<gjzwart>thats weird, I was expecting a 401 or something...
03:49<grawity>I tried, and yes I should have said 'Authorization:' not 'Authentication:' earlier
03:49<gjzwart>maybe Im not getting a response because something is down..
03:49<grawity>do you not get an HTTP response at all?
03:50<gjzwart>curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, ['Authorization: Bearer xxxxxxxx', 'Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8',]);
03:50<gjzwart>I ran that...
03:50<gjzwart>of course the bearer key was the correct one...
03:51<gjzwart>I ran it again, and now I got a response...
03:51<gjzwart>probably just a.. ehm.. glitch.. lol
03:52<grawity>so basically, you can either create Bearer tokens via "Personal Access Token" *or* obtain them via OAuth2
03:53<grawity>you'll need OAuth2 if you want to allow other users to log in to your app
03:54<gjzwart>Im having a backend for an api Im running on my linode, and I wanted some server information in the backend.. saves me for a little time, not having to log in to linode to see how the server is doing...
03:55<gjzwart>so Im just gonna parse the json obtained there and display a little graph and some vital stats in my own backend..
03:57<gjzwart>thanks a lot for your help!
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07:55<Chris>Hello is there any Linode admin? I have some questions. Thank you.
07:56<Zr40>oh, linbot's not here
07:56<Zr40>basically, ops are Linode employees, and the rest of us are the sometimes-helpful community
07:57<grawity>ask the question, and someone will usually answer it, and if you're lucky they'll even be a Linode admin
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08:04<Chris>I have a wordpress website and i want a help to choose the right plan.
08:05<Chris>In my current web hosting provider when i have +300 visitors with once the server reaching the limits and get down.
08:06<grawity>is that 300 per minute? 300 per hour? 300 per day?
08:07<grawity>also does it go down due to provider-imposed limits (like requests per hour), or just getting slow due to lack of resources?
08:18<Chris>When i upload an important post i get in 30 second 300+ visitores, the server CPU + RAM go at 100% and the website get down for a minute maybe and then again up.
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08:39<LouWestin>I was going to ask more, but Chris left already
08:43<@rdaniels>LouWestin: I too was going to offer help. :(
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09:15<Chris>Sorry i had a disconnect.
09:18<Chris>I was say, when i upload an important post, i get 300+ visitors in 30 seconds. And the website get down that moment for 1 minute and then again up. The CPU and Ram go to 100%
09:19<grawity>personally I'd start with the $10 plan and look into one of those WordPress caching plugin things
09:21<Chris>I see,
09:22<Chris>Thank you grawity
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09:25<@rdaniels>Chris: Welcome Back! We also have a great guide that will walk you through some of the use cases that need specific plans
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09:26<DrJ>and of course you can easily upgrade/downgrade plans at any time
09:26<DrJ>I'd start small and if it doesn't work ... work your way up the tiers
09:27<Chris>Thank you rdaniels
09:27<DrJ>I'd also start with the $10 plan... nanode plan probably not enough
09:27<@rdaniels>You're welcome! And DJ is correct. It's very easy to upgrade/downgrade your plan on our platform.
09:27<Chris>I see
09:28<DrJ>the cache plugin recommendation is key too... don't overlook that
09:29<DrJ>quite honestly that alone would probably solve your issue on your current provider
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09:33<Chris>I am using cache plugin
09:33<Chris>Also i have done image optimization
09:33<DrJ>well then either your current provider absolutely sucks or something is not configured properly
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09:35<Chris>In that specific day i had 15.000 Users on my site.
09:36<Chris>Normaly i havent problem.
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12:14<LouWestin>Ok glad Chris came back.
12:14<@mcintosh>!to csnxs urmom
12:14<linbot>csnxs: Yo mommas so insecure, she gets exploited more than Roundcube! (17:2/0) [ummro]
12:14<@mcintosh>!upvote 17
12:14<csnxs>how rude
12:14<linbot>mcintosh: Upvote added.
12:42<kharlan>I run wordpress on a nanode just fine.
12:42<kharlan>It really depends on the size of your site though \o/.
12:52<linbot>New news from community: Do I have to keep a Linode for a certain period of time before deletion? <>
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13:14<ketosis>anyone on?
13:14<ketosis>anyone from linode?
13:14<ketosis>does Linode have any preconfigured VPSs?
13:14<ketosis>I am looking for a dev environment for react-native that is all set up
13:15<ketosis>you guys have anything like that?
13:15<millisa>there might be a stack script that gets you close
13:16<ketosis>never used one of those
13:16<ketosis>does linode have some listed on their site?
13:16<millisa>me either.
13:16<millisa> is the first one I find that sounds close
13:16<millisa> has a search form
13:16<ketosis>guess so :) thanks
13:16<Zr40>but remember that linode is an unmanaged service, which means that you get root and are responsible for maintaining whatever you install on your linodes
13:17<Zr40>stackscripts only deal with the initial setup
13:17<millisa> is more for doing it yourself
13:17<DrJ>personally I'd want to do it myself... not wonder what some script did to my server that I'm unaware of
13:17<millisa>me too
13:17<Zr40>me three
13:17<ketosis>looking to develop mobile apps with react-native
13:18<ketosis>was just looking for a shortcut... :) a way to have the dev enviroment ready to go
13:18<ketosis>aws has a bunch of ready to go images like that...
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13:22<linbot>New news from community: I can't boot from my restored backup! Seeing 'UUID does not exist` <>
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14:39<Daley>Good Day
14:39<millisa>Is it? Excellent. Greetings
14:40<Daley>is there an email for Cyber incident reporting?
14:40<millisa>As in a place to report abuse?
14:40<Daley>Yes abuse.
14:41<millisa> include any logs and details you have
14:41<millisa>They are pretty responsive
14:41<Daley>Thank you.
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15:06<linbot>New news from community: How can I increase the max_connections in MySQL? <>
15:27<linbot>New news from community: How do I resolve SMTP banner issues? <>
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16:07<primitiv>$sql3 = 'UPDATE np_users SET expire_date = DATE_ADD(`' . $today . '`, INTERVAL ' . $expire_days . ' day) WHERE id = "' . $userID . '" '; this seems to fail
16:08<millisa>how come
16:08<primitiv>`' . $today . '`
16:08<millisa>not the double quotes around an id field?
16:09<millisa>are you actually using backticks there?
16:09<primitiv>if i replace that with expire_date
16:09<primitiv>which is fro0m mysql it works
16:10<primitiv>but when replaced with a varaible it craps out
16:13<millisa>have you echo'd out sql3 somewhere to debug after it has been built to see what it actually shows?
16:13<primitiv>$sql3 = 'UPDATE np_users SET expire_date = DATE_ADD(expire_date, INTERVAL ' . $expire_days . ' day) WHERE id = "' . $userID . '" '; this works fine
16:13<primitiv>updates he date to 10 days
16:13<primitiv>but if i want to change it to todays date plus 10 days
16:13<primitiv>it should work no?
16:14<millisa>I don't know, are you actually putting backticks in there?
16:14<primitiv>OH I KNOW MY ISSUES
16:14<primitiv>im not using that right at all
16:14<primitiv>thats never gonna work
16:14<primitiv>see im repalce expire_date which is a mysql column with a variable
16:14<primitiv>that will never work lmao
16:15<primitiv>thanks for being my rubber duck milissa
16:15<primitiv>!point millisa
16:15<linbot>primitiv: Point given to millisa. (102) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 17)
16:15<millisa>my current duck is a pirate
16:16<primitiv>do you know how to adapt the sql above to work as intended
16:16<primitiv>i need to update expire_date to todays date plus 10 days
16:17<millisa>date_add("2011-01-01", interval 10 day) should work for adding 10 days to a date
16:17<primitiv>yes but say that date is 2011
16:17<primitiv>i now want to change it to TODAY plus 10 days
16:17<millisa>date_add("'.$date.'", interval 10 day) should work
16:17<primitiv>not the expire date plus 10 days
16:18<dwfreed>I think you may want to try googling for SQL date functions
16:18<primitiv>so i could just do 365 + $expire_days
16:18<primitiv>and run that total through as interval correct?
16:18<millisa>curdate() might be what you are looking for
16:18<dwfreed>I suspect you'll find something helpful
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16:18<millisa>select curdate(); and see
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16:24<millisa>select curduck(); ->
16:27<primitiv>i dont think my method will work either...
16:27<primitiv>nice ducky haha
16:33<primitiv>is it possible to do what I'm looking for
16:33<millisa>set a column to current date + 10 days?
16:37<primitiv>i think i figured it out
16:43<millisa>works for me
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16:50<primitiv>still wont wrk..
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16:51<millisa>my test looks like it works. that same test doesn't work on your mysql server?
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16:56<primitiv> $sql3 = 'UPDATE np_users SET expire_date = DATE_ADD(curdate(), INTERVAL ' . $expire_days . ' day) WHERE id = "' . $userID . '" ';
16:56<primitiv>this should work based off what you tried yes?
16:57<millisa>is id an integer?
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16:57<dwfreed>something something prepared statements
16:57<jamxf>hello, can someone help me with an nginx problem?
16:57<linbot>jamxf: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
16:57<millisa>output $sql3 somewhere and look at what it's actually sending. for all I know your expire_days says "Two"
16:58<primitiv>imy ajax request now gives me internal server error
17:00<primitiv>in mysql it runs fine that query
17:01<millisa>you are outputting $sql3 and copying and pasting that output straight into mysql and it works
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17:06<primitiv>i think i fixed it
17:06<primitiv>u were right again
17:06<millisa>!point duck
17:06<linbot>millisa: Point given to duck. (1)
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17:43<primitiv>still not working ill have to try when im not at work lol
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17:45<primitiv>NVM IT WORKS
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