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04:06<Ntokozo>Good morning
04:06<Ntokozo>does this hosting come with dedicated IP?
04:08<Ntokozo>thank you
04:08<Ntokozo>how long does it take to have an account setup?
04:09<Peng_>It depends. It might take only a few minutes.
04:16<Ntokozo>okay i will need one account for my system
04:16<Ntokozo>let me create an account
04:16<Ntokozo>do you have trails?
04:20<@pwoods>Ntokozo: We have a 7 day trial period. Is that what you're referring to?
04:20<Ntokozo>okay can i try
04:20<Ntokozo>before purcharsing?
04:21<@pwoods>Ntokozo: You'll still need to have a credit card on file. The way our trial works is if you cancel your account within the first 7 days, you'll be refunded.
04:22<Ntokozo>thank you
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13:57<linbot>New news from community: Can I edit StackScript once I publish it? <> || Domain at godaddy to point to linode <>
14:01<randallman>Ok so I forget who I was asking, but I guess Ill be coming to yall's office for the Kubernetes Meetup on the 23rd :0
14:01<randallman>so no tour required I guess :0
14:01<randallman>for the Kubernetes Meetup on the 23rd :0
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14:44<@jcardillo>hi randallman - i'm not sure who you were asking about this either, but if anything changes regarding the tour, feel free to let us know!
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17:13<primitiv>hola, finally a linode question!
17:14<primitiv>if i wish to downgrade, that shouldn't be an issue correct?
17:14<primitiv>as long as the storage is still more than the amount my server holds
17:17<@rgerke>primitiv: You are correct!
17:17<linbot>New news from community: How do I fix it: Mails not coming out or not reaching my GSuite email <>
17:19<primitiv>thank you :)
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17:36<primitiv>if somebody delegated access to my acc
17:36<primitiv>and nothing has changed, is there a reaon why i wouldnt have that access no more?
17:38<@rgerke>If nothing has changed, then you should still have access - I would think. If you want us to take a look for you, feel free to open up a support ticket.
17:39<@rgerke>Are we talking about your account or access to a Linode itself?
17:39<primitiv>not my account, another that as created to delegate access
17:39<primitiv>was* a month ago we removed billing access but that should have been all
17:39<primitiv>and i could still see everything after we removed billing
17:39<@rgerke>Are you a restricted user with only certain permissions?
17:40<primitiv>everything is empty
17:40<primitiv>no linodes
17:40<@rgerke>ARe you in Cloud or Classic Manager?
17:42<@rgerke>Try logging into Classic and tell me what you see:
17:43<primitiv>same none
17:44<primitiv>all empty
17:44<@rgerke>I recommend opening a Support ticket so that we can look at it directly.
17:45<primitiv>will do thank you sir
17:47<@rgerke>No problem. It might be a permissions thing. I'd also reach out to the account's admin and ask about this. Maybe there was a mistake made when the billing access was removed and all of the other permissions were removed accidentally. I've seen it happen.
17:49<primitiv>ok got that resolved\but it wont let me resize
17:49<primitiv>Linode has allocated more disk than the new service plan allows. Delete or resize disks smaller.
17:51<primitiv>my one disk is 81GB
17:51<primitiv>would i downsize that one to 20GB for example
17:52<@rgerke>Allocated space does not always equal the amount you're actually using for storage, so you can resize a disk to make it small enough to fit the plan you want to resize to.
17:53<@rgerke>Run df -h from your Linode to see how much free space you actually have, that's what I recommend.
17:54<primitiv>i only used 19gb
17:54<primitiv>wonderful that worked
17:54<primitiv>thank you sir
17:54<primitiv>!point rgerke
17:54<linbot>primitiv: Point given to rgerke. (4)
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23:10<linbot>New news from community: I deleted my linode how do I get it back <>
23:20<linbot>New news from community: I deleted my linode how do I get it back <>
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