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09:34<linbot>New news from community: My website says I need to upgrade PHP, but php -v shows the current version. Why? <>
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09:35<primitiv>any idea on how one would be able to use a wordpress contact form if thr site isnt running?
09:50<kharlan>how do you access it if the web server isn't running?
09:51<primitiv>beyond me
09:51<primitiv>site hasnt pointed the dns to my server in a month
09:51<primitiv>yesterday i received an email from the contact form
09:51<primitiv>shocked the hell out of me
09:51<primitiv>site dns still not pointing, any thoughts?
09:51<primitiv>cached version somehow?
09:52<kharlan>It could be coming from elsewhere?
09:52<primitiv>Time: March 28, 2019 at 6:46 pm
09:52<primitiv>wow i didnt think to look at the timestamp
09:52<kharlan>WP contact forms usually use sendmail, so the server would need to be running to send the mail.
09:52<primitiv>its from march but got received yesterday
09:53<kharlan>It could've been quarantined.
09:53<kharlan>I dunno. You should ask your mail provider.
09:57<primitiv>ive had issues with hover mail before..
09:57<primitiv>any recommended providers? I', paying roughly 20 usd a year
09:57<primitiv>for one email
09:58<kharlan>primitiv: intermedia
09:58<kharlan>oh. a year.
09:58<kharlan>yeah. ofcourse you'll get bad service :p.
10:00<kharlan>You could always host your own, go with something like protonmail, or pick one of the various exchange providers ( like Intermedia )
10:01<kharlan>Hosting your own really isn't that hard if you've read the postfix/dovecot manuals correctly and have a low number of users.. also appopriate backups are also nice.
10:04<primitiv>for one email?
10:04<primitiv>$20 is cheap
10:05<primitiv>i was advised it's a nightmare and a lot of work hosting your own emails
10:16<gjzwart>is there an open source mail server that supports push?
10:18<gjzwart>yes, push mail.. it pushes mail to the client instead of waiting for the client to check if there are new emails...
10:18<gjzwart>Exchange supports this, Gmail and iCloud..
10:19<gjzwart>but I dont know if there are any open source servers that supports this
10:20<dzho>I tend to flip that around, to say that current protocols, being proprietary products of siloed services, do not support standard methods:
10:20<dzho>looks like there was something of an attempt to set a standard for push with IMAP
10:20<gjzwart>well, it still doesnt answer my question
10:22<dzho>best guess is that the "email" column here might lead to something
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10:33<lazyaarham>I just signed up and my card was charged USD 1 but there are issues with my account
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10:45<kharlan>primitiv: depends on how much studying you do.
10:45<kharlan>and the load of the actual server. If it's just for you, it's really not that hard.
10:45<primitiv>ideally yes its just for me and the contact forms on the sites
10:53<Ranjan>how to install wordpress
10:57<kharlan>primitiv: just read the manuals and multiple tutorials and go for it. Just make sure to do it correctly.
11:04<Ranjan>can i download linode back up to local computer
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11:08<primitiv>On a quick aside, while looking through the header's again, I would suggest contacting Linode to confirm your services, as the message was held by their services and not Hover. The message was received by Linode through the form on Thu, 28 Mar 2019 and then held for 166 days until it was sent to Hover's inbound mail servers, which delivered it instantly. I appreciate your patience as we worked through the root of the delayed message,
11:08<primitiv>hover just sent me this, could this be correct?
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11:27<Verton>Can I buy dedicated ip for standard plans hosting? If yes, what is the price and what can I set IPs for more domains?
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13:27<kundan>this is vps
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13:31<millisa>note to linode: /\ Get James Earl Jones in to read that /\ and put it on your phone system
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14:15<linbot>New news from community: Where does my mysqldump file get saved to? <>
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16:52<@rgerke>Hello Ron_
16:53<Ron_>Can I install CPanel software and resell hosting package in Linode? Is there any reseller type server available?
16:54<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
16:54<millisa>(there's no rules against using cpanel and reselling services)
16:57<Ron_>What are the limitations for incoming or outgoing Emails?
16:58<millisa>there's no inherent linode imposed limit. You have root access to the system, you determine that
16:58<millisa>(keeping the AUP/TOS in mind)
17:00<Ron_>How many data centers are there any where?
17:00<millisa>Those are the locations
17:00<@rgerke>Beat me to it. :)
17:01<@rgerke>!point millisa
17:01<linbot>rgerke: Point given to millisa. (103) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 17)
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17:02<Ron_>Looks great.. Hope this will be a great journey with Linode.
17:02<millisa>check out their getting started guide -
17:03<@rgerke>Ron_: If you run into issues or have questions when you're getting started, feel free to open up a support ticket. We're here 24/7.
17:04<Ron_>For the first time, will I get any support for setting up my server, DNS management and transferring my old sites?
17:09<millisa>these are mostly unmanaged vps; the expectation is you'd be doing most things. folks in here can usually answer specific questions, and if you are running into errors with the service itself, the official linode guys will help in tickets
17:09<millisa>but if you need help actually doing the migration; there's a professional services group that will do most anything for a price, and there's some amount of assistance in moves with the managed offering they have.
17:10<millisa>both are under the 'add-ons' section of the website
17:12<Ron_>Thank you for your answer, that is enough for now.
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17:36<linbot>New news from community: Good source of setting up mass emailing? Anyone know any better? <>
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17:37<snalla>Does anyone here have trouble connecting to or from their VPS?
17:38<snalla>I have two hosted in Dallas and the connections seem to die before they even leave linode.
17:40<kharlan>on what port?
17:41<snalla>443 or 80
17:41<snalla>both fail
17:43<kharlan> doesn't work but works
17:47<kharlan>snalla: yep. It's weird. works fine but do not work.
17:48<kharlan>but those two sites redirect to when I type them into a browser.
17:48<kharlan>^ from my home network, with my wireguard vpn - it did not redirect.
17:51<snalla>thanks for the confirmation.
18:00<snalla>a response to their heavy ddoses this past week perhaps
18:03<cruxeternus>Did Linode notice anything Re: Blizzard DDoS?
18:11<@rgerke>cruxeternus: The Blizzard situation is something we're currently looking at. I dont have a lot of information just yet, as it's an ongoing investigation.
18:17<@rgerke>And yes, I'm aware that my last statement made me sound like a police chief at a press conference. But, we are looking into this and I'm getting myself up to speed on the situation so I can give answers when we have them.
18:18<Unit193>Does that earn you the nickname Chief?
18:19<kharlan>That's Lord Commander Chief to you.
18:19<Toba>"we are not releasing the names of the ddos victims until their families can be contacted" would be real police chief energy
18:19<nate>"we're currently looking at" as in people were using linodes for the attack as well? o.O
18:20*nate would have guessed blizzard is probably filtering out a lot of VPS ranges just 'for safety sake'
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18:25<@rgerke>nate: Honestly, I can't answer that right now because I don't know. We take abuse of our services very seriously, though, so if there are any Linodes involved we will be dealing with that.
18:25<cruxeternus>rgerke: Hey, np. Just enough to know you guys are looking at it. :)
18:26<cruxeternus>And curious to (eventually) know if it might be related to some of the slow-downs we've seen in Dallas. Might be completely unrelated, but I'll await the results of your investigation. :)
18:29<Nightmare>rgerke: I have a question. Does Linode love me?
18:30<@rgerke>Nightmare: Of course Linode loves you.
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