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01:59<Jeepers>Any news on the situation with Blizzard? Seems things were restored today, but back down as of a few hours ago?
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02:44<linbot>New news from community: How do i install certbot-dns-linode plugin to ubuntu 18 ? <>
02:52<Zr40>what situation?
03:02<@rgerke>There was a situation where Blizzard was under DDOS attacks, and blocked a few proviers. We're investigting to see if any came from us, and if it did we'll be handling it properly.
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03:23<kv>is there any one
03:23<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
03:23<@rgerke>kv: Hello!
03:24<kv>if i choose 5$ plan then how does hourly plan work
03:24<kv>will i be charged 5$ max?
03:24<kv>or can i be charged more too
03:24<kv>i dont understand what is given in page
03:24<@rgerke>For the plan itself, you'll be charged hourly and $5 is the montly cap.
03:24<kv>pls write here and explan
03:25<millisa>$5 is the monthly cap. you could be charged more for addons, or bandwidth overages. it's all on that page
03:25<kv>i want to use the vps for 24 hrs whole month
03:26<@rgerke>If you use it for the whole mont, and don't exceed transfer charges or add additional services (like Backups, etc) you'll be charged the $5
03:26<@rgerke>transfer overages, not charges. It's getting late.
03:26<millisa>(the backup service is worth it. only $2 more for the month on the $5 plan)
03:27<@rgerke>IMO everyone should have the Backups.
03:28<@rgerke>With that $ plan, an extra $2 a month to protect everything, you can't beatthat.
03:28<kv>no i dont want any backup service
03:28<kv>what is transfer service i dodnot get........
03:28<@rgerke>That's bandwidth.
03:29<kv>i dont want to host anything............ i can install any software in the vps windows system right
03:29<millisa>these are usually linux based vps's
03:29<@rgerke>Yes. It's your server. You can install anything you'd like, provided it doesn't violate our Terms of Service.
03:30<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
03:30<kv>is the transfer charges related to internet use on VPS
03:31<@pwoods>kv: it's based on outbound network traffic, nothing in bound
03:31<millisa>This page covers how the network transfer pool works -
03:31<kv>i am just asking that transfer charges are related to internet usage on VPS..................???? Yes or No
03:33<@pwoods>kv: the Nanode provides 1 TB of outbound transfer per month, if you exceed that, there's a charge of $0.02/GB above that
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05:26<aaaba>Do u have any reseller plan?
05:32<JamesTK>aaaba: they don't but you can build your own interface on top of the app
05:34<aaaba>hosting reseller
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08:02<Samy>Can someone please advise if the "Standard Plans" listed at are VPS ?
08:02<@rdaniels>Yes. The standard plans are for Linode instances. :)
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08:07<JamesTK>rdaniels: so sydney soon ey
08:08<@rdaniels>Yep! Are you from Down Under?
08:08<JamesTK>I live in Sydney :P
08:08<@rdaniels>Good day then, mate! Lucky you! :D
08:09<JamesTK>I live 5km from work... should walk more often
08:09<@rdaniels>Keep an eye on the blog for all the upcomingness.
08:09<@rdaniels>ha I mean, you could, but you can also drive? Bike? ha
08:09<JamesTK>Drive? Would probably take an hour
08:09<JamesTK>Bike? yeah that's not bad
08:10<JamesTK>40 minutes with two trains and some walking either end
08:12<@rdaniels>wow. traffic? That's also a lot of trains. But you have to get there how you can, huh?
08:12<JamesTK>one train is only for one stop :P
08:13<@rdaniels>ah. Don't get too engrossed in a good book, or you'll miss you stop! That's almost happened to me once or twice.
08:18<@charris>So long as you stay off Parramatta Rd or Cleveland St, you should be good to go on a bike
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09:39<primitiv>array_map would allow me to select specific array data for a multi array correct?
09:40<linbot>New news from community: Backing Up My Server To Another Data Center <>
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10:35<wwwguy>Hello, could someone tell me if linode proxies ports 21, 554 and 7070 for vps instances?
10:35<DrJ>wwwguy: linode doesn't block or proxy any ports
10:36<wwwguy>from outside my vps, all three ports can be connected to via telnet (tcp handshake completes and data written is acked); from inside my vps, i only see the inital syn packets
10:36<wwwguy>with my VPS SHUT DOWN, all three ports can still be connected to
10:36<wwwguy>OTHER linode hosted sites respond in the same way
10:37<wwwguy>is this some massive instrusion that noone has noticed?
10:38<wwwguy>the only other answer I can think of is that somewhere between my host here and my vps there's something in the middle
10:38<DrJ>what is the IP address?
10:39<wwwguy>it's currently shut down
10:39<wwwguy>but for me at least still responds
10:39<DrJ>it is not responding at all
10:39<wwwguy>what port did you try and how to connect?
10:40<wwwguy>it's worse if you get no response
10:40<wwwguy>it means there's something in the middle
10:40<DrJ>also ping
10:40<DrJ>no, no response is what would be expected if it was shutdown
10:41<wwwguy>yes, but i current still get a response
10:41<wwwguy>i should also not get a response
10:41<wwwguy>need to try for another host
10:41<wwwguy>sorry, thius is pretty worrying
10:41<DrJ>are you behind some form of firewall or proxy yourself?
10:42<DrJ>there's no issue though... whatever you are seeing is something being manipulated on your end
10:42<wwwguy>or in the middle
10:43<wwwguy>there is no outgoing proxy here that i'm aware of
10:43<DrJ>"that I'm aware of" ... so are you at a school, office, etc?
10:44<wwwguy>behind a cable modem behind my isp
10:44<wwwguy>i can't think why my isp would forward proxy 554 or 7070, *maybe* 21
10:46<DrJ>try the same thing with a non-linode IP that doesn't exist
10:47<wwwguy>some ips no, some ips yes
10:47<wwwguy>very strange
10:47<DrJ>again, it's something on your end
10:47<DrJ>that much I can assure you
10:47<wwwguy>not necessarily 'on my end'
10:47<DrJ>correct, absolutely... not necessarily
10:47<wwwguy>please don't assume i'm stupid
10:48<DrJ>conversation terminated
10:48<wwwguy>i have better things to do than deal with an insecure person, i'm sure you're great techincally, but that's not what i need
10:49<wwwguy>if you are a representative of linode, please let me know, i'll take my business elsewhere
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11:30<dzho>I guess in hindsight what I'd have liked to see there would have been a traceroute
11:32*Zr40 wonders what help they expected to get if they 'don't need someone great technically'
11:34<dzho>do I have someone in here on ignore or was that just one big monolog of rubber-duck network debugging?
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11:51<wwwguy>well, I found the forward proxy, and I'll be sure to help anyone with the same issue if they've never encountered it, thanks DrJ for taking the time to ping my host, but I really think you could have easily provided some suggestions and saved me work; unless you didn't have any
11:56<wwwguy>for some reason my airport extreme will proxy anything 21, 554, 7070 that connects to a non-local ip and seems to do extra work to give the rdns name in the telnet banner if you give it a domain name to connect to but not with an ip
11:57<wwwguy>the interwebs blab on about apple using these ports for some reason, but how could I ever know if this box is expoited or simply behaving stupidly but according to design without spending the next 3 months investigating it ...
12:00<DrJ>I told you
12:01<DrJ>I wasn't trying to be rude or anything... you just seemed convinced there was something wrong with Linode I and I was trying to make it clear to you there was not
12:01<wwwguy>come on, all you said was 'problem is on your end', if it had been my isp's edge router you would have been wrong right?
12:01<wwwguy>I was not convinced of that, that's where the misunderstanding is
12:01<wwwguy>i was investigating as to whether it was possible first
12:01<wwwguy>i find it doesn't help to assume anything fully until you have proof
12:02<warewolf>wwwguy: well, to be frank you made an assumption that your network wasn't the culprit
12:02<DrJ>I went on to try and help you further by having you test with other non-linode IPs
12:02<wwwguy>to be frank i made an assumption that this wasn't the singular possibiloity
12:02<DrJ>then you just seemed to get upset that I was implying it was not linode
12:03<wwwguy>that's where the misunderstanding is, is it because the channel is bombarded by people assuming this?
12:03<wwwguy>I might have seemed to get upset to you that you implied it wasn't linode, but i can tell you that wasn't it
12:03<DrJ>after that I was going to give you further instructions on how to figure it out on your end after we concluded that it was something between you and linode... but then you started getting rude so I stopped
12:04<wwwguy>really? you said 'conversation terminated' in response to what?
12:04<wwwguy>i only get testy after that, because that's a dick thing to say
12:05<DrJ>implying that my helping you was in assumption that you were stupid
12:05<DrJ>which it was not
12:05<wwwguy>i get it, people here are alsy testy about people thinking their problem is linode's, but after all, these people are paying money
12:05<warewolf>no, not that their problem is linode's.
12:05<wwwguy>okay, please stop asuuming things about my mind's inner state, you can't know me well enough
12:05<DrJ>again, we first ruled that out so I was moving onto it being something on your end
12:06<wwwguy>look, it
12:06<DrJ>[10:47:54] <wwwguy> please don't assume i'm stupid <--and how is this not you assuming things about my mind's inner state?
12:06<wwwguy>is a misunderstanding, you don't need to defend yourself, and i don't think i need to either, what good is that doing?
12:06<wwwguy>it is me asking you not to assume something
12:06<wwwguy>that is clear from the phrase
12:06<DrJ>that's why I stopped talking to you
12:07<warewolf>wwwguy: I'm glad you figured it out. At the end of the day, something was learned that was previously unknown. That's all that matters, and that's great.
12:07<DrJ>no, it wasn't... we concluded based on your response to the other IP question that it was not linode
12:07<wwwguy>the statement quite clearly asks you not to assume that i am stupid
12:07<DrJ>so we were moving on
12:07<DrJ>anyway, just drop it
12:08<wwwguy>who is we?
12:08<DrJ>us two
12:08<DrJ>anyway, in response to your other question: I'm not staff..only ops here are staff of linode
12:08<DrJ>the rest of us are mostly customers
12:08<wwwguy>okay, well relax, i still appreciate you ping the host to save me from doing the same, but of course i had to anyway
12:09<wwwguy>i really was not expected this router to be doing this, in my day routers just brdiged or natted or forwarded, and those that proxied let you turn that off.
12:10<warewolf>I will admit that's weird.
12:10<wwwguy>(i mean a tiny router you might have on your home)
12:10<DrJ>tis why you shouldn't use ISP equipment unless you absolutely have to
12:10<wwwguy>it seems to be common for airport extremes, but I still don't trust that
12:10<linbot>New news from community: curl: (60) SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate <>
12:10<warewolf>I don't have any apple gear, so I can't say I've experienced that.
12:11<wwwguy>how can I tell if this is legit firmware or some hack
12:11<warewolf>on the airport extreme?
12:11<wwwguy>i don't think it's original firmware did this
12:12<wwwguy>well yeah, it's either try to intercept a firmware update and somehow decrypt it (too much work) *or* physically dump the thing's flash ram (assuming it's not encrypted there too) <- also way too much work, and THEN start RE ing it. no thank-you
12:12<DrJ>my recommendation: get rid of that ... get a mikrotik
12:12<warewolf>apple products (generally) have a pretty good boot/firmware chain of trust, so I suspect it's just fine.
12:13<wwwguy>I'm thinking the same, I will probably just set up a box with a wireless card and ethernet port
12:13<warewolf>I don't know how you would validate the firmware as an end user, since it hopefully checks every boot. Best idea is to try to make sure it's on the most recent firmware?
12:14<DrJ> <-- router I highly recommend to home users who at least have a decent understaning of networking
12:14<wwwguy>that's all I can. I wasn't thinking of validating it, if I could actually get the unecrypted firmware in my hands I could just figure out if the code does anything mailicious
12:14<wwwguy>but as I said, this is like a 3 month+ project if it's even possible (first need decryption keys if it's encrypted in flash too)
12:15<wwwguy>thanks, that's what I want, something that let's me control everything, that's why a unix box with wireless and wired ethernet seems attractive
12:15<DrJ>if you've never messed with a mikrotik, you are in for a treat if you ever try it
12:16<wwwguy>but seriously, wtf bother to rdns a domain name's resolved ip then present a banner with that
12:17<wwwguy>it looks nice, but no 5GHz transceiver (I don't really need)
12:17<DrJ>there are ton of models of mikrotik
12:17<DrJ>that's just the one I generally recommend
12:17<wwwguy>even has poe
12:18<DrJ>the most awesome feature of mikrotik routers is the Winbox utility to run them (Windows only, but runs in linux/Mac just fine with WINE)
12:19<wwwguy><screams>, no it's fine, I actually think NT dev team is awesome and so is the code, it's that I never run wine ^^'
12:19<wwwguy>and hardly use windows
12:19<DrJ>even so, it has a webfig that is just a web version of winbox... but winbox is much more responsive
12:20<DrJ>also command line for the hardcore
12:20<wwwguy>do you know if anyone makes such a box that runs some kind of bsd unix or linux?
12:20<DrJ>such a box?
12:21<DrJ>you mean something like that mikrotik I pasted a link to?
12:21<wwwguy>a box containg an ethernet switch and wireless transceiver like you linked
12:21<DrJ>technically mikrotik devices run linux :)
12:22<DrJ>although it is a modified and locked down version
12:23<DrJ>if you actually tried mikrotik though you wouldn't see a need
12:23<wwwguy>after today, I'm tired of boxes whoose software I can't replace
12:23<DrJ>I swear to you.. there is nothing out there as great as mikrotik
12:24<DrJ>you'd probably be looking at building soemthing yourself though if you wanted to go that route
12:24<wwwguy>this includes stupid proprietary bios and gigabit chipsets that have whole-system-access backdoors
12:25<wwwguy>it;s really the only way to elimnate any worry. I actually can't stand to spend time hunting down potential instrusion, I simply don[t have time
12:25<wwwguy>and because it isn't my bailiwick, that time spent is also not very efficient
12:26<DrJ>I'd argue running your own box with linux or whatnot is not going to save you that time
12:26<wwwguy>I used to do this since 1999, but I was single then
12:27<wwwguy>and it did save me that time, because the box never does anything I don't tell it to, and if it does, I know for sure something is wrong
12:27<wwwguy>have you tried this yourself?
12:27<DrJ>yes, probably 15+ years ago
12:27<DrJ>until I discovered mikrotik
12:27<wwwguy>maybe linux is a bit overkill for this, maybe net or openbsd or something would be simpler
12:27<DrJ>and said to myself... yep... mikrotik for life
12:28<wwwguy>you must work for them ;-)
12:28<DrJ>I do not
12:28<wwwguy>i find it weird that you use windows software to talk to the thing
12:28<wwwguy>*one uses*
12:28<DrJ>why is that weird?
12:28<DrJ>the majority of people run windows... fact of life
12:29<wwwguy>sure i guess
12:29<DrJ>I do wish they would port it to linux though
12:29<wwwguy>but web interface is not enough?
12:29<DrJ>if you ever tried it you'd see the benefit of winbox over webfig... but webfig is fully sufficient
12:30<wwwguy>i'll put it this way, i like my configuration in text file form, and I do realise this certainly isn't for everyone and certainly not every situation
12:30<DrJ>and then there are poeple who would call us crazy for using either
12:30<DrJ>some people are command line only types
12:31<wwwguy>i'm kind of in the middle, text-only if it works, gui if text is rubbish for the job
12:31<DrJ>mikrotik configs are ALWAYS "text file form"
12:31<DrJ>doesn't matter how you configure them... it's all a frontend to the command line
12:32<wwwguy>that's good, i do like that
12:32<DrJ>if you open a fresh terminal to mikrotik and type "export" you get the full config in text form
12:32<DrJ>which you could copy/paste into another mirotik to configure it the same
12:33<DrJ>or of course use for backups
12:34<DrJ>mikrotik can run on linode too :)
12:34<DrJ>I tried it once... but didn't really have a need to keep it
12:35<wwwguy>it's amd64 compatible then
12:35<wwwguy>I run openbsd on linode, not that linux isn't great, i'm uysing it right now
12:35<DrJ>when I first started using mikrotik I ran it on an old pc that I through a couple extra nics in
12:35<DrJ>switched to their routerboards though to save electricity
12:36<wwwguy>yeah, the downside to old machines
12:36<wwwguy>use many watts
12:36<wwwguy>downside to new machines: uses much less watts but bloatware makes up for it
12:37<wwwguy>I think I'm just going to section off the wifi in our home, it's only used for family stuff
12:37<wwwguy>the stupid airport extreme doesn *seems* to be reachable on its wan port for now
12:37<wwwguy>*doesn't seem*
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12:39<wwwguy>maybe there's an sbc that comes with wifi and gigbit ethernet, I can make that the new wifi router :P
12:40<wwwguy>I only freak out about this nonsense because I actually work on server code. I noticed this nonsense debugging my server. The last freakout was stupid google crhomecast
12:40<wwwguy>if I see some packet and I don't know what the f it is, or why it's there, I can't stand to ignore it
12:42<wwwguy>imagine my surprise when I went around the house unplugging cables to find that the airport extreme will simulate a telnet session with any external host on 21, 554, and 7070, without being connected to anything else (e.g. the internet)
12:44<wwwguy>if I did buy this mikrotik, how do I know that a certain special port-knocking sequence won't just open the thing up to this fine latvian manufacter (or anyone's product for that matter).
12:44<wwwguy>I need a super-hero to go fix all the technology for me so I'm less stressed, yeah, that's it..
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12:48<pat>hello if i resize my linode disk, will that delete the files and current configuration?
12:49<Peng_>Not unless something goes wrong.
12:50<@jcardillo>No, it won't delete them. You just need to make sure you aren't resizing your disk to be smaller than your total disk usage.
12:50<@jcardillo>lol Peng_
12:51<@jcardillo>in other words: always safe to have backups, just incase.
12:52<pat>got it, thank you
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12:53<Peng_>I'm afraid that if I tell someone "sure, it will be fine!" they'll come back and say "well actually, half my disk was unformatted, with a hidden TrueCrypt filesystem, and you RUINED it, Peng!"
12:53<vasundhar>How much is the bandwidth and volume provided in Linode 64 instance
12:53<@jcardillo>yeah, i totally agree Peng_
12:53<Peng_>vasundhar: That's on
12:53<@jcardillo>you're smarter than i am
12:53<wwwguy>just curious, does the resize thing understand the underlying file system?
12:53<Peng_>Yeah, it's just resize2fs.
12:54<wwwguy>so if they're not using a filesystem it recognises...
12:54<Peng_>I think Linode doesn't let you shrink "raw" disk images. If you reformatted an "ext4" image with another fs, I *hope* resize2fs would just throw an error.
12:55<wwwguy>that is very user friendly :-)
12:57<wwwguy>I actually really like linode, been using it for over a decade I think, it's one of the few places you can just do whatever you want with a vps
13:07<vasundhar>Thank you Peng_
13:10<linbot>New news from community: Migrate IMAP email to Linode? <>
13:13<wwwguy>thanks for the chat, good-bye
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14:02<RAM>Any one Here ?
14:03<RAM>Does bandwidth count , if we download some to the server ?
14:03<RAM>I mean will it count both download and upload too ?
14:04<@jcardillo>!point millisa
14:04<linbot>jcardillo: Point given to millisa. (104) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 17)
14:05<RAM>Hey Just Tell Yes or no, Will Bandwidth count both download and upload ?
14:06<@jcardillo>inbound traffic is free. outbount is counted against your quota.
14:06<RAM>Well Thanks a Lot
14:07<RAM>and Any Offers here ?
14:07<RAM>does we get any offers for BlackFriday ?
14:08<@jcardillo>you can use LINODE10 for a $10 credit when signing up.
14:08<@jcardillo>sorry, no cloud black friday offers
14:08<RAM>Fine Thanks a lot
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14:24<RAM>Hey what will happen if i reach Bandwidth limit before the month ends?
14:25<nuevu>You really should read that link that millisa sent. It has all the details.
14:26<@rdaniels>RAM: Essentially, there are overage charges of $.02/GB once you've reached your limit. This Community site post can explain it a bit more.
14:27<RAM>well i will go through it :-)
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15:11<primitiv> if ( isset( $_POST['twitter-submit'] ) && isset( $_POST['consumer_key'] ) && isset( $_POST['consumer_secret'] ) && isset( $_POST['access_token'] ) && isset( $_POST['access_token_secret'] ) ) { why does this always return true after i hit submit44
15:12<primitiv>for example, on first page load it works fine, its not defined, but after i submit, if I try to refresh the page, it still shows that its been submitted
15:12<primitiv>should it not be acting as if it never got submitted on refresh?
15:12<primitiv>or is this me misunderstanding
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17:22<merkell>hello, i'm trying to install openbsd 6.5 using these instructions: i get the installer up, and dmesg shows the second drive (installation target), and its size correctly. but following openbsd's instructions on encryption fails, no command works when specifying the second drive (rwd1c or wd1c) . any ideas? i got this to work fine in a VM at
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17:57<Clueless>Does linode run only Linux?
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18:11<merkell>ah. i got past it. openbsd installer has a minimal set of /dev entries so I had to cd /dev ; sh MAKEDEV wd1
18:11<millisa>!point merkell
18:11<linbot>millisa: Point given to merkell. (1)
18:12<merkell>gettin stuck on the full disk encryption password on boot after install though, just silently doesn't do anything once provided :/ workin on it
18:14<merkell>it might hate that the pass is so long, pasting it in might have issues or something :/ START AGAIN. lol. <3 learning
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18:56<merkell>hm. i just finished an install of openbsd 6.5 using full disk encryption. upon boot, the console asks for the FDE password, but just sits there and does nothing. Passphrase: i initially had an absudly long password, so I did a new install and used a much shorter password. but no change. any ideas?
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20:26<millisa>merkell - have you tried it with glish? (or if you are using glish, with lish?)
20:28<merkell>millisa: i'm glad you highlighted me. in the end I was able to get it working. i was using lish. 1) wait for Passphrase: prompt (for full disk encryption) 2) press enter twice, this gets you to the boot> prompt 3) enter: set tty com0 4) press enter a few times till you get Passphrase: prompt 5) enter passphase 6) PROFIT
20:29<millisa>serial issue was my wager
20:29<merkell>it does connect to com0 once booted, but before that, it needs help
20:29<merkell>great wager
20:30<millisa>i dont do a whole lot with bsd, but down at the bottom of the freebsd doc there's a few suggested serial settings that might be applicable on open -
20:32<merkell>yeah i haven't until lately, and i'm really liking it. but sometimes you box yourself into goofy corners. thank you i'll check that out
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20:33<merkell>ahh so the speed IS 115200. i went with the default of 9600 in the installer. no wonder it was tricky :P
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