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00:36<linbot>New news from community: My domains all recently "refused to connect" to my linode. Any idea why? <>
01:35<Woet>can whoever wrote use a spell checker?
01:38<rsdehart>Woet: speling is an obsalete remnit of a bigon aje
01:38<Woet>thank you
01:38<Woet>that's very predictible of you
01:39<rsdehart>I'm sorry my social commentary fails to meet your exacting standards, sir
01:40<Cromulent>I was quite impressed when I found a spell checker for LaTeX documents
01:45<chesty>that's awesome news. I didn't even know linode had 10 datacentres in sydney already
01:46<chesty>launch of our 11th data center in Sydney
01:46<chesty>that means they have 10 data centres in sydney already, right?
01:46<rsdehart>I think so
01:55<Guest1652>Woet: I'm not seeing a typo anywhere, could you point it out for me?
01:55<Woet>Guest1652: it's pretty predictible.
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01:56<mtjones>That was me, sorry!
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01:57<@mtjones>And, thank you, I see it now.
02:20<@mtjones>Woet: Just as a heads up I've brought it to the attention of the team and we'll get it fixed.
02:20<Woet>mtjones: just edit it on production
03:30<Shentino_>I owe 3 cents on my linode account lol
03:31<Shentino_>but it won't let me spend less than 5 bucks from my credit card
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04:03<@mtjones>Shentino_: If you want open up a ticket and let me know the ticket number and I'll fix that up for you!
04:06<gparent>im willing to help cover the 3 cents
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05:01<linbot>New news from community: Setting up an FQDN <>
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05:41<linbot>New news from community: video thumbnails within apps using hosted videos <>
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08:54<chesty>years ago I think I was testing EBS and racked up a charge of 1c, every month for years they emailed me to tell me my account was outstanding, and it was a really nice account and I appreciated the complement. eventually they stopped letting me know though :(
09:11<Zr40>yeah, e-postage is expensive
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10:26<rsdehart>hi hoangdat, anything we can help with?
10:26<hoangdat>I create new account
10:27<hoangdat>but I receive an email that my account has been cancelled
10:27<hoangdat>my account
10:27<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
10:28<rsdehart>I'm just a customer. This is community chat. Staff are in here but aren't always guaranteed to be watching
10:28<hoangdat>oh, thank you
10:28<hoangdat>I'm a new customer
10:29<rsdehart>hope you can get this sorted out!
10:29<hoangdat>so I don't know this is a comunity chat
10:29<rsdehart>yeah, most of us are customers :)
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10:29<rsdehart>this t- ok thanks for stopping by
10:30<@bleckemby>!point rsdehart
10:30<linbot>bleckemby: Point given to rsdehart. (7)
10:30<@bleckemby>Was gone before I could even take a peek.
10:32<rsdehart>I do try
10:32<rsdehart>covering the night shift XD
10:48<@bleckemby>And we're happy to have ya'.
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11:46<Woet>I'm not
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12:21<@mcintosh>!boo Woet
12:21<linbot>mcintosh: Point taken from woet! (28)
12:22<@mcintosh>got eem
12:22<Woet>I find typos on your site and this is how you thank me
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17:30<alencc1986>Hello, guys! How are you? I'd like to make a propaganda about my GitHub project. If you are running GNU/Linux (with BASH) and want to get 2FA tokens to access your sites/services, you can use your terminal to run 2FA-Auth.
17:30<alencc1986>It's a user-friendly bash script
17:31<alencc1986>My repository is
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18:16<FluffyFoxeh>a... propaganda?
18:18<linbot>New news from community: Is it abuse to create and destroy Linodes on the fly? <>
18:19<Unit193>"advertisement" just sounds so bad, it seems.
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18:41<primitiv> $twitter = Input::post("post-twitter"); this is looking for the submitted data with the name post-twitter correct?
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18:55<linda>How does it work?
18:55<linda>I need help
18:56<linda>Where is Linode support?
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19:12<primitiv>hi there, I'm experiencing issues with mysql not using the correct timezone
19:12<primitiv>when i search for the timezone it returns SYSTEM
19:12<primitiv>my server and php are both UTC
19:13<primitiv>but when I run select now(); it gives me my local timr 7:13pm instead of 11:13pm UTC...
19:13<primitiv>any ideas why its doing this?
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21:39<primitiv> $twitter = Input::post("post-twitter");
21:40<primitiv>what does the above do, return the value of the element posted with post-twitter as the name
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21:43<primitiv>because it doesnt seem to work ]
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