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12:51<linbot>New news from community: Using Plesk On Linode ? <>
13:41<linbot>New news from community: How can I get IP address to connect (Remote Desktop) <>
13:52<linbot>New news from community: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS when navigating to my Wordpress subdirectory <>
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13:55<Danymo>Does it cost extra to have windows server on any of the packages.
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14:02<chesty>as far as I know, no, I don't think it's officially supported, you get a linux vps and you install windows on it yourself, which linode are happy for you to do.
14:02<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
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15:13<mps>hi! I have a problem with dns resolvers from linode in Frakfurt. 'host -t mx' gives me 'Host type MX error: SERVFAIL'
15:14<mps>I tried from other networks (not linode) and it works
15:14<warewolf>mps: what's your /etc/resolv.conf
15:14<mps>for other DNS queries it works from this same linode in Frankfurt
15:15<mps>there are more of them
15:16<mps>but this one is first
15:16<warewolf>lemme check something real quick
15:17<mps>here is complete file
15:19<warewolf>mps: paste me the output of this: dig +short -t a @
15:19<warewolf>it should return
15:20<mps>don't have dig but kdig, and answer is ''
15:20<warewolf>ok so linode's resolver is working correctly.
15:21<warewolf>I can resolve's MX record from my home internet connection
15:21<mps>I tried from my home and one VM in Paris and it works
15:22<warewolf>if you're not using dhcp on your linode (e.g. if you've got your linode set static, and you've got hard coded DNS settings) make sure that ( is still listed under resolvers for your Linode, in your linode control panel
15:22<mps>here it is
15:23<warewolf>Linode's resolvers for dallas (e.g. only answer to DNS queries from Linode's network
15:23<warewolf>so so sadly I can't query the frankfurt resolver from the dallas linode date center
15:23<warewolf>next step would be a support ticket w/ Linode.
15:24<mps>or install unbound locally as resolver
15:24<warewolf>sounds like either A) your /etc/resolv.conf is not quite right, or B) linode's frankfurt dns resolver is unhappy.
15:24<warewolf>or that, yes.
15:24<warewolf>I run my own NS too.
15:24<mps>here is my /etc/resolv.conf
15:25<mps>and, yes I use static address and not dhcp
15:27<chesty>I can't resolve it and `host` returns servfail
15:30<mps>'host -t mx' => mail is handled by 2
15:31<Peng>The domain is misconfigured. It has a DS record but the authoritative nameservers don't have any DNSSEC records.
15:32<mps>aha, understand. but it works from my home and VM instance in France (not related to linode)
15:32<warewolf>!point peng
15:32<linbot>warewolf: Point given to peng. (43) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 9)
15:32<Peng>It'll work in resolvers that don't validate DNSSEC
15:33<warewolf>that explains why it worked for me
15:33<warewolf>I don't grok dnssec yet, and have it turned off. For reasons like this.
15:34<warewolf>I actually looked at signing my own domains at one point. It was cumbersome enough that I gave up
15:35<mps>ahm, yes, I enabled DNSSEC validation and got same result as from linode
15:36<Peng>warewolf: With good software, it's not necessarily cumbersome anymore :D
15:36<mps>ok, thanks, option is unbound without DNSSEC validation for me
15:37<Peng>It's not your domain?
15:37<mps>that's a life, service have to work with a lot misconfigured hosts on net
15:37<mps>no, it is not my
15:38<mps>but clients of my customer have mail accounts there
15:38<Peng>Do they want to receive mail
15:38<Peng>Cuz it seems like they don't
15:39<Peng>Can you contact the right people and get them to fix the domain?
15:39<mps>well, they want and I don't know all details and would not waste my time and teach them, and they are not same, there more of them
15:40<Peng>Maybe the reason it's not validating is that it's been compromised (incompetently). :D
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15:40<Peng>Mail is one of the few things where DNSSEC is somewhat widely taken advantage of.
15:40<Peng>Especially in the Netherlands.
15:41<mps>who knows, but that is not my job to fix misconfigured servers/services for clients of my customer
15:41<mps>if I start this, I will need to work 48 hours on day
15:42<Peng>Your job is not to tell people no when they make unreasonable requests to turn off security features?
15:43<mps>no, you know about company's PR policies and rules. I have to be quiet as possible
15:44<Peng>"No" is a quieter word than "Yes". :D
15:46<mps>I work for one linux distro as dev and I fix secbugs from time to time, and I know how this should be done, but for $day_job it is totally different
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21:46<primitiv>is strlen accurate?
21:46<primitiv>i think its giving me the wrong info
21:46<primitiv>seems to be adding extra characters?
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22:17<merkell>hello, can the private IPs reach other private IPs between linode data centers?
22:22<kharlan>"Private IPs in the same data center can communicate over the private network. This means a Linode’s private IP address is accessible to all Linodes in a data center. It is recommended to set up firewall rules for your Linode to secure its network traffic. See our firewall guides for details on setting up firewall rules."
22:25<kharlan>Linode is really on top of their SEO game. That page was #1 when typing in 'private ip linode' on ddg.
22:25<merkell>ahh okay, gotta be in the same dc
22:26<kharlan>yep. Setting up some ufw rules for that shouldn't be too hard.
22:27<merkell>yea i was trying to do it between linodes in different DCs. so that's on me
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22:27<merkell>no biggie i'll set up a lil vpn
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22:30<kharlan>A firewall rule only allowing that linode or other ones to connect on that port would work the same.
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22:34<merkell>oh i'm aware :) thanks. the private network isn't going to work out in my case as the linodes are not in the same dc
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