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04:01<Yashbeer>experiencing 504 for Singapore servers. Any one?
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09:44<Shams>Linode supported bitcoin payment
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09:59<linbot>New news from community: Account Creation <>
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13:59<rsdehart>hi kikz
13:59<rsdehart>welcome to community chat
13:59<kikz>Hello there
14:00<kikz>I just want to ask... about our domain
14:00<kikz>btw, can i ask some queries here?
14:00<millisa>What about it?
14:00<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
14:00<kikz>this is the domain,
14:01<kikz>the problem is, the domain shows blank directory on other places like Europe
14:01<kikz>but here the domain is working
14:01<millisa>loads for me
14:02<rsdehart>me too
14:02<kikz>Not sure if this is linode issue or something
14:02<rsdehart>shouldn't be
14:03<rsdehart>what do you mean "blank directory"?
14:03<rsdehart>did you just point the domain?
14:04<kikz>It shows Index of /
14:04<rsdehart>how long ago was the most recent report of the empty directory?
14:05<rsdehart>that doesn't tell me much
14:06<rsdehart>and have you just pointed the domain at a new server?
14:06<kikz>No. it just happened
14:06<rsdehart>delay in propagation at some dns servers could explain different results from different locations
14:07<rsdehart>is why I asked that
14:07<kikz>we integrate this domain 2 weeks ago
14:08<kikz>Or maybe its a browser issue?
14:10<rsdehart>how many people reported this issue?
14:10<rsdehart>might have been massively cached something.
14:10<rsdehart>cached dns or something
14:11<kikz>only the owner. he's in Europe right now
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14:14<millisa>you'd probably have to get more info from someone who is experiencing the issue. Find out what IP they get when they make the request, see if you can match up their client IP in your logs when it happens.
14:15<millisa>(for all we know, these reports are all coming from that owner and maybe they have a hosts file entry pointed at their old provider)
14:15<rsdehart>they are only coming from the owner
14:15<rsdehart>hosts file entry seems like a solid theory
14:15<rsdehart>hypothesis, rather
14:16<millisa>wild guess
14:16<rsdehart>but a reasonable one
14:16<rsdehart>it fits the account
14:17<kikz>we removed all old provider
14:18<rsdehart>has the owner been able to access the new site at all since changing over?
14:18<millisa>If it's only happening from the owners system, get info from the perspective of that system. On that system getting the blank page, ping the domain name and see if it shows the linode IP. (I bet it doesn't)
14:18<rsdehart>on the same machine?
14:19<rsdehart>then what millisa suggested would be the next course of action
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14:28<chesty>I would get them to try it in an incognito/private window
14:34<kikz>Thanks everyone
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14:35<rsdehart>yeah, there could be something hardcoded in their site that redirects to some other place under conditions so far only met by the owner
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15:03<felipe>Boa tarde,alguem poderia me auxiliar na compra de sevidor linode
15:05<millisa>we mostly speak english here, but what I kind of help are you needing?
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18:45<linbot>New news from community: How do I install express package in <>
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21:26<linbot>New news from community: Opening weblish returns ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT (web socket timed out error) <>
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22:12<linbot>New news from community: Will we get Australian servers? <>
22:12<wraeth>^ ++
22:15<@mtjones>wraeth: Just replied to that one, we're working on opening up a data center in Sydney later this year.
22:17<wraeth>!lick mtjones
22:17<linbot>wraeth: Point given to mtjones. (7)
22:18<wraeth>That being said, I don't have bad pings to the DC's I'm in at the moment anyway (at least, it's not your end that's bad - I'm fairly certain my home internet is driven by a couple of monkeys in trees with styrofoam cups).
22:28<@pwoods>I wonder what's in the cups, wraeth.
22:34<wraeth>I'm not game enough to ask.
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23:01<Unit193>Heh, so a hosted server in Australia, all the Australians will have great connection to it! But for everyone else the latency will be high! :P
23:02<wraeth>Sounds like a "them" problem. >.>
23:12<chesty>content will also be upside down to them, but I agree with wraeth, too bad for them.
23:13<wraeth>That's what the rotate button on monitors is for, isn't it?
23:13<chesty>I'm excited. prices in australia must be getting more reasonable, for the longest time data was really expensive here
23:16<Unit193>Though thankfully some Uni decided to mirror distro archives for Aussies, which was both faster and cheaper as it didn't leave country. This has been a few years though.
23:19<kharlan>Unit193: I have a friend named unit who is also an Aussie. This is weird.
23:19<kharlan>Have you ever played any 2d isometric mmorpgs.
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23:23<Unit193>kharlan: I am not an Aussie, but no I'm not really one for gaming.
23:56<linbot>New news from community: Composer Memory Issue: proc_open(): fork failed - Cannot allocate memory <>
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