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01:51<IamJustin>I got "There was an issue loading Linode creation options." when I was trying to create new linode.
01:51<IamJustin>anyone can help?
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01:54<@rgerke>I wish they'd give us a chance to respond.
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01:56<wraeth>rgerke: ^
01:57<wraeth>IamJustin: Hang around for a little while and someone for someone who can help. :)
02:03<Woet>and someone for someone
02:03<linbot>New news from community: how to configure my domains on linode <>
02:12<wraeth>Eh, words are hard.
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02:14<@rgerke>IamJustin: I'm here - also handling a pretty big issue, but I'm happy to answer your questions. Just please give me a little time to respnd if I don't right away. If you've opened a ticket, drop the ticket # in here, and I'll make sure someone takes a look at it soon.
02:14<@rgerke>I tired.
02:14<wraeth>rgerke: You just missed them again.
02:14<Zr40>you tire of trying
02:15<@rgerke>He left as I was typing that. I didn't notice til I hit <return>
02:15<wraeth>Meybe they'll be back again.
02:15<wraeth>... I cannot keyboard today. :|
02:15<Zr40>I've set my IRC client to not show join/part messages. Typically I only notice someone has left because their nick isn't highlighted
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12:00<KindNugget>I was curious to know if there is anyway to prevent Linode from going over the quota. I'd like to know before I purchase
12:01<KindNugget>Specifically the transfer protocol
12:01<millisa>The network quota? There's a notification mechanism you can use to let you know if it's getting close
12:01<millisa>You could feasibly write something that watches your quota and stops systems via the API if you are inclined.
12:01<millisa> has the simple notification system they have available
12:02<KindNugget>Could I just stop the systems manually? Sorry... really noob about server stuff. That's why I'm getting a linode to learn.
12:02<millisa>You can shut down a system manually, sure. They still bill for their hourly rate while they are provisioned, but they wouldn't use network transfer.
12:03<millisa>The transfer quota is pro-rated and based on the size of all of the nodes in your account - you could feasibly also spinup additional nodes to get the rest of that prorated transfer quota
12:03<KindNugget>But from my understanding, you're only billed additionally based on network transfer (someone requesting data from my server)?
12:04<millisa>Traffic leaving your linode to the public is what counts mostly. has details
12:06<KindNugget>Okay. To just clarify this, if I get the $5 package per month, and I stop my server before the 1tb transfer quota, I will still be charged $5 a month?
12:06<millisa>assuming you've had the node the whole month (27ish days), yeah
12:07<KindNugget>Okay cool. That's exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks for your help @millisa. :)
12:07<millisa>They are billed by the hour up to the cap (the $5 you mentioned). If you spun it up today, you wouldn't hit $5.
12:08<KindNugget>As long as I don't get a massive $1000 dollar bill, I'm happy.
12:09<millisa>have a good one
12:09<KindNugget>Thanks for the help
12:09<KindNugget>you too
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12:25<chesty>I prefer a tiny $1000 bill over a massive $1000 bill myself.
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13:50<Zr40>I prefer $1000 in properly set bits in my bank's systems
13:50<Zr40>physical cash is just so inconvenient to handle
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14:55<linbot>New news from community: MYSQL failed to start <>
16:07<linbot>New news from community: Distributed Service Management <>
16:18<csnxs>has Linode built a datacentre inside my house yet?
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16:48<@mcintosh>csnxs: yes
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18:09<@rgerke>Wanderley: HellO!
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18:09<Wanderley>Can you help me ?
18:10<millisa>We'll find out when you ask
18:10<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
18:10<@rgerke>Wanderley: What's the issue?
18:11<Wanderley>I want to build a website that basically show database information, it needs to make queries and get JSON documents... what do you advice me to use
18:13<millisa>The question is a little broad and largely would depend on what you are familiar with.
18:13<Wanderley>I want to use node.js
18:14<@rgerke>I always recommend starting msall and upgrading as needed. I recommend checking out this guide on picking a Linode plan:
18:14<millisa>There are a few nodejs guides for linode here:
18:18<Wanderley>And for the mongodb...
18:19<Wanderley>Can I host it without any problem ?
18:19<millisa>There are guides for mongo here:
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18:21<@rgerke>We have lots of customers who use mongodb and node.js - you shouldn't have a problem at all.
18:21<Wanderley>Ok and the last question... will I need to pay anything for mongodb ?
18:21<Wanderley>or just the linode server
18:24<@rgerke>I'mnot familiar with MongoDB pricing, but we don't charge you to use it. We just charge for the services you get through Linode. Anything you put on the server may come with its own cost.
18:25<millisa>Mongodb's licensing FAQ is at
18:27<millisa>(the second to last question on that page is the one that'll master to most people)
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18:29<Wanderley>So... from what i understood... the mongodb part is going to be free
18:29<Wanderley>i just need to pay for the kinode
18:29<millisa>more than likely
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18:42<Wanderley>thank you millisa and rgerke
18:47<BilalSiddiq>Hi everyone - I have a little question
18:47<@rgerke>Hi! Ask away.
18:47<BilalSiddiq>when you say 1 CPU core , 2 CPU core - which processor are we talking about like i5, i7 etc?
18:49<millisa>most of them are xeon processors or the new amd epyc's
18:49<Peng>Linode uses server CPUs
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18:50<millisa>e5-2680 v3/4's, e5-2697 v4's, xeon gold 6148's, amd epyc 7501's are all ones I see in my lists
18:52<BilalSiddiq>i have a couple of linodes active - can i also see which processor they have?
18:52<millisa>look in /proc/cpuinfo
18:53<BilalSiddiq>i am having an issue with one of my new projects i am developing these days - its Time to First Byte really long
18:53<@rgerke>Have you opened a support ticket yet, so we can look into it?
18:53<BilalSiddiq>i even upgraded my linode to dedicated CPU package of 2 cores , 8 GM ram
18:54<BilalSiddiq>not yet , we have been working with developers from last 2 days trying to streamline all our code and db quries
18:54<BilalSiddiq>even thinking to move to nginx from apache
18:54<BilalSiddiq>but i thought may be i can get some quick tips here
18:54<Peng>millisa: There are 7601s too
18:54<millisa>oooh right. i even have one in my personal linodes
18:55<@rgerke>I recommend opening a ticket and dropping the ticket number inhere. There are things we can look at on our end to help you out, and we can give you specifics in a ticket.
18:55<Peng>I think I've heard that there used to be 7451s, too
18:55<Peng>or still are, I dunno
18:57<BilalSiddiq>@rgerke okie thank you we shall gather all info and share on the ticket
18:58<@rgerke>When you've opened the ticket, just give us the ticket number inhere - that way I can jump right on it.
19:01<BilalSiddiq>okie let me do that right now
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19:08<BilalSiddiq>dear rgerke - here is the ticket #12622729
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19:14<@rgerke>Got it! Thanks. Your ticket will be worked on very soon, so you can expect a response shortly.
19:15<BilalSiddiq>thank you so much rgerke - that will be a great help
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19:32<@rgerke>That ticket is currently being worked on, just to give you an update.
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19:37<BilalSiddiq>thats great
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21:30<linbot>New news from community: After Debian upgrade I got an ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2) <>
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