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01:21<linbot>New news from community: I accidentally broke my grub <>
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03:52<@pwoods>yyc: I work with Linode Support, and we only provide support in English. I'm going to try and help you, but if someone else can communicate with you in Chinese, they're more than welcome to chime in.
03:52<@pwoods>yyc: Using Google Translate, I'm reading your message as "Is it useful in Chinese? Would you like to ask, is the Japanese server completely closed? Mainland China, how could not even connect a few days ago."
03:53<@pwoods>Without knowing your IP address, I'm thinking you may be affected by the Great Firewall (GFW) of China.
03:53<@pwoods>yyc: this can be tested using a took like this website:
03:56<@pwoods>yyc: this post on our Community site can provide assistance if you can determine that your access is being affected by the GFW:
04:07<yyc>I used to use Tokyo 2 server in Japan, although the connection stability is not good, but at least can be connected t o use, three days ago completely out of touch. Pings are lost. Now I've built a new Tokyo 2 server. The IP addresses I got are all lost. It's been 3 days, but I can ping all the servers in other places. Are the servers of Tokyo 2 in Japan no longer available in mainland China?
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04:19<yyc>I used to use Tokyo 2 server in Japan, although the connection stability is not good, but at least can be connected t o use, three days ago completely out of touch. Pings are lost. Now I've built a new Tokyo 2 server. The IP addresses I got are all lost. It's been 3 days, but I can ping all the servers in other places. Are the servers of Tokyo 2 in Japan no longer available in mainland China?
04:19<@pwoods>yyc: Access to hosts in our Tokyo2 data center from mainland China hasn't changed from our end. If you're seeing issues with cconnecting to servers in that data center, have you tried spinning up a Linode in another data center?
04:20<@pwoods>yyc: Singapore, Mumbai, or possibly our Frankfurt data center may be viable options for you, depending on geographic distance from those locations
04:21<linbot>New news from community: Can China no longer use Tokyo 2 server in Japan? <>
04:21<yyc> I've tried American ones, and they can be used normally, but I want to use Japanese ones.
04:24<yyc>Can China no longer use Tokyo 2 server in Japan? This is my question.
04:26<yyc> I use Google Translate to translate, maybe the expression is not very clear. The main idea is that you can't connect to a Japanese server.
04:32<@pwoods>yyc: I understand what you're asking. From Linode's point of view, we haven't made any changes with our routing from our Tokyo2 data center to mainland China.
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04:34<yyc>Peang statistics Packet: Sended = 9, received = 0, lost = 9 (100% lost).
04:35<yyc>CentOS 7, Nanode 1GB: 1 CPU, 25GB Storage, 1GB RAM
04:35<yyc>Volumes: 0, Region: Tokyo 2, JP
04:35<@pwoods>yyc: Can you try an MTR report? MTR combines traceroute & ping to give a clearer view of the hops along the way to see where packet loss is occurring
04:35<yyc>IP Addresses
04:36<@pwoods>mtr -rwbzc100
04:37<@pwoods>You may need to use sudo in front of that, and it will take some time to run
04:38<@pwoods>yyc: seems to be down at the moment, but using, it looks like your IP is being blocked in multiple loccations in China
04:39<yyc>I use the Windows operating system and I don't use MTR.
04:39<@pwoods>yyc: you can use
04:42<@pwoods>yyc: our guide for using MTR can be found here:
04:43<@pwoods>yyc: it would probably be best if you could share that output in a Support ticket. If you have a ticket #, you can share it here and I can make sure it gets looked at
04:46<yyc>WinMTR is being used, but has not been reflected. No report was produced. Will it take a long time? How long will it take?
04:47<yyc>What is Support ticket? Where is it?
04:48<yyc>|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | WinMTR statistics | | Host - % | Sent | Recv | Best | Avrg | Wrst | Last | |------------------------------------------------|------|------|------|------|------|------| |________________________________________________|______|______|______|______|______|______
04:48<@pwoods>yyc: it will take a while to run, as it's sending 100 packets with the command that I shared with you
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04:52<yyc>by emailing ?
04:54<@pwoods>yyc: if that's what works best for you, yes
04:54<yyc> How to operate? I don't know
04:55<@pwoods>yyc: I'm sorry, I'm not sure exactly what you're asking about: how to operate which part - WinMTR, or sending us an email?
04:57<yyc>I can create a Support ticket anyway, but I don't know how to create a Support ticket. Can you give me a method of operation?
04:59<@pwoods>yyc: Support tickets can be made via Linode Manager. In Cloud Manager it's "Get Help"-->"Customer Support"--> "Open New Ticket"
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05:03<yyc>Okay, I found it.
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05:11<Ram>Any Discounts Here ?
05:13<@pwoods>yyc: Do you have a Support ticket # you can share?
05:13<Ram>Is there Any Discount if i Purchase for 12 Months at a Time ?
05:13<@pwoods>Ram: We don't currently provide discount for prepayment
05:14<@pwoods>Ram: you can learn more about how our billing works here:
05:14<yyc>I built one, but I don't know if I'm right.
05:14<Ram>Even iam ready for 24 Months
05:14<yyc>|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | WinMTR statistics | | Host - % | Sent | Recv | Best | Avrg | Wrst | Last | |------------------------------------------------|------|------|------|------|------|------| |________________________________________________|______|______|______|______|______|______
05:14<yyc>It's been so long, there's still no information.
05:15<@pwoods>Ram: You're free to prepay to create a credit on your account, but there are no discounts for prepayment
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05:17<Woet>pwoods: how about a lifetime deal? how does $100 for the 1 GB instance sound?
05:19<@pwoods>Woet: that would be good for 20 months. I hope your lifetime is longer than that.
05:19<@pwoods>yyc: I'm looking over your ticket now
05:19<Woet>aww, you're making me blush
05:24<yyc>I'm busy now. I'm leaving now. I'll consult you tomorrow.
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05:30<rsdehart>that was weird
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07:05<kitindir>Hi there. What is the difference between Linode 4GB @ $20/month and Dedicated 4GB @ $30/month ? I remember Dedicated 4GB used to have 3 CPU cores and that's why I moved from Linode 4GB @ $20/month to Dedicated 4GB @ $30/month. Now I find that the specs are the same but the prices are different
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07:26<erik>kitindir: dedicated cpu cores vs shared cpu cores
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07:30<kitindir>I see, I don't know why I totally forgot all about that. Thanks erik
07:32<Tawfiq>HI I am unable to reach what is hosted here
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10:47<liocoin>when will the schedule maintenance wil be over?
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10:52<dzho>liocoin: I think that depends on both the datacenter you're in and probably even which hardware host you are on.
10:52<dzho>chances are good the information is in for your linode
10:52<dzho>if not well then
10:52<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
10:53<dzho>oops, sorry
10:53<dzho>that's got an r
10:53<dzho>anyway, good luck, going afk for a little bit
11:06<liocoin>when this schedule maintenence will ends>?
11:09<@jcardillo>liocoin: have you opened a Support ticket about this yet? that way we could take a closer look.
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11:13<linbot>New news from community: 2 Nanode 1GB vs 1 Linode 2GB <>
11:35<liocoin>its really a high time for us to make close notice to our customers
11:35<liocoin>all customers are really fed up for our down time
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11:51<chesty>liocoin, you could set up redundancy so scheduled maintenance won't affect your customers.
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11:58<Peng>There's scheduled maintenance?
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12:00<chesty>might be a problem with a single host
12:07<millisa>looks like centos 7.7 has shown up in the repos (I missed it). centos8 is supposed to release on Tuesday
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12:16<tom__>I'm intrested in the 4gb plan
12:16<tom__>i wanna know that how many visitors can i handle per month?
12:16<tom__>on a average
12:16<millisa>That depends too much on your code/content
12:17<tom__>we are going to use wordpress
12:17<tom__>or sometime with html
12:17<tom__>its a basic website like a landing page
12:17<LouWestin>You can start with the 2GB plan and always upgrade
12:17<millisa>Upgrading is easy
12:17<tom__>but on a average how many the 4gb plan can handle
12:18<millisa>There is no 'on average'.
12:18<millisa>It depends on your site's code, content, and what constitutes a 'visit' for your users
12:18<tom__>ok thanks
12:18<tom__>have a great day
12:18<LouWestin>It’s really going to be more on how many users at once. Not monthly
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14:13<linbot>New news from community: Backup my Nginx website <>
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14:23<linbot>New news from community: Why is Shadowsocks giving me an "ss-server permission denied" error? <>
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14:53<linbot>New news from community: RE: How Can I Set Up Apache2 to Serve My Sites as .com w/out https:// Headings? <>
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15:19<hostcuritiba>abused phishing:
15:19<hostcuritiba> Dallas Texas US AS63949 Linode, LLC
15:19<hostcuritiba>Received: from ([]:37852 by with esmtp (Exim 4.92) (envelope-from <>) id 1iAep1-007dWo-69 for; Wed, 18 Sep 2019 15:36:59 -0300 Received: by (Postfix, from userid 33) id 11F4F1E464; Wed, 18 Sep 2019 18:36:15 +0000 (UTC) To: Subject: Sua fatura
15:19<millisa>You'll want to send abuse complaints to their abuse contact
15:19<hostcuritiba>thank you!
15:19<millisa>Include any relevant logs (those mail headers look useful)
15:21<hostcuritiba>ok, we ship straight from the scanner tool Thanks and we look forward to blocking abuse
15:21<millisa>They are pretty responsive.
15:21<hostcuritiba>Thank you for your commitment to healthy networking See you!
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17:24<linbot>New news from community: Anyone running production mail server on Linode <>
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19:40<edwardx>umm, hello Linode community. I don't know if this is the right place, but can anyone help me configure a domain for the ip of linode? and maybe how to add ssl?
19:41<chesty>it's the right place.
19:42<edwardx>ok, so where to start?
19:42<chesty>where did you buy your domain?
19:42<edwardx>I read in another linode post, that namecheap was good, so, that's where I bought it
19:45<chesty>sweet. namecheap would have a page to configure dns, you can start by adding an A record, and you put your linode ip address in one of the fields. I'll see if I can find a tutorial
19:45<chesty>try this
19:47<edwardx>what I found originally was, (I don't know if this was correct), but, inside the dashboard, you go to manage domain, and then point custom DNS to ,,, ...was that correct?
19:47<chesty>yeah, you can do it that way
19:48<edwardx>ok, thanks for the guide, I see that you do that in the advanced section, I never configured a thing there. I'll try.
19:48<chesty>then you use linode's dns manager to create records
19:50<edwardx>The linode part might be the confusing one to me, I'm not that expert into all the DNS terms. What I did inside linode DNS Manager was "add a domain" with the name of the domain
19:50<chesty>after you set your custom DNS, run a whois on your domain.
19:51<edwardx>the whois says the registar is namecheap, and that the nameservers are,, ns3....etc is that correct?
19:52<chesty>perfect. now you need to use linode to add records.
19:53<edwardx>in linode dns manager, I added NS Records,, that correct? I read it somewhere
19:54<edwardx> , ns2 ..ns3 as NameSERVER and subdomain as my new domain , is this correct?
19:56<chesty>It could be right. did you follow ? it says to "Add a domain" ?
19:58<chesty>you want to create a master, not a slave
19:58<edwardx>yes, I did that, like in the image, added the new domain, my email, then in NS Records, added, ns2, ns3 and with each, the name of the domain, like in the image
19:58<millisa>what's the domain?
19:58<edwardx>yes, it's of type master
19:59<chesty>it's a place in australia in the city of sydney where events happen
19:59<edwardx>the domain is
20:00<millisa>I see a www A record pointed to a linode IP
20:01<chesty>you probably want to add an a record on the primary domain
20:02<edwardx>! . . . if I type it work..... I never tryied that .. . .. . . . XD
20:02<edwardx>omg, what an embarrassment
20:02<millisa>make another A record without a hostname pointed at the same IP (assuming you want www and non-www to work)
20:03<edwardx>but, then my question is , why without the www doesn't work?
20:03<chesty>Because the primary domain doesn't have an A record
20:03<edwardx>in the A/AAAA I added www and added * , should with the * work?
20:04<millisa>looks like your * record works. do one without anything
20:04<edwardx>where do I do that?
20:04<millisa>same place, just leave the hostname field blank
20:04<edwardx>you mean, leave it blank?
20:04<edwardx>oh..ok, let me try
20:05<chesty>after you add it, you'll have to wait about 15 minutes for it to show up
20:05<edwardx>alright, that's cool. so, was adding the A records, part of the final part? I just added those like 1hr ago
20:06<edwardx>if I never added those, I could have never seen it work? I'm learning all of this
20:06<millisa>You potentially could have done something using namecheaps dns servers that could have made it work; but if you haven't done anything on any name server for it, probably not
20:07<edwardx>alright, to this point in time, I wanna thank you very much. all of this server configuration is confusing at first. Now, can I ask 2 other things?
20:08<millisa>including that question where you ask if you can ask 2 other things?
20:09<edwardx>1- I went recently to reverse DNS, cause I read that in the chatbot, and found out that there was a linodedomain pointing to the ip.....I changed that domain to the new one.....was that correct? affects anything?
20:09<millisa>It's not a bad thing
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20:09<millisa>If you are going to send mail from the system, setting the reverse to match a forward record that is also used by the mail service is a very good thing
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20:10<edwardx>ok, for now I don't think I'm sending email directly from linode, I usually use an API for that, like sendgrid or gmail. So maybe that's a question for another day.
20:11<millisa>(the reverse is there, you can check it yourself using 'dig -x' )
20:11<edwardx>BUT, my last question, the one that originated everything for that I got a working domain, how do I add a ssl?
20:12<chesty>google for tutorials for letsencrypt and the web server you're using
20:12<millisa>Get your web services working first and the appropriate firewall openings so you can hit it with http://. This is one at linode - there are others
20:13<millisa>There's a number of web guides at
20:14<edwardx>ok, I kinda have read a little of this, not that much beacuse I wanted first to have the domain running correctly.....ummm, I understand you have to install certbot and do some commands there. I was wondering if buying a certificate if easier and faster? or maybe it's the same?
20:14<edwardx>cause...I did buy a certificate with namecheap
20:16<millisa>Personally, I find letsencrypt easier
20:16<millisa>the general steps for a domain validated cert are similar regardless of which you go with.
20:18<edwardx>ok....another question. I use linode as a server to host microservices, I was wondering if having different ports affects the way the ssl works? does ssl applies to the whole ip and any port? or do I have to ssl every single port I use? I mean, if I have a program running in http://myip:8080 and another in myip:8181 and another in myip:9191 , does the same certificate serves for the 3 ports???
20:19<millisa>it could - but it sounds like using a web server as a proxy for those services might be a better way to do what you are doing
20:19<millisa> is one how to on it
20:20-!-waltman [] has joined #linode
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20:20<millisa>they are using nginx as a frontend web server (and it'd be used for where your certificate stuff happens) to proxy requests for a backend node setup
20:21<millisa>multiple vhosts could have different certs and point to different apps 9the 8080/9191/chumbawumba apps you have)
20:21<chesty>I don't think buying an ssl is any easier, it cuts the number of steps you have to follow in half, but then it adds a bunch more steps, so it's about the same.
20:21<edwardx>so, you are saying that it would be better to have a gateway which recieves all traffic with the ssl, and then, inside the gateway, map to the other ports?
20:21-!-anomie [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:22<chesty>and your new A record looks good. it might be working now for you, or it might take another hour or so depending on negative cache TTLs
20:23<edwardx>it seems that is not yet working, I'll keep checking =P
20:24<edwardx>I receive’s server IP address could not be found in the browser, I don't know if maybe my country location?
20:25<chesty>nah, DNS has TTLs, changes take time to be seen
20:25<millisa>my browser resolves it ok; you just don't have a web server answering (yet)
20:26<edwardx>not at port 80
20:29<edwardx>alright chesty and millisa, I want to thank you for your time, I know it's important, maybe I can buy you a beer sometime. I'll start reading and trying the ssl....and if I get it working or crash again, I'll come back either way with my results. Thanks again :)
20:29<millisa>good luck
20:29<millisa>!point chesty
20:29<linbot>millisa: Point given to chesty. (3)
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22:27<bosco>my site was down
22:28<bosco> &
22:30<@pwoods>bosco: I'd be happy to look into this for you. Have you created a Support ticket for this yet?
22:31<bosco>yet. Because while I reset psw from my ac. It doesnt receive reset link as well
22:33<@pwoods>bosco: was your email set up on the same server you set up your websites on?
22:34<bosco>can you check now please ?
22:34<bosco>username whiteeastern
22:34<millisa>this is a public channel
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22:38<@pwoods>bosco: you can contact us through email and phone if you'd like:
22:39<@pwoods>bosco: we'll need the last 6 digits of the current credit card on file and some other identifying items, such as email or mailing address
22:39<@pwoods>bosco: we'll need those to authenticate you to the account
22:40<bosco>okay will contact via email
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23:29<yyc>WinMTR shows the Tokyo 2 server, and the first level is 100% lost. What should I do?
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