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01:01<Woet>looks like someone has no clue about MTRs
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01:21<wenwenboss>have anyone
01:22<wenwenboss>Always register is not successful, trouble to help me see what problems can I?
01:34<wenwenboss>thank you
01:36<wenwenboss>I have sent a message
01:54<Woet>the last 16 digits is fine too
01:56<@rgerke>wenwenboss: Thank you. You should have a response shortly.
01:58<wenwenboss>I have already responded´╝îthank you
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05:17<gaurav_>hi i m having ssh service flapping problem
05:17<gaurav_>how to resolve it
05:17<gaurav_>most of times user unable to login with ssh credential, due to ssh flapping problem
05:23<gaurav_>anyone there
05:24<@pwoods>gaurav_: hi o/
05:25<gaurav_>i have ssh service flapping issue on my server
05:25<@pwoods>are you able to use LISH to access the Linode and review logs?
05:25<@pwoods>Or, is the ssh flapping referring to a connectivity issue?
05:26<gaurav_>yes , some times i get login there is no issue, but some time ssh flapping occure and no user can login with ssh that time
05:26<gaurav_>yes ssh flapping referring to connectivity issue
05:27<gaurav_>any help?
05:30<@pwoods>have you tried running an mtr to your Linode from your local machine?
05:32<gaurav_>what is this mtr, i m new to linux
05:34<@pwoods>mtr is a command that combines ping and traceroute to give a better idea of what's happeninig at eacch hop along the networking route between two locations.
05:34<gaurav_>i have problem in ssh service: OpenSSH_5.9p1 Debian-5ubuntu1.10 (protocol 2.0)
05:35<gaurav_>and i have ubuntu version 12.04
05:39<@pwoods>gaurav_: this may be best done through a Support ticket, since we'll be able to check console and run some tests, though if it's something internal to your Linode, the best we'll be able to do is suggest steps that you'll need to take on your Linode
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05:48<rad888>hi guys
05:48<rad888>just a quick one - How can I sign up for a trial account?
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05:57<@pwoods>rad888: we don't provide trial accounts, though we do provide a trial period of 7 days
06:00<@pwoods>rad888: if you cancel your account within 7 days, you'll get a full refund.
06:01<rad888>Then it means this post is irrelevant?
06:09<bleckemby>rad888: That's correct. The post is from 2013 and unfortunately no longer applies.
06:09<rad888>Understood, thanks
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06:54<dynamitebeaver>hi, im just checking how easy it is to 'resize' a linode should i need to?
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06:55<dynamitebeaver>is all data retained?
06:55<dynamitebeaver>hi @nick
06:56<nick>wanted to enable keepalive
06:56<nick>how to do that ?
06:57<dynamitebeaver>no idea nick im only here to ask questions :D
06:57<nick>lol hehe
06:57<@jcardillo>dynamitebeaver: yes, the resize process is designed to retain your data.
06:58<@jcardillo>it's always recommended to have backups though :)
06:58<dynamitebeaver>@jcardillo thank you, and yes backups are my friend
06:58<@jcardillo>nick: here's a section in our high availability guide that goes over setting up keepalived:
06:59<dynamitebeaver>im actually not a paying customet yet, im coming from <ahem> digitalocean but im looking for a linode for work moving forward. i was recommended them by a friend
07:00<nick>thank you for help
07:00<dynamitebeaver>looking at the $80/plan to start with. i run a couple of ecom sites, cominbed aobut 2k uniques day with about 300 products.
07:00<dynamitebeaver>looks like you get more bang for your buck with linode
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07:39<linbot>New news from community: Host Verification Failed? <>
08:19<linbot>New news from community: How to I resolve "sudo: /usr/bin/sudo must be owned by uid 0 and have the setuid bit set" error? <>
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09:29<ishant>is node balancer available across region?
09:30<@jcardillo>ishant: no, nodebalancers are only set up to work within the same DC.
09:31<ishant>is there any workaround?
09:31<@jcardillo>we've been tracking requests for this feature, though, so i'll add yours as well.
09:31<ishant>ok thank you
09:33<@jcardillo>i'm not certain what a good work around would be. others here would know better than I would.
09:34<@bleckemby>Running your own load balancer to distribute requests across the public interface?
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09:36<@bleckemby>Welp, I was going to suggest Traefik. I've been enjoying it as a loadbalancer/reverseproxy solution
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09:59<linbot>New news from community: What is the difference between b/s, mb/s, Mb/s, and kb/s? <>
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10:12<Zr40>speaking of which; how would one defend against the load balancer (whether that's node balancer or something else) being a single point of failure?
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10:30<tuan>My account is locked, cannot login
10:30<tuan>Please help
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10:32<nguyendinhhai>need support rightnow
10:33<Woet>tuan: what is the entire message?
10:33<Woet>nguyendinhhai: apparently not, else you'd ask a question.
10:34<tuan>My account has been locked due to virus attack?
10:35<tuan>I need to reopen it to resolve it
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12:30<linbot>New news from community: How to direct Domain name towards remote Cameras <>
12:52<linbot>New news from community: Is there a Linode Log File of Update Progress Messages? <>
13:02<nate>tuan: You should have gotten a support ticket in relation to that, you should still have access to your main linode account (ie; manager access) to respond to the ticket
13:02<nate>ah nevermind missed the other quit
13:05<Woet>they both quit without asking an useful question
13:06<nate>Well tuan mentioned the 'virus attack', I'm guessing they meant they had a compromised linode that got null'd
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14:25<AlexMax>Is there any movement on this problem? I just ran into this issue and it seems odd that I suddenly started running into it today with CentOS 7
14:25<linbot>New news from community: How do I redirect traffic to https for my Nginx site? <>
14:48<linbot>New news from community: How do I add an A record to point to my root domain? <>
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15:19<samip5371>Hello. Has anyone here used sit tunnel with mode any to tunnel IPv4 and IPv6 to a remote site from Linode VM?
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15:24<Viji>Dedicated 4GB- Email sending limit per day?
15:25<Viji>any one there
15:26<Peng>You can send as much good email as you want.
15:26<Peng>Spam is not allowed.
15:26<Viji>yes. We know. We send emails to our double-optin list
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16:07<W_wwwww>Just wondering if there's a Looking Glass that I can ping the servers?
16:08<nuevu>Might be useful
16:09<W_wwwww>Yeah, I've seen that page, but I'm looking for an IP to ping to instead
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16:10<millisa>you can use those names
16:11<millisa>ping works just fine
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16:15<AlexMax>Is anybody else having issues with newly created servers not being able to communicate on the private network?
16:16<AlexMax>The server gets an IP, but any attempt to communicate (SSH/NFS) with other servers over the private network just....blackholes or something.
16:16<AlexMax>And I'm reasonably certain it's not a problem with our scripts because if we destroy and spin up the server with the exact same steps, we sometimes get servers with access to the private network.
16:17<AlexMax>this is in hot-lanta, btw
16:17<millisa>all of them are in that same dc (I'm assuming, yes)
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20:35<linbot>New news from community: Do I Need Any Special Permission to Resell on Linode? <>
20:56<Peng>so Dallas is kind of gettin hit by what was Tropical Storm Imelda eh
20:56<Peng>does the new data center have a good history when it comes to hurricanes and power outages?
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20:58<samip537>Are there any of the Linode staff present here?
20:58<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
20:58<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
20:59<millisa>Peng: not sure they are even expecting an inch of rain in dfw. it kinda turned more north
20:59<samip537>rgerke: Regarding the ticket you responded to,
20:59<Peng>millisa: Oh
21:00<millisa>i was hoping for it to come through here. we really need the rain
21:01<samip537>#12633894. I hope you can help out here, but my ultimate goal for getting a 2nd IPv4 address routed though my 1st IPv4 address so I don't need to do proxy ARP to get it working on a remote site.
21:02<samip537>Any ideas how do I get Linode to route my 2nd IPv4 address though the 1st address so that I can forward it along a tunnel on the host?
21:23<@pwoods>samip537: I'm looking at your ticket now.
21:24<samip537>Okey, I just updated it.
21:52<samip537>pwoods: Hmm, no update at least?
22:01<@pwoods>samip537: I'm trying to wrap up a response. I hope to have the ticket updated in the next 5-10 minutes
22:07<@pwoods>samip537: updated
22:33<linbot>New news from community: Can i rsync from an image backup in the same linode <>
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